Since Dec 8, 2000

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I'm a Spanish legal translator by profession and live in St Augustine, Florida. The town is full of liberal nutcases, grannies for peace, etc., and therefore I am forced to seek sympathetic conservative souls in cyberspace.

What else do I want people to know about me? Let's see, I go to Spain often and I'm a very conservative Catholic who is still hoping for the revival of Latin Mass here in St. Augustine (where it probably won't happen because the bishop hates it).

Oh yes - one more thing - I'm not a guy, despite the name! I picked the name because I had to chose a screen name to post, and "Livius" happened to be the name of a translation journal sitting on my desk. I didn't think it would really matter, because I was just posting out of frustration during the 2000 presidential election chaos here in Florida. After all, I was never going to post again, so what did it matter? And now, 8 years and hundreds or thousands of posts later...well, I've just gotten used to "livius."