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Democrats want their votes counted...and counted...and recounted
Renew America ^ | Nov 30, 2004 | Kaye Grogan

Posted on 12/01/2004 7:17:44 AM PST by Tumbleweed_Connection

How many times do the Democrats want their voter voices heard in the 2004 election? They say they want every vote to count. Makes one wonder how many times they want the same vote counted — once — twice — maybe even three times, before they consider it a done deal.

Do they really want the legitimate votes to count or the illegal ones to count? So, what happens to the voters who cast their votes in good confidence, and have to sit idly by, watching corruption manifest itself in the voting system where provisional ballots are considered to be legal by a liberal judge? If someone is not registered well in advance before elections, they have no business voting in the first place.

Voting is too important to be put on back burners until cigarettes, noodles, and new underwear gives incentives to potential voters to get out and vote. Should the rest of us voters feel rejected, because we didn't get a prize for voting?

Since presidential candidates Libertarian Michael Badnarik, and the Green Party's David Cobb were so close to winning the electoral college votes in Ohio, why shouldn't they pay the required $113,600 to have a recount? They were both only millions of votes shy of claiming the much sought after 20 electoral votes. Could there be a big "rat" loose in Ohio — stinking the place up? Nah. . .it's probably a big skunk by now!

Both of the (recount) candidates want the results of the election to be trustworthy. Well, what is wrong with states like Florida (from the 2000 election), and Ohio this election, that they can't seem to get in the right "voting" groove? And what state or states can we expect to be voting illiterate in the next election? Just think of the chaos if all 50 states had voters that didn't know how to vote or sore losers who want to keep elections bound up in recounts for thousand of years.

I have been voting for many years, and I don't recall states having these widespread voting problems until the 2000 election. Once that ole' can of worms slithered inside voting booths in the form of magnifying glasses, and hanging chads in the year 2000, it's been downhill ever since.

There needs to be a regulated system for voting in all 50 states. Going in 50 different directions instead of adopting simple voting techniques is preposterous.

And it would help tremendously for states to abide by their own voting bylaws, and quit subjecting the rest of the country to stressful, unnecessary, voter fraud.

The motor-voter debacle implemented by the Clinton administration, allowing anyone with a driver's license to vote — proved to be BAD to the bone! In looking back over those perilous times, I see many areas where the law-abiding, legal citizens were subjected to potential bad situations, because of the leadership breakdown in the country during that precarious period.

Since the liberal Democrats are all but ignoring moderate Senator Joe Lieberman's suggestion that the Democratic party needs to return back to their grassroots and become the party it once had bragging rights to, the party will continue to slowly, but surely dissolve.

News that Jesse Jackson has hit Ohio with his entourage to oversee and mastermind a possible recount, while at the same time all but demanding the November 2 election be put on hold — until they can see if enough "questionable" votes can be gathered up, is one of the many reasons the Democratic party is becoming more and more incorrigible.

There comes a time and place when l-o-s-e-r should penetrate the minds of those who can't seem to adjust to not having things go their way. Once a game in sports is played, and a winner declared, the losing team does not get to play and play the same game, until they finally defeat their opponents.

In case anyone hasn't noticed: in the past two presidential elections, two states have been targeted to try and tip the election back to the Democrats through time consuming recounts.

Maybe since the other 48 states seem insignificant in the battle for the White House, we should just turn the voting over to Florida, and Ohio — and let them duke it out.

As for the ones in Florida still scratching their heads, because heavily populated Democratic areas opted to vote for President Bush's reelection — it's called wake-up time, and if you liberal Democrats choose to ignore the alarm going off. . . . you can look for more of the same rejection . . . in every future election.

And they all said "Amen" — well, at least all the conservatives and Republicans did.

TOPICS: Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: votefraud; votes

1 posted on 12/01/2004 7:17:44 AM PST by Tumbleweed_Connection
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection

They only want DEMOCRAT votes to count, legal or illegal. Don't bother counting that stack of Republican precinct ballots, or those military ballots.

2 posted on 12/01/2004 7:19:42 AM PST by TommyDale
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection
I think they've just been watching their PBS a bit too much and getting political advice from Sesame Street . . .

3 posted on 12/01/2004 7:20:18 AM PST by Bluegrass Conservative
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Comment #4 Removed by Moderator

To: Tumbleweed_Connection
These liberals remind me of my 4 yr old when she throws a hissy fight when she doesn't get her way
5 posted on 12/01/2004 7:26:55 AM PST by Mo1 (Should be called Oil for Fraud and not Oil for Food)
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection

If you can't vote correctly or register according to the laws of your state, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. That is one of the responsibilities that come with the right to vote. You must vote correctly and be informed as to what the candidates stand for. If you can't take the time to do that you don't deserve to vote. The Rats get no sympathy in my book. They're a bunch of whiny, childish boors if things don't go their way. In fact, they're always that way. Let them go to Canada and live the way they believe is best. They deserve everything that happens to them.

6 posted on 12/01/2004 7:28:34 AM PST by MadAnthony1776
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: Tumbleweed_Connection

The Dems (at least the non-Lieberman non-Zell Miller wing) will never stop whining and pouting and stomping about recounting the recount of the recount of the recount until everyone and their dog gives in to them and lets them win. They remind me of spoiled brats that will not stop the tantrum until everyone allows them to "win" the game of checkers. And "reverend" Jessie is one of the biggest of the spoiled brats.

Zell Miller's assessment of the Dem Party was right on the money.

8 posted on 12/01/2004 7:35:31 AM PST by Convert from ECUSA (tired of shucking and jiving)
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To: TommyDale

Why don't the DUmmies just sit in a huge circle and keep counting their own votes. While chanting KumBaYa

9 posted on 12/01/2004 7:40:31 AM PST by RaginRak
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection
There needs to be a regulated system for voting in all 50 states. Going in 50 different directions instead of adopting simple voting techniques is preposterous.


People need to learn how to vote where they live.

In my life time I have voted in 4 different states, none of which was hard to do. Voting is easy. If people won't bother to learn the rules they should just stay home. It aint rocket science.

10 posted on 12/01/2004 7:45:40 AM PST by Graybeard58
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To: MadAnthony1776

As far as I'm concerned, every voter should be asked to name his or her Congressional Representative before being allowed to vote, and anyone who can't should be turned away as insufficiently aware of the world to be able to cast an informed vote.

11 posted on 12/01/2004 7:50:51 AM PST by Doug Loss
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection
The process needs to be reformed.

1. The first step is to clean out voter rolls, and mandate that everyone must re-register to vote. There should be a place on the registration form for a fingerprint.

2. The ballot for the Presidential election should be different from the others. It should be a simple sheet of paper with only the presidential candiates on it, with a box next to their name. Using the same pencils used in test taking, where the test sheets can be tallied by machine the first time, and if any recount required by hand.

3. When you vote, you put your fingerprint next to your signature.

By wiping the voters rolls clean we may discover that the blue states are not as blue as we think.

12 posted on 12/01/2004 7:54:42 AM PST by CIB-173RDABN
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I like your idea. Have you sent this suggestion to your Congressman/Senator?

13 posted on 12/01/2004 8:11:20 AM PST by TommyDale
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection
An email that I sent to Cobb headquarters.

-----Original Message-----

From: Ross Johnson []

Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 5:07 PM


Subject: Hypocrites

Why don't you also file for a recount in Wisconsin?

And the reply I got from the Cobb campaign.

Thanks for writing us, Ross.

As you hopefully know by now, we are filing for recounts in Ohio, New Mexico and Nevada. Our interest in doing so is to investigate, report and work to fix problems that we encounter during a ‘democracy audit’ that the recount will provide. These decisions to ask for recounts are based on requests and reports in regards to irregularities, potential fraud and suspected vote manipulation. If and when we here anything coming out of Wisconsin, we will be sure to investigate these allegations thoroughly. Thanks again. - Colby Hamilton Campaign Assistant Campaign Manager

Please email the jerks and let then know how you feel.

Serpe, Lynne E-mail Address(es):

14 posted on 12/01/2004 8:21:16 AM PST by AxelPaulsenJr (Pray Daily For Our Troops and President Bush)
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To: AxelPaulsenJr
Oops, forgot to include my reply to their reply.

Dear Colby,

Why don't you just admit that you are a front for John Kerry? It is so two faced, that you want to investigate Ohio, when you won't file in Wisconsin a state that Kerry won by less than 13,000 votes. I might note that in a majority of the polls leading up to the election, Bush lead in all the polls. So does it not strike you as odd that Kerry wins, and by such a small margin? It was in Wisonsin that democrats were caught sabotaging Republican vans that were to be used to carry their voters to the polls.

A nice milk toast reply. By allowing yourselves to become bag men for Kerry you have only further increased the irrelevancy of your party. The American voter will take note of this. I don't buy for a moment, and trust me, neither do a majority of the American public who do not want a repeat of Florida 2000, that your motivies in this recount are for a "democracy audit"

Ross Johnson

15 posted on 12/01/2004 8:28:45 AM PST by AxelPaulsenJr (Pray Daily For Our Troops and President Bush)
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection

Flash..DEMS. LOSE; we was disinfraudulized. They wouldn't count all my votes. I only voted in the name of people who would have voted dem. if they were alive.....

16 posted on 12/01/2004 9:21:30 AM PST by grounhog ( grounhog)
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To: Doug Loss


17 posted on 12/01/2004 1:27:53 PM PST by MadAnthony1776
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To: Mo1

Perfect comparison. The good news is the 4 year old will out grow this stage, while adult liberal losers, will continue to regress-remember the terrible twos ?

18 posted on 12/01/2004 1:34:50 PM PST by F.J. Mitchell (If you were still in the womb, would you trust your life to Specter?????)
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Comment #19 Removed by Moderator

To: Tumbleweed_Connection; TommyDale

How Democrats Steal Elections - Top 10 Methods of Liberal Vote Fraud

1. Over-Voting. In Democrat strongholds like St. Louis, Philadelphia and Detroit, some precincts had 100% of their registered voters voting, with 99% of the ballots going to Gore. Clearly, multiple voting resulted in extra tallies for Gore in the 2000 election. (New York Post, 12/09/00).

2. Dead Voters. This classic Democratic method of vote fraud goes all the way back to 1960 in Chicago and Dallas. The 2000 election was no exception. In Miami-Dade County, for example, some of the 144 ineligible votes (those which officials actually admitted to) were cast by dead people, including a Haitian-American who's been deceased since 1977 (Miami-Herald, 12/24/00).

3. Mystery Voters. These "voters" cast votes anyway but are not even registered to vote. In heavily Democratic Broward County, for example, more than 400 ballots were cast by non-registered voters. (Miami-Herald 1/09/01)

4. Military ballots. Many of these votes were disqualified for the most mundane and trivial reasons. At least 1,527 valid military ballots were discarded in Florida by Democratic vote counters (Drudge Report, 11/19/00).

5. Criminals. Felons are a natural Democratic voter and they're protected on voter rolls across the country. In Florida at least 445 ex-convicts - including rapists and murderers -- voted illegally on November 7th. Nearly all of them were registered Democrats. (Miami-Herald 12/01/00)

6. Illegal aliens. These voters have long been a core liberal constituency, especially in California. In Orange County in 1996, Rep. Bob Dornan had his congressional seat stolen from him when thousands of illegal aliens voted for Loretta Sanchez (Christian Science Monitor, 9/2/97).

7. Vote-buying. Purchasing votes has long been a traditional scheme by Democrats, and not just with money. In the 2000 election in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Democratic workers initiate a "smokes-for-votes" campaign in which they paid dozens of homeless men with cigarettes if they cast ballots for Al Gore (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 11/14/00).

8. Phantom Voters. These voters don't really exist, but their ballots do. In the 1996 Lousiana Senate race, GOP candidate Woody Jenkins had the election stolen from him when he discovered that 7,454 actual votes were cast but had no paper trail to authenticate them (Behind the Headlines, F.R. Duplantier, 4/27/97).

9. Dimpled chads. Those infamous punch-cards were a ballot bonanza for Al Gore. Democratic poll workers in Palm Beach, Dade and Broward counties tampered and manipulated thousands of ineligible ballots and counted them for Gore, even though no clear vote could be discerned. ( 11/27, 12/22, 11/18, 11/19/00).

10. Absentee ballots. Normally it's assumed that Republicans benefit from absentee ballots. But in the case of Miami's 1997 mayoral election, hundreds of absentee ballots were made for sale or sent out to non-Miami residents. Fraud was so extensive in the race that the final results were overturned in court (FL Dept. of Law Enforcement Report, 1/5/98)."

20 posted on 12/06/2004 2:03:35 PM PST by hripka (There are a lot of smart people out there in FReeperLand)
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