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How Has China Benefited?
4/23/20 | Originalbuckeye

Posted on 04/23/2020 5:15:28 PM PDT by originalbuckeye

Has anybody ever catalogued how China has benefited from Feinstein’s and Feinstein’s husband’s associations with China? Has anybody ever catalogued how China has benefited from Pelosi’s and Pelosi’s husband’s associations with China?

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KEYWORDS: feinstein; pelosi; vanity
Just curious if any News organization has EVER looked into Di’s and San Fran Nan’s being such China enthusiasts. I remember when the Chinese Jet Jockey collided with our recognizance plane back in the early 2000’s. GWB said he wouldn’t apologize as we hadn’t done anything wrong. Feinstein immediately went to the news microphones and said ‘I will apologize for our country!’. (Which of course wasn’t her place, but whenever are Democrats ever held accountable for speaking for our whole country even though it isn’t their place) And then there was DiFi’s chauffeur who was found to be a Chinese National who was booted back to China for his behavior. Just curious as to WHEN the NEWS is going to look into Dems ‘help’ whenever it comes to downplaying China’s malfeasance.
1 posted on 04/23/2020 5:15:28 PM PDT by originalbuckeye
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To: originalbuckeye

Give me a lot of money — I’ll be your friend.

2 posted on 04/23/2020 5:32:48 PM PDT by cradle of freedom (Why are they called globalists? Because they want the whole world!)
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To: originalbuckeye

How about we answer this one as well:

Exclusive – Peter Schweizer: Mitch McConnell’s Deep Financial Ties to China ‘Unprecedented’ in U.S. History
Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, author of the new best-selling book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends, joined SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour on Monday’s Breitbart News Tonight to discuss his research into the deep business ties between the Chinese communist government and the family of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife, President Trump’s Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao.

“This is unprecedented to have a Senate majority leader and a Cabinet officer in a federal government position to have a family that is this closely tied to a foreign rival,” Schweizer said.

In a Monday article for Breitbart News, Schweizer revealed details of the latest business deal involved the family of McConnell’s wife, Trump’s Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. “They bought ten massive ships from the Chinese government since Elaine Chao became our transportation secretary. This would appear to be a conflict of interest,” said Mansour.


Schweizer explained in his article article:

Foremost Group, which is owned by Sec. Elaine Chao’s father and Sen. McConnell’s father-in-law James S.C. Chao, signed contracts with a subsidiary of the state-owned China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) for four bulk cargo ships in June and September 2017. In December 2017, Chao’s company signed another contract with state-owned CSSC at Foremost’s New York office for two massive 210,000-ton ships. James S.C. Chao and two of Elaine’s sisters were in attendance. So, too, was the Consul General of China in New York, as well as representatives from the CSSC. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Then on January 31, 2018, Foremost Group ordered four more 210,000-ton ships from CSSC. Angela Chao, sister to Sec. Elaine Chao and Foremost’s Deputy Chairman, said she expects cooperation between the two entities to extend into the future. In January 2017, Angela Chao joined the board of the state-owned Bank of China.

Schweizer told Breitbart News Tonight that the terms of the Chao family’s business deal with China remain largely mysterious. The ships are massive dry-goods carriers capable of transporting large quantities of raw materials.

“The Chao family has rather extensive contracts with the Chinese government,” he noted. “These ten ships were purchased. We don’t know the purchase price. They could have gotten a sweetheart deal for them. We don’t know how the ships were paid for. We know in the past that when the Chaos have purchased ships from the Chinese government, the Chinese government has often financed the purchase of those ships, which is a pretty rare development.”

“We don’t really know any of the terms related to these vessels, other than the fact that they announced them, and that these ten ships will increase the fleet of the Chao family’s shipping company by 50 percent,” Schweizer continued.

The signing ceremony between the Chao family’s Foremost Group and the state-owned China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)

“This is a major expansion of the company. This company goes back decades, but it’s during the first year of the Trump administration with Elaine as the transportation secretary that the Chinese government has decided to do this deal with the Chao family. Of course, that raises all kinds of questions about the financial ties between the McConnell-Chao family and the Chinese government, and what that might mean for policies or potential votes that might take place in the U.S. Senate,” he said.

Schweizer cited the globalist belief that robust trade brings countries closer together politically, and said that lofty principle applies in a much less healthy fashion to political elites as well.

“That’s one of the main contentions I make in Secret Empires, that the Chinese government is seeking commercial ties, lucrative deals for the families of American politicians precisely because they believe it will lead those politicians to be less critical of the Chinese government,” he said.

“In the case of Mitch McConnell, that is absolutely true,” he charged. “He came into the U.S. Senate in the 1980s from Kentucky. We had, of course, the Tiananmen Square massacre that took place. Mitch McConnell was probably the most critical U.S. senator on China in the midst of that massive human rights violation.”

“And yet, in 1993 his family began very lucrative ties with the Chinese government. In December of 1993 he traveled to Beijing, China with his father-in-law – that would be Elaine Chao’s father James Chao – as guests of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation. As the name implies, that is a company owned by the Chinese government. They are, in fact, one of the biggest military contractors in China,” he noted.

Schweizer said the Chao’s shipping business grew so rapidly after the 1993 deal that by 2008, the Chao family was able to gift their son-in-law Mitch McConnell with a sum of between $5 and $25 million, which “massively increased his net worth overnight.”

“He benefits when the Chao family does well financially. It helps his bottom line,” Schweizer emphasized.

He contended that a review of McConnell’s voting record on China over the past 25 years reveals “he has become increasingly less hostile to Beijing.”

“It only stands to reason because if you look at how the Chao family business is set up, if the Chinese government were upset with something that Senator Mitch McConnell did, they could literally destroy the Chao family business overnight. Mitch McConnell knows that,” said Schweizer.

“This growing economic dependence between McConnell’s family and the Chinese government has served to, in a sense, encourage him to be far less critical of China,” he said. “Whatever the issue – the South China Sea, currency manipulation, trade issues – he is far more pliable to Chinese interests than he was five, ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. I think it has everything to do with the fact that he recognizes and knows that the Chinese government is making his family very wealthy.”

Schweizer warned that deep financial ties between the American political class and Beijing are particularly dangerous at a time when our national security apparatus has identified Communist China as the greatest long-term threat faced by the United States.

“It gets even worse because James Chao – that would be Elaine Chao’s father – and her sister Angela Chao a couple of years ago served on the board of directors of a Chinese company called CSSC Holdings. ‘CSSC’ stands for China State Shipbuilding Corporation. This is the financial arm of one of the largest military contractors in Beijing,” he said.

“When the Pentagon talks about the fact that China is a rising military power, they are talking about, in part, the China State Shipbuilding Corporation,” he elaborated. “They build a lot of the navy ships that the Chinese navy is building to challenge U.S. naval supremacy. According to current projections by the Naval Academy and other outlets, they believe by 2030 if current trends continue that the Chinese navy will surpass the U.S. Navy as the preeminent naval power. A central player in that is the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, of which Elaine Chao’s sister and father served on the board of directors.”

Schweizer also referenced China’s massive “One Belt, One Road” infrastructure project, which stretches across the developing world and includes naval facilities, roads, and other resources of interest to the Chinese military. Both the Obama and Trump administrations agree that One Belt, One Road represents a “geostrategic challenge to the United States and the Western allies.”

“Elaine Chao’s sister Angela Chao has been on record saying One Belt, One Road is a wonderful thing,” he noted. “That yes, it’s going to be good for China, but it’s also going to be good for the developing world. She explicitly says, ‘I want to be part of seeing this be a successful Chinese initiative.’”

“The problems don’t begin and end with the financial ties to the shipbuilding corporation. It goes far deeper than that. This is a very serious challenge to our strategic balance with the Chinese government,” he cautioned.

Schweizer pointed out that McConnell has not attempted to refute the facts of his family’s commercial ties to the Chinese government, but instead insisted those ties will not influence his votes in the Senate.

“My response is just, give me a break,” he sighed. “The Chinese government has been very explicit about this, that they believe the way they can deal with the American challenge to their strategic goals and plans is basically by buying off our political class. They’re doing that with Mitch McConnell. As I highlight in the book, they also did this in the Obama administration with Joe Biden’s family.”

“There have been reports in Canada, the head of the Canadian intelligence service issued a statement a couple of years ago that Canadian members of parliament and their families were being offered sweetheart deals by the Chinese government,” he continued. “There are growing scandals in Australia, in New Zealand relating to political parties and politicians who had financial ties to the Chinese government that were exposed.”

“There is no debate. This is their strategy. And there is also no debate that they look to supplant the United States as the major world economic, political, and military power. That is not subject to dispute. The question is, are we going to be aware of it, and are going to actually do something about it?” Schweizer contended.

“The problem is, when you have political figures in the United States, of whatever party, who are financially beholden to the Chinese government, they are not going to represent their constituents back home, because their ultimate constituents are these foreign entities – in this case, China,” he lamented.

Schweizer called on McConnell to “come clean and be honest about the financial ties that exist, and the fact that they are vulnerable to the Chinese government deciding tomorrow to shut down their business if they want to, if they’re unhappy with anything that Mitch McConnell does.”

According to Schweizer, the Chinese were “freaked out” by President Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the 2016 presidential election.

“Trump has been talking about China for the last three decades – issues of the trade deficit, military expansion, you name it, Trump has talked about it,” he observed. “Whether one agrees with Trump or not, there is no question that he views China as a rival power.”

“China saw that immediately, so when Donald Trump won, they basically decided on two things. Number One, that they needed to cozy up further to the powers-that-be in Washington, DC,” he said.

“Ten days after Donald Trump won his election, what did the Chinese government decide to do? They decided to appoint Elaine Chao’s sister Angela Chao to the board of directors of the government-owned Bank of China,” he recalled, noting that Angela Chao is “the first foreign national other than a Dutch banker to serve in that position.”

Number Two on China’s post-election agenda was getting Trump to weaken his positions on China, which Schweizer said was accomplished by offering “sweetheart deals to his kids.”

“I don’t have any evidence that any of those deals have taken place,” he disclaimed. “I have no doubt that they’ve been offered. What I’ve counseled is, don’t take those deals. Those deals are going to come with strings attached, and they are going to do it to weaken the United States.”

Schweizer complained that current disclosure rules for foreign business connections fall short of the transparency standard Americans should demand from their political leaders.

“If you look at Mitch McConnell’s financial disclosure form in the U.S. Senate, there is no mention of any of the cheap deals with the Chinese government,” he pointed out. “They purposely do these deals through family members, parents or siblings or adult children, because they don’t have to disclose those kinds of transactions.”

“We need to demand that they disclose these transactions,” he urged. “We need to demand that they end these kinds of financial relationships, because look, we’re not stupid. We recognize that if these are making our political leaders rich, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, they are going to get access and they are going to hold sway with our political leaders.”

“We want our leaders attuned to American interests, not to Chinese interests. As long as these lucrative ties exist, we cannot be guaranteed at all that they aren’t more interested in pleasing those making them rich in Beijing than pleasing those that are in their home districts that are putting them in office,” Schweizer declared.

Mansour asked if there is any precedent for a powerful politician such as Senate Majority Leader McConnell having such deep financial ties with a foreign power identified as a top strategic adversary by the Pentagon and White House.

“None,” Schweizer replied. “This is unprecedented. This did not exist during the Cold War. It didn’t exist during World War 2. I don’t know any examples from the 19th Century. This is unprecedented, to have a Senate majority leader and a Cabinet officer in a federal government position, to have a family that is this closely tied to a foreign rival.”

“We’re not talking about the British government, or the French government, or the German government,” he added. “We are talking about a rival power in China which wants to unseat the United States to be the supreme global power. That is their goal over the next couple of decades. They’ve been very explicit about that.”

“If we bury our head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening, we’re only going to make the situation worse,” Schweizer warned. “We need to compete with China in a way in which we know that our leaders are interested in our best interests, not in their best interests – especially when their best interests align with a foreign government, as they seem to in this case.”

3 posted on 04/23/2020 5:36:26 PM PDT by Vendome (I've Gotta Be Me
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To: originalbuckeye

Internationally, nobody cares about Diane Feinstein. It’s true the CCP’s coverup of the epidemic is substantially responsible for the trauma the world has suffered. But ithe CCP has a lot of cash to throw around for corrupt international bureaucrats. It’s still going to be a struggle whether or not the world thinks it serves or ignored the rest of the world.

4 posted on 04/23/2020 5:37:31 PM PDT by untenured
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To: originalbuckeye

I have a bit of info on the Feinlosi China angle, and will try to figure out how best to get it out, without getting some folks in trouble.

Meanwhile, I posted the following on another site, the information of which is more RUS focused OS, but not linked. However, does significantly interface and overlap, and then some, with China Clinton, China Feinstein, China Reid, China Pelosi, and several others.

For now —


Feinstein was significantly involved with the controversial, forced, DOD closure of U.S. Naval Base Presidio, proximal to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, and especially in arranging Gorbechevs efforts. But it then was Congresswoman Pelosi, (celebrated formal member the DSP, like Bernie S), her husband, and her socialist Nephew, (then SF Mayor) Gavin Newsom, (who really took Presidio away from the US Navy and DOD), and made it happen.

As well, several hundred million dollars of Fed and State money then went to Pelosi’s husband for its development. Several high profile investigators and people who protested or questioned the obvious corruption, lost their jobs.

Over a period of about 5 years the combined total for Presidio conversion alone reached $600 Million Dollars to her husbands development company.

*Very Notably, one of the facilities converted and built, (which would cost roughly $100 million dollars), was developed to be the headquarters of multiple, politically influential, radical socialist environmental organizations, headed by none other than one M. Gorbechev. One of the biggest contributors, (having given many $10s of millions of dollars, to Gorbechevs global socialist efforts and initiatives), was none other than George Soros. Other large scale donors involved, included The Tides Foundation, and T Turner.

At least two of these SF Presidio, left-wing Gorbechev led organizations, were to be involved in the creation of the blueprint, of the original Global Warming charade, literally *writing the UN global protocals and agreements, which were adopted and passed at the Rio Summit, (and providing global socialist governance architecture all the way to current Paris Climate Treaty). This would also include language used in the infamous Agenda 21, and other agreements. (It should be noted, one of these left-wing global environmental organizations is now headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland).

This Presidio facility served as headquarters of several radical socialist environmental organizations, which today have chapters in nearly every state college in America and the Western Hemisphere, as well as organizations which have been well funded, and dedicated to writing the marxist revisionist content used in most of our K-12 and college textbooks.

Additionally, some of the same connected subsidiary publishers themselves, have long been part of another scheme, (dating back to the Presidio scheme), acting as political left-wing “book publishing companies”, offering very large “up front” money to the left-wing politician book writer, even to the point of largely writing the books in some cases. The “up front money” which is often never recovered in the actual sale of those specific books, or the politician purchases millions of dollars of their own books, using campaign, or other pet project monies, from which the publishers can give (kickbacks), profits from the sale of the same books purchased by the politician! This is a known and ongoing unprosecuted left-wing CONUS “book/money laundering scheme”, which has laundered hundreds of millions of dollars, in the form of “book deals”, mostly for left-wing elected and appointed DNC political members, and a number of RINO Republicans.

Today, just one of the umbrella corporations (with many family owned subsidiaries), is literally called “ISOLEP”, which is “PELOSI” backwards.

That much is known.

While not conclusive, a couple of these Isolep companies, may well be horrifically involved in the lucrative, global, left-wing elitest, abortion related “adrenachrome” business.

We are truly dealing with pure evil in our midst.


5 posted on 04/23/2020 5:40:41 PM PDT by patriotfury ((May the fleas of a thousand camels occupy mo' ham mads tents!))
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To: Vendome

Well then, let’s add McConnell to the list.

But I am still curious about Feinstein and Pelosi and their ties to China.

6 posted on 04/23/2020 5:41:47 PM PDT by originalbuckeye ('In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act'- George Orwell..?)
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To: patriotfury

Very interesting. Thank you for the heads up.

7 posted on 04/23/2020 5:51:38 PM PDT by originalbuckeye ('In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act'- George Orwell..?)
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To: originalbuckeye; All

Get News about corruption spiked by MSM
Presented and sourced in Free Republic. com/
An all sides news collecting site by volunteers
with no ads or fees which uses donations
below just a sample Punch up link for

Virginia Goes Full Libtard, Passes Transgender Educational Mandates for Children,
Other Pro-LGBT Measures DCCL ^Democrats are not just at war with the Bill of Rights;
they are at war with traditional Christian values as well. They moved legislation
through the state senate earlier this week that advances the LGBT agenda.M
One bill will allow transgender people to be issued new birth certificates
that are not based on the sex of their birth. | 1/25/2020 | Dean Garrison

How swamp family members got rich through corruption Schweizer book review;
New York Post ^ | January 18, 2020 | Biden’$Bundle$ More here;

Court Filing: Hunter Biden earned $156M from Ukraine corruption
One America News ^ | 12/25/19 | OAN News Posted on 12/26/2019, 8:52:00 PM by Blood of Tyrants

Hunter Biden is facing new accusations of money laundering from Ukraine .BREAKING: Pelosi’s Son Now Involved In Ukraine Scandal- Democrat Party In Shambles ^ | Dean James & Dean Garrison at DC Clothesline October 4, 2019

Hunter Biden move over. Now Nancy Pelosi’s son may be looking to take center stage with the Ukraine controversy. Paul Pelosi, Jr. spent time in Ukraine in 2017. “BOOM: Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. (who went to Ukraine in 2017) was a board member of Viscoil and executive at its related company NRGLab, which DID ENERGY Business in UKRAINE! And Nancy Pelosi appeared in a promotional video for the company!”

Speaker Pelosi’s Son Paid $180K annual by InfoUSA (No Experience necessary)12/29/2019, 7:03:41 PM · by Liz · 7 replies ^ | December 29, 2019 | Carlos Christian
Shortly after Nancy Pelosi became Speaker, in 2007, Paul Pelosi Jr. was employed by InfoUSA at $180,000 a year as vice chairman for Strategic Planning. Paul Pelosi had a full-time day job as a mortgage mortgage officer for Countrywide Loans in California but didn’t report to work

Top Romney Adviser Worked With Hunter Biden On Board Of Ukrainian Energy Company
Federalist ^ | September 26, 2019 | Erielle Davidson Posted on 10/4/2019, 8:14:46 PM by cocoapuff Federalist—According to Burisma’s website, Joseph Cofer Black (Romney adviser) was appointed in February of 2017 and continues to serve on its board. The timelines would indicate that Black and Biden worked together at Burisma,

Burisma Paid Joe Biden $900,000 for Lobbying – Ukrainian MP
Ukraine News Agency ^ |KYIV. Oct 9 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden received $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Group, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada member Andriy Derkach said citing investigation materials the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, open sources, in particular, the New York Times, is affiliated with Biden. payment for consultative services,”;

Obama gave Pearson Publishing $350 million to create Commoncore text and Pearson gave Obama a $65 million dollar book deal in return. Investment Watch ^ | 12/8/19 |The Obamas’ $60m book deal has broken all records. From James Patterson to JK Rowling and Pope John Paul II,

Chelsea Clinton is worth big bucks — Here’s how she managed to make all that money Fox News ^ | 1/12/2020 | Tammy Bruce Posted on 1/12/2020, 3:33:01 PM New York Post reported back in 2015 an estimated net worth of $15 million Barron’s, revealed that Chelsea Clinton has now reaped $9 million in a corporate board position. In 2011, her mother was still secretary of state, she was appointed to IAC/, an Internet investment company. receives an annual $50,000 retainer and $250,000 worth of IAC stock , according to Barron’s .Politico reported she is rewarded with $600,000 a year doing occasional fluffy feature stories.. Vanity Fair found, after she parted ways with NBC News in 2014, she ended up making $26,724 per minute .

8 posted on 04/23/2020 5:57:17 PM PDT by mosesdapoet (mosesdapoet aka L.J.Keslin posting here for the record hoping somebody might read and pass around)
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To: originalbuckeye


9 posted on 04/23/2020 9:20:04 PM PDT by angelsonmyside
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