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Stephen Bannon: Core Of Trump's Platform Is "Deconstruction Of The Administrative State"
RCP ^ | Tim Hains

Posted on 02/24/2017 4:41:13 AM PST by RoosterRedux

Senior adviser to the president Stephen K. Bannon discussed the three most important goals the White House is working towards at CPAC 2017: homeland security, economic nationalism, and "deconstruction of the administrative state."

"Every business leader we've had in is saying not just taxes, but also the regulation," Bannon said.

"I think the consistent, if you look at these Cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the deconstruction-- the way the progressive left runs, is if they can't get it passed, they're just gonna put in some sort of regulation in -- in an agency. That's all gonna be deconstructed and I think that that's why this regulatory thing is so important," he said.

BANNON: I think the -- I think the same thing; I think if you look at the lines of work, I kind of break it up into three verticals of three buckets. The first is kind of national security and sovereignty and that's your intelligence, the Defense Department, Homeland Security.

The second line of work is what I refer to as economic nationalism and that is Wilbur Ross at Commerce, Steven Mnuchin at Treasury, Lighthizer at -- at Trade, Peter Navarro, Stephen Miller, these people that are rethinking how we're gonna reconstruct the -- our trade arrangements around the world.

The third, broadly, line of work is what is deconstruction of the administrative state. And if you...

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1 posted on 02/24/2017 4:41:13 AM PST by RoosterRedux
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To: RoosterRedux

if Andrew was still around, he would be in the administration.
in any event, his spirit is

2 posted on 02/24/2017 4:44:59 AM PST by dontreadthis (I finally came up with this tagline)
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To: GOPJ; Jane Long; MinuteGal; poconopundit; artichokegrower; ArrogantBustard; Wisconsinlady; ...
Trump's aiming at the destruction of the "administrative state."

Brilliant....absolutely brilliant....and long overdue.


Trump needs to factor in this little sneak play loved by Congress.....and advanced by Hope and Change Obama.The sneak play worked this way:

<><> Obamba issued immigration memos.

<><> he delegates to federal agencies, his presidential orders to come up with plans to embed his immigration orders in US policy.

<><> The federal agencies then "invent" Committees to do this.

<><>Then "Administrative Rules," after a comment period, are published in the "Code of Federal Regulations."

<><> Obamas immigration order magically turn into US law........ using federal fairy dust.

CONCLUSION Obamba is shielded from responsibility---he doesn't have to take the hit. Behind closed doors, he tells federal factotums what he wants.....and faster than you can say "the combo plate w/ extra hot sauce".....done.


THE "DELEGATION" HORROR STORY UP CLOSE--A Federal agency MO since 1946. It's down to a science: (1) publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), (2) make the comment period really short, (3) stonewall any negative comments, and, (4) publish the rule, which (5) NOW has the force of US law. No Congressman was ever involved, and obamba doesn't leave his DNA on it. Yet again, why "Delegation" is ominous for liberty---why the writing of administrative law by federal agencies - is un-Constitutional (hat tip to FReeper Regulator.)

3 posted on 02/24/2017 4:59:16 AM PST by Liz (Dems plan to regain power by stressing their "deep inate goodness" over "Trump's evil.")
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To: RoosterRedux

Man I love the sound of that.

4 posted on 02/24/2017 5:02:59 AM PST by Yardstick
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To: Liz
This administrative slight of hand procedure has been going on in some form or fashion since Wilson was in office. In fact, he devised the practice in the name of "efficiency". FDR put the pedal to the metal and the monster went into full bloom.

Trump fully intends to deconstruct the short circuit wiring of the administrative state that has a lock hold on Constitutional processes. It's swamp draining time.

5 posted on 02/24/2017 5:10:24 AM PST by TADSLOS (Reset Underway!)
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To: RoosterRedux

Ok fine but the GOP Congress needs to get off their asses.

There’s only so much Trump can do without them and they are a big part of the problem.

6 posted on 02/24/2017 5:16:00 AM PST by AC86UT89
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To: AC86UT89
Ryan really does need to go and probably McTurtle too.

Ryan's on the other side and everyone knows it, Turtle man is at least playing both ends against the middle and everyone knows it.

There ought to be a change in the house next week. Ryan is a weasel, a double agent out in the open.

7 posted on 02/24/2017 5:22:08 AM PST by OKSooner
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To: RoosterRedux

deconstruction of the administrative state.

Puts a nice image in the mind and clear communication.........

8 posted on 02/24/2017 5:28:14 AM PST by PeterPrinciple (Thinking Caps are no longer being issued but there must be a warehouse full of them somewhere.)
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To: RoosterRedux

I think that qualifies Donald Trump as a disestablishmentarian. Which means his opponents are guilty of ...

Wait for it ...


The longest word in the English language. I’ve always wanted to find a legitimate reason to use that!

9 posted on 02/24/2017 5:28:53 AM PST by IronJack
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To: RoosterRedux

This Bannon guy is a national treasure!

10 posted on 02/24/2017 5:40:01 AM PST by Obadiah (Democrats continue their crusade against normal.)
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To: Obadiah

Bannon should give more chats like this as it shows who he is and that his not the racist Darth Vader they make him out to be. Best defense is a good offense in this case.

11 posted on 02/24/2017 5:43:13 AM PST by Jimmy The Snake
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To: RoosterRedux


WOOOHOOOO President Donald J. Trump

12 posted on 02/24/2017 6:01:56 AM PST by PGalt (HOORAY President Donald J. Trump)
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To: RoosterRedux

I hate the term ‘economic nationalism’. But the idea is prime. We can’t have a race to the bottom.
Gotta be a better phrase out there.
(I really like Wilbur Ross)

13 posted on 02/24/2017 6:12:31 AM PST by griswold3
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To: RoosterRedux

Bannon talks like a strategic thinker. I’m hoping he is paying attention to the end state that President Trump needs to create by the end of his first term.

What matters are facts on the ground - genuinely irreversible changes to America. Obama’s executive orders were for the most part ephemeral, but the creation of gay “marriage” as a legally-recognized institution is likely to be enduring.

President Trump probably cannot reverse that, but there are important changes that he can and should focus on, where even new legislation will not reverse the progress. Deporting illegals and building a border wall is probably at the top of that list, followed by repealing Obamacare, conservative judges and justices, and repealing intrusive/burdensome regulations.

The enduring legacy will be the changes that are not easily reversed, and each of those steps will endure.

14 posted on 02/24/2017 6:21:30 AM PST by Pollster1 ("Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed")
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To: RoosterRedux


15 posted on 02/24/2017 6:28:46 AM PST by Rumplemeyer (The GOP should stand its ground - and fix Bayonets)
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To: IronJack
Deconstruction? Yeah! Git 'er done!

16 posted on 02/24/2017 7:29:06 AM PST by poconopundit
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