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Establishment Elites Going All Out to Derail the Trump Express ^ | March 16, 2016 | Rachel Marsden

Posted on 03/16/2016 6:03:56 AM PDT by Kaslin

Welcome to the club, America! You're now experiencing first-hand what was previously seen as something that only happened in foreign lands: an overt electoral hijacking attempt by establishment elites.

What do you do when the democratic process turns out to be a bit too democratic, in the sense that people on the side that's currently winning don't support your worldview? You swarm it and use the media attention to issue your own manifesto. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has the establishments on both the left and the right so riled that they're no longer even being discreet in pulling out all the stops to end his candidacy.

A group of billionaires and tech CEOs converged on a private island off the coast of the state of Georgia earlier this month for the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum. The gathering reportedly turned into a political strategy session, with captains of industry teaming with "old boy" Republican strategists and donors to plot a derailment of the Trump Express.

The tech guys are in panic mode because of Trump's hard-line stance on immigration. They depend heavily on foreign-born employees who will work for lower wages, leaving American workers on the sidelines. Trump threatens the widespread hiring practices of the entire industry.

The money men are in the unfamiliar and highly uncomfortable position of not being able to buy influence, because Trump won't take their cash. The establishment old boys, as always, are just looking out for No. 1. If their horse doesn't win the race, they can't score a gig in the new administration or impress clients with their White House connections. They issue their anti-Trump manifestos through current and former candidates such as Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney.

Trump opposition from the left has taken a different form. A Trump rally in Chicago was abruptly canceled last week after protests became unruly. Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, issued a statement in support of the planned disruption of the Chicago rally. "MoveOn proudly supported University of Illinois at Chicago students and local organizers in their courageous nonviolent protest outside the event," said the statement. "We helped student leaders by printing signs and recruiting MoveOn members to attend the student-led protest."

It certainly seemed odd that after months of Trump campaign events, activists would just organically decide to swarm a rally. News flash: You're being used, guys. You're mere pawns in a billionaire's ongoing game of subversion. And that billionaire isn't Donald Trump.

George Soros, whose net worth is estimated at $23 billion, was a prominent supporter of President Barack Obama's White House bid, and a significant number of administration appointees were drawn from Soros-funded think tanks. Soros is also a major funder of

America isn't the only place where Soros has attempted to flex his political muscle. In November, Russia's general prosecutor's office banned the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, calling their activity "a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state."

Soros then wrote an opinion piece for The Guardian earlier this year in which he cast Russian President Vladimir Putin as an enemy of Europe. "Attacks mounted by jihadi terrorists, however terrifying, do not compare with the threat emanating from Russia," Soros wrote.

Yeah, right -- just like the threat of special interests in American politics does not compare with the threat emanating from Donald Trump? Anyone else see a pattern here?

Soros is the establishment writ large. The little people are nothing but cannon fodder for him and for the policies that further his interests, in America and abroad.

Other than political ideology, there is little difference between the Silicon Valley titans, the permanent members of the Democratic and Republican establishments and their bagmen, and billionaires like Soros with their useful leftist tools.

This election isn't about left versus right. Instead, this election pits those who feel entitled to shape America the way they see fit and impose their worldview on everyone else against hardworking citizens who are sick of seeing wealthy and influential meddlers interfere with the translation of the popular will into a sensible national agenda.

This is the last stand of the political establishments, and they're using every tactic in their arsenal. If Trump wins, they lose. They can only win if voters are duped into buying what they're selling.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: 2016election; donaldtrump; establishment; gope; soros; trump
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1 posted on 03/16/2016 6:03:56 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Guess the oligarchy wants a bloody revolution.

2 posted on 03/16/2016 6:06:10 AM PDT by Lopeover (2016 Election is about allegiance to the United States)
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To: All
Lordy, looks like Donald means business.

Those other people don/t know they/re dead....yet.

3 posted on 03/16/2016 6:06:14 AM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing can penetrate it.)
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To: Kaslin

All out war could ensue if these so called kingmakers succeed in derailing a Trump candidacy.

Trump is learning about dirty politicos and as time sails by he’ll have a list of enemies to attack.

4 posted on 03/16/2016 6:07:28 AM PDT by HomerBohn (Liberals and slinkies: they're good for nothing, but you smile as you shove them down the stairs.)
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To: Kaslin

What else would anyone expect since money became “speech” and our government went up for sale to the highest bidder?

5 posted on 03/16/2016 6:09:08 AM PDT by Wolfie
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To: Lopeover

Trump is the ONLY one that the media , the Gope ,the democrats/soros/socialists, and the world establishment are out to destroy. So that tells you he is the only one for WE the people, and for America and for freedom.

6 posted on 03/16/2016 6:09:10 AM PDT by Democrat_media ( Only Trump will stop TPP and China and the socialist illegals' invasion of the USA!)
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To: Kaslin

The Establishment Elites might not be able to derail Trump from the nomination, but they most certainly will ensure his defeat in November.

The GOPe will do its part to sandbag and backstab Donald Trump just like they did to other candidates who are not part of their clique - Sharon Angle, Chris McDaniel, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and Joe Miller.

7 posted on 03/16/2016 6:10:11 AM PDT by Menthops (If you are reading this..... the GOPe hates you!)
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To: Kaslin
"In case of a brokered convention, Rule 40a of the 2016 convention rules states that a candidate must have the support of a majority of the delegates of at least eight states in order to get the nomination."

So it's Trump or Cruz.

How can you support Cruz on a national ticket, when he won less than 20% of the Republican vote in Virginia, Florida, and Ohio?

8 posted on 03/16/2016 6:10:15 AM PDT by cincinnati65
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To: Kaslin

It’s too late.

9 posted on 03/16/2016 6:11:23 AM PDT by FlingWingFlyer (America is not a dump, sewer or "refugee" camp. It's my home.)
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To: Kaslin

“If voting made any difference, they would not let us do it!”

Mark Twain

10 posted on 03/16/2016 6:17:42 AM PDT by urbanpovertylawcenter (the law and poverty collide in an urban setting and sparks fly)
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To: Kaslin

It will soon be Trump/Cruz 2016 - the GOPe nightmare ticket that will Crush Hillary and the GOPe in on election.

11 posted on 03/16/2016 6:19:20 AM PDT by 1Old Pro
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To: Kaslin

There is nothing they can do about it now.

12 posted on 03/16/2016 6:19:47 AM PDT by mabelkitty (Trump 2016! Mabelkitty: Wishing Governor Jim Rhodes would come back...)
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They will fight until the bitter end.

13 posted on 03/16/2016 6:20:27 AM PDT by bob_esb
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To: bob_esb

A comment there:

“Doug Forbes · University of Kentucky

Trump is the result of Hillary, Ryan and others selling influence to a tiny group of billionaires and thus allowing them to govern the US via their wealth.


1. TPP - This trade deal will impoverish millions of Americans but benefits a handful of billionaires. Hillary was paid $100 million to sign it into law if she should become president.

2. NAFTA - This has proven to benefit a few and impoverish many. Bill Clinton signed it into law. Hillary refuses to say it was a mistake.

3. Artificially low wages - All welfare benefits are available to legal immigrants. Since welfare has become a subsidy of low wages, when combined with immigration, it amounts to paying people to come here and work for low wages. This is a clear distortion of the labor market to keep wages artificially low.

4. Semi-Captive Labor – The so-called “guest workers” or H-1B and H-2B visa workers cannot do 3 things free workers in a free labor market can do; (1) change employers freely (2) become employers (3) change the type of work they do. It was literally easier for a slave in 19th century Cuba to change masters than it is for an H-1B worker to change employers.”

14 posted on 03/16/2016 6:24:02 AM PDT by combat_boots (The Lion of Judah cometh. Hallelujah. Gloria Patri, Filio et Spiritui Sancto!)
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To: cincinnati65

Never too late to change the rules.

15 posted on 03/16/2016 6:24:47 AM PDT by abbastanza
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To: Kaslin

Too late.

It’s over.

Trump won.

Get used to it.

16 posted on 03/16/2016 6:24:56 AM PDT by Uncle Miltie ("Conservatives are to the Republican party what blacks are to the Democrat Party" - Awgie)
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To: FlingWingFlyer

It’s not too late. You will see Kasich come after Trump and poison the well prior to the convention. Trump will not have enough delegates for a majority. Kasich and Rubio pledge there delegates to Cruz. Game over.

17 posted on 03/16/2016 6:26:02 AM PDT by cornfedcowboy
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To: cornfedcowboy
I saw a Guy on Maria Bartiromia this morning who is in that camp

But he said it will come in stages Denial acceptance and then support for Trump

18 posted on 03/16/2016 6:31:13 AM PDT by scooby321
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To: Uncle Miltie

Than you don’t need to vote in the general election

19 posted on 03/16/2016 6:45:55 AM PDT by Kaslin (He needed theThe l ignorant to reelect him. He got them and now we have to pay the consequences)
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To: Democrat_media


20 posted on 03/16/2016 6:46:40 AM PDT by Lopeover (2016 Election is about allegiance to the United States)
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