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Normandy [IF THE MODERN MEDIA had been reporting from Normandy on D-day]
The Spain Herald ^ | Fernando Díaz Villanueva

Posted on 10/21/2005 7:31:51 AM PDT by Tolik

«The Americans came in killing like mad men,
I never thought I would say this, but life was better with Adolf Hitler.»

June 6th, 1944 – Normandy

Around three hundred French civilians were murdered yesterday and an undetermined number were injured during the first hours of the American invasion of continental Europe. Most of the French victims were due to artillery shots coming from the American fleet that was trying to hit German fortifications on the coast before thousands of soldiers proceeded to land on several of the beaches. According to sources in the improvised hospital in the town of Saint Mere Eglise, the slaughter was worse than French and Germans anticipated. “We are dropping like flies” said an eye witness who preferred to remain anonymous. “The Americans came in killing like mad men, I never thought I would say this, but life was better with Adolf Hitler.”
According to information coming from the front, the American invasion caused serious environmental damage. The army brigade that landed on the beaches is equipped with tanks, trucks and war machinery that destroyed several kilometers of coastline and thousands of hectares of very ecologically interesting wetlands. It is believed that the lazy crab’s habitat, native to this part of France, has been totally devastated; biologists warned the species might disappear. A Bluepeace representative was very dismayed, reporting his organization had warned about this military operation at least a year ago. “This disaster is just another example of how little attention the American military establishment pays to the environment.” “We have no doubt the powerful industrial-military lobby’s interests, protected by the White House, are behind the landing” said the environmentalist spokesperson Petra Cheekyface. Yesterday, during a mid-night press conference in a New York hotel, Jacques Lefrenchie, one of the members of the exiled French Government said that the savage invasion was brought on by American beer multinationals’ greed, thirsting to invade European markets. “Everybody knows President Roosevelt has his own agenda and his own drinking clientele”, “once the German companies established in France are taken, Yankee beer will control the world market”.
Unofficial sources connected to the Roosevelt administration admit the harshness of the intervention, which they say was based on information provided by Albert Einstein, a German scientist who sent a letter to the President in order to warn him of the possibility of the Nazis developing the ultimate weapon known as the “atom bomb.” The effect such weapon would be terrible and cause an unheard of number of victims. Just one explosion would kill thousands and devastate the atmosphere. Hitler has, on many occasions, denied having this “bomb,” something international inspectors confirmed while traveling in the Reich for two weeks.
Shortly after the invasion started, cases of abuse against German soldiers captured after the landing have been reported. These abuses violate the Geneva Agreement on prisoners of war. In the meantime, rumors persist about supposed mistreatment the Germans are inflicting on the Central European Jews in the so-called “concentration camps,” but nothing has been proved yet.
It might look like it, but this is not a joke. Today, seventy years after the landing, this fictitious news report would be real, it would be in every newspaper and everyone would blindly believe it.
Fernando Díaz Villanueva is a member of the Instituto Juan de Mariana

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Foreign Affairs; Political Humor/Cartoons; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: fernandovillanueva; left; media; msm; normandy; satire; theleft
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Hat Tip to Barcepundit
1 posted on 10/21/2005 7:31:52 AM PDT by Tolik
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To: Lando Lincoln; quidnunc; .cnI redruM; Valin; King Prout; SJackson; dennisw; monkeyshine; ...

Nailed It!
Moral Clarity BUMP !

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You are welcome in or out, just freepmail me (and note which PING list you are talking about). Besides this one, I keep 2 separate PING lists for my favorite authors Victor Davis Hanson and Orson Scott Card.  

2 posted on 10/21/2005 7:32:48 AM PDT by Tolik
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To: Tolik

Looking for Michael Moore's next "documentary".

3 posted on 10/21/2005 7:34:10 AM PDT by manwiththehands
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To: Tolik

Allies found no WMD as had been speculated.

4 posted on 10/21/2005 7:36:47 AM PDT by Smartaleck
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To: Tolik
The author forgot about inadequate equipment that left soldiers exposed in unarmored, open top Higgins boats, so overloaded with gear that they sank if spilled into the water. And what about the fact that the Weapons of Mass Fire were not found in the concrete pillboxes atop Pointe du Hoc? Roosevelt Lied, Rangers Died.
5 posted on 10/21/2005 7:37:11 AM PDT by SoCal Pubbie
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To: Tolik

Interesting satire, but media would hardly do this to a liberal President.

6 posted on 10/21/2005 7:39:27 AM PDT by Colonel_Flagg ("One might even go far as to say ... he's mediocre." - Daffy Duck)
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To: Tolik


7 posted on 10/21/2005 7:41:54 AM PDT by hispanarepublicana (No amnesty needed...My ancestors proudly served. [remodel of an old '70s bumper sticker])
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To: Tolik
See also: If D-Day Had Been Reported on Today
8 posted on 10/21/2005 7:44:17 AM PDT by Maceman (Fake But Accurate)
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To: Tolik

Ha! A whitewash of American perfidy!

There is no mention of the root causes - legitimate German grievances exploited by Roosevelt's Jooish banker pals!

And W's grandfather! What about that, eh?

9 posted on 10/21/2005 7:44:18 AM PDT by headsonpikes (The Liberal Party of Canada are not b*stards - b*stards have mothers!)
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To: Colonel_Flagg

I am not sure FDR would be liberal enough for the MSM now.

For that matter I don't see that much difference between W and JFK policies (I might be wrong, of course).

10 posted on 10/21/2005 7:45:17 AM PDT by Tolik
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To: Tolik

Well, if FDR tried stacking the Supreme Court in this day and age like he did in the 30s, he'd have media lined up to defend him.

11 posted on 10/21/2005 7:50:09 AM PDT by Colonel_Flagg ("One might even go far as to say ... he's mediocre." - Daffy Duck)
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To: Colonel_Flagg
media would hardly do this to a liberal President

What about LBJ?

12 posted on 10/21/2005 7:51:04 AM PDT by Rider on the Rain
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To: Tolik
How many of you can remember a TV program a looong time ago called "You Were There" or "You Are There". It was stories of different battles and historical events with a reporter on site asking questions of the participants. I think one story was about the battle of Breeds Hill. A civil war battle and others all the back to the middle ages. I was very young then but thought the program interesting.

Now I can imagine the same program with todays PC world and revisionist history.
13 posted on 10/21/2005 7:53:48 AM PDT by Americanexpat (A strong democracy through citizen oversight.)
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To: Tolik

Another version (from )


An American Cyber-Column
Modern D-Day Coverage
Rich Galen

Friday, October 12, 2001

[This is what I think news coverage of the period leading up to D-Day might have been like if cable-all-news stations had existed in 1944.]

· Good Morning. It is June 4, 1944. Welcome to The Mullings Cable Network’s continuing coverage of: “Operation Overlord: What’s Taking So Long?” I’m Rich Galen.

Let’s go first to MCN’s White House reporter, Greg Smith for the latest.

· SMITH: Thank you, Rich. Hill Leaders have told MCN news that an invasion of Europe is, in their words, “very, very imminent.” These sources, who have been privy to briefings by the Roosevelt War Cabinet, tell us that “the number of troops, the number of ships, and the sheer size of war materiel shipments” clearly point to an invasion, possibly within the next 24 hours. Rich?

· GALEN: Thank you, Greg. Now to the War Department and our reporter there Jim Smith. Jim? What are your sources there saying about a possible attack point?

· SMITH: Well, Rich. Advisors to General Marshall are hinting at a strike at Pas de Calais, perhaps as early as tomorrow. However we believe this might well be disinformation and the real point of attack will be at Normandy. We have learned that Ranger and Airborne elements have been, in effect, rehearsing for the kind of terrain they are likely to encounter on the Normandy beaches and that Airborne units might be dropped in as early as tonight.

· GALEN: So, Winston Churchill’s famous phrase: “We shall fight on the beaches ...” now must be considered as a clearly coded message to the French Resistance.

For more on invasion plans, let’s switch to London and our MCN reporter Eric Smith. Eric what are you hearing about where these troops may be going and when they might be going there?

· SMITH: Rich, as you can see, the weather here is not good. Military meteorologists have advised SHAEF Command to stand down for at least the next 24 hours. If we can zoom in on this map behind me, you can clearly see that the combination of time and tides is most favorable for only the next 48 hours for a landing in France.

Senior advisors to General Eisenhower are aware of, and very concerned with, the reports of growing impatience among many Americans with the amount of time it has taken to mount this invasion.

· GALEN: Indeed, many here are asking why it has taken two-and-a-half years from the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 to June 1944 to reach this point. Eric, if they can’t go within that window, what are Eisenhower’s options?

· SMITH: No good ones, Rich. Intelligence officers here in Britain are worried that if this operation has to be delayed for as long as two weeks, word will almost certainly leak to the German high command allowing them to move their defensive forces from their current location at Pas de Calais to behind the Atlantic Wall above Normandy.

· GALEN: That would be unfortunate. Let’s turn now to our MCN military analyst retired General Theodore “Teddy” Smith, the famous “Senior Señor of Santiago Bay.” General, you helped design the invasion of Cuba in 1898 – just 43 years ago – during the Spanish-American war, what do you make of this?

· SMITH: Well, Rich, I’ll use this map to illustrate. Assuming our troops will try to cross these beaches here ... and ... here. And assault these cliffs ... here, then they will have to be supported by a naval bombardment from ... here.

So, we expect the Hun is flying air reconnaissance and will bring to bear their air assets to disrupt any pre-invasion shelling as soon as Allied ships are detected in this area ... here.

· GALEN: What about tanks, General – the Panzer Divisions of General Rommel?

· SMITH: Rommel is almost certainly moving his Panzer Divisions behind the Atlantic Wall ... here ... for use in a counter-attack if and when the Allied forces breach those lines.

· GALEN: Now, to Christianne Smith on a satellite phone in the French countryside. Christianne, what can you tell us?

· SMITH: Rich, there is a growing sense of apprehension here about 40 miles away from what we assume will be the point of attack on the beaches of Normandy either tomorrow or the next day. Mayor Jacque Capituler is with me. Mayor, tell our viewers how you feel about the coming invasion.

· Capituler: “We don’t want to be liberated We don’t need to be liberated. The Germans have established a perfectly workable government, here. The Americans should go liberate someone else, somewhere else.”

· GALEN: The thorny issue of civilian casualties and collateral damage brought onto our living room screens from right there in France, Thank you Christianne.

To ... where? Ok, to Edward Smith with the forces of General George Patton in Britain. Edward.

· SMITH: Rich, I am here in Kent, England opposite the Pas de Calais just across the English Channel which, if the weather were better, you could see behind me. MCN can now confirm that the activity here in Kent, which has been named “Operation Fortitude” is, for want of a better phrase: A complete fake.

· GALEN: Fake? Explain, please, for our viewers.

· SMITH: MCN can now report that Patton has constructed, literally, a phony army here. The tanks are cardboard. The planes are rubber. The radio traffic is faked. Reports of troop movements are completely fabricated. This operation, clearly, is designed to fool the Germans in Europe and Americans back home into falsely believing that the attack – which we now think will come tomorrow if the weather lets up – will be aimed at Pas de Calais instead of Normandy.

· GALEN: Excellent reporting, Edward. Joining me, now, in the studio is MCN’s Senior Ethics Advisor Emma Smith. Emma? What does it mean to the American way of life when their very own government engages in this kind of deliberately false and misleading information?

· SMITH: The academic community has been warning for years that the American government would too easily sacrifice the truth on the altar of some alleged short-term military so-called advantage. “If the people can’t trust the word of their government,” many of us are asking, “then what we are fighting for in the first place?”

· GALEN: Thank you, Emma Smith. And good luck with your exciting new book: “The Soviet Experience; Success, Solidarity, and Stalin.”

We have received a few e-mails from viewers expressing discomfort with General Theodore Smith’s use of a word to describe our German adversaries which, in some minds, is derogatory. MCN apologizes for the use of the “H” word on our air.

So, there you have it. The Allied Expeditionary Forces will, in fact, invade Europe not at Pas de Calais as the American public had been lead to believe, but at Normandy. And, that attack will take place either tomorrow or the next day, depending upon the weather.

This is Rich Galen, MCN News.

Now back to Imus.

-- END --

14 posted on 10/21/2005 7:55:36 AM PDT by An.American.Expatriate (Here's my strategy on the War against Terrorism: We win, they lose. - with apologies to R.R.)
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To: Tolik
A wonderful piece, but he did not get the last sentence correctly:

In the meantime, rumors persist about supposed mistreatment the Germans are inflicting on the Central European Jews in the so-called “concentration camps,” but nothing has been proved yet.

It should read:

In the meantime, rumors persist about supposed mistreatment the Germans are inflicting on the Central European Jews in the so-called “concentration camps.” The German Authority has repeatedly denied these allegation. "It understandable that, after so many decades of Jewish occupation of Europe, our citizens feel frustrated. The end to violence will come only when all Jews withdraw from the the European territory they occupied since XX century."

15 posted on 10/21/2005 7:56:03 AM PDT by TopQuark
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To: Rider on the Rain
"media would hardly do this to a liberal President What about LBJ?"

Unforgivable crime of following the sainted JFK.

16 posted on 10/21/2005 7:58:46 AM PDT by norton (This is not about the DIA or the CIA. This is about CYA...)
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To: An.American.Expatriate

June 7, 2004
Our Look Back at Normandy
What our generation might have said a month later in July, 1944
By Victor Davis Hanson
Private Papers

Al Gore: General George Marshall—You, you…. You, go now! You approved of it; you signed off; you gave us the Philippines disaster, the B-17 slaughters, and now this. So go! Go, go, now!

General Eisenhower? You resign now too! General—who else but you ordered our boys into a roaring surf? You—no one else—were told of rough weather at least 24 hours before the landing. What did you know of those weather warnings—and when did you know it? Henry Moorrrrgeeeenthhhhhaaauuuuuuuuu—you leave now! Tell us why you thought our boys would have a cakewalk bringing democracy and freedom to poor Frenchmen!

John Kerry: Let me just say as a veteran—and one with some experience in military affairs—that you don’t just pull up to a beach and expect to trot into Europe. And I will add as well, as I have on previous occasions, that this was the worst planned American operation in our entire history. As is the custom in this hallowed nation, someone now, some person, has to, must, and should be held accountable for this mess. In my capacity as a leader in foreign affairs in the Senate, I have with all candor tried to tell this administration to slow down and get the League of Nations back into the peace process. But as I have repeatedly warned, when you unilaterally go off to invade some continent, this is what you get.

This administration talks grandly of the “Allies;” but as I have demonstrated on numerous occasions, what they are really talking about are just two countries on the beach with us, and as expected I have warned about just what we are seeing now, that those who die will be Americans and those who pay for it all will be us. As a humanitarian, of course, I agree that Hitler was a tyrant and has to go—but there are more subtle and sober ways to do just that than blindly landing on a stormy beach and sending Americans to their slaughter.

Howard Dean: YYYuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Ted Kennedy: This entire disaster was cooked up in Hyde Park. The British didn’t want it. Our commanders in the Pacific were against it. The French people surely didn’t want “freedom” falling as bombs from the air.

Madeline Albright: We had Hitler is his box. In the air and sea we had him cornered. He couldn’t move without us knowing it. But Omaha Beach is what you get when you mix in triumphalism, machismo, testosterone, and unilateralism.

George Soros: Now after this mess maybe we can feel what the inferno of Hamburg was like a year ago. They’re about the same thing after all–only now they’re doing to us what we did to them.

Tim Robbins: See my new play On the Beach opening in London.

Sean Penn: I’m going to Berlin to stop this madness so that my kids won’t have to live in a world of Shermans and Tigers.

General Zinni: Too few troops. No harbors. Inadequate equipment. Hare-brained glider landings. Add that up and you get the disaster we are in now. Count how many tanks made it to the beach. All this fancy new airborne stuff, the floating tanks, the engineers are no substitute for boots on the ground. Ask a Mark Clark or other great generals privately what they think of Marshall and you’ll get an ear full. Some day the American people will learn the real reason why we switched over to landing on the beaches in Europe. Read my book.

General Odom: Get out now. Cut your losses. Leave that pocket. Amphibious landings are bad ideas. Night air-drops are lunatic. No plan to deal with the follow up. Too few troops to break out. No help from the so-called French resistance. Who thought this up? Pull out, regroup and ask who is our real enemy in this war and how we can better attack him. I was under the impression that the Japanese, not the Germans, bombed Pearl Harbor.

Ted Koppel: Tonight I will read the names of the dead of the 101st Airborne, tomorrow the 82nd. Have patience with us. There really are thousands of American casualties—and this was just on the first day of what we know is more to come later this month. And while our leaders don’t wish to deal with it, we at ABC do—and think you do as well.

Bill Clinton: One could argue that there were other ways of invading Europe, but this is not the time to attack each other over the details. As you know, I supported the decision to invade. In fact, I crafted the entire Europe First strategy. So now is not the time for self-flagellation about the too few troops, the poor weather forecasts, the shoddy equipment, the lack of good intelligence, the… Maybe now the American people will finally grow up when they see their children slaughtered on a French beach and huddled in hedgerows waiting to die. But what they don’t know is that thousands of poor conscripted Russians and eastern Europeans were innocent targets whom our boys killed on so-called D-Day. And does America want to deal with the five thousand French civilians who died in our secret bombing campaign before the invasion? Let those who said we’d be greeted with roses explain the charred bodies of women and children to the French public.

Noam Chomsky: It is well recognized that there is already a pipeline across the Channel. On good authority we know that petroleum is already flowing to this new captive European market. As leading scholars have pointed out, to understand the barbarism at Normandy one must learn about Standard Oil and British Petroleum—and the Rockefeller-Ford nexus.

Michael Moore: I have secret footage of Prescott Bush with unidentified Nazis! And a secret tape of Eisenhower admitting defeat—never released, but proving he knew it was a failure before he started.

Senator Hollings: Why hit the Third Reich head-on at Normandy in order to go eastward? The answer is obvious. I think you better ask our Jewish friends exactly why they preferred this expenditure of American blood and treasure.

Senator Byrd: And don’t forget the Zionist movement.

Harper’s Magazine, June 1944:

Our Canadian embedded reporter spends a year with the Waffen SS—why they fight and why we can’t do anything about them!

—The refugee Jews and how their intelligentsia diverted us from Japan—and are crafting a secret plan to turn Germany into a pastoral country.

—The werewolf movement to come!

Paul Krugman: The real story is the French didn’t want us. Most of them were treated a lot better by the Germans than by us who bombed them for three years. Do you blame them? I warned about this in May.


NPR: Today we speak with Pierre Lang, a Normandy dairy farmer and once proud owner of four cows—until the morning of June 6.

Farmer Lang: “The Germans? They never blew up my cows! No—only you did that. Look at the craters, the burned barn, the dead animals. Who are the real Nazis?”

NPR: Perhaps you should ask Mr. Roosevelt that question, Mr. Lang.


The New York Times: The unfortunate slaughter of the last month and the present quagmire in the hedgerows are the unfortunate wages of a certain American arrogance— that we can always simply go where we wish, count on locals to admire us, and see the world in terms of black and white, of “good” Americans and “bad” Germans. As we saw last month, simplistic logic leads to careless planning that in turn results in thousands of dead and wounded Americans on a stormy beach and the survivors huddled a few miles away in a hostile countryside that shows no desire to be “liberated.”Jacques Chirac: We don’t believe in unilateral solutions. It is our country and we have our own ways of dealing with the Germans, who after all are in our country, not yours. Where, for example, are Frenchmen now dying—in Normandy or Vichy?

17 posted on 10/21/2005 8:02:13 AM PDT by Tolik
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To: upier


18 posted on 10/21/2005 8:04:13 AM PDT by ml/nj
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To: Americanexpat

Walter Cronkit hosted that show.

19 posted on 10/21/2005 8:06:28 AM PDT by Indy Pendance
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To: Tolik

If the modern media had been reporting from Normandy.... half of them would be dead now.

20 posted on 10/21/2005 8:07:58 AM PDT by kjam22
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