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After frequent stays on the family’s acreage in Adams County since 1939 became
a legal resident of Wisconsin in 1982 and in 99 retired to care for stroke disabled brother who passed away in 2005.

In 2002 at the tender age of 70, I decidcd to embark on setting up a website which would keep my editorial and writing skills which included among other ventures being a former reporter/ editor/ and or publisher of a number of Community Papers on the southwest side of Chicago. Among my other scribing credits this also included stints as editor/writer/etc with such papers as The Daily Calumet, and what I call working for the “national penny press” for the Sorenson’s which published Midnight, Tattler, and of course the National Inquirer, located in the city where “A Proud Queen Is Courted By Fifty Duchies And Chicago Is Her Name”

That website is

I also activly participated in Chicago opposition politics in the 60’s. until the late 70’s in that city. Creating and designing material and organizing political campaigns for certain Republican candidates for Mayor, city clerk, State Senators and Representatives, and 2 Chicago Aldermen being sometimes successfully.

Then to my horror along came 2006 and the resultant 2008 election. In which control of the Democratic party was taken over by radicals. It was then I decided because I know how to set up and operate political campaigns (sometimes successfully) that something had to be done to encourage political opposition and give those candidates the best advice I can give by setting up a page in my website . The page is entitled HOW TO RUN A $1,000,000 CAMPAIGN ON A $1,000 Budget.

It is my belief there is something in it that is of value that even a 10 term candidate can use. It is not a lecture on positions save a observation on socialism. But discusses tactics, approaches, which should be used in running a sucessful campaign

The US Mat sometimes brings out current events brought up on talk shows media deletions and bias, and for serious expose about topics listed in my no ads, no cookies, website blog journal such as DMV abuse, screw ups, and corruption, in the US and other topics punch up my site
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