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Islam: The Fastest Growing Religion in the World - (be very afraid, my friends!)

Posted on 06/30/2005 11:25:36 PM PDT by CHARLITE

Many Muslim’s like to point out that their religion is the fastest growing religion in the world. So it must be the only true religion since so many people are converting to Islam.

Although one can’t discount this ever looming fact, rarely are the reasons why Islam is spreading so fast throughout the world discussed. The truth is that Islam is growing in numbers through two factors overlooked by both current followers of Islam and the rest of the world.

- Forced repression and wholesale annihilation of indigenous non-Muslim populations.

- The highest birth rate of any religion in the world.

In fact, the top 10 fastest growing nations on this earth are all Muslim. When one stops and looks at this figure alone, one must surely be alarmed if one knows only a few simple facts about the Qur’an and the Wajib (duty) of all practicing Muslims around the world.

First, let’s look at point one. All ten of the most rapidly growing nations are in Africa and the Middle East. Nine out of these ten nations were all primarily Christian before Mohammad took the Jihad to all the surrounding nations outside of present day Saudi Arabia. Since then, they have force the indigenous Christians out of their lands such as in Sudan. Most of this violent mass annihilation has essentially been financed by the larger Middle Eastern Muslim countries with Saudi Arabia as the primary financier.

All ten of these nations are listed on Amnesty International’s web site as nations facing the worst possible genocide in the history of man kind.

Another fact largely overlooked by the governments and media of America and most European countries is the fact that over the course of the last ten years, the bulk of these nations are now being run by Arab nationals, not African’s. These minority governments are largely financed by rich Muslim nations with the intent of creating puppet Muslim nations while killing all non-Muslim natives, allowing indigenous natives to remain if they convert to Islam.

The fact of the matter is that in order to get any kind of work in these nations you have to convert to Islam or face a gruesome death, a death unspeakable in any other ideology in the world.

Another important factor in the spread of Islam is the fact that all non-Muslims have to pay a tax as dictated in the Qur’an IX when Mohammad stated:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and his Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgement of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”

This tax for non-Muslims is no myth. It is practiced quite frequently around the world where Muslims have subjected indigenous natives. This practice is prevalent today throughout Africa and was practiced during the whole period of the Ottoman Empire.

Islam’s claim to be the fastest growing Religion in the world is partly true. The last four years the Muslim population has grown a half a percentage point a year faster than the world population. With compounding that means it would take 140 years for the Muslim world to double its percentage from 20% to 40%. If one just factors the current birth rates of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia one would find that both nations are doubling in population in less than every 30 years.

And while Christians are free to practice their faith in Indonesia, albeit confined mostly to urban areas, the ever looming fact remains that if you plan on working for the government, Christians need not apply unless you are rich.

Another factor that America should be concerned with is this: When Muslims gain dominance in a society they frequently punish and even kill those who convert away from Islam. This law in particular applies to Muslim if they decide to join another faith. Once Muslims win a country they rarely lose it. This may strengthen Islam's long term prospects.

The treatment of minorities in Muslim societies justifiably raises concern among people who are not Muslims. America is already starting to take note of the atrocities being perpetrated around the world by Muslim societies. Non-Muslims are frequently limited to second class citizenship as can be easily demonstrated by the recent arrest of 40 Christians in Saudi Arabia for reading the Bible out loud in the privacy of their home.

Recently, as seen by the massive genocide being practiced by the Muslims in Northern Africa, non-Muslim minorities have been shrinking rapidly but this is usually because they are more likely to immigrate to other surrounding countries before their women are raped, their men killed, and their lands confiscated.

Allah couldn’t have stated his Jihad against the Christians better than he did in the Qur’an when he stated:

“Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. If the unbelievers do not offer you peace, kill them wherever you find them. Against such you are given clear warrant. Christians will be burned in the Fire. Christians are wrong about the Trinity. For that they will have a painful doom.”

If these words aren’t enough catalyst for America to stand up and take notice, perhaps a visit to present day Iraq or Syria or even Sudan is warranted. There one will see the full affect of Muslims trying to impose their Religion of peace on the world.

Unless we wake up America could be next.

David Watkins is an ex-pat living and working in Indonesia.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; Government; Miscellaneous; News/Current Events; Philosophy; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: america; convertordie; growth; islam; jihad; middleeast; muslim; muslims; population; rop; saudiarabia; spreadingislam; sudan; trop

1 posted on 06/30/2005 11:25:37 PM PDT by CHARLITE
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At one time Hitler was popular too!

2 posted on 06/30/2005 11:27:27 PM PDT by MJY1288 (Whenever a Liberal is Speaking on the Senate Floor, Al-Jazeera Breaks in and Covers it LIVE)
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To: Critical Bill; Fred Nerks; Stopislamnow; B4Ranch; CyberAnt; nothingnew; Cornpone; Blurblogger; ...
Islam ping!


3 posted on 06/30/2005 11:29:19 PM PDT by CHARLITE (I propose a co-Clinton team as permanent reps to Pyonyang, w/out possibility of repatriation....)
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4 posted on 06/30/2005 11:32:43 PM PDT by Eagles6 (Dig deeper, more ammo.)
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The Women’s Role in Jihad Against the Enemy

The author believes that a “disease” is ravaging the ranks of the Muslims, causing “misery and humiliation” upon them by their enemies. The disease is considered a “weakness,” which is defined as “love of life and hatred of death,” and is only improved through jihad and “fighting for the sake of Allah.” Here, the message indicates, is where the Muslim women may play an important role and raise men who are not owned by “cows, trees, crosses, and altar worshippers….”

5 posted on 06/30/2005 11:33:05 PM PDT by Wolverine (A Concerned Citizen)
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Islam, The Alleged Religion of Peace® ( TARP™ )? Click this picture:

No, I am not exaggerating. Click the pic, go to "last," and read backwards.
If you are not informed about this stuff, you will be made sick. If you are informed, you will be made mad, all over again.

6 posted on 07/01/2005 12:40:29 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into the Dawn of Information...)
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Islam: The World's Fastest-Growing Time Bomb

Please note that those who wish to escape Allah's clutches may use America as a flotation device.

7 posted on 07/01/2005 12:57:57 AM PDT by Ultra Sonic (The liberals and the RINOs on the SCOTUS should be impeached.)
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Good Article .

8 posted on 07/01/2005 1:01:31 AM PDT by iso
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I might actually be worried that the islamofascists would dominate the world, but I am mollified by the fact that these morons will continue to live in the middle ages. This will keep us ahead of them, no matter how much time passes, or how many of their spawn are foisted upon us.

9 posted on 07/01/2005 1:37:33 AM PDT by jim35 (I'll bet Dasshole is Deeply Saddened now!!!)
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To: Ultra Sonic
...where the life jackets only inflate of you're Christian.

Atheists are caught between Iraq and a hard place...
10 posted on 07/01/2005 1:43:30 AM PDT by toadthesecond
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To: toadthesecond

True that.

11 posted on 07/01/2005 3:44:30 AM PDT by Ultra Sonic (The liberals and the RINOs on the SCOTUS should be impeached.)
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12 posted on 07/01/2005 3:47:49 AM PDT by infocats
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To: jim35

I am praying for the sudden collapse of Islam. Communism crumpled overnight, among the general public.

13 posted on 07/01/2005 4:24:37 AM PDT by TomSmedley (Calvinist, optimist, home schooling dad, exuberant husband, technical writer)
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To: TomSmedley; All

And in that lay the failure of Christianity. You pray, when inflicting death is more practical.

14 posted on 07/01/2005 4:51:39 AM PDT by olde north church (Manifest Destiny: a good policy then, a better idea now.)
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To: jim35
This will keep us ahead of them, no matter how much time passes, or how many of their spawn are foisted upon us.

Tell that to the Europeans - which is being rapidly taken over, or any other place of high culture and technology which has fallen victim to these barbarians.

Once Muslims gain a position of dominance in any culture, they assure everything else falls their way. It is simply a time with brute force enacted on a local scale and the instituting Sharia Law. After that, the Dark Ages descend on that country. ALL the populace is eventually forced into becoming either true believers or second-class slaves.

Name me one country in 1400 years which, once having been conquered and subjegated for a couple of generations, has been able to cast off the yoke of Islam permanently?

15 posted on 07/01/2005 7:17:35 AM PDT by Gritty ("The West no longer loves itself, its own history, or what is great and pure." - Pope Benedict XVI)
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All the nations mentioned have contributed nothing whatsoever to civilisation, society, or culture since the death grip of the death cult.

16 posted on 07/02/2005 4:30:11 AM PDT by tkathy (Tyranny breeds terrorism. Freedom breeds peace.)
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Got ammo?

17 posted on 07/02/2005 4:36:23 AM PDT by AngryJawa (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?)
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