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The Awans, Obama, and Saddam Hussein and Iran's nuclear programs
Original research | 08/08/2017 | Fedora

Posted on 08/07/2017 11:51:37 PM PDT by Fedora

As many of you will recall, Obama made a trip to Pakistan when he was at Occidental College. I am seeing indicators that this relates to the Awans' network and to Iraq and Iran's nuclear programs, which I'm putting out here for others to help fill the missing pieces in and to get this to the right people. First, a recap of Obama's Pakistan trip:

Obama’s Russia Problem: Obama's Links to Soviet-era Spy Rings and Terrorist Networks

At Occidental College, Obama became involved in radical student politics, deliberately networking with activist students and professors, as he mentions in his autobiography. In 1981, he joined a student protest against South African apartheid, organized in coordination with the Democratic Socialist Alliance. Alliance cofounder John Drew remembers Obama as a committed Marxist who believed that the economic distress of the Carter administration years would soon trigger a revolution. Drew recalls Obama developing a close relationship with wealthy Marxist Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, whom he and others assumed was Obama’s gay lover based on the way they dressed and behaved. Chandoo’s well-connected family was related to Pakistan founder Ali Jinnah, his mother Gulshan Chandoo being Jinnah’s grand-niece. Obama visited Chandoo’s family in Karachi when he traveled to Indonesia, Pakistan, and India with another Pakistani student, Wahid Hamid, in 1981. In the process of his trip, he met Ahmed Mian Soomro, a member of the Pakistani Senate, later to be Acting President of Pakistan and Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan during Obama’s administration. Stanley Ann Dunham would work in Pakistan from 1987 to 1992, and Obama would return to Pakistan to visit her during this period.

Now let's add to this the name of Obama's Occidental College roommate Vinai Thummalapally (aka Reddy), later an Obama campaign bundler appointed by Obama as ambassador to money-laundering haven Belize. Thummalapally's name turns up in a network of connections associated with the Obama administration's approval of turning Port Canaveral over to Crescent Group, a company linked to the brother of Saddam Hussein nuclear scientist Jafar Dhia Jafar. Here's a rundown of Thummalapally's background and role in that affair from a very long but worthwhile link:

EXCLUSIVE: Obama/Clinton secret operation handed Port Canaveral cargo container terminal to brother/business partner of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb mastermind; sub and space bases in danger


SelectUSA Director Vinai Kumar Thummalapally (Reddy)

Attended GT USA terminal opening ceremony at Port Canaveral as Director of SelectUSA – June 2015

Obama and Thummalapally were roommates during the summer of 1980, while Obama was enrolled at Occidental College

Thummalapally was a BarackObama 2008 campaign bundler

• Traveled to Dubai, UAE – December 2014

Traveled to Sharjah, UAE (city where Crescent/Gulftainer is headquartered) – February 2015

Appointed Director of SelectUSA, position created by President Obama via Executive Order

SelectUSA’s mission is to recruit foreign companies to establish operations inside the United States

2009 – Appointed Ambassador to Belize by Barack Obama – Belize is an emerging offshore banking haven

• Born in Hyderabad, India

• Thummalapally does not use his family name of Reddy, which is used by his siblings and parents

• Arrived in U.S. in 1974 as a foreign engineering student

• Thummalapally’s wife Barbara Nichols-Roy was born in India to an American mother and an Indian father, Stanley Nichols-Roy

• Thummalapally’s father-in-law Stanley Nichols-Roy was Secretary General of an Indian province and met his wife Helen Randolph at International House, University of California Berkeley

• Former President of Japanese-owned Mitsui Advanced Media America optical disc plant in Colorado Springs

• Mitsui Advanced Media America won over $1 million in contracts with Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice • Singapore-based Mitsui entered into a joint venture with UraniumOne in 2009

• Thummalapally is related to Garish Reddy, formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs and Goldman’s co-head of equity derivatives


[Aside: note the Uranium One mention.]

Now who else shows up in this context? One Siamek Namazi, former Crescent Petroleum Head of Strategic Planning, described on the above link as "Jafars’ connection to Iran and the Iran nuclear deal: Siamek Namazi". Some of you may recall the name "Namazi" with a different transliterized spelling. From the first link above:

After leaving the military in 1955, [James] Bowman and his wife grew upset over discriminatory pay and decided to try seeking employment outside the United States. In 1956 they moved to Iran, where Bowman and other American physicians helped found Nemazee Hospital as part of a project where American physicians and agricultural experts sought to help developing nations’ health and farming systems. The project was funded by Iranian businessman Haj Mohammad Nemazee, who had made his fortune in his family’s opium trade. During World War II, Nemazee lived in America, where he set up the Iran Foundation. He was attached to the Iranian embassy in the 1950s. His son Hassan Nemazee would later become a major fundraiser for the Clintons, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama before being convicted of bank fraud in 2009.

Bowman’s daughter Valerie was born in Iran at Nemazee Hospital in 1956. She lived in Iran until she was five, when the family moved to London before returning to Chicago in 1961. After earning degrees in psychology from Stanford and law from the University of Michigan, in 1983 Valerie married William Jarrett, son of journalist Vernon Jarrett.

The long link about Thummalapally also notes Namazi/Nemazee's key role in Obama's Iran deal and his link to a related Ploughshares propaganda campaign, and adds this tidbit: "Valerie Plame Wilson and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have worked with the Ploughshares Fund to disarm U.S. nuclear forces. The Ploughshares Fund is supported by the George Soros Open Society Institute."

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; FReeper Editorial; Foreign Affairs; Government; War on Terror; Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: 1956; antisemitism; awan; awanbrothers; awans; barbaranicholsroy; belize; bho44; bundlers; chandoo; chuckhagel; clintondonors; crescent; crescentgroup; crescentpetroleum; dwsitgate; eussr; fedora; gore; goredonors; gulftainer; hagel; hamiddhiajafar; iran; iranfoundation; iraniannukes; iraq; iraqiscientist; itgate; jacklew; jafar; jafardhiajafar; jcpoa; johnkerry; kerry; kerrydonors; mitsui; mohammedhasanchandoo; namazi; nasa; nemazee; nicholsroy; nigerflap; obama; obamabio; obamabundlers; obamadonors; obamalegacy; obamamuslim; occidental; opensociety; opiods; opium; p5plus1; plame; plamenamegame; ploughshares; ploughsharesfund; plowsharesfund; pockeeston; portcanaveral; reddy; rop; saddam; scientists; selectusa; soros; stanleynicholsroy; submarines; thummalapally; uae; unitedarabemirates; uraniumone; valerieplame; valjar; worldwar3
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1 posted on 08/07/2017 11:51:38 PM PDT by Fedora
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To: piasa; hoosiermama; christie; Liz; Ray76; MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; Tilted Irish Kilt; kabar; ...

Ping requesting analysis, input, and sharing.

2 posted on 08/07/2017 11:56:32 PM PDT by Fedora
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To: Fedora


3 posted on 08/08/2017 12:16:09 AM PDT by thinden
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To: Fedora

Good research, exposing Zero’s foreign loyalties. What would be truly explosive would be any verifiable connections to AQ Khan.

4 posted on 08/08/2017 12:27:20 AM PDT by rfp1234 (DinosorosExtinction)
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To: Fedora

Man, you just threw a thousand dots up on the board.

5 posted on 08/08/2017 12:32:32 AM PDT by pepsionice
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To: Fedora
Folks should also not forget Bill Clinton’s Soviet Connection
6 posted on 08/08/2017 12:35:19 AM PDT by Steven W.
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To: rfp1234
Jafar and Khan can be linked--for example: "The document below is an IAEA Action Team translation from Arabic of the final instructions from Iraq’s secret nuclear weapons program (PC-3) to Technical Consultations Corp., the procurement organization of Iraq’s intelligence organization the Mukhabarat, on how to respond to the middleman who said he represented A.Q. Khan and offered extensive help building nuclear weapons. This letter shows that PC-3, headed by Jaafar Dhia Jaafar, took this offer seriously and focused on what it needed most in the fall of 1990, namely help on nuclear weapons designs. In an earlier memo, Jaafar had ordered the preparation of such a response. The middleman had originally given a written offer to the Iraqis outlining how Khan would help Iraq attain a nuclear weapon in three years.": Khan’s Bomb Offer to Saddam’s Iraq: Document Showing Iraq’s Interest in Nuclear Weapon Design
7 posted on 08/08/2017 12:38:25 AM PDT by Fedora
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To: Steven W.
Good point--to which I'll add: Road to Moscow: Bill Clinton’s Early Activism from Fulbright to Moscow. And that long link I reference mentions: "In 2006 former President Bill Clinton coached United Arab Emirates officials on how to develop a public relations strategy to salvage the Dubai Ports World deal reported the Los Angeles Times. . .Former President Bill Clinton co-chairs an education campaign alongside Dr. Jafar’s nephew, who is also a Crescent Group executive. The organization is funded by the Varkey GEMS foundation, that paid Bill Clinton $5.6 million to serve as 'Honorary Chairman' and that helped raise $70 billion in commitments for the Clinton Global Initiative. . .Former President Bill Clinton met in Dubai, UAE with Majid Jafar, nephew of Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, just 60 days before the ‘Project Pelican’ deal with a publicly-unnamed cargo container terminal operator (secretly known only by insiders to be Gulftainer) was unanimously approved by Port Canaveral." Etc. Bill was in the thick of this while the Uranium One stuff was going on.
8 posted on 08/08/2017 12:43:42 AM PDT by Fedora
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To: Fedora
"The AQ Khan Network run by the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, sold sensitive technology to help North Korea build its program.": North Korea’s Pakistan Connection
9 posted on 08/08/2017 12:51:12 AM PDT by Fedora
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To: Fedora
Obama pal does business with Saddam's nuke scientist: Tied to Arab company that quietly took over Florida port (Jerome Corsi, 01/11/2017)

NEW YORK – It was in a beat-up VW van that Barack Obama’s “Choom Gang” of high-school buddies in Hawaii traveled more than three decades ago.

Last weekend, some of those old friends – “choom” means to smoke marijuana – and a college roommate rode with the president to a wedding in Florida, this time on Air Force One.

Choom gangers Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb were among the guests, according to a White House press pool report, along with Occidental College roommate Hassan Chandoo.

Another Occidental roommate, Wahid Hamid, joined Chandoo and former members of the Choom Gang in August for a flight on Marine One to Camp David to celebrate Obama’s 55th birthday.

Hamid, who became a campaign fundraiser for the president, accompanied Obama to Karachi, Pakistan, in 1981 to visit Chandoo’s family, a trip Obama touted during his 2008 run to bolster his foreign-policy credentials.

But not only is Hamid tied to Obama, he has a connection to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation through the UAE-based company Gulftainer, which last November was quietly awarded a deal secretly negotiated with the Obama administration to manage the Port Canaveral shipping port for 35 years.

WND reported the brother and business partner of Gulftainer’s chairman, Hamid Jafar, is Jafar Dhia Jafar, best known as Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s top nuclear scientist.

Hamid, a former member of the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board under President Obama, has direct business connections with the Jafar family, according to a report issued by the Center for Security Policy in December.

WND reported in May 2015 the Gulftainer deal bears investigating as a Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” scheme because the UAE has been a major donor to the troubled foundation.

Jafar has been called the Middle East’s foremost uranium enrichment and nuclear weapons productions experts. His brother, Hamid Jafar, is a wealthy Iraqi oilman and chairman of the Crescent Group, the parent company of Gulftainer.

The CSP report noted Crescent Petroleum, a sister company of Gulftainer, also owned and operated by the Jafar family, was investigated in 1993 by the Treasury Department and three congressional committees to determine if it was a front company for Saddam.

The report goes on to note that Jafar Jafar, who oversaw the production, movement and concealment of Iraq’s nuclear program, initially fled Baghdad and Iraq in 2003 as invading U.S. forces hunted down Saddam’s top WMD scientists. Upon his surrender, Western intelligence officials subjected Jafar to extensive interrogation.

“Dr. Jafar is infamous for his uranium enrichment genius, is known to possess ties to Iran, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the UAE, and was in communication with Pakistani nuclear physicist A.Q. Khan,” the Center for Security Policy report said.

Gulftainer executive Badr Jafar, the son of Hamid Jafar and the nephew of the nuclear physicist, has ties to supermodels linked with President Bill Clinton and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s famed Lolita Island.

Ports deal

As a U.S. senator from New York, Hillary Clinton led the Democratic Party opposition to the Dubai Ports deal in 2006.

But Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew, a former White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, approved the Gulftainer deal without seeking the formal approval of the interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, CFIUS.

Hamid Jafar and Badr Jafar have both served on the board at the UAE-based private equity firm the Abraaj Group, where Hamid is a partner.

On April 8, 2016, Fox News reported the Abraaj Group – a $500,000 to $1 million contributor to the Clinton Foundation – was linked to a corruption probe in Pakistan involving favors granted to K-Electric, a power company owned and managed by the Abraaj Group since 2009.

Fox News noted former Pakistani oil minister Asim Hussain was arrested last year amid allegations that he helped harbor terrorists in a string of hospitals he owned and doled out illegal contracts to companies, including K-Electric. Both Hussain and K-Electric have denied the allegations.

Fox News further reported that in 2012, the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Cooperation – a federal agency that dispenses corporate loans under the guidance of the U.S. State Department – selected while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state the Abraaj Group to manage its $150 Middle East investment fund.

Two weeks later, the Abraaj Group co-sponsored the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting.

Then, in October 2015, according to Fox News, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation again pledged up to $250 million to help fund the Abraaj Group’s K-Electric operations.

The announcement came less than a month after the Sindh Rangers, a Pakistani law enforcement agency, issued a 12-page report accusing Hussain of passing illegal favors to K-Electric.

10 posted on 08/08/2017 1:04:08 AM PDT by Fedora
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To: Steven W.
Folks should also not forget Bill Clinton’s Soviet Connection

It was last week that it occurred to me that perhaps the reason there is such a high body count for people who could have made trouble for the Clintons was because he's got the best assassination squad that Russia can provide.

Visiting Russia in the 1960s? Touring the countries behind the Iron Curtain in the 1960s?

11 posted on 08/08/2017 1:40:13 AM PDT by DiogenesLamp ("of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty.")
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To: Fedora

Always a Goldman-Sachs connection. I really believe GS runs the world.

12 posted on 08/08/2017 1:42:22 AM PDT by ilovesarah2012
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To: Fedora

Who can you send this information to in the Congress (both sides) and the White House, plus other news organizations?

This is a very good job of connecting the Obama/Clinton dots to our actual or potential enemies, which, in normal days, would be called “collusion” and even “treason”.

Let’s make this a BIG DEAL.

13 posted on 08/08/2017 1:42:43 AM PDT by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: Fedora

14 posted on 08/08/2017 1:54:05 AM PDT by ilovesarah2012
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To: Fedora
"At Occidental College, Obama became involved in radical student politics"

The following is something I gathered several years ago.

Obama Espoused Radical [Communist revolutionary] Views in College

Steve Malzberg - WOR News Talk Radio 710 ^ | February 12, 2010 | Ronald Kessler

Dr. John C. Drew, a grant writing consultant in Laguna Niguel, Calif., tells Newsmax he met Obama in 1980 when Obama was a sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Drew had just graduated from Occidental and was attending graduate school at Cornell University.

During Christmas break, Drew says he was at Grauman-Boss’ home in Palo Alto when Obama came over with Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, his roommate from Pakistan.

“Barack [Obama] and Hasan showed up at the house in a BMW, and then we went to a restaurant together,” Drew says. “We had a nice meal, and then we came back to the house and smoked cigarettes and drank and argued politics.”

For the next several hours, they discussed Marxism.

He [Obama] was arguing a straightforward Marxist-Leninist class-struggle point of view, which anticipated that there would be a revolution of the working class, led by revolutionaries, who would overthrow the capitalist system and institute a new socialist government that would redistribute the wealth,” says Drew, who says he himself was then a Marxist.

The idea was basically that wealthy people were exploiting others,” Drew says. “That this was the secret of their wealth, that they weren’t paying others enough for their work, and they were using and taking advantage of other people. He was convinced that a revolution would take place, and it would be a good thing.”

Drew concluded that Obama thought of himself as “part of an intelligent, radical vanguard that was leading the way towards this revolution and towards this new society.” ..."

Referring to Obama’s quote from “Dreams of My Father” that he associated with Marxist professors, Drew says, “What he’s not saying is that he was in 100 percent total agreement with those Marxist professors. When you understand that, Obama’s later associations and policies make more sense, including why he was taken in by Rev. Wright’s ideology.”

15 posted on 08/08/2017 2:01:20 AM PDT by ETL (Obama-Hillary, the REAL Russia-US scandal (UraniumOne Deal, Missile Defense, Nukes) See my home page)
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To: Fedora

Iraqi WMD Debate and Intelligence: the links to Libya

The links have changed for those articles.

16 posted on 08/08/2017 2:49:39 AM PDT by dynoman (Objectivity is the essence of intelligence. - Marilyn vos Savant)
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To: Fedora

17 posted on 08/08/2017 2:55:46 AM PDT by dynoman (Objectivity is the essence of intelligence. - Marilyn vos Savant)
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To: dynoman

Ping for later.

18 posted on 08/08/2017 3:14:29 AM PDT by SueRae (An administration like no other.)
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To: Fedora
WHY isn't Debbie Wassermann Schultz, the REAL CRIMINAL that hired the spies ... that started this REAL THREAT to our NATIONAL SECURITY, being investigated by Robert Mueller's Grand Jury of MOSTLY DemocRATS ?
With EIGHT Democrats on the temporary assignment of the Twelve, HOW can we expect JUSTICE to be done ?

Well, just how many DemocRATS are likely to be EXPOSED if the real TRUTH COMES OUT ?

Reference Debbie Wasserman Schultz's hired spies: And there's this link Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer "Frantically" Liquidating $2 Million In Real Estate Assets SOOOOOOOOO .... that's AT LEAST 31 DemocRATS that are worried about being EXPOSED !

But it is getting WORSE with McMaster in charge while he protects the "Obama Holdovers".
The Democratic National Committee REFUSED to allow their computers and servers to be searched for evidence.
I propose that
Consider the following information about the SO CALLED Russian Hacking.
I believe it was the Democratic National Committee who was DOING the hacking and leaving FALSE TRACES of the Russians.
We MUST INVESTIGATE the Democratic National Committee's servers ! ! !

Let's review a few pieces of history, such as: Now based on the articles linked above, I propose to you that it is VERY POSSIBLE AND CREDIBLE
On the other side of the issue is: Now, I trust former Senator Jim DeMint, and I trust Rush and Glenn.
But all former Senator Jim DeMint has is the document he was shown and briefed upon, and they came from a corrupted agency under Obama and his minions.

In closing, let me make it clear that
19 posted on 08/08/2017 3:27:16 AM PDT by Yosemitest (It's SIMPLE ! ... Fight, ... or Die !)
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To: Fedora
If there ever were a “Manchurian candidate,” it was Obama, but the foreign connection was a Muslim terrorist connection.
20 posted on 08/08/2017 3:39:33 AM PDT by Robert357 ( Dan Rather was discharged as "medically unfit" on May 11, 1954.)
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