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All of us, and God too. | 11/6/2018 | All of us

Posted on 11/06/2018 8:01:19 AM PST by Lazamataz

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To: LS

What’s with Kemp’s numbers down to 50.3 from 53? Is Abrams going to get her recount and if so, is it fraud?

4,861 posted on 11/07/2018 11:59:19 AM PST by Kenny
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To: LS

“When Trump first named Kris Kobach to head his vote fraud task force, several governors and secretaries of state refused to comply. Eventually, Trump and Kobach gave up and threw it to Congress, which did nothing. It is clear now that whatever the dislocations, Trump needed Jeff Sessions to enforce these investigations at the time.”

They were to cross check the voter rolls with DHS, right?

So why didn’t Florida comply?

R Gov. Rick Scott .... R AG Pam Bondi....

Lots of illegals were found on the rolls when some local news group investigated their hometown. Some have voted in 3-7 elections.

4,862 posted on 11/07/2018 12:31:27 PM PST by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

4,863 posted on 11/07/2018 12:31:46 PM PST by Brown Deer (America First!)
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To: Kenny
Is Rosendale close enough for recount in MT?

No. Tester is currently up by 1.6 points. Recounts can be requested if the margin of victory is one-quarter percent or less.

4,864 posted on 11/07/2018 12:37:29 PM PST by DoodleDawg
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To: a little elbow grease
Freedom of speech includes the right to spend money as one sees fit. Same goes for businesses and PACs. See Citizens United v Fed, a case from 2010 that ruled in favor of the conservative group, Citizens United for funding an anti-Hillary documentary during the 2008 primary.

The conservative position isn't one where the government gets to decide where money can or can't be spent, regardless of whether it is spent on Demoncrats or conservatives.

4,865 posted on 11/07/2018 1:00:33 PM PST by quasimodo_79
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To: Impy

“But we must realize that right now suburban scum don’t like our President. White women need to wake the F up.”

In Minnesota, the GOP got slaughtered in the 2nd and 3rd CD’s. We lost at least 10 GOP incumbents in the state House and lost our majority. The sad part is that a lot of these legislators were fairly conservative and not RINO’s either.

Our top of the ticket races as well as the constitutional offices were all wipe-out too. We lost two congressional seats as well, Paulson and Lewis.

I’m still trying to sift thru the post-election debris. Been talking to some people in other districts. Trying to figure out if this was the start of a realignment or whether it was a one-time blue tsunami.

I do know that Trump was not popular in some parts of this state and a lot of voters took it out on us because of him. I look at my precinct in Shakopee (CD 2). Normally, it’s a GOP-leaning one but the Democrats crawled out of the woodwork for this election. While waiting to vote, I whispered to my wife “Hmmm, there sure are a lot of blacks ad Hispanics waiting to vote”. Obviously, that wasn’t a racist statement. It’s a simple fact that those groups don’t vote GOP.

Again, I need to process this over the next weeks but somehow something has to be done about how badly the GOP did in the ‘burbs in many places. Without suburban voters, we can’t rely solely on exurban and rural voters to carry us over the top in may races.

4,866 posted on 11/07/2018 1:16:33 PM PST by MplsSteve
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To: LonePalm
You need to get out of CT pronto, Tonto.

Definitely, after last night's disastrous elections in CT. I ranted to you about the situation on another thread. Thanks in advance if you care to read it.

I'm so happy to hear that your area is solid RED. :-)

4,867 posted on 11/07/2018 2:10:10 PM PST by nutmeg
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To: MNJohnnie; GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run


RINOs with Ryan staged this House loss.

Despite Rush’s spin today, the RINOs conspired together to take down Trump leading up to 2020.

Sundance/Conservative Treehouse nailed ALL OF THIS THREE YEARS AGO... with his GOPe JEB strategy theory... all which proved to be 100 percent true.

Let’s not forget Paul Ryan led the charge on “Billy Bush tape” weekend, and Pence ALMOST got caught up in that campaign coup.


4,868 posted on 11/07/2018 2:14:06 PM PST by Sontagged (TY Lord Jesus for being the Way, the Truth & the Life. Have mercy on those trapped in the Snake Pit!)
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To: StoneWall Brigade; SC Swamp Fox; upchuck; visualops; vikingd00d; TheStickman; 4everontheRight; ...
I would love South Carolina FReepers' thoughts about last night's GOP loss in SC's 1st District. Short article here:

Democrat Joe Cunningham defeats GOP Katie Arrington for SC House seat

All I know is that stupid Mark Sanford wouldn't endorse Katie Arrington.

My main question: Is the real story here that South Carolina's 1st Congressional District has now been corrupted by too many liberal transplants from the northeast and Ohio?

My husband and I have spent considerable time in the Beaufort/Bluffton area over the past few years - we know the area is booming with new home construction.

Thanks in advance.

4,869 posted on 11/07/2018 2:27:51 PM PST by nutmeg
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To: nutmeg

Good Grief ... I live in Sun City, the lines were as large as I’ve ever seen them. I keep thinking this is a typo ... unbelievable! We busted out tails to get rid of Never-Trumper Sanford and we get this damned Democrat? I just do not understand how this happened.

4,870 posted on 11/07/2018 2:43:23 PM PST by ThePatriotsFlag (We are getting even more than we voted for.)
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To: GOPsterinMA; fieldmarshaldj; Impy; BillyBoy; DarthVader; LS

“..The coronations for the true freaks like Gilliam, Abrams and O’Roarke were cancelled....”

That, and RINO dead weight expulsion, is the take away from this.

And we hold the Senate, even stronger now. That’s the High Ground, and we just put forward artillery observers up there.

It is a battle in a larger war. Move on from there.

4,871 posted on 11/07/2018 2:51:54 PM PST by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: LS

OK no problem, I guess we will just have to wait until Maricopa figures out how many lost votes they need to find!

4,872 posted on 11/07/2018 3:02:10 PM PST by entropy12 (One million LEGAL immigrants/year is too many, without vetting for skills, Wealth or English skills.)
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To: entropy12; LS

Its not right for these states to take days to report results, AZ, MT, GA. No way it takes that long and it’s clear they’re looking for votes.

4,873 posted on 11/07/2018 3:27:40 PM PST by Kenny
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To: central_va

You’ve lost that absurdist argument every time. Stop beating a dead horse.

4,874 posted on 11/07/2018 3:31:57 PM PST by fieldmarshaldj ("It's Slappin' Time !")
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To: LS; goldstategop; AuH2ORepublican; BillyBoy; fieldmarshaldj; scrabblehack; ...

Tom McArthur in NJ is now down. Obviously no rat lead is ever reversed so, max 206. The cheese (Chris Smith) stands alone in NJ. A Pro-life LEADER but otherwise a typical NJ Republican. We could do better there (but also worse). GD NJ. That’s just disgusting.

I’m so glad at least Fitzpatrick (and the others that were almost upset) won in PA.

MN-1 was officially called for us. Pickup. Shades of 1948 when 2 Cali open seats were our only pickups (I know we also got PA-14 technically a take back of the seat Lamchop stole)

Plenty of votes left and only a tiny lead in ME-2.

Enough left to count in NM-2 for shenanigans to happen, our lead is under 2K.

RINO Will Hurd in TX is up 1K, 100% in. I don’t forsee that being overturned.

In WA-3 we lead pretty well but there’s a lot left to count

GA-7 and NC-9 are 100% reporting. Scant R leads but I don’t expect them overturned.

99% in Chris Collins seat (NY) he’s up 3K. Like I said, Trump should pardon him (and Duncan Hunter who won easily enough over the terrorist spawn). Eff it.

100% in Cali but rat abseetees always seem to come in. Steve Knight is down so bye Steve. Dana R is down, bye Dana. Issa open seat was a loss so -3 there. Denham is up 1300 votes. Young Kim (open seat) is up 3K. Mimi Walters is up 6200K. Walters should be good, don’t know why they won’t call that. But Kim and Dehnam aren’t safe with rat absentee shenanigans.

Still a lot to count in Utah but Mia Love is down 6K and I don’t think she will make it up.

Karen Handel down and out I’d say out though it’s not called. Only rat win in any of the seats that had special elections. I assume her rat opponent actually lives in the district, which was probably a plus.

GA-7 being so close was a nasty surprise. Losing seats in OK and SC that weren’t on the radar also quite nasty. And Staten Island. No real shockers other than that. Pretty much exactly how the media (other than the rat +50 wackos) though the House would go,

4,875 posted on 11/07/2018 3:35:27 PM PST by Impy (I have no virtue to signal)
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To: Scott from the Left Coast; LS; central_va; cba123

People don’t want open borders - donors do.

People want closed borders AND nationalized healthcare. Right now, they are voting on how much they are affected by #1 as opposed to #2.

Eventually, if we still have elections, somebody will figure out a way to offer both, and that person or their faction will rule for 100 years.

4,876 posted on 11/07/2018 3:40:35 PM PST by Jim Noble (Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain)
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To: Pelham

Isn’t that hilarious

I’m so entertained sometimes here

4,877 posted on 11/07/2018 3:50:06 PM PST by wardaddy (I don’t care that you’re not a racist......when the shooting starts it won’t matter what yo)
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To: wardaddy

Somebody ought to sell tickets for the clown show here sometimes.

That dude has a 1999 sign up date. Go figure.

4,878 posted on 11/07/2018 4:08:17 PM PST by Pelham (Secure Voter ID. Mexico has it, because unlike us they take voting seriously)
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To: LS

Thanks LS for all you do. You have been a bright light during this election cycle.

4,879 posted on 11/07/2018 4:14:54 PM PST by jonrick46 (Cultural Marxism is the cult of the Left waiting for the Mothership.)
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To: nutmeg
My main question: Is the real story here that South Carolina's 1st Congressional District has now been corrupted by too many liberal transplants from the northeast and Ohio?

I cannot speak to the lowcountry, but Upstate SC has seen a lot of migrants but it has not yet drastically effected election outcomes. Yet the "conservatism" in the Upstate has changed. Gone are the days of Billy Graham and Strom Thurmond, Schools and churches are socially conscious. Foreign investment has brought prosperity through jobs accompanied by a push towards being cosmopolitan. Conservatism here seems to be centered now on low taxes and few unions. Still our part of South Carolina is conservative and Republican leaning compared to say Cleveland. The Arrington loss seemed to be based more on complacency than anything else.

4,880 posted on 11/07/2018 4:29:39 PM PST by buckalfa (I was so much older then, but I'am younger than that now.)
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