Since Dec 8, 2000

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Ok, so a fellow poster just pointed out that I needed to update my information…because I’ve actually been here not 8 years (original intro) but nearly 22 years and I don’t know how many posts. And I’ve met a lot of great FReeple in that time.

I still live in St Augustine, I’m still a conservative Catholic, I still do Spanish translation and go to Spain a lot, and I do a lot of volunteer work with local historical organizations. Knowing the past is very important, not only not to repeat it, but not to lose it. History shows us both the bad and the good as well as the paths that led to these outcomes. It is up to us to decide which we want to follow…but first we have to see it and learn it.

Oh yes - one more thing - I'm not a guy, despite the name! I picked the name because I had to chose a screen name to post, and "Livius" happened to be the name of a translation journal sitting on my desk. I didn't think it would really matter, because I was just posting out of frustration during the 2000 presidential election chaos here in Florida. After all, I was never going to post again, so what did it matter?