Since Nov 7, 1998

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I live in Fentress County, and am one of the founding members of Tennessee Action Group (T.A.G.), we are a young PAC that is growing and participating with similar groups around the state.

I am posting this with a request for you all to participate in the following:

1) Please go to our online petition site and sign our petition to Governor Lee urging him to take action on the illegal immigration invasion in Tennessee. The link is:

2) Governor Lee is seeking public response to CRT in Tennessee schools, and is asking for people to email their thoughts by August 11. Send your response to: - you can read more about this issue in Tennessee Conservative News at:

Lastly, if you’re so inclined, please visit our new website at: or if you do Facebook, visit our page Tennessee Action Group (T.A.G.). There’s also a link to it on our website.

But in any case, please sign the above referenced illegal immigration petition and send an email to Governor Lee’s request for feedback on CRT.