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In light of everything that is on the banned list, here is a public service announcement as to where we CAN shop:
• LL Bean
• Chick-fila
• Hobby Lobby
• local church store
• Dave Ramsey’s website, as well as any endorsed local providers on his site
• New Balance Shoes
• Any American firearm company and ammo maker
• Monastery Greetings if you want to support Catholic monks & nuns
• See’s Candy - made in America, supports American Heritage Girls
• Altar’d State, Christian wedding / formal wear company • Waffle House – owners donate a lot to conservatives
• Angel Soft, Brawny, Vanity Fair paper products, Soft-n-Gentle toilet paper and Dixie – owned by Koch brothers
• Cracker Barrel restaurants
• Exxon or any gas station – make an environmentalist mad
• Carl’s Jr – owner is prolife
• Domino’s Pizza – owner is prolife
• Papa John’s – owner opposed Obamacare
• Applebee’s – spoke out against Obamacare
• Amway, Nutripet, eSpring, XS energy drinks – owned by DeVos family that donates to Focus on the Family and American Enterprise Institute
• Ford – the only major car company not to take a bailout from the Obama admin
• Patriot Mobile – donates money to conservative causes, based in Texas
• White Castle restaurant chain
• Cabela's; pro-gun
• Bass Pro Shops – pro-gun
• Whole Foods – opposed Obamacare, conservative libertarian owner
• Blue Bell Creameries – owner gives to conservative PACs
• Kroger (Menards) – owners donated to anti-Obama efforts in 2012
• Simply Modest Swimwear
• Any thrift store that supports the Salvation Army or churches you agree with
• Mardel Christian book store and education supplier
• Take your family to see faith friendly movies or buy DVDs of movies that share your values And for countering 'women'.... Rough Draft Idea: Who better to choose my husband than the best judge of male character, my father! Don't let Trump steal my marriage.   Rough Draft Idea #2: A faithful man would never stare at a woman, but we should never give them something to stare at. #Coverourdaughters   Rough Draft Idea #3: A marriage in the eyes of Allah is only between a man and his wives. Don't let Trump ruin the sanctity of marriage. #ShariaForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #4: A woman of Allah would never put herself in the position to be violated. #EscortOurDaughters.   Rough Draft Idea #5: Allah commands our husbands to be the providers and maintainers of women. Don't let Trump send us to work. #KeepOurDaughtersHome   Rough Draft Idea #6: Helping raise my sister-wife's (Is that what they're called in islam?) child is empowering. It's given me hope that one day our husband will want children with me. Don't let Trump ruin my dreams. #ShariaForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #7: Learning from the wisdom of age that my husband possesses was the most fulfilling part of my 13'th birthday. Don't let Trump ruin my education.   Rough Draft Idea #8: When they took me from my home in Europe, I was scared. When they sold me to my husband, and helped me study the Quran, I became enlightened. Don't let Trump trample on our religious freedoms.   Rough Draft Idea #9: Frivolous knowledge leads to disobedience. The quran is the only knowledge I need. Don't let trump force our daughters into schools.   Rough Draft Idea #10: My husband says the scars are attractive. My beauty is for only him to decide. Don't let trump convict our husbands of domestic violence.   Rough Draft Idea #11: It's empowering to deny men the ability to gaze. Don't let trump remove our burkas in public.   Rough Draft Idea #12: I am pro-choice. All women should have a say in the name of the children their husband and Allah blesses us with.   Rough Draft Idea #13: My best friend in life turned out to be the woman I thought I would hate. When my husband bought her at 13/yo, I thought he was replacing me. Now we are best friends, and servants to our husband and Allah. Don't let Trump remove our friends and family (This one is a bit long-winded, I know)   Rough Draft Idea #14 (/u/streezus gets credit for this one): Our daughter, our religion, our honor, our choice. Don't let Trump bring shame upon our families. #NotMyConstitution #ShariaForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #15 (Thank /u/notputin_): There will be no discrimination, when all women wear the hijab. Don't let Trump discriminate against Islam. #HijabsAgainstHate.   Rough Draft Idea #16: No pain is greater than knowing I've been disobedient towards Allah or my husband. Don't let Trump convict our husbands of domestic violence. #NotMyConstitution   Rough Draft Idea #17: It is empowering to know one day I might become his favorite wife. Don't let Trump take away our dreams. #ShariaForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #18: Equal rights means ALL rights. Women should enjoy the same medical benefits as men. Don't let Trump ban healthy medical practices. #FemaleCircumcisionForIslam #ShariaLawForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #19: If driving requires a license photo, then I choose not to drive. The Hijab is sacred even at the DMV. Don't let Trump trample on our religious freedoms. #ShariaForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #20 (Courtesy of /u/theflanimal): The greatest complement a woman can receive, is being sold for her beauty to a man of Allah. Don't impose western standards of beauty on my religion. #ShariaForAmerica.   Rough Draft Idea #21 (Thank /u/malthrax) Both Allah and my Husband love me for who I am, not my age. Don't let Trump discriminate against Islamic marriage. #ShariaForAmerica (I would suggest this be accompanied by a picture of a very young girl)   Rough Draft Idea #22: My body decides when I am a woman old enough to marry, not the law. Don't let Trump discriminate against Islamic marriage law. #ShariaForAmerica (Again, photo of a very young girl)   Rough Draft Idea #23 (Thank /u/ranjiruku): My family's honor is more important than my life. Don't let Trump take away Muslim honor or religious tradition. #ShariaForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #24: Religious freedom means allowing me to put the honor of my family above my own life. Don't let Trump take away my family's honor. #ShariaForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #25: All women are equally beautiful when wearing the hijab. Don't let Trump violate our religious freedoms. #HjiabsAccrossAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #26: The only thing worse than rape, is depicting an image of my prophet. Your rights end where my religion begins. #ShariaLawForAmerica   Rough Draft Idea #27: Forcing women to have participate in politics, should be the equivalent to rape. Sharia law protects women from rape-politics. #ShariaLawForAmerica   Possibly some good templates to work with: