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Contact Tracing: Mandatory laws to "re-house", quarantine, vaccinate, accept tracking phone applications vary by state, but it's all worse than it sounds. ^ | May 27, 2020 | Vanity, based on Video by Vladislav Sobolev

Posted on 05/30/2020 1:41:02 PM PDT by ransomnote

If you don't have time to read this - know that laws are already on the books, cell phone are being updated to facilitate tracing apps, plans and facilities are in place to (repeatedly) remove healhty children or adults from homes if they were "exposed". All actions needed are being moved into place to quarantine healthy and sick people and track their movements based on test results controlled by others. Law enforcement databases will flag homes with people being traced (healthy or not). It's not just about Covid-19. If you're going to skip reading the description and video transcript, please go the bottom and read the paragraphs under the line made of this symbol: ~~~~~~

I myself am trying so hard not to spend any time on FR right now so I can catch up on projects at work, but this information about state and local plans to control us was so disturbing I ended up spinding alot of time putting information together to get the word out.

Contact Tracing laws are actually worse than I thought, and while the laws differ from state to state, basically envisions a society largely incarcerated at home for long periods of time or indefinitely. They call it quarantine OR isolation (quarantine is for healthy people, isolation is for those sick with Covid) but if it’s legally enforced by police and you can be formally incarnated and fined up to $2000 per day of non-compliance.

Compliance means accepting legally required vaccinations and medications. Law Enforcement databases flag your home address as having a person quarantined or isolated re Covid-19. You may be healthy, but be quarantined over and over again if you attend a movie or dine in a restaurant where someone has been contact traced. Air travel or any gatherings could expose you.

They can take children out of homes or force individuals to isolate in provided housing until 10 days (if you’re already sick) or 14 days (if you don’t have Covid-19 but were exposed)

IPhones recently received an update that will allow the phones to work with Covid-19 Contact Tracing apps. I assume other platforms have also receive or will receive this update.

I gave myself 5 minutes to scan FR before resuming work and came across all this information in a thread posted on FR featuring a video by a woman in California who just completed 9 hours of training to become a contact tracer. She deserves an award - she reveals all. The California training refers to China and North Korea positively for their "good" contact tracing apps on phones and their systems which in reality, portray absolute tracking and control of the population. I will post the transcript of the 20 minute video below:

A woman gets her contract tracing certificates and tells all
You Tube ^ | 5-27-20 | Vladislav Sobolev

Posted on 5/29/2020, 8:52:03 PM by FrdmLvr

The video mentions california bill (now law) AB 262. Many of the Internet searches I performed did not include the specific details of the law, but instead refer vaguely to taking necessary actions.

“The bill would authorize the local health officer to issue orders to other governmental entities within the local health officer's jurisdiction to take any action the local health officer deems necessary to control the spread of the communicable disease.”

Note that PRIOR to the passage of the bill, AP reported the following in June of 2019:

“Posts circulating on Facebook falsely state the bill calls for the state to “take measures as are necessary to take possession or control of the body of any living person” and will allow the state to forcibly vaccinate people, as well as destroy their property.

That quote is nowhere in the text of the bill, which includes no references to property seizure or vaccinations.

Existing state law does allow for the state’s public health officer to “take possession or control of the body of any living person, or the corpse of any deceased person” as well as destroy “bedding, carpets, household goods, clothing” to stop the spread of a communicable disease. ”

So I looked up the prior existing law, instituted in 1995 and found an umbrella of terminology authorizing the state of California to isolate, quarantine etc.

I have no legal training. As far as I can tell the new  AB 262 passed in October of 2019 was meant to delegate the state’s power to isolate, quarantine and control the population to local law enforcement. It may have “deputized” County and City law enforcement.

The video on the FR thread I  linked  above that started my search for info has a computer generated transcript which I will post below. The software interprets the audio into text form and it misunderstands words sometimes and doesn't include any punctuation.

On Youtube, the transcript has time markers so you can go to a point in the video where the transcript doesn't make sense. However, I toggled the timestamps off because it can make it a little annoying to read.

It doesn't have paragraph breaks so I'll put some in to avoid wall-o-text blindness.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Transcript below

you have probably heard of contact
tracing through your governor through
the news as things that need to be
implemented before we can go back to

but what is contact tracing let me share
it with you and you're gonna be freaked
out by the end of this video

what I did is I was very interested in
this so I went ahead and I got two
certificates in terms of what it was to
become a contact tracer so I spent about
nine hours we're gonna wrap it up here
in about 20 minutes to just give you the
highlights of what contact tracing
entails and how it's going to affect you
because I guarantee you it will affect
you and your family

we talk about saving
the lives and the livelihood of the
American people and and of course the
life of our democracy so in terms of
saving lives the only way we're going to
have rid ourselves of this as well as
open up our economy

as evidence science
based testing testing testing testing
trick just think of the t's: testing-
tracing-treatment, and isolation then
when necessary of course with social
distancing so let's look at the main
points now this

if you have covin 19
which can either be done by test or by
symptoms now what our contract tracers
know is that you can infect two days
before and up to 10 days after

and how
you can infect people is there's three
definitions that were given in contact
tracing in school

one is physical
so you're hugging someone you are
kissing them high-fiving them any
physical contact you could have given it
to them

if you're close within six feet
for more than ten minutes so you're
talking to someone and you're within
that six feet social distancing number
well you could infect them

then let's
say you're more than six feet apart but
for a longer time at this point you're
thinking movie theaters airplanes trains
restaurants so maybe not direct contact
with somebody but they're in the
vicinity of the area for longer than 32
40 minutes

now what's gonna happen is
once you get a test that is positive it
goes to a tracer and that tracer is
going to do some research on you find
out a little bit about you and give you
a call

now they're gonna tell you that
you you tested positive and that you
need to be isolated for a minimum of 10
days on the onset and it has to be
within three no fever for three days so
if you're on day nine but you stop a
fever you need to add another three days
until your fever is cleared

and by
isolation I mean total isolation this is
nobody near you even your dog can't be
there so you can see here that
specifically with a person that is
symptomatic they should maintain
separation from household animals as
they would any other household members
and avoid direct contact with any of
your pets so you cannot contact your
pets people anybody in your family

need to be completely isolated now what
that means is you could have to go into
a hotel room if you have no way of not
sharing a bathroom or any space they
will check that out so you'll have to
show like video evidence if the
conference is done via teleconference
walk them around your house let them
know that you have space to be isolated

now the next is quarantine quarantine
means I am healthy I have no symptoms
I have not contacted the disease but
maybe for 14 days they're gonna check to
make sure that I haven't so that means
again that I cannot leave my house and
as a contact tracer I'm supposed to set
you up with social services

so if you
have kids and you have no one to care
for them we'll take your kids we'll take
care of that if you have groceries we'll
do groceries but you literally cannot be
in contact with anybody and you cannot
leave your house even if you're healthy
you are still quarantine not to be
leaving the house

unfortunately you
could be totally healthy get out of
quarantine and guess what
be at a restaurant someone
in the vicinity has it, be quarantined

now I'm not sure what happened
with all the other states but what we
did in California is we passed a
Workman's comp law that's in effect to
the end of July that Workmen's comp is
going to take care of all of that for
any employee no matter where you
contract contact it the employers are
gonna be held responsible

I'm not sure
what that is in all the other states but
it's something that passed here just
recently and who knows if that will get
extended okay so isolation and
Quarantine basically means the same
thing except quarantine is a little bit
longer right so you're sick you only
have ten more days, if you're quarantined
14 days

what does this look like in
normal time okay so they're gonna want
to know as a contact tracer I call you
up I tell you you become positive we've
looked at your house through a
videoconference so you can show me that
you have a place to isolate and then I'm
going to ask you who did you come in
contact with and I'm gonna tell you if
you tell me, "I don't know", I'm gonna tell
you to look at your phone and we can do
it together and look at your social
media and we'll figure out where you
have been and you need to make sure you
know your movies, flight numbers, and
anything with large venues

now some of
the places what they've already
instituted now or you have to put your
contact information when you go to a
restaurant so you go to a hair salon any
of those things because that way they
can track you, but you would say "I went
to this movie" or "I went to this
restaurant" everybody who's at that
restaurant would be contacted then by
the contact tracer

so let's say
unfortunately I got it well guess wha?t
my family would have to be quarantined
and not just for the 10 days they have
to be quarantined for 14 days because it
would be also the last time they had
contact with me so on day four my test
comes back positive now they have 14
days from day four the last day that
they had contact with me and they have
to be completely isolated from me

say I was on a train we were all seeing
on the same cabin because I was
getting to work and there was 10-15
people on that train all of them would
need to be quarantined

I had gone to work everybody at work
wouldn't need to be quarantine

I went to
a restaurant after work all
of them would need to be quarantined

you see how a disease when it is already
widely spread this doesn't make sense to
quarantine the population in terms of
you could get quarantined again and
again and again even though you're
healthy and never sick you will not be
allowed to leave your house

you've been hearing that this is all
voluntary you'll hear it throughout the
speeches I've listened to a lot of
governor's I'll put on the Washington
Governor really quickly so you can hear
him say oh yeah it's they'll follow it
but let me show you before I do that a
couple of the documents that are out

this is right on his website
he's already rolled out the plan and
basically you can read this "Request For
Voluntary Quarantine"

this is for somebody, a legal guardian, and
it tells you to go and remain at the
address by the date and time and then, I
love this, "It is very important that you
comply with this request for voluntary

Remember I'm not sick,
nobody's sick, "Your health and the health
of others depend on it. If you do not
comply with this request for voluntary
quarantine, we may use a detention order
enforced by the police to assure your
compliance." Hmm that's the strangest
voluntary request I've ever received

then this is also on the website and
I've put everything here cuz obviously
go research this stuff yourself, but you
can see here, if you use a court order
because someone is not following, they
have non-compliance you can be incarcerated
and fined up to $2,000 per day

me show you the governor (Governor Inslee's press conference) so let me show
you how he's spinning it for somebody
who does not follow directions.


Question: "When
it comes in contact tracing, how are
you guys gonna handle people or families
who refuse to test or self isolate? If they want to leave their homes to get groceries, you said they can't do that. How will you make sure they don't?"

Governor Inslee: "Well that's why I
referred to the family support personnel
we will have attached to the families. A
family support person who will check in
with them to see what they need on a
basis, see how they're doing, see how they are
faring and help them if they if they can't
get a friend to do their grocery
shopping, we will help get them
groceries in some fashion."

"If they need
pharmaceuticals to be picked up, we can
help make sure that they get their
pharmaceuticals, so that's why we want to
provide them family support."

"As far as
refusal it just shouldn't come to that,
and it really hasn't. We've had really
good success when we've asked people to
isolate. They've done so in real high
percentages, so we're happy about that. We
believe that that will continue."


So remember everybody that will be
quarantine will be 14 days in the last
contact and this there's no minimum
times this could be indefinite

you're thinking there's just no way like
what about my privacy? how do I have to
share this information? And I can tell
you when I went through the contact
tracing classes, they tout that "you are
doing this contact tracing for the
greater good, you are helping people not
spread the disease, it is very important
that that people have privacy but when
it comes to the greater good, your
privacy is null and void."

Now as soon as
you get a positive test result this goes
directly to an electronic database.

Let me tell you I took this directly off the
training website, that the isolation or
quarantine can be mandated and enforced
and there's other health enforcement's
such as vaccines are requirements to
take medicine because you cannot  risk
being infected and giving it to others


"When you're tested for Covid-19 you
might assume that your test result will
stay confidential with your doctor and
the health department, after all that's
how it usually works with medical
information but we're living in unusual
times. The Associated Press has revealed
that across America there's widespread
sharing of medical information between
health officials and law enforcement.Denver
is doing it so is El Paso County."

"It is law enforcement specific information
that is only in our computer-aided
dispatch." Jacquelyn Kirby is with the El
Paso County Sheriff Office.
She says addresses are flagged identifying
homes of people who have tested positive
for covid-19. "We get sensitive
information all the time. We have
cautions on addresses for a myriad of
reasons and this is just an additional
layer of protection for our deputies."

I want to share with you this is just
something in California that's where I'm
located but you can read here and I'm
assuming that a lot of other states have
similar things this shows that they can
because you can see here a threat of a
communicable disease outbreak or
epidemic that threatens the public's
health it gives them the rights to do

[ransomnote: here’s the image of State Law as of 1995 displayed during  this portion of the video]

adopt and enforce regulations requiring
strict are modified isolations or
quarantine for any contagious infections
are communicable diseases

it takes
measures as necessary to ascertain the
nature disease and prevent its spread it
can take control of the body of any
living person are the corpse of any
deceased it can quarantine isolate
inspect and dis affect persons animal
houses rooms and other property

so based on what we have right now I don't have
any privacy rights

you can see here this
is just New Jersey

I just wanted to
throw this out there because other
states have laws this was enacted in
2005 so I suggest you go start
researching what is allowed in your
state and what rights you have given up
when you start looking at a disease that
could pose a risk to the health of the

Alan Dershowitz in an interview:
“Let me put it very clearly
you have no constitutional right to
endanger the public and spread the
disease. Even if you disagree you have no
right not to be vaccinated you have no
right not to wear a mask you have no
right to open up your business...”

Interviewer, “Wait, can I
stop you?  No right not to be vaccinated?
Meaning, if they decide you have to be
vaccinated, we have to be vaccinated?”

Alan Dershowitz: “Absolutely and if you refuse
to be vaccinated the state has the power
to literally take you to
doctor's office and plunge a needle into
your arm if the vaccination…”

Intereviewer: “Where is that in the

Alan Dershowitz: “If the vaccination is
designed to prevent the spreading
disease the vaccination is only to
prevent a disease that you will get for
example if there's a disease that will
kill you, you have the right to refuse
that but you have no right to refuse to
be vaccinated against a contagious
disease. Public Health, the police power
of the Constitution gives the state the
power to compel that and there are cases
in the United States in the Supreme Court.”

So they talked about tools available for
contact tracing because they said, you
know in California we're supposed to
have 20,000 contact tracers for our

They said you might get a lot
of these cases so you might be doing a
couple hundred five hundred thousand a
day. How else can we do it, and if how?

This was weird but they talked about
China and North Korea. They say China and
North Korea have a great system because
they have a centralized database and
this database has everybody's phone
number and they're given a unique code
and these codes track them through GPS
so as soon as they're in contact or
somebody has it they can send a notice
out to everybody and they automatically
know that they've been infected.

We don't
have that in the USA so it was weird
that they brought that up. However they
want to share was a great system they
started talking about the USA and that
they have smartphone apps and also that
businesses should be taking information
if somebody comes affect infected at
this point until apps are more

I want to share about apps
because you've heard they're voluntary
they're voluntary and right now
in the US there's some apps out there
and we'll look at those but they're
about 2 percent of the people have
downloaded them and they said they need
at least 50 to 70 percent of the
population to download it to make apps
effective but how do these apps work?

well let me share what they're doing in
India so India released an app and they
said this is a voluntary app you do not
need to download it. However, get this, in
order to go anywhere you have to have
the app so if you want to get on a plane
you have to show the app that you are
not under quarantine or isolation you
want to get into work you have to show
your app you want to get on a train you
have to show your app

so they said oh
it's voluntary they had the most
downloads more than pokemons go because
guess what you couldn't go back to life
without downloading the app
now I also
put here New Zealand's app what they do
is they give you a QR code you have to
scan that QR code to get anywhere so if
you're supposed to be on quarantine are
isolated guess what you're not getting
anywhere because your app doesn't show
you're cleared so that's how they're
really able to enforce this without a
huge police or military presence
you just can't go anywhere without the
app you can't get in the grocery store
because they're gonna have a QR code
where you need to scan in

now you may be
thinking, “well do they even have that in
the United States?” Well here's four
states that already have their app ready
to be downloaded [ransomnote edit: Rhode Island,
Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota]

and like I said they're
on about two percent right now but you
might have noticed this on your iPhone
the other day this showed a software
update and if you didn't see it you
might have already got the automatic
update but basically it says this allows
Covid-19 contact tracing apps to work

and you may not even known it. It was a
very quick little update but it has
already come to the United States

Recently Google and Apple just gave out
some information I thought this was
great here's the website at the at the
bottom obviously I want you to do your
own research but you can kind of see
here how it works that you can see that
you're close to somebody and you get a
notification that uh-oh you need to be
quarantined you were to close someone
had it

And then listen to this. In this
second phase in the coming months, this
is really interesting because it talks
about that they're going to use
Bluetooth in the first phase, but without
requiring an app to be installed

if a
match is detected the user will be
notified, and if the user has not already
downloaded an official Public Health
Authority app they will be prompted to
download an official app and advised on
next steps

You're not gonna have a
choice. They're telling you it’s
voluntary at this point, but so was
social distancing, and then we got locked
in our house. so it is not voluntary. this
is happening and you need to be aware so

I suggest, this is a great document, pull
up this Covid- 19 document that Apple and
Google gave out [ransomnote: 18 minute mark in the video]
it really talks about
all the different things that are gonna
happen because of the app and it is
scary just to kind of share with you the
different states if you think your state
is exempt because of it might be a red
state versus a blue state every state is
doing this [Image on screen includes
Texas and Massachusetts content]

okay so I would suggest
checking out this bill HR 6666,
and basically there's a hundred
billion dollars that they're asking for
2020 and additional years for
subsequent fiscal year financing for
2021 and beyond so if you
think this isn't happening, and you think
they're not investing a lot of money in
it they are they're trying to get a
hundred billion dollars to track and
trace us and keep us quarantine

[ransomnote: Bill Gates patent employs 060606
and this bill is HR 666. As a Christian, I do
see the biblical End Times ramifications. I
always thought
it would be subtle, but think it’s
intentionally being used as an excuse to incarcerate
Christians who may be “non-compliant”
if repeatedly shown numbers attached to Covid-19 like the one the
bible says to avoid. For those seeking to control us, using  666's in tracking/tracing
bills or patents is intentional feature, not a bug, intended to drive christians to non-comliance/incarceration.]

How do
you think they're gonna allow you to get
back into society without being
quarantined and isolated again and again
and again, especially as disease spreads?

are we do more testing and we realize
that maybe there's a lot of people out
there that have it that just don't show
symptoms, but they'll need to be isolated.

you'll see that there's a hundred-twenty
antibody tests. in general these tests
are not reliable for the individuals to
act based on the results so basically
they're saying even if you had
antibodies in the corona virus it's
still unknown if that protects you from
getting sick again

there's probably only
one way that you're gonna be able to get
out of your house and that's gonna be to
be vaccinated so just watch out for that
because that is really becoming a hot
topic of the vaccinations and that might
be the only way that you're gonna be
released out of this tracking and
tracing in terms of being allowed to go
into stores


I want to share this last
video with you and I thought it was
interesting I'll put it that way and end
with that video but start thinking about
this tracking and tracing and really
what's the purpose? it makes sense if
something was small and the outbreak was
small and they could actually track and
trace it but at this point it's so
widespread what is the value with that?

Jack Windsor
WMFD TV,  Mansfield, “Governor on the last
question and my question is for you,
and it's gonna be a very sensitive
question, and I'm gonna do my best to be
intentional so that it's not

“Today it sounds us as if
we're pivoting from Covid to larger
social issues like housing education and
transportation. I know in past pressers
we've learned about Dr. Paul Farmer and
Partners in Health working with us on
contact tracing. Looking at the Partners
in Health website, contact tracing seems
to be part of a larger social agenda for
Partners in Health. The site states a
vision to rectify “structural
violence of capitalism” which the
organization sees as the root cause of
things such as racism gender inequality
xenophobia and homophobia.

“Now I'm not
questioning the injustice of those
things, governo,r so let me be very clear
about that what my question is. Can you
tell us why you chose to partner with an
organization that demonizes capitalism
and seems to be rooted in liberation
theology based on Marxist ideals?”

Governor Mansfield: “Well,
I've never always agreed with Paul
Farmer who started and many of his ideas,
but he he and the organization have had
an ability to deliver health services.”

“My wife Fran and I are very familiar with
this in Haiti. We we've seen what he has
done in Haiti. We visited Haiti over over
20 times and so that's just something
that we do in our private lives. And so
the Partners With Health,we don't you
don't have to accept the ideology of
Paul or anybody else but what I'm
interested in is getting things done and
they're not the ones who are doing it on
the ground.”

“People who are going to be
doing it on the ground or Ohioans but
you know they serve as a consultant they
have done this type of work not only in
the United States but but around the

“They're pretty darn good at and so I'm
going to take help somewhere I can get
help and where I find expertise. I don't
have to agree with everyone's ideology
or or what they think about everything
in the world and intimidated to accept
that to be able to use their help.”

“We're in a war we're in a battle or put
the best people we can on the field the
best people are the Ohioans but we're
don't gets we're gonna get some help
from this group because they've done
some of these things before.”


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Below the ~~~~line at the bottom of the thread post, there's information about how this Contact Tracing/Tracking software was developed by an organization that envisions using it to resolve the injustices inherent in a "capitalist system," and the governor's stumbling response as to why he chose that organization mentions his own work in Haiti repeatedly and pointlessly. I'm guessing this guy and the Clinton's were on the same page regarding the complete exploitation and impoverishing of Haitians.
1 posted on 05/30/2020 1:41:02 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

Uh, phone off in a faraday cage at home. I don’t NEED my phone with me 24/7.

2 posted on 05/30/2020 1:43:47 PM PDT by rktman ( #My2ndAmend! ----- Enlisted in the Navy in '67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?)
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To: rktman

Under programs already in place elsewhere, you would not be permitted to board a flight, go to a store, go anywhere unless you have your phone and it has a code on it.

3 posted on 05/30/2020 1:46:24 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: ransomnote

Heck no. This is insanity, and we have to start fighting back now. Write to your congress critters, write to your mayors and governors and “just say no.”

One of the sad things about the Jewish experience in Germany and Austria (particularly Vienna, where Jews were part of the cultural and intellectual elite and identified with their country more than with being Jewish) is that they waited too long. They kept saying, don’t worry, this Hitler is just a madman, he’s just doing this for votes, nobody believes him - to, well, really, they say they’re going to take us to some place nice to protect us from thugs in the streets - to the concentration camps.

The time to protest is now. See if somebody can get a Supreme Court ruling or something that protects us, because this type of invasion of privacy and making us all into spies certainly violates about half of the Constitutional provisions.

4 posted on 05/30/2020 1:48:16 PM PDT by livius
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To: ransomnote

Darn. And I was just getting ready to fl.......... Oh, no I wasn’t. Might as well have someone come up with an insertable chi..................... Oh.

5 posted on 05/30/2020 1:48:17 PM PDT by rktman ( #My2ndAmend! ----- Enlisted in the Navy in '67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?)
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To: ransomnote
I'm a certified contact tracer and I'm going to trace citizens like they have never been traced before.


6 posted on 05/30/2020 1:49:58 PM PDT by JonPreston
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To: ransomnote

GERM Warfare

7 posted on 05/30/2020 1:50:54 PM PDT by goodnesswins (Anyone tired of the Chinese Fire Drill (tm) yet???)
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To: ransomnote

Revelation 3:17.

8 posted on 05/30/2020 1:52:38 PM PDT by MayflowerMadam (Nothing happens to a Christian that God does not allow to happen.)
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To: ransomnote

“Under programs already in place elsewhere,”


9 posted on 05/30/2020 1:53:08 PM PDT by OpusatFR
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To: JonPreston

Just trace all cases back to your local Democrat’s house - they will get the message real fast.

10 posted on 05/30/2020 1:53:37 PM PDT by Mr. Jeeves ([CTRL]-[GALT]-[DELETE])
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To: ransomnote

Fascism: The Big Technology Version.

11 posted on 05/30/2020 1:54:03 PM PDT by Arcadian Empire
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To: ransomnote
Video by Vladislav Sobolev

Yes, trust Vlad. Vlad knows all.

Ain't gonna happen, at least not here in flyover country. No one would enforce it and no one would cooperate even if they tried.

12 posted on 05/30/2020 1:54:51 PM PDT by Pollard (whatever)
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To: ransomnote

Lucifer loves electronics. He especially loves smart phones. He’s getting a woody over this thing.

Accept the mark of the beast, or else...

13 posted on 05/30/2020 2:03:45 PM PDT by polymuser (It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and so few by deceit. Noel Coward)
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To: ransomnote
Fearpers are ELATED!
14 posted on 05/30/2020 2:03:53 PM PDT by ConservativeMind (Trump: Befuddling Democrats, Republicans, and the Media for the benefit of the US and all mankind.)
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To: JonPreston
I'm a certified contact tracer and I'm going to trace citizens like they have never been traced before.

Ha ha I did the same. Saw where this was going and got certified. They want to play ball I'll trace the contact tracers and every single Bolshevik who looks weird behind their fake safety masks.

The Russian Black Marias are a comin'

15 posted on 05/30/2020 2:09:03 PM PDT by Karliner (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28 Isa 17 "This is the end of the beginning" W Churchill)
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To: Mr. Jeeves

16 posted on 05/30/2020 2:10:46 PM PDT by JonPreston
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To: ransomnote
Normally, I'm not one to panic buy, but I saw this coming and stocked up on plenty of good chianti, and fava beans. Oh, and I won't be wearing my mask any more.

17 posted on 05/30/2020 2:17:13 PM PDT by Mr. Rabbit
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To: ransomnote


18 posted on 05/30/2020 2:19:54 PM PDT by pigsmith (Liberals can't make the connection between their politics and the decline of everything around them.)
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To: Mr. Jeeves

“Just trace all cases back to your local Democrat’s house...”

That’s a great idea. Tell the tracer you shook hands with the (Democrat) Mayor that other day, bumped into your local (Democrat) councilman at the grocery store, etc.

19 posted on 05/30/2020 2:27:20 PM PDT by moovova
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In CA, the wretched Govenor Newsome mandated churches obey social distancing OR cap attendance at 100 persons, which ever number is smaller. So my very large church auditorium can only allow 100 persons inside, even though there is plenty of room for more.

I thought that was odd, but after watching the video and reading the material, I’d say it’s because they expect to track people on phones and if you’re one of the 100 in that room, and you’re there for more than 32 to 40 minutes (most church services are at least 45 minutes) they can contact trace many if not all if someone present has (or the state claims they have) Covid-19.

We dont’ control the testing (false positives were rampant in CDC tests), we don’t control access to even know if people’s tests really say they are positive, or if the state is falsely claiming “someone” was positive in the group. I imagine conservative gatherings would be “prone” to “someone” having covid.

Perhaps 100 is the magic church number because they think the public might not initially respond well if hundreds of people at a church were told to quarantine.

There’s also a weird part about them mandating employers provide Workers Compensation that’s valid through July.

20 posted on 05/30/2020 2:28:44 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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