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Threw one in front, they...oh my it rattled around, and it kicked on back, and it..score! - Doc Emrick, with the worst yet most awesome Championship call in NHL history. Note: the puck neither rattled around nor kicked on back.

Lurked starting in 2001, joined in 2003, rarely visited after election 2004, did not post at all in calendar year 2006. Freeping full time since 2007.

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I'm an extremely angry conservative and Yellow Dog Republican. I am 29+8 (Old enough to be President!) and reside in Chicago. I am also one bad dude so don't mess with me. Seriously, don't. I'm a leading critic of Harry Truman. Are you one of the countless Freepers fond of Harry? Wise up, he was corrupt left-wing slime. I am also a leading critic of GW Bush. He's a RINO dog who kneecapped the Republican party and sold conservatism down the river. When I was young I was a Bushbot, I know, it makes me sick now.



"Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things."- Dan Quayle.

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Ohio, only in utero, Alaska as a baby, don't remember, Cali, only LAX. I'm counting them anyway, shut up. Declined an opportunity to go to Michigan and Ontario, did I make a mistake? Also been to the Mexican States of Quintana Roo and Yucatan in my only venture away from my home country. If you land in the Cancun airport and near the door you see some official looking guy in a kiosk with a solider standing next to him and he asks you to come over, you don't have to, he's just hawking time shares.

Stop looking at me!!

Quotes about Impy:

"you are boring" - angkor

"I like you! I may not agree with you, but I like you!" - parsifal

"Almost all heat and not light, Impy, but you got a glimmer there." - 1010RD

"Thankfully, public policy depends neither on my English nor your intellect, so we are both safe from the other." - RitaOK

"You’ve shown yourself for what you are with that comment, about three notches below Karl Rove." - editor-surveyor

"Sad fact is that you’re nothing more than a useful idiot in their war ... and I’m being charitable calling *you* that." - edh (Endorsed liberal democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress)

"You are like the sunshine bro." - sickoflibs (former FRiend who's ignoring me, miss you buddy)

At Left: Resident Osama as an infant with his grandpa. At Right: America's Pastime.

Thug with a badge kidnaps a boy in the name of Marxism on orders from his lesbian mistress. This happened in America.

A lesbian socialist was in charge of men with guns and had an ugly goon with no genitalia or brain cells kidnap a boy and give him to Fidel Castro, seriously. That's pretty effed up right?

In 1948 the Louisville Courier-Journal in criticizing the campaign of GOP hopeful Thomas Dewey wrote:

No presidential candidate in the future will be so inept that four of his major speeches can be boiled down to these historic four sentences: Agriculture is important. Our rivers are full of fish. You cannot have freedom without liberty. Our future lies ahead.

Yesterday's folly is today's genius. Tom Dewey meet B.H. Obama. Going with a vague sense of inevitability really worked for him.

"If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?" - Vince Lombardi

I like boobs. Aren't I immature for my age?
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