Since May 28, 2005

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I was a member of Free Republic years ago but lost my password and had to sign up again. I have to admit it had been a while since I had been on.

Feeling very down one day after my son had deployed I remembered the one place I could go to be uplifted. That was FreeRepublic.

My son met a beautiful young lady while he was away, fell in love and is planning to marry his fellow Air force sweetheart in July. Both are out now and starting a new life together. Now that he has passed his written and physical exams with the local Fire Department, we are hoping he gets hired on soon.

I have one other Adopted Son that is an active duty Marine. He is currently serving in Iraq. He is on his 3rd deployment and will be home in Feb. if his deployment is not extended.

My Daughter is a sweet and loving young lady unless you say something bad about our Troops, then you can hang it up, lol

Because of my Children and their friends I have become very active with the Soldiers Angels Program. If you ever want to do something for our Troops I would highly suggest it. You can read more about them at

One day when I grow up I will learn to do all the graphics and post pictures but until then... ;-)