Since Sep 28, 2004

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Proud to be serving in this nation's military since 1972. Enlisted in the USAF in August 1972. Worked on C-141As at McGuire AFB as a radar navigation technician. Was there during the Yom Kippur war when we airlifted all the equipment and supplies to Israel so they could survive as a nation. We gave them the tools and they kicked some arab butt. Also worked on F-4Ds and Es for two years and in 1976 started working on the KC-135A. Got off active duty in 1980 and joined the Wisconsin ANG in 1980. Been working there full time since 1981. Was activated for Desert Storm (served in Egypt), Enduring Freedom (in Spain) and Iraqi Freedom (Spain and Oman). I believe in this fight. Freedom is not free and brave young men and woman are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms that the liberals keep trying to take away.

The more liberals open their mouths, the more I know that I'm on the RIGHT side of the political spectrum. It is easier to be a conservative than it is to be a liberal. Liberals try to sound like they're so caring but they only are if you share their beliefs. I chose the byline I have because they'll tell you what you should do but they'll do as they please (hence, Liberalism = "Do as I say, not as I do").