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A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election

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House Select Committee on Benghazi reaches agreement with State Dept. to produce Clinton emails relevant to their investigation

Clinton IT aide Paul Combetta, using the alias “stonetear”, requests assistance on Reddit for deleting VIP email addresses
Clinton team instructs Datto to begin purging emails from their backup storage devices, which they apparently failed to do
News that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private email server for official State Dept. business is disclosed in the New York Times
Clinton aides call Platte River Networks, which operated her email server, to confirm all emails were deleted per their 2014 order
Clinton associate Terry McCauliffe meets with FBI official Andrew McCabe’s wife Jill to encourage her to run for office

Jill McCabe announces her candidacy for the state senate in Virginia; her husband Andrew would likley lead probe of Clinton email server
Around this date, Andrew McCabe is reported to have issued a “Stand Down” order on the Clinton Foundation and email investigations

Clinton IT specialist Paul Combetta realizes he had not deleted all of Clinton’s emails, uses BleachBit software to do so
FBI warns Andrew McCabe about potential conflicts of interest related to his wife’s campaign
DOJ official Peter Kadzik, writing from personal email account, emails John Podesta to warn of House probe into Clinton’s emails
Discovery of classified information on Clinton’s private email server announced; the matter is referred to the FBI 07/15/15
FBI opens criminal investigation into Clinton’s email server and mishandling of classified data led by Andrew McCabe in DC office

DOJ DAG Sally Yates writes to DOJ Inspector General, saying National Security Division (NSD) is not subject to IG review

State Dept. and other officials make security referral related to classified information possessed by Clinton and associates

After complaints from Clinton camp, New York Times edits story about email probe, removing “criminal” references
McCabe uses his official FBI email to promote his wife’s candidacy for the State Senate in Virginia
FBI official Andrew McCabe’s wife Jill starts receiving bulk of $700,000 from Clinton associate Gov. Terry McCauliffe’s political entities
FBI seizes the Platte River Networks server as well as the “Pagliano” server, which were used to host Clinton email services
FBI’s Strzok sends letter to Datto, Inc. demanding the newly discovered backup server be turned over
FBI receives backup of Clinton emails held by Datto, Inc. (possibly claimed by Agent Strzok)
On or around this date, McCabe emails investigators that Clinton will get an “HQ Special” (special or lenient treatment)
On 60 Minutes, President Obama absolves Hillary Clinton of blame for her private email server: did not pose “a national security problem”
John Giacalone, head of FBI’s National Security Division, retires after reportedly seeing Clinton probe go “sideways”

Intelligence Community Inspector General reports Clinton’s private email server had SAP (highest classification level) data on it
FBI director James Comey names Andrew McCabe deputy director, with responsibility for oversight of Clinton investigation
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies while visiting Texas; no autopsy or investigation of cause of death is performed
State Dept. finds that 2,115 of the 30,490 emails produced by Clinton were classified and therefore grossly mishandled
FBI’s Peter Strzok texts his mistress Lisa Page, an FBI attorney, saying they can’t go after Hillary because she could be next president
FBI’s Strzok texts his mistress Page, calling Trump “an idiot”, whose nomination would be “good for Hillary”
Former Hillary State Dept. representative George Papadopoulos learns he will join Trump campaign as a low-level foreign policy adviser

Between this date and 9/15/16, Papadopoulos tries 6 times to arrange meetings between Trump campaign and Russians, all are rejected
Hackers gain access to emails of Democrat operative John Podesta 03/28/16
Paul Manafort hired as Trump campaign manager (Fusion GPS’s Simpson and wife had reported on Manafort’s Russian ties in 2008)

FBI’s Strzok interviews Clinton aide Huma Abedin
FBI’s Strzok interviews Clinton aide Cheryl Mills
Obama lies during interview, stating that there is no “political influence” at the DOJ and FBI (”no one is above the law”)

Law firm Perkins Coie, using money from the Clinton campaign and DNC, hires Fusion GPS to find incriminating data on Trump (FEC) 04/18/16
NSA’s Rogers begins probe into illegal abuse of FISA 702 inquiries on US citizens (e.g., Manafort) by DOJ/FBI and private contractors
Robert Mueller, an attorney for Clinton IT aide Justin Cooper, and an Obama intelligence official meet in White House
Wife of Fusion GPS founder Simpson, Mary Jacoby, visits White House and meets with Obama and/or Obama aides
Obama campaign organization makes first of its payments to Perkins Coie (OFA payments to firm would total $972,000) FEC
FBI’s James Baker and DOJ’s FISA attorneys visit White House for two back-to-back meetings
White House
Low-level Trump staffer George Papadopoulos meets with Russian contact in London and is reportedly offered “dirt” on Clinton
DNC IT staff reports suspected hacking on its server(s) to FBI, but fails to turn over the server to the agency, instead hires Crowdstrike

FBI director Comey drafts statement exonerating Clinton before interviewing her or other key witnesses 05/03/16
Trump becomes the presumptive Republican nominee for the office of president 05/03/16
Clinton IT specialist Paul Combetta admits lying to the FBI about erasing emails using BleachBit but is not charged for the crime 05/03/16
After learning Trump will be nominee, Page texts Strzok: “Now the pressure really starts to finish the [Clinton email case]”
Email from DNC contractor Ali Chalupa states she connected Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News “to the Ukrainians”
FBI’s Lisa Page and James Baker meet with Obama deputy at White House, likely topic is forthcoming FISA request

White House
Washington Post reports there is “scant evidence” of a crime committed by Clinton through her use of a private email server

WaPo 05/09/16
Clinton aide Cheryl Mills interviewed by FBI; she receives immunity, limited searches of emails, and deal allows destruction of her laptop
Crowdstrike claims it investigated DNC hacking and that Russians were responsible; FBI still denied access to server to confirm
Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ executive Bruce Ohr, is secretly hired by Fusion GPS, presumably to work on Russian “Dossier” 05/16/16
Draft statement by FBI directory Comey exonerating Clinton, before key interviews, is circulated to FBI leadership 05/21/16
According to Mueller investigation, Trump campaign official refuses Papadopoulos offer to broker meetings with Russian officials
Nellie Ohr applies for HAM radio license, presumably to create covert communication channel and avoid government surveillance
FCC 06/04/16
Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post reports, via anonymous sources, that Russians hacked the DNC
Donald Trump Jr. meets with Russian attorney after being lured by the promise of opposition research 06/09/16
After meeting with Bernie Sanders in White House, President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton
USA Today
Wikileaks’ Assange warns that Clinton emails will be leaked ITV
Ex-MI-6 agent Christopher Steele is hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign through Fusion GPS, according to UK court filings
UK 06/15/16
Romanian hacker “Guccifer” claims to have hacked DNC; analysis indicates faux “Russian” fingerprints were inserted into some files
FBI agent Peter Strzok changes wording of Clinton charges from criminal designation “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” 06/20/16
Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele releases first memo related to Russian “Dossier”

A.G. Loretta Lynch secretly meets with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac; they later deny discussing the investigation
Time 07/01/16
FBI’s Page texts Strzok: Loretta Lynch aware of plan to exonerate Clinton no matter what investigation may show
Clinton interviewed by FBI and Peter Strzok for 3.5 hours; she is not placed under oath nor recorded 07/05/16
FISA Court denies FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaign
Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele shares Russian “Dossier” with the FBI 07/05/16
FBI director Comey announces he does not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for use of her email server 07/05/16
Romanian hacker “Guccifer” claims to have hacked DNC again (”Guccifer 2.0”)

Date that forensics indicate that DNC emails were copied by an insider via USB and not hacked via external actors
A.G. Loretta Lynch accepts Comey’s recommendation not to charge Clinton for mishandling classified information

USA Today 07/07/16
Trump associate Carter Page gives a speech on economic policy in Russia; NYT reports this speech raised FBI’s attention
DNC staffer Seth Rich murdered in as yet unsolved case 07/22/16
Wikileaks releases archive of emails stolen from Democrat National Committee (DNC) that show undermining of Sanders campaign
Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as Chair of DNC due to Wikileaks revelations about undermining Sanders campaign
Clinton aide Robbie Mook claims Russians hacked DNC and Clinton campaign to aid Trump
Wikileaks’ Assange says he timed release of DNC emails to impact convention; says “no one” knows who provided emails
FBI announces it will investigate the DNC hack revealed by Wikileaks, Peter Strzok handpicked to lead investigation 07/25/16
FBI’s Strzok finds out his friend “Rudy” Contreras was appointed to FISC; later Contreras would preside over Flynn case
During press conference, Trump is asked by unidentified party how well he knows Putin Trump responds that he never met Putin.

FBI opens counterintelligence investigation into possible Russian “collusion” with Trump campaign led by Peter Strzok 08/03/16
CIA director Brennan briefs Harry Reid and others on possible Russia “collusion”, apparently with White House knowledge
FBI investigator Strzok texts mistress about a “menace”, presumably meaning Trump
Bernie Sanders reported to have purchased a $575,000 lakeside home
Washington Post implies John Brennan may have shared “Dossier” with President Obama around this date
FBI investigator Strzok texts Page about needing an “insurance policy” against Trump during meeting in McCabe’s office 08/15/16
Strzok and Page discuss evading rules for preserving their communications since other agencies don’t follow the rules either
FBI writes Congress defending decision not to prosecute Clinton, stating it was ‘extreme carelessness’ and not ‘gross negligence’ 08/17/16
NBC’s Dilanian, Windrem, Arkin report claim M. Flynn clashed with intel officials during initial briefing with Trump team
Manafort resigns (or is forced out) as Trump campaign adviser
CIA director Brennan informs Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid about possible Russian “collusion” with Trump campaign 08/27/16
Reid sends a letter to Comey referencing allegations made about Carter Page in the dossier
House Democrats write FBI Director Comey asking him to investigate Trump-Russia collusion in context of DNC hacking
FBI’s Page texts Strzok: Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing”
FBI releases summary of interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her use of an illegal email server for all official business
Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of interfering with U.S. election 09/07/16
During town hall, NBC’s Matt Lauer asks Trump about his relationship with Putin
NYT reports that Paul Combetta, Clinton’s IT specialist, mass-deleted emails from her server in spite of records preservation request
FBI’s Strzok admits withholding of evidence of Clinton’s crimes from Congress; Comey and other FBI officials are aware of obstruction
Papadoulos emails Russian contact Boris Epshteyn trying to connect him with Sergei Millian, author of much of the Fusion GPS “Dossier”
FISA Court approves FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaign based upon Russian “Dossier” 09/21/16
New York Times, Washington Post, and Yahoo News verbally briefed by Steele on Russian “Dossier” according to court filings 09/21/16
Around this date, Clinton associate Sidney Blumenthal passes Shearer “dossier” to Sec. of State John Kerry’s aide Jonathan Winer
Around this date, Kerry aide Winer passes Shearer “dossier” to Christopher Steele; this info is later folded into Steele’s “dossier”
Yahoo News’ Isikoff publishes report based upon Russian “Dossier” and possible Russian collusion with Trump campaign’s Carter Page 09/23/16
Hillary for American Campaign issues press release touting “bombshell report” on Trump-Russia ties, citing Yahoo story
DOJ National Security Divison (NSD) admits to FISC that surveillance included Obama’s political opponents
John Carlin, head of DOJ National Security Division and involved with FISA requests, announces he is resigning
Strzok texts Page about McCabe meeting: hundreds of thousands of emails found on Weiner’s laptop and turned over to U.S. Attorney
Comey claims his decision to exonerate Clinton was not made until after her interview with FBI agents 10/03/16
FBI agents seize computer of Anthony Weiner during investigation of his communications with underage females
Access Hollywood releases graphic audiotape of Donald Trump bragging about hitting on women

Wikileaks releases archive of emails stolen from Clinton operative John Podesta
Obama administration officially accuses Russia of meddling in 2016 presidential election 10/12/16
FBI agents tell McCabe and Strzok it’s discovers 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop, many of which were Huma Abedin’s
McCabe organizes FBI response to WSJ revelations that his wife’s campaign was funded by Clinton associates
Strzok’s wife Melissa Hodgman given a major promotion to deputy director of SEC’s Enforcement Division
FBI meets with Fusion GPS contractor Steele and offers to pay him for more Russian “Dossier” material 10/19/16
During presidential debate, Hillary Clinton accuses Trump of being Putin’s “puppet”
DOJ/FBI file first FISA Title I surveillance request for Carter Page using “salacious and unverified”, DNC-funded “Dossier”
Comey friend Benjamin Wittes (receipient of Comey leaks) writes blog post entitled “What if Trump wins? -— We need an insurance policy”
NSA director Rogers apprises FISA Court (FISC) of numerous cases where U.S. persons were improperly/illegally surveilled
CBS reveals McCabe’s wife received $700K in campaign donations from Clinton associate Gov. Terry McCauliffe
WSJ’s Devlin Barrett, using leaks from McCabe, counters CNN conflict-of-interest claims with report that Comey made decision on Clinton
During Comey staff meeting, McCabe and Strzok are asked why they’re sitting on the Huma/Weiner email disclosure
Comey announces he is reopening investigation into Clinton’s email server due to information found on Anthony Weiner’s computer 10/29/16
Attorney Joe DiGenova reports that the FBI never destroyed Cheryl Mills’ and Heather Samuelson’s PCs, despite agreement to do so
Judge Kevin Fox grants a search and seizure warrant to the FBI for Clinton emails on Huma Abedin’s laptop
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s writes to James Comey asking him to release “explosive” information on Russian “collusion”

FBI lead counsel James Baker leaks “Dossier” information to David Corn of Mother Jones that ties Trump to Russian “collusion”
Clinton campaign issues statement, citing Slate, about server in Trump Tower that secretly communicated with Russia

Clinton 11/01/16
In spite of numerous conflicts of interest, Andrew McCabe waits until this date before recusing himself from Clinton email probe
Daily Beast publishes first of four-part series of articles alleging Trump’s “love affair” with Putin and Russia
Comey exonerates Clinton again after Weiner documents are reviewed “around the clock” 11/08/16
Donald Trump is elected President of the United States 11/09/16
FBI’s Strzok and Page text each other about a “secret society” to undermine Trump as well as “‘deleting text messages”
Page texts Strzok: “...being here makes me angry... Meanwhile we have OUR task ahead of us.”
DOJ official Bruce Ohr meets in secret with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele regarding Russian “Dossier” 11/15/16
FBI agrees to continue funding Steele and his “Dossier” TPM
NSA Head Mike Rogers travels to Trump Tower (likely warning of illegal surveillance); Trump transition team immediate moves to NJ
WaPo reports that James Clapper and other officials want Rogers removed from his post
Sen. John McCain told of the Russian “Dossier”; a copy is sent to McCain and key aides 11/22/16
Bruce Ohr is interviewed for the first of 12 times by FBI investigators; last interview occurs on 5/15/17
CIA tells Congress that they believe the Russians hacked the DNC to help defeat Hillary Clinton’s campaign
McCain provides a copy of Russian “Dossier” to FBI director James Comey 12/09/16
President Obama orders intelligence community to investigate Russian influence on U.S. election 12/14/16
Beginning of period that DOJ “failed to preserve” Strzok-Page texts that that ends on 5/17/17 (later recovered by DOJ IG office)
Citing unnamed intelligence officials (likely Strzok or Page), Washington Post reports on “Russian election hacking”
Wikileaks’ Assange says he guarantees emails did not come from Russia; that Obama administration is trying to undermine Trump
Around this date, James Clapper instructs James Comey to inform Trump of “Dossier” (he would then leak meeting to CNN)
FBI says DNC refused to turn over server to determine nature of leaks
According to Susan Rice email, Comey secretly meets with Obama, Biden, Yates and Rice, which was never disclosed to Congress
Comey briefs President-Elect Trump on existence of “salacious and unverified” Russian “Dossier”
James Clapper leaks details of “Dossier” to CNN’s Jake Tapper House
Within hours of Comey’s meeting with Trump, existence of “Dossier” reported by CNN FNC
Comey demands “Dossier” be included in final intelligence community report on Russian meddling in the U.S. election
U.S. intelligence chiefs Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rogers brief Obama on Russian “Dossier” and attempts to “influence” Trump 01/10/17
BuzzFeed releases full Fusion GPS “Dossier” 01/11/17
John Podesta meets with Fusion GPS founder Simpson; but later tells Senate Intelligence Committee he has no knowledge of “dossier”

WSJ identifies author of Russian “Dossier” as Christopher Steele
DOJ IG Michael Horowitz announces probe into actions of FBI including McCabe’s role in Clinton email scandal
WaPo’s David Ignatius cites government sources who report that Michael Flynn spoke with Russia’s Kislyak several times
NYT reports law enforcement officials “intercepted” communications of Trump officials, including Paul Manafort
The day before Trump’s inauguration, DOJ/FBI have FISA surveillance request renewed (see 10/21/16, renewal #1)
Minutes after inauguration, Susan Rice emails herself documentation of secret Obama-Comey meeting in White House on 1/5/17
Michael Flynn sworn in as National Security Adviser
Michael Flynn gives voluntary interview to FBI regarding Russian “collusion”; interviewer is Peter Strzok
Acting A.G. Sally Yates and Bill Priestap inform White House counsel that Flynn was “compromised” by Russian actors
Former Clinton State Dept. representative George Papadopoulos interviewed by FBI, which results in his eventual indictment
DOJ official (later Mueller SC “righthand” man) Andrew Weissmann congratulates Acting A.G. Yates for defying Trump travel ban order
Russian operative Sergei Millian named as source of information for “Dossier” fed to Steele and Fusion GPS
Acting A.G. Sally Yates fired by President Trump for refusing to enforce his travel ban orders
Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General
Flynn fired by President after leaks claim that the aide has discussed sanctions with Russian actors, which Flynn denies
Strzok and Page discuss F-302 interview forms; likely referring to falsified documentation of Flynn interview on 1/24/17
In meeting with Trump, Comey says he was asked by President if he could see fit to “letting Flynn go”
House Intelligence Chair Nunes says the FBI must explain why Flynn was recorded, unmasked and then leaked to the press
McCabe tells Reince Priebus that FBI sees no evidence of Russian “collusion”, but he and Comey refuse to publicly state
CNN reports that the White House “pressured” FBI into clearing administration of collusion charges; believed leaked by McCabe
House Intelligence Chair Nunes says that he has seen absolutely no evidence of Russia-Trump “collusion”
A.G. Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Russia “collusion” investigation, citing prior contacts with the Russian Ambassador
Obama DNI James Clapper states that he knows of no FISA warrant ever approved of Trump and his associates
Comey testifies FBI secretly investigated Trump-Russia “collusion” starting in June 2016 and unlawfully hid that fact from Congress 03/20/17
Vanity Fair publishes puff piece on Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS and their work to create the “Dossier”

Comey denies accusations that the Trump campaign had been wiretapped by the U.S. government 03/20/17
DNI James Clapper denies any abuse of FISA to surveill Trump or his associates
Press Secretary Sean Spicer strongly denounces surveillance and unmasking of Trump aides by Obama officials
House Intelligence Chair Nunes informs POTUS that he believes Trump and his staff were illegally surveilled and unmasked
House Intelligence Chair Nunes demands that CIA, FBI and NSA disclose nature of unlawful surveillance he had discovered
Former Obama official Evelyn Farkas admits Obama administration spied on Trump to find Russian “collusion” ties
Sen. Chuck Grassley writes to Comey over concern that McCabe’s investigation of Clinton was tainted by campaign donations

Obama DOD Russian expert Evelyn Farkas admits on MSNBC that administration was spying on Trump and associates
House Intel Chair Nunes temporarily relinquishes control of committee due to allegations he leaked classified information
DOJ/FBI have FISA surveillance request renewed (see 10/21/16, this is renewal #2)
Before Senate Judiciary Committee, Comey testifies that he, nor any authorized associates, leaked to the media (e.g., 10/24/16)
Trump fires FBI director James Comey 05/10/17
Washington Post asserts Comey had requested additional funding and resources for Russia investigation before his firing 05/10/17
Huma Abedin husband Anthony Weiner signs plea agreement for crime of transmitting obscene material to a minor
Trump tweets that Comey better hope there are no tapes of their conversations “before he starts leaking to the press”
DAG Rosenstein reportedly approves extension of FISA surveillance of Trump associate Carter Page based upon fraudulent “dossier”
McCabe denies leaking favorable stories to the media (e.g., 10/24/16) to FBI investigators; also denies leaking to IG around July

Bruce Ohr is interviewed for the last of 12 times by FBI investigators; first interview occurs on 11/22/16
Robert Mueller said to have interviewed with President Trump for FBI director role, but details of meeting unclear
DOJ’s Rosenstein names Robert Mueller special counsel to investigate Russian influence on election
End of period that DOJ “failed to preserve” Strzok-Page texts that that began on 12/14/16 (later recovered by DOJ IG office)
[color=red]Strzok texts Page about Mueller “collusion” probe: “the odds are nothing [of collusion] ... there’s no big there there.”[/color]
Strzok texts Page; calls Mueller probe “an investigation leading to impeachment?”

Comey admits he leaked records of his conversation in order to spur the naming of a special counsel
Former DHS head Jeh Johnson tells Congress that the DNC refused to turn over its server so it could throughly investigate “hack”
Wife of Fusion GPS founder Simpson, Mary Jacoby, writes on Facebook that her husband deserves the credit for “Russia-gate”
Comey asserts “Dossier” was “salacious and unverified”, but was important because media was prepared to report it

CNN reports Strzok is working for Mueller’s special counsel investigation
DNC contractor Ali Chalupa denies working with Ukrainians to undermine Trump in spite of her leaked email from 5/3/16
James Clapper falsely testifies in front of Congress that he never leaked existence of “Dossier” to media; he later recants this statement

DOJ/FBI have FISA surveillance request renewed (see 10/21/16, this is renewal #3)
DOJ Inspector General receives compromising texts of Mueller investigator Peter Strzok from FBI

DOJ (NSD) and FBI (OIG) officials interview Lisa Page for three days ending around this date; Page appears to be a cooperating witness
Consortium of Intelligence Professionals (VIPS) reports that there is no evidence that Russians hacked DNC (see 7/5/16)
DOJ Inspector General meets with Mueller and Rosenstein to inform them of Strzok’s text messages
DAG Rosenstein explicitly outlines focus of Mueller probe in document that is revealed on 4/4/18, likely due to Strzok/Page revelations
AG Sessions and DNI Coats reveal a new FBI anti-leak team has been formed under DAG Rosenstein
The Nation reports evidence that DNC insiders, not Russian hackers, compromised Democrat IT systems
DOJ Inspector General requests all communications between Strzok and Page DC
Fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson meets with Senate committee for 10 hours, but refuses to divulge who funded “Dossier”

House Intel Chair Nunes subpoenas DOJ and FBI for documents related to “Dossier”, which Strzok is believed to be behind
NBC’s Dilanian, believed to be a Fusion GPS flack, misreports on Trump Jr.’s 6/9 meeting with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya
Susan Rice admits she surveilled Trump administration after the election and later unmasked the identities of key aides
Obama DNI James Clapper reiterates he knew of no FISA warrant ever approved of Trump and his associates
Two Fusion GPS officials plead the Fifth Amendment during House Intelligence Committee interviews 10/24/17
Washington Post reveals Clinton campaign and DNC funded Fusion GPS and Russian “Dossier”
Close ties between CNN and Fusion GPS revealed through personal social media accounts

NBC’s Dilanian reports upon an illegal leak from the Mueller investigation that the first indictment will be issued Monday
Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos indicted as part of Mueller’s investigation
FBI refuses House Intel Committee (chaired by Nunes) request to interview Strzok 11/05/17
House investigators say they believe Fusion GPS paid reporters to disseminate contents of “Dossier”
Flynn signs plea agreeement with special counsel, admitting he lied about sanctions conversations
U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras “warns Mike Flynn to cooperate with prosecutors for lighter sentence”
Judge Contreras, a personal friend of FBI official Peter Strzok, presides over hearing where Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI
Washington Post reveals existence of incriminating messages between FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page revealing anti-Trump biases 12/04/17
CNN reveals Strzok changed wording of Clinton investigation to avoid criminal charges 12/06/17
DOJ executive Bruce Ohr demoted after revelations he secretly met with Fusion GPS, which had secretly employed his wife Nellie 12/06/17
Rep. Adam Schiff accused of leaking privileged notes of meeting between Trump. Jr and House Intelligence Committee to CNN
Fox News reveals Ohr was in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time the FISA application was submitted and granted 12/07/17
House Ethics Committee clears Chairman Nunes of accusations that he leaked classified information, said to be a “frivolous” charge
Rep. Jim Jordan grills FBI director Wray: was Dossier used to secure FISA warrant? Wray refuses to answer
FISC Judge Rudolph Contreras, presiding over Flynn case, is suddenly recused according to court statements (see 12/2/17)
Fox News reveals Ohr’s wife was hired by Fusion GPS to create opposition research against Trump 12/12/17
375 text messages between Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page are released 12/12/17
Deputy FBI director Anrew McCabe cancels testimony before Congress after revelations about Nellie and Bruce Ohr’s ties to Fusion GPS

DOJ IG reports it has all Strzok-Page text messages between 12/14/16 and 5/17/17, which conflicts with FBI statement on 1/19/18
Deputy A.G. Rosenstein refuses to tell Congress whether the FBI paid for the Fusion GPS “Dossier” 12/14/17
Rep. Jim Jordan states DOJ/FBI leadership attempted to fix the presidential election by inventing a “Russian Collusion” narrative
Demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr fails to appear before Congress
GOP lawmakers call for investigation into leaks of privileged interview between Trump Jr. and House Intelligence Committee
Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley calls for the firing of FBI’s McCabe
FBI’s McCabe testifies in private to House Intel Commitee a day after and is unable to answer questions about the “Dossier”
FBI’s top General Counsel — James A. Baker — said to have leaked “Dossier” to Mother Jones, is reassigned by FBI Director Wray

FBI’s McCabe admits Clinton email investigation led by “small group” in headquarters, not in the local field office per usual practice
FBI’s McCabe announces his retirement in 2018
State Dept. releases cache of emails found on Weiner-Abedin laptop, several of which contained classified information
Sen. Lindsey Graham cites major concern over how “Dossier” was used by the DOJ, implying it was disguised and presented to FISC
DNC-linked NYT’s Haberman markets narrative that FBI opened Trump investigation due to George Papadopoulos, not “Dossier”
NY Times reports Clinton associates offered up to $500,000 to females to report sexual harrassment by Trump
Fusion GPS founders write NYT op-ed asserting “Dossier” claims; fail to address funding sources, Nellie Ohr involvement, etc.
Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley writes DAG Rosenstein: did Comey leak classified info to Columbia Professor Daniel Richman?
Judicial Watch reveals that all of Comey’s leaked memos were classified, which represents intentional and criminal behavior by Comey
DOJ’s Bruce Ohr is either removed or resigns from his second high-level position, this time as head of OCDETF
DailyMail finds emails showing Huma Abedin intentionally copied State Dept. emails to Weiner laptop and lied to FBI about that fact

Researcher CTH reveals FBI/DOJ likely used FISA 702 “About Inquiries”, not warrants, to wiretap Trump and his assocates at any time

Sara Carter reports law enforcement sources tell her FISA process was illegally abused to surveill Trump campaign

Document dump reveals FBI not only paid Fusion GPS but also allowed the private firm to submit FISA “About Inquiries”
DOJ Inspect General releases first batch of 1.2 million documents related to investigation of DOJ/FBI malfeasance days early
McCabe, Rosenstein, Weissmann and Obama judge Theodore Chuang all tied to apparent effort to cover-up Uranium One scandal
Ex-Trump adviser Michael Caputo says up to 1,000 GOP-linked persons were spied on by Obama DOJ/FBI illegal unmasking activities

DNC-linked NYT’s Shane markets narrative that Clinton campaign was duped by Russian “Dossier” disinformation campaign

Byron York reports Congressional Investigators believe Obama State Dept. may have played a role in disseminating “Dossier”
Report on FISA abuse is made available to all House members; reaction is stunning: “Very foundations of our democracy are at risk”

Senate investigators reveal FBI claims it “failed to preserve” five months of Strzok-Page text messages between 12/14/16 and 5/17/17
NBC’s Dilanian, with a history of ties to Fusion GPS, markets false claim that Russian “bots” are behind #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag
Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) hints that highest level of the Obama DOJ/FBI lied to the FISA court in order to surveil Trump and associates

Senate Homeland Security Chair Ron Johnson releases 384 pages of new Strzok-Page texts
Johnson notes evidence of “corruption at highest levels of FBI”; and as former FBI head, Mueller must be dismissed as special counsel
Nunes FISA abuse memo said to name James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe as participants in unlawful surveillance
NYT’s Haberman and Schmidt report that Trump wanted to fire Mueller in June, but WH counsel threatened to quit rather than do so
Missing five months of Strzok-Page text messages reported as recovered by DOJ IG Horowitz
Senate Judiciary Committee issues demand for “dossier” information to wide range of Clinton- and DNC-related entities, due 2/8/18
Preemptive leak to NYT reveals DAG Rosenstein approved surveillance of Carter Page in May of 2017 based upon bogus “dossier”

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe unexpectedly announces his immediate resignation (also reported as removed by Director Wray)
House Intelligence Committee votes to release memo to the public outlining abuse of FISA surveillance by Obama administration
Report that McCabe and Strzok hid discovery that Weiner computer held thousands of Clinton emails from Congress for weeks

FBI issues statement of “grave concerns” about HPSCI memo; HPSCI Chairman Nunes replies that reasons are obvious
Special Counsel Mueller requests postponement of Flynn sentencing, likely due to potential evidence tampering (Form 302 changes)
4-page FISA memo released: shows FBI/DOJ disguised DNC-sourced “dossier” and used it to illegally surveil Trump and associates
Former WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus denies he ever heard Trump state a desire to fire Mueller
Obama CIA director John Brennan attacks HPSCI and Chairman Nunes for ‘abuse of power’ (exercising oversight of DOJ/FBI)
Senators Grassley and Graham reveal Obama State Dept. transmitted information to Steele to be included in bogus “dossier”
House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte requests FISC Judge Rosemary Collyer provide documents related to Trump surveillance
DOJ NSD official David Laufman resigns, citing “personal reasons”
Michael Kortan, head of FBI Public Affairs Office, resigns; Strzok-Page texts named him as helping publicize fake Clinton email probe
Deadline for Clinton- and DNC-related entities to respond to Senate Judiciary Committee’s request for “dossier” information
Obama State Dept. official Jonathan Winer says in 9/2016, Clinton crony Sidney Blumenthal and Steele passed bogus dossiers to him
DOJ Official Rachel Brand — responsible for FISA requests — resigns
Report that Nunes and HPSCI will investigate Obama CIA director John Brennan for his role in disseminating bogus Russian “dossier”
Report released that reveals DOJ official Bruce Ohr hid his wife’s employment by Fusion GPS from DOJ ethics officials
Special Counsel Mueller issues indictment against 12 Russians for interfering in election process using Internet ads and other means
HSPCI Chairman Nunes sends questions to former Obama administration officials regarding “dossier”; answers due on 3/2/18
Democrat rebuttal memo to Nunes memo is released; does not refute central charges of illegal surveillance and FISA abuse
HPSCI Chairman Nunes issues point-by-point rebuttal to minority memo
HPSCI Chairman Nunes writes to AG Sessions demanding investigation: FISA applications may have violated multiple criminal statutes
Deadline for former Obama administration officials to respond to questions from HPSCI Chairman Nunes around “dossier”
Chairman Goodlatte and Chairman Gowdy formally request AG Sessions name a special counsel to probe FISA abuse by DOJ and FBI
HPSCI releases result of 14-month investigation into Trump/Russia: finds no “no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy”
FBI disciplinary office recommends firing former deputy director McCabe for disclosing sensitive info and lying to investigators about it

FBI official Andrew McCabe — implicated in numerous scandals — is fired hours before his retirement. His pension is not affected.
McCabe states that the 10/24/16 article by WSJ’s Devlin Barrett, which used his leaked information, was authorized by Director Comey
Newly revealed Strzok/Page texts indicate White House coordinated with CIA, DOJ and FBI to invent Russia “collusion” scandal
AG Sessions reveals John Huber, U.S. attorney for Utah, has been working with DOJ IG Horowitz as acting special prosecutor
Document from DAG Rosenstein to Mueller on 8/2/17 outlining the scope of Mueller’s probe is revealed as Manafort case unfolds
DOJ says it will allow Congressional intelligence committees to view original FISA application documents for Carter Page
Residences, offices of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, are raided by FBI after referral of Special Counsel Mueller
Devin Nunes delivers 24-hour ultimatum to FBI director Wray and DAG Rosenstein: deliver documents or face impeachment vote
Federal prosecutor John Lausch named by AG Sessions to facilitate document production to Congress
11 members of Congress issue criminal referral to Attorney General Sessions for Hillary Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Strzok and Lisa Page
DOJ IG makes criminal referral of Andrew McCabe to U.S. attorney for consideration of felony charges for lying to federal agents
DNC files civil lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks for “collusion”; opens up many Democrats to discovery
DOJ IG opens investigation into James Comey’s admitted leaks to the media
House Oversight Chair Nunes states there was “no intelligence” behind FISA-based surveillance of Trump campaign

Comey hires former U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who was involved with the controversial prosecution of Scooter Libby (”Plamegate”)
Comey associate Prof. Daniel Richman, who leaked ex-FBI director’s memos, revealed to have special anti-terror FBI database access
Tranche of Strzok-Page texts from between 12/2016 and 5/2017, previously thought missing, turned over to Congress by DOJ IG
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