Since Jan 16, 2012

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A cost effective universal healthcare should have these features:
1. Not run by government.
2. Ability to buy insurance in any state.
3. No mandate to buy government defined requirements.
5. Limits on mal-practice awards based on actual damage.
6. Availability of prescription drug insurance through a group policy.
7. Portability of health insurance when changing jobs.
8. Tax deductible Health savings accounts contributed by employer.
So you are in charge, not the insurance company or government.

Health care costs are a serious issue in US. Both parties
have failed to address this issue. Republicans must give up
dependence on campaign cash from health insurance companies.
Otherwise democrats are going to exploit healthcare costs, which are
real and #1 cause of family bankruptcies.

Without a universal healthcare, sick people wait too long to get tested and be treated early, and then the disease gets more advanced, costing much more to treat on an emergency basis.

from Tiger zoo in Thailand, feeding a frisky live tiger cub:


Walking on the beach in Florida with my Lhasa Apso adult dog: