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Great Collection of SPACE Links
Hall of Science ^ | 2-9-05 | Editorial Staff

Posted on 03/09/2005 2:15:07 PM PST by vannrox

This Page is
Visit this site yourself...


If you find any of these links no longer operating (after repeated tries--not just first try),
please notify Alan Gould <> [delete dashes]
Please include name of non-operative link as well as the name of this page: URLs-Astronomy







(Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, Mars, Moon, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Sun)


An Astronomy Web Index (Astro Web)

Yahoo's Index of Astronomy Resources

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Adirondack Video Astronomy email: -- cameras with manual gain and shutter control. Complete kits are available to attach to the telescope.

Amateur Sky Survey (TASS) TASS hopes to construct low-cost drift-scan cameras and distribute them to sites around the world--to monitor bright objects across a large section of the sky

Amateur Telescope making


Art--Space Art by

Ask an expert: Allexperts Astronomy Q&A Astronomers and other experts answer all your astronomy questions for free!



Astrometry Guide to Minor Body astronometry

The Astronaut Connection

Astronomer Search Engine -- find info on professional astronomers...

Astronomical Image Index (searchable) (over 17,000 images linked)


Astronomy Online (European) or

Astrophotography (see also CCD Imaging)

Astrophysical data system; Abstract Service; Article Service (access to scanned images of full journal articles for the most astronomical journals; Astronomical Catalog; Digital Library of books scanned and put online; data collected by the Einstein X-ray satellite mission; NIST Atomic Spectroscopic Database


Bad Astronomy misconceptions


Braille--Touch the Universe--NASA Braille book of astronomy by Norine Grice.

CALENDARS -- Astronomical

CATALOGS (Astronomical)

CCD Imaging

Celestial sphere -- good explanations of coordinate systems and celestial timekeeping systems.


Chiron Information

COMPANIES that sell Astronomy stuff


Cosmology tutorial and cosmological calculator


Dark Matter--OGLE

Dark Sky Information -- Light Pollution

Distances to Stars -- directly access the Hipparcos data base and calculate the distance to any of the 100,000 stars it contains.; Click on I/239; Select Main Catalog to arrive at the VizieR Search Page; Type the name of the star in the Target field then click Submit Query; Scroll right to the PLX field, which is in units of mas (milli arc seconds); Move the decimal point three places left to get seconds of arc; Use the formula d=1/p to calculate the distance (where p is the parallax in seconds of arc, and d is the distance in parsecs, one parsec = 3.26 ly)--Example: For the star Dubhe, the query returns 26.38 mas. So the distance is 1/.02638, or 37.9 pc. Finally, 37.9 pc is equivalent to 124 LY. You can also use a location in the target field. Example: 11:04 +61:45 The declination must have a + or - sign. If you need to pinpoint more accurately, you could use 11:04:43 +61:45:04. Colons may be dropped and replaced by spaces. VizieR doesn't seem to know all the stars. Alkaid, for example, is not found by name.

Double Star magazine/journal: DOUBLE STAR OBSERVER; c/o Ronald C. Tanguay; 306 Reynolds Drive; Saugus, MA 01906-1533;


Eta Carina --

FTP list for Astronomy


Galileo (the person)

Gravity map of Earth (animated)

Hands On Universe -- education project, remote telescope network, high school curriculum

Hawkings -- PBS show/website on Stephen Hawking
Download a free, desktop-publishable quality PDF (Portable Document Format) version of the STEPHEN HAWKINGÕS UNIVERSE Teacher's Guide



Japanese Astronomy (Steve Reynolds) You will find articles in English about Japanese Starlore and Astronomical History as well as significant Activities of Amateur Astronomers in Japan.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Information on JPL programs


Messier Objects


Misconceptions in Astronomy: Heavenly Errors


Music--AstroCappella: A Musical Exploration of the Universe --

Mysteries of Deep Space (PBS show) -- Interactive timeline and classroom activities. Also how to purchase the show.

MYTHOLOGY of Constellations

Night Sky Live CONCAMs (CONtinuous CAMeras) that are placed around the world with fisheye lenses to watch the entire sky every night. Each camera takes a 180-second exposure every 4 minutes, then relays the data back to

NOVA (PBS) Spacewatch


Observation Aids



Planetary Data Systems -- data from all Solar System exploration missions

PLANETS (Solar System)


Powers of ten, animated in java

Pseudoscience -- Astronomical Pseudo-science: A Skeptic's Resource List --

Radio Astronomy


SEDS (Students for Exploration and Development of Space) (University of Arizona)


Shoemaker, Gene--tribute page for Gene Shoemaker assembled by USGS-Flagstaff at:

SIMBAD (Set of Identifications, Measurements, and Bibliography for Astronomical Data)

SkyWatch - Astronomical Alarm Clock -- -- Ed Ehrlich -- SkyWatch sends its subscribers a daily email message with information on important astronomical events that can be observed from their location. These events include meteor showers, satellite passes and eclipses.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey -- (Apache Point Observatory) will map in detail one-quarter of the entire sky, determining the positions and absolute brightnesses of more than 100 million celestial objects. It will also measure the distances to more than a million galaxies and quasars.


Solar Calendars

Songbook -- Astronomer's Songbook (Jon Bell)

Space Art

Space Day

Space Environment Center

Space Shuttle Images from National Air and Space Museum (NASM)

Space Station News from MSNBC

Star Data

StarDate Online radio script:

Star Descriptions and info on specific stars

Star Hustler (now Star Gazer) -- Jack Horkheimer

Starfield Background

Star Naming

Stars and Constellations--educational resource by Jim Kaler: Includes photos of the constellations.

State of Sky -- -- by Sandburg Center for Sky Awareness -- an online automated "slideshow" presenting a series of sky-related Web pages, featuring the current sky (day & night) as well as some of the sky's greatest hits. About 10 minute slide show.

Students for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) (University of Arizona) Large quantity of astronomical information and images. Space Images -- Solar-Geophysical data, solar alerts, forcasts, summaries, images

TASS--The Amateur Sky Survey hopes to construct low-cost drift-scan cameras and distribute them to sites around the world to monitor bright objects across a large section of the sky



Texas Star Party

Universe Today -- Space Exploration News from Around the Internet

Variable Stars

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Extended News; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: astronomy; hd209458b; space; star; universe; xplanets
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1 posted on 03/09/2005 2:15:08 PM PST by vannrox
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To: vannrox

Outstanding! Many thanks.

2 posted on 03/09/2005 2:16:37 PM PST by My2Cents (America is divided along issues of morality, between the haves and the have-nots.)
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To: KevinDavis

How can we SPACE ping this?

3 posted on 03/09/2005 2:16:57 PM PST by vannrox (The Preamble to the Bill of Rights - without it, our Bill of Rights is meaningless!)
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To: vannrox

Marvelous- thanks!

4 posted on 03/09/2005 2:18:38 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: vannrox

Bookmarked, thanks!

5 posted on 03/09/2005 2:28:30 PM PST by LibWhacker
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To: kjenerette

..links for Christian.

6 posted on 03/09/2005 2:29:39 PM PST by Van Jenerette (Our Republic - If We Can Keep it!)
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To: vannrox

Does anyone have any experience with MEADE telescopes? They have a bunch ranginG in price from $65 to $65,000 (I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!)

7 posted on 03/09/2005 2:37:04 PM PST by Mr. K (I plan put my "Run Hillary Run" bumper sticker on the front of my car)
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To: vannrox

I noticed your link to "The ATM page" goes to a Automated Teller Machines page, not Amateur Telescope Making.

8 posted on 03/09/2005 2:37:22 PM PST by thecabal
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To: Darth Reagan


9 posted on 03/09/2005 2:47:06 PM PST by marblehead17 (I love it when a plan comes together.)
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To: marblehead17

bookmark , and Thanks to the thread poster for compiling this information.

10 posted on 03/09/2005 2:49:25 PM PST by UCANSEE2
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To: vannrox

That is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Thank you so much.

11 posted on 03/09/2005 3:01:56 PM PST by NRA2BFree (Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ..)
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To: vannrox

Thanks!!! Ping to my self for later reading

12 posted on 03/09/2005 3:03:41 PM PST by SengirV
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To: Big Giant Head; Marie Antoinette

13 posted on 03/09/2005 3:04:39 PM PST by listenhillary (My tagline died, memorials may be made to me via Paypal)
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To: NRA2BFree

Thanks, the ISS is passing over Reno tonight

ISS Wed Mar 09/06:27 PM 4 64 26 above SW 10 aboveENE

14 posted on 03/09/2005 3:06:33 PM PST by paradoxical
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To: vannrox

Thanks tons for a great collection of astronomy links. Amateur astronomy is a great hobby, these links will be useful.

15 posted on 03/09/2005 3:39:29 PM PST by Imperialist
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To: Mr. K

I have Orion telescopes, but am familiar with Meade. No matter the brand, get as much aperature as possible, of course considering it's intended use (Planets, DSO's, wide-field, etc.). I have two, a Newtonian reflector and a mak-cass design. Look in the $500 to $1400 range for a nice starter scope that will last well into your progression. Price varies widely depending on the mount, Dob being the cheapest, GOTO with GPS the most $, typically. Meade makes nice stuff. You'll probably enjoy the hobby very much. I'm addicted.

16 posted on 03/09/2005 3:48:29 PM PST by Imperialist
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To: RightWhale; Brett66; xrp; gdc314; sionnsar; anymouse; RadioAstronomer; NonZeroSum; jimkress; ...

17 posted on 03/09/2005 5:26:35 PM PST by KevinDavis (Let the meek inherit the Earth, the rest of us will explore the stars!)
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To: vannrox

WOW...thanks for the links. How long have you been looking into this stuff? Do you participate in the SETI@home experiment?
Check this one out:

18 posted on 03/09/2005 5:44:27 PM PST by 1 spark
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To: Mr. K
I'm sure a $65K Meade is a professional instrument and I'm not going to knock it. But, in general, I've been very leery of Meade ever since I learned the company tends to cut corners rather severely; for instance, at the Yahoo! telescope group I read a long discussion, way back when I was shopping for a telescope, of Meade's cardboard viewfinders. I learned, for instance, that cheap cardboard components show up even in Meade's relatively expensive telescopes. One thing is certain: If you're talking about a serious telescope, you don't want anything on the telescope to be made of cardboard! Check out this Yahoo group thoroughly, hang out there for weeks, read everything, and especially read thru the archives, before you make a decision to buy any telescope.

Other helpful and useful sites are:

Ed Ting's Telescope Reviews

Hardin Optical . . . This is where I eventually purchased my telescope after doing months of research on the web. Hardin is (or was) an Asian company that actually makes telescopes for Orion, one of the standards in amateur astronomy, but at a fraction of the cost of an Orion (and there's no cardboard in them!).

The Telescope Buyers FAQ

Yahoo SkyQuest Telescopes (Yahoo's Orion Skyquest group)

Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

19 posted on 03/09/2005 7:02:19 PM PST by LibWhacker
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To: vannrox
Great collection, thanks.

Anyone got time on their hands? Complete Plans for Building a Dobsonian Telescope

20 posted on 03/09/2005 7:06:18 PM PST by concentric circles
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