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Praise God for George W. Bush

Words of Wisdom From One Of My Betters:

To: AxelPaulsenJr
Sense? Logic? Facts? Apparently you wouldn’t know these things if they were fornicating with your left nostril. 108 posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 3:00:43 PM by Dead Corpse

To: AxelPaulsenJr
Poor fool. You know your position is untenable so instead you attack your betters.
Get over this self destructive streak before you do something even more stupid.

112 posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 3:03:04 PM by Dead Corpse

And Finally, Some Words Of Advice To Me From Winston Smith:

To: AxelPaulsenJr

Sir,.....the idiocy of the "scenario" you cite, causes words to fail me. How about in the future, you just go your way and I will go mine?

It won't be me Axel Rose. It will be somebody else. Mark my words, somebody will annoy you by doing something. Probably tomorrow or sometime this month. I'll have nothing to do with it. But I want you to think of me when it happens.

Guy on a cell phone cuts you off on the highway, and you will beg Gubmint for a cell phone while driving ban. Drunk in a stadium bothers you, you will beg Gubmint for an alcohol ban at pro stadiums like there is at college stadiums. Smelly Indian airline passenger who smells like curry sits next to you on an 5 hour your congresscritter. There oughttta be a law!

Common courtesy and decency is dead. Thanks to Big Gubmint lovers like you. I wish you luck.

249 posted on 07/11/2008 4:27:04 PM PDT by Eric Blair 2084 (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms shouldn't be a federal should be a convenience store.

And these words of widsom from a guy who needs glasses:

To: EyeGuy

What needs a rest is the the likes of you defending RINOS such as George Bush.

I worked for the election of George Bush,

These statements of yours are in direct conflict, you see that don't you?

76 posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 3:38:40 PM by AxelPaulsenJr (Please God Save The United States From Barack Hussein Al-Obama. Amen.) [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 42 | View Replies | Report Abuse]