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After Action report for Denver Freep
Denver 9 News ^ | March 20, 2005 | Jenny Marie Hatch

Posted on 03/20/2005 5:39:06 PM PST by Jenny Hatch

Denver Freep 9 News Covers unique story Click on link above to read and watch

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; US: Colorado; Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: aar; colorado; counterprotest; denver; freep; iraq; rally; secondanniversary; supportourtroops
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To: Jenny Hatch
Great work, we had fun also
21 posted on 03/21/2005 5:28:55 AM PST by bmwcyle (Washington DC RINO Hunting Guide)
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To: coloradan

It's a little ironic that self-identified anarchists provided a replacement for law and order, when the police weren't there.
lol, i bet they would argue that is the very reason for no police in the first place...

Great job Jenny, especially brave to go by yourself.

22 posted on 03/21/2005 6:13:15 PM PST by traviskicks (
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To: Jenny Hatch

I'm glad your safe.

Your street theatre bit was hilarious. I'm definitely going to have to get a U.N. hanky!

23 posted on 03/21/2005 10:57:52 PM PST by Flora McDonald (Stand the Storm!)
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To: Jenny Hatch

God Bless You!! A future leader with a backbone of steel.

(really love the UN toilet paper...LOL)

24 posted on 03/22/2005 2:08:46 PM PST by Just A Nobody
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To: Jenny Hatch


25 posted on 03/22/2005 3:18:16 PM PST by facedown (Armed in the Heartland)
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To: CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC

Thanks card carry!

Sure I remember you and your family. Those sidewalk freeps around Pres. Bush's first election were my first efforts at organizing street rallys.

I was sort of hoping you would come to the denver rally with your family, we always seemed to show up at the same things, remember two years ago in Longmont? I think your sister organized that one.


Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was quite an experience. I keep thinking about how it went, and if I would ever do something like that again.

I think I would. But it was very scary. Maybe the reason the lefties won't take on you big men and target us women is simply because they are cowards. Women are much less threatening. There was a man who was a member of tyranny response on the sidewalk in Denver. He was walking the sidewalk about a hundred yards away from me, (although I did not notice him until after my own Freep and was leaving).

The man who was targeting me never went up to him, although as you can see from the tape, he did confront the other conservative man who had come with his mother.

Anyway, thanks again for all the kind words, We left town for spring break and I did not take the time to read them until today.

Jenny Hatch

26 posted on 03/23/2005 5:56:05 PM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: Jenny Hatch
Yup! Since October of 2001, I've Freeped the alleged "pacifist" leftists in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, and the Capitol Bldg in Denver - all with fellow Freepers. For awhile there I was hitting 2 Freeps every Saturday - Ft. Collins from 12 to 1, and Loveland from 1:30 to 2:30. Then for quite a long time I was making it to 3 Freeps every Saturday - Greeley from 11 to around 11:45, Ft. Collins from around 12:25 to 1, then Longmont from 2 to 3 - all of these across the streets from Leftist Loonies.

In addition, some of us went to support-our-troops events in Cheyenne outside Warren AFB where there were no leftists across from us. And there have been other Colorado locations I wasn't able to make it to - like one outside Buckley AFB in Denver (my sister was interviewed by several TV crews at that one), and at least one in Colorado Springs.

But my very first Freeps were the "Sore Loserman" rallies you organized in Louisville/Lafayette in Nov/Dec 2000. There wasn't a single pro-Gore rally by the Leftists in COLO back then as far as I know. I think they were well aware that they were on the Moral Low Ground in that struggle! (a rare state for a Leftist to be in).

At the second of those rallies, my then 9yr old daughter was standing on the other side of the road from us with my Mom for awhile, and was shocked to hear the driver of a car stopped at the light call her revered Grandma a "fool". It was a rude introduction for her to the alternate reality world of the Democrats.

27 posted on 03/23/2005 8:52:03 PM PST by CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC (The heart of the wise man inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. - Eccl. 10:2)
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To: CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC

Wow, you have been busy. I have not had as much time for street work since I had my fifth child in 2002. But I have stayed busy on the web.

Recently I was banned from a chat room that is mostly inhabited by liberal moms who are into a natural lifestyle. They just felt my posting style was too inflammatory.

What can I say, I love Mark Steyn and Ann Coulter is a personal hero of mine, I can't help it if I am a wannabee.

Here is a link to a thread I wrote just after Osama Bin Laden made his video where he quoted F 9-11. You can tell by the responses of the ladies how "tolerant" they were of my rightist views.

I still think it is pretty ironic that I was the one banned though. I never personally attacked anyone, just their ideology and world view. but they treated it like I was personally attacking them.

Anyway, I have missed participating on that Mothering board, we had a great group of conservative moms who regularly debated our leftist friends all through the election. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done, and I am sad to be permanently banned.

But what can you say? The champions of Free Speech only allow themselves that privledge and will shout down and stifle anyone who does not walk lock step to the party line.

I have some leftover UN toilet paper, I'll save it for the next rally. And I am sewing a really nice hemstitched hankie to pull out and blow my nose on every time I hear a leftist start spewing.

I love street theatre, it satisfys something deep in my heart!

Good chatting with you and say hello to your wonderful parents for me.

I was also gifted to have patriotic parents. They kept me grounded while I was being propogandized in Marx and the Communist Manifesto during my public school education in the 80's in Detroit. We studied socialism more than the constitution and Marx more than Jefferson, but my dad made sure we were well taught in the principles of Freedom.

Let Freedom Ring!

Jenny Hatch

28 posted on 03/24/2005 7:44:13 AM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: Jenny Hatch

Thank you, Jenny Hatch. When I lived in Metro Denver in the early 80's we did a lot to help the Contras and the commies were very nasty to deal with. You are brave and they know it too.

29 posted on 03/24/2005 7:51:32 AM PST by unkus
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To: Jenny Hatch

Thank you, Jenny Hatch. When I lived in Metro Denver in the early 80's we did a lot to help the Contras and the commies were very nasty to deal with. You are brave and they know it too.

30 posted on 03/24/2005 7:51:51 AM PST by unkus
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To: Jenny Hatch
That's too bad you were permanently banned! But I guess it's not surprising that liberal-to-leftist moderators of an online forum that's supposedly open to any topic for discussion would permanently ban a conservative.

A conservative moderator of an "open to all points of view" forum would not think of doing that to a liberal (unless they clearly violated some forum rule) because while we don't agree with them, we "defend to the death their right to say it".

But sadly, in my experience, most liberals do not see things the same way, especially the ones under 60. They just do not consider conservatism to be a valid political viewpoint. They really do honestly believe that Conservatism = "Extremist Political Viewpoint." They are shocked beyond belief about what happened on Nov. 2, 2004.

From birth, most of them are carefully protected from ever hearing a conservative point of view, except of course in carefully controlled circumstances where liberal producers/directors make all the decisions on how they're going to "show our viewers what conservatives are like".

Their public school teachers are either in lockstep with the teacher's unions and their leftist allies, or too worried about their jobs and their stress levels, or too tired of hitting their heads against brick walls, to buck the dominant PC thought in the faculty meetings.

They turn on the TV and as long as they avoid Fox, they will see only things that confirm the mindset that the elites have determined they should have at any given moment. This of course changes over time. And whenever the elites decree on the front pages of the NYT the latest shift in ideology, they will sooner rather than later give into the pressure and shift their thinking accordingly. Rather than recognize this for being the lemminglike behavior it is, they will instead congratulate themselves for being "open minded," as evidenced by the fact that they changed their minds to conform with this particular ideological shift!

And of course their AM radio buttons are only set to taxpayer-funded stations, where NPR will soothingly reassure them that they believe in "all the right things".

So when they go online and find themselves shockingly exposed to the hazards of Conservative Thought ("omigod! where'd I put my SPF 1000 ConservativeBlock?") they seek out protection from this corrosive antiPC thought. Any forum with a liberal moderator will make a safe port in the storm!

Seriously though, I've heard multiple times of liberals who go online for the first time and are shocked by what they see. Their reaction is, "GOOD GRIEF!! WHERE IN THE H*** DID ALL THESE CONSERVATIVES COME FROM?!?"

31 posted on 03/24/2005 11:25:33 PM PST by CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC (The heart of the wise man inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. - Eccl. 10:2)
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To: CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC

spf 1000 conservative block, that is hilarious.

What really got me and the other conservative mothers was the double standard. My threads were constantly being pulled, closed for "review" so no one else could post to them, and all of us felt like the liberal moms could say whatever they wanted and we had to constantly self censor out of fear of being banned or disciplined.

I wanted to tell those gals who were the moderators that if we ever did get completely socialized in America they should look for work as though police because they had the job down pat.

If you are interested, here is my final post, the one that got me banned.

I had started a thread the week before the Iraq election (it has been pulled) titled the One week long cyber party for the Iraq election. I just knew the Iraqi people were going to vote in mass and that the election was going to be a terrific success. I was immediately flamed and although the mods told people to be respectful of my "party" certain posters just could not resist dumping all their garbage on my thread. Finally, I just had it, and said what I thought.

I called them "Nobles" like the nobles in Braveheart. And that is what they are.

My post is preceeded by my banning notice from the main moderator of the site (Whom I actually like and respect and consider a friend - she let me back on the site after my first banning when I pleaded with her to give me another chance. I promised that I would tone down my rhetoric, and I really tried, but with this post, I just let them have it because I was tired of having to censor myself when everyone else could say whatever they wanted)

In terms of her claim that I was "insulting" to others on the board, please note that I was insulted in a dozen different ways, every day that I participated on that board - I guess free speech means that liberals can insult us with their flag burning and their screaming and their defilement of everything we hold sacred, but when we call them on it and hold up a mirror to show them as the hippocrites that they are, well, that is insulting and will not be tolerated... -

Jenny, in light of past issues, your past suspension, your subsequent
warnings and alerts, and your ongoing issues with this community I am
closing your account. I have made numerous attempts to justify and defend
your membership here and have stood up to many longtime, devoted and sincere
MDC members in that regard which may have cost me much of their respect. I
can do so no longer. Your most recent post (copy below) speaks very clearly
of your feelings and attitude. MDC is not your community and posts of this
nature are of no community benefit. In fact such words are destructive and
insulting to a community such as ours.

Best wishes and good bye Jenny.

~Cynthia Mosher
Administrator, MDC

Your post:

The great lie has started. I thought it would come after the election, but
with your post, I think we can safely say it is here. What is this lie?

"we were for the freedom of the Iraqui people all along. We always wanted
them to have the rights of self determination. We just didn't want anyone to
die in the process. We have always been willing to do whatever it took to
support freedom, after all, we are liberals. We are for free speech.

This is what I think about the various anti-war threads that have been the
bulk of this board for as long as I have been here.

When president Bush said right after 9-11 "you are either for us or against
us, you either stand with tyranny or you stand with freedom, I took him at
his word. I have never thought the war was about oil profits or Halliburton.
This war was America drawing a line in the sand and simply saying we claim
the right to defend ourselves, to defend our financial interests, to defend
our people, and to defend liberty.

This was a strong stance and it offended lots of people. When the anti-war
demonstrations were taking place in the lead up to the war in Iraq, Sadaam
and all his cohorts in tyranny were watching very closely. They felt they
had the will of the people with them.

When in fact what they had with them were those countries who had a
financial stake in the status quo with them, and a whole lot of gullible
demonstrators who were being organized by Communists, and didn't even know
it, and who were acting as the useful idiots that tyrants like Sadaam have
used so successfully over the ages.

I have been thinking all morning of a way to illustrate how I see the people
on this board who have a compulsion to share all the bad news every day, day
in and day out, pointing out all mistakes, all mis-steps, all the tragic
deaths, etc etc... And for the record, I have been quite aware of all of the
bad news. And I mourn with the families of both Iraquis and Americans who
have lost loved ones....

The best analogy I can think of is that those who are so dutiful in pointing
out all the negatives of the war are like the Nobles in Braveheart.

These fair weather traitors who would stand in the middle of Tyranny and
Freedom. Who lived comfortably off the sweat and blood of the peasants,
would place themselves front and center in the grey area between Freedom and
Slavery, and whichever way the wind was blowing they would turn, attempting
to gain a measure of fame, comfort, and ease while those who understood the
cost of Freedom did the actual fighting. They were happy to betray when it
was in their own best interests.

Think of that scene in Braveheart when Wallace loses his faith and hope in
the fight. He holds up the flag to call in the nobles calvalry, and they
turn and walk away....just walk away. And thousands were slaughtered. I'll
never forget the look on Wallace's face in that moment of the movie. Mel
Gibson captured it perfectly. It was utter astonishment, and disbelief that
such a betrayal could take place.

A similar betrayal took place in Viet Nam when our soldiers walked away and
2 million Cambodians were murdered. John Kerry had said it would be maybe
5,000. No it was 2,000,000 people.

Now as you nobles go about your business of playing it down the middle, or
walking both sides of tyranny and freedom, just know that I know who you
are. When you feel the temptation to say after the election..."well this is
what I wanted all along" just know, that I will be watching, and will know
who you are in your heart.

Unless if you are willing right now today, to stand and be counted before
the Iraqui election and say, "I was wrong. I wish I had seen it more
clearly. I am sorry for the lives my stance cost. I am sorry for the blood
on my treasonous hands"

Unless if you are willing to courageously stand and make this statement, do
not for one minute think you can have it both ways next week. Do not think
that you can write and post and add links and say, "Hey, I have always been
for the troops, I have just been against how it was done. Or, I was always
for Democracy, I just didn't want anyone to die, or I was always for
Freedom, I just wanted to sound like I knew something, and have my right to
say something stupid and ineffective WITHOUT BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MY

Just know that I understand who you are, Traitors, who have systematically
engaged in treasonous behavior and work during the war. As you have given
aid and comfort to the enemy during this time of war, know that I know in my
heart you have blood on your hands. You have enboldened our enemies during
the war. You have caused the death of innocent men, women, and children,
mostly from the country of Iraq who have been killed by terrorists who have
been working feverishly to kill the will of the American Populace at home.

They have not killed my will. They have not killed the will of our military,
and they Will not kill the will of this president. May God bless him for his
stance, for his clarity, for his willingness to stand strong.

And may those of you who toss hand grenades of disbelief, sarcasm, and
pompous Nobility slunk away to your latte's and your porn and your secular
humanistic nothing......the world is ACHING for freedom and some of us are
willing to fight for it. I am not a soldier, but I would be willing for my
children to fight in this war, and die in this war. And if you were to use
my child's blood for your own selfish Noble stance and I saw you in person I
would spit in your eye.

I cringe for any of you who may come in contact with a true patriot mother
whose child has died. They hold you and every contemptuous position you
promote in complete horror and dread. You who willfully rebel against the
truth. I hope you can have the humbling experience of meeting up with one of
these mother's one day so you can begin to understand the wrongs that you
have committed all in the name of supposedly standing for a moral position.

Your morality is nothing. It is a great big wind bag full of nothing. And
again, as you prepare to put on the mask of "but I was for this all the coming weeks and month....just know, I hold you all in
complete contempt as an enemy to freedom.


32 posted on 03/25/2005 4:51:35 AM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: traviskicks

"It's a little ironic that self-identified anarchists provided a replacement for law and order, when the police weren't there.
lol, i bet they would argue that is the very reason for no police in the first place...

Great job Jenny, especially brave to go by yourself."

Hey guys, I forgot to mention on this thread that the Denver Police were a part of this story.

Two very large SUV's filled with Denver cops in riot gear were directly across the street from me, also watching my back.

I never would have had the courage to even plant myself on that sidewalk without them there. You really need to "feel" the energy of that moment. The people on the steps were screaming, I had four lanes of traffic right behind me, and this very drunk homeless guy was screaming, swearing, and making all sort of menacing gestures (not quite sure at who or what he was for) but the whole scene was other worldly and frightening.

If those police had not been ready and waiting, I doubt I even would have stayed more than a minute or two. I like to think that if the man who was menacing me had even layed one finger on my arm those cops would have been out of the car and arresting him.

What the five anarchists did was to simply allow me to do my little theatre bit. And they were so kind to walk me back to my car. One of the guys said he was a gay man and just gets enraged when he sees people being harassed. He was really the hero in the situation, simply because he kept heckling the heckler right back in a very effective way. He also expressed concern for my physical safety, and made sure I was safely in my car before he left. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of him and how often gay men like him are probably harassed in very similar ways, and he was just not going to let it happen to me.

Anyway, the Denver police were on the scene and also made it possible for me to be there without getting hurt.


33 posted on 03/26/2005 8:26:30 PM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: Flora McDonald

You said...

"Your street theatre bit was hilarious. I'm definitely going to have to get a U.N. hanky!"

I spent the afternoon today hemming my very large UN flag handkerchief. It is ready to go. Any liberals start spewing against the war, or if they speak in favor of the UN, I will pull it out and do my thing.

I have been teased my whole life for my style of nose blowing and I think it is about time to put my "gift" to a good use and desecrate the UN flag. My husband took a picture of me using that flag to blow my nose, I share it here simply to give you a chuckle.


PS, I find it really interesting that channel four did not file a story about the peace rally or the counter protest. I know they had a reporter at the rally because I was interviewed by him. He asked me some great questions, I told him all about freeping and our group and this site, and I demonstrated how I planned to use the UN flag while I protested on camera. But they are the CBS affiliate and we all know how loathe they are to print or post any story that might be favorable to the Bush administration.


34 posted on 03/26/2005 9:00:20 PM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: Jenny Hatch

35 posted on 03/26/2005 9:05:22 PM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: Flora McDonald

Sorry the picture did not post in the body of the email, I have some more things to learn about posting pictures, but if you click on the link it will take you to my yahoo web site, and you can see my put that UN flag to good use!


36 posted on 03/26/2005 9:06:53 PM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: Jenny Hatch
Hoo-eee!!! That's a great Swan Song!

I take it that you knew it would be your last post when you wrote it? That's a great way to go out though .... go out with a bang! - saying exactly what you wanted to say and telling them off for who they were. That would have been awful if they had banned you just BEFORE you got to say everything you wanted.

Good analogy about the nobles from Braveheart.

37 posted on 03/27/2005 9:18:55 PM PST by CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC (The heart of the wise man inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. - Eccl. 10:2)
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To: CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC

I have no doubt that the moderator knew that I was saying goodbye. The only thing that makes me sad is that it probably only stayed up on the site for a few minutes before the whole thread was pulled, and I am not sure how many people read it.

I did hear from a conservative friend who was following the response to me being banned, and she said that my liberal "friends" were holding a cyber party celebrating my banishment from the site.

It has been fun to read the various threads in news and current events these past few weeks since the Iraq election though. I re-joined, this time with the moniker "blue finger", just so I could lurk and read, and laugh. These people just don't live in reality. Same with the anti-war protestors.

If you want to have a good chuckle, just go read a couple thread titles... They definitely give DU a run for the money in terms of paranoia and general unwillingness to accept the truth that the war has been a resounding success, and our soldiers who have died have not died in vain.

This post is dedicated to the Nobility at the Mothering dot commune - one of the few places on the web where reality has yet to sink in.


38 posted on 03/28/2005 4:26:37 AM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC

Card Carry,

I feel that I should say before I add this link that I am in complete solidarity with the goals of Mothering Magazine and the family life they promote. I live this lifestyle and we have raised our five kids largely with the parenting methods that they encourage and support. Homebirth, nutrition, attachment parenting, etc..

That being said, for some reason, a large percentage of the families who get into this lifestyle are democrats, and have made a home for themselves on that board. Some were highly offended that I made the claim to be living this lifestyle while holding fast to my conservative beliefs and neo-con worldview. Many of the liberal parents I met were tolerant of other views, but some, were so wobbly in their political beliefs that they just could not TOLERATE any posts that might threaten those ideologies.

Here is the link if you want to go take a look.

I'm still sad that I was banned, I have really missed the daily sparring with certain friends - you just can't have a good political debate with people who share your views. At least I find that talking politics with my husband, my family, friends at church, etc is just not as fun as jawing with Liberals. I learned alot about the Liberal worldview, and really, in many instances, once I was able to understand the way they think, It made it much easier to sympathize with certain die hard beliefs and ideologies.

I love current events, I love politics, I love debate, and I thrill with the opportunities that have been afforded to me as a stay at home mom, to chat with a variety of people in a variety of forums as if I was at a University simply because the internet has given me a forum to engage in.

I learned alot from that experience, and one of the things I have determined is that never again will I participate in a forum where I have to self censor to that degree. I love having a web site, because I can write whatever I want and no one can edit "me" out of my own writings to fit someone else's agenda.

Let Freedom Ring!

(and thanks for taking the time to read that monstrosity and respond - it came straight from my heart after months of frustration that I could not say similar things without fear of being punished.) I came to the point where I just didn't care anymore wether I was a part of it or not because I HAD to speak. I wrote it on the friday before the Iraq election.) I can assure you, I was sobbing as I watched Fox news and CNN on the sunday morning of the election and the people of Iraq validated every single position I had defended on that board. And it wasn't a gloating type feeling that washed over me either, it was this feeling of the absolute triumph of the human spirits desire to be free combined with Sadness that some had been murdered while voting (talk about voter intimidation and disinfranchisement!) and also absolute delight that these courageous people were going to set the standard for the middle east. Now we are two month out from that election day, and would anyone ever believe the domino effect that we have all watched and marveled over???

It is just a good time to be alive, that is what I think.


39 posted on 03/28/2005 4:54:07 AM PST by Jenny Hatch (Jenny Hatch)
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To: Jenny Hatch
I confess!! I really love debating Leftists too.

Obviously this means there is something cruel and perverse within me. Debating politics with a Leftist is like playing chess with a 4-year old; it's like challenging a quadriplegic to a duel; it's like using dynamite to catch fish in a tiny pond; it's like matching wits with a drunk having a .020 Blood Alcohol Level. In other words, it is just a very unsporting, totally unfair thing to do.

Which is one reason I love it so much! We know so much about them, having repeatedly heard all their arguments and talking points in the MSM. But they are totally ignorant about us. They've heard none of the debunkings (of their precious points) that we've seen on FR or talk radio. They are totally blindsided by us every time a debate manages to pass the initial insult-screaming stage and settles into facts.

They think their facts are Argument Stoppers. They think we'll just freeze like the proverbial Deer In The Headlights whey they lob one of their killer questions at us. Heh heh! Bring em on!

Like for instance, "Where are the WMD's?" They really think that is going to leave us speechless? Ho ho ho! I start off my answer by recounting the illegal SCUDs narrowly missing hotels in Kuwait City at the war's start. Then it's on to the Iraqi base overrun in the first week that had empty specialized artillery shells only usable for chemical weapons, with the 2 precursors for a chem weapon sitting nearby (but not mixed or loaded into the shells, giving the MSM the excuse they needed to ignore it). Then on to the nerve gas bomb exploding next to a passing patrol that didn't detonate properly, injuring a few of our soldiers with chemical skin burns rather than the large number of deaths it was supposed to produce.

I never get so far as to tell them about the Iraqi biologist with the bio-warfare materials in his fridge, nor the mysterious convoys of tractor-trailers entering Syria just before the start of hostilities, nor the large quantities of WMD's - apparently smuggled in from Syria - that the Jordanian police confiscated when thwarting an attack on Amman. (Gee! I wonder how those stocks of WMD's came to be in Syria?) Because by this point, when they see their Killer Question going down if flames, they change the subject to some other favorite killer question.

Like for instance, "OK, then! Just WHY does the rest of the world hate us so much?" (We're supposed to be shocked into shameful silence by this one? Yeah, right) My overall answer is, "Because THEIR media feeds them even more slanderous lies about Bush and the American government than the lies OUR media feed us about Bush and the govt!" And then I have a long, long list of examples (going back decades) of slanderous anti-American lies told by the Arab media and the European media (soon to be consolidated into the Eurabian media). Once again, I never get even halfway through this list, due to their desperation to change the subject to some other talking point that they think they can win on.

On the rare occasions when there are a whole bunch of them involved in this, it's fun to watch as more and more of them drop out of the verbal engagement altogether, standing there silent, leaving all the debating to one or two who haven't given up yet. When they turn to leave and mutter, "There's two sides to every story!" I consider that as progress, since they started out certain that there was only one side to the story - THEIR side.

Yes, I love to debate these people! And I absolutely could not do it without FR - the place that gives me more Leftist-Smiting ammo than I could ever possibly need.

40 posted on 03/28/2005 9:20:04 PM PST by CardCarryingMember.VastRightWC (The heart of the wise man inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. - Eccl. 10:2)
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