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Random thoughts

Conservatives must remain united. That means we can disagree on parameter issues but we all should have the same core beliefs and ideals. If we allow ourselves to be divided the country will no longer exist as we have known it. Unfortunately there are too many folks around here who insist on 100% fealty on 100% of the issues. You will never have a viable political movement if you are that short sighted and quite frankly it's a recipe for disaster. The simpletons who dismiss anybody who dares to differ even a little bit from their narrative is dismissed as "Deep State" or "globalist" or "GOPe" or whatever, will be the undoing of the conservative movement.

I don’t practice political idolatry. Too many people around here do especially when it comes to Donald Trump. I am not loyal to any one person and quite frankly I don't care if Trump ever runs again as long as it's his choice. I vote on the basis of ideas and policies, not out of loyalty to any particular person. The only reason I voted for him twice is because I agree with most (not all) of the positions he supports.

Our country has been permanently changed for the worse due to the open boarder with Mexico. The Democrats (including the RINOs) should never be forgiven.

The MSM has lost its credibility and will never get it back. Never as in ever.

In theory I like the the idea of a national divorce (the woke mob has now made dialogue impossible) in reality it is impractical at this time. I think it will happen voluntarily, generations from now as people will migrate and form communities with people of their own mindset. Right now, it has be viewed as a marriage of convenience with seperate bedrooms. When it does happen there will be more liberty and personal freedoms in the conservative part and more adherence to groupthink in the liberal part.

While I may not be the most religious guy on this site, I thank God for Christians and our Judeo-Christian traditions.

The Deep State is very real. And what;s being done to Donald Trump is immoral. We faught a revolution of the government being able to do this. If they get away with it on Trump, we will be next.The J6 protesters should have adopted the tactics of the early civil rights protesters and had a sit in. In fact that should be done in damn near ever state capital. But what was done to them is unconsionable.

Conservatives need to adopt some the tactics of the left in terms of boycotting, shouting down speakers, etc. We must remain non violent. However if confronted and attacked, we need hit back and hit back hard.

I am a proud "RINO". BUT my definition of a RINO is most likely 180 degrees different than yours.

There is a difference between liberals and the the left (Thank you Dennis Prager for your writings on this) The left can never succeed within the constraints of our constitution. That’s why they must do everything to to overturn it. You can’t negotiate or reason with people like this.

Looking back at things, I think the biggest mistake conservatives such as myself ever made was putting too much trust in Corporate America. The same goes for the Military, the FBI and CIA.

I am not doctrinaire. There are plenty of positions I have that most on this board will disagree with. I have been called a troll, a heathen (no, I am not overly religious) as well a fa***t lover because I refuse to condemn gays.

I was called an appeaser during Bush’s folly into the Middle East. That war was a mistake and no, it was not worth it. I just thank God my son came back physically and mentally unscarred. My heart goes out to those who came back wounded and scarred for life. And I do contribute generously to Veterans charities. I just wish that more people who beat the war drums back in the day would do the same. Quite frankly, I could not care less that having these beliefs pisses off some people on this board.

I enjoy listening to Jazz, Blues, the Beatles, Dylan and the good ole Grateful Dead. If you find that offensive, then don’t hang out with me

Pet Peeves:

Biggest Pet Peeve- people who comment on articles they don't read. That seems to be the rule around here. not the exception. Years ago the WaPo did a study that said over 75% of the people who comment on articles have never actually read said articles. It's no different here than it is elsewhere on the interwebs.

My eyes just roll every time I hear the “We’re not a democracy, we are a Republic” schtick that someone most likely heard on talk radio. (Gee you sound so smart when you bark this out- I am sooo impressed) To set the record straight, democracy comes in many flavors. Our form of democracy is a Constitutional Republic. We are not a direct democracy and thank God for that. I don't want mob rule nor do I want a parliamentary system. The bigger point is yes, we are a democracy but our method of ensuring liberty is through a republic.

Who says conservatives can’t virtue signal like liberals do? Every time there is an NFL thread some virtue signaling fool will comment “What’s an NFL?” Same thing for every left wing personality that is the subject of an article. Invariably some virtue signaling fool will say “Who is _______”(fill in the blank)

Why are we obsessed with physical characteristics? Whenever I see headline with the name Michael Moore, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama I don't read the comments because I know the schtick. As an example, Michael Moore can say stupid, vile and out and out lies yet 2/3 of the comments will be about how fat he is. Same with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton’s looks. While this doesn’t really grate at me, I just shake my head at the shallowness of the people who engage in this type of thing. But its the internet and it's par for the course.