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Thank God Ted Cruz Is No Marco Rubio
Townhall ^ | 10/15/2015 | Lee Culpepper

Posted on 02/05/2016 7:26:07 AM PST by conservativejoy

Why must some conservatives act like forsaken-liberal women or liberals who support the Washington Redskins? Honestly. No matter what they have going for them in other areas of life, some people just can't get enough betrayal or disappointment.

It's really depressing listening to otherwise normal people jabber on about how the rest of us could give Marco Rubio a second chance - during the primary, no less. Why can't these people just accept that Rubio isn't the guy they want him to be?

What drives this twisted compulsion to see Marco the way some conservatives can only wish that he were? You know, just like Ted Cruz, but not as courageous, smart, or consistently right on all the issues.

Maybe it's their inability to accept that they are wrong. Maybe in their hearts, they believe they know more than the rest of us. Maybe it's our own lying eyes. Maybe they are just morally superior and more forgiving than everyone else. In other words, maybe it's just their own foolish pride. Who knows?

Whatever it is, please - for the love of God - just get over it.

Rubio proved himself to be the fixer-upper we'll have to settle for if he's the only guy left after the prmary. Until then, he deserves to be on his own. He asked for it.

I mean, come on. He didn't even try to hide his unfaithfulness. He flaunted it in John McCain's Washington insider parade. It doesn't get much lower than John McCain. How could any true patriot support this guy, Rubio, in the primary, now? Ugh!

Are these well-intentioned conservatives recovering liberals? That could explain a lot. No, matter how compelling the truth is, they still sometimes refuse to concede the obvious.

If Rubio were dependable, no one would need to explain how he can recover a conservative reputation. He wouldn’t need to. He would have had the self-discipline not to squander it.

Let Rubio work on redeeming himself without casting a conservative vote for him in the primary. Let Rubio prove he can survive on his own. No one forced him to besmirch his honor. Let him get it back the hard way - without conservative support in the primary.

Anyone who lacks the judgment to stay out of the sack with John McCain - let alone the Gang of Eight - shouldn't be touched with a 10-foot pole. Let alone a conservative vote in the primary.

Yea, yea, yea. Sure the voodoo fortune tellers swear that Ted Cruz can’t win 270 electoral votes. They also swore John McCain and Mitt Romney could win those votes. Eight years later, we now know how much their fortunes are worth.

If it were up to establishment fortune tellers, we wouldn’t even have primaries. We'd just let the media appoint our candidates.

Speaking of which, did you hear that Rubio is now the conservative candidate that Bill and Hillary Clinton fear the most! Give me a freaking break. Can politics get any cornier?

If Bill or Hillary actually said that, we instinctively know that the opposite is true. In fact, if you want to be right, just do the exact opposite of everything liberals and their favorite republican, John McCain, tell you to do.

Considering the fact that McCain called Cruz a "wacko," every true patriot in the country should be thinking hard about lining up to vote for Cruz in the primary. It's practically a no-brainer.

Furthermore, this Clinton scheme sounds more like it could have been hatched by Marco McCain's presidential campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if Carl Rove leaked it. Rove might have even sent the Jeb mole disguised as a millennial twit to Trump's No Labels event to ask obnoxious liberal questions.

Let's face it. Establishment Republicans are still not as slick as their liberal cohorts. Even when they aren’t busted redhanded, you can just sense they're guilty of something.

Meanwhile, normal Americans embrace real competition. And any winning coach will tell you there is a reason to actually compete instead of deciding the game on paper.

Additionally, unless a coach is just desperate or has no other option, he goes with the player with the proven record. Like a real winner, Cruz has the untainted credibility in Washington to back up what he says he'll do, when he says he'll do it.

This is not rocket science. It's just the facts.

We certainly have the right to support whomever we want, but if Rubio gets the chance to betray conservatives again, don't complain when he does it.

Spare yourself the disappointment. Vote for Ted Cruz. Rely on his conservative principles. It's the right thing to do, which might explain why some people are struggling to do it.

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1 posted on 02/05/2016 7:26:07 AM PST by conservativejoy
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To: conservativejoy

This was posted today at Right Wing News. It is a good reminder of the dangers of nominating Marco Rubio.

2 posted on 02/05/2016 7:27:16 AM PST by conservativejoy (Pray Hard, Work Hard, Trust God ...We Can Elect Ted Cruz)
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To: conservativejoy

The only thing I fear is, all this mindless nonsense is going to cause a large portion of voters to stay home after the primaries are finished.

3 posted on 02/05/2016 7:28:19 AM PST by Durbin
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To: conservativejoy

A plurality of Republican voters aren’t conservative.
For many reasons.
So Rubio can get a lot of votes if he’s the last guy standing from that group of candidates.

4 posted on 02/05/2016 7:28:37 AM PST by nascarnation
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To: nascarnation

And it’s not that they are not conservative so much as they are not knee deep in the details like most of us are. They lean to the right and may have strong feelings, but also are susceptible to media narratives and do not necessarily act on the red flags on certain issues. They’ll hear mostly what they like and make snap decisions on likability and trustworthiness. There’s nothing at surface level that is problematic about Rubio, unless you do not like his style of fast speech.

5 posted on 02/05/2016 7:31:34 AM PST by ilgipper
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To: conservativejoy

Agreed. The author of this thread might have to come to the conclusion that he is the one that is wrong. Rubio is not an establishment darling. they tried to defeat him in Florida and they are trying to crush him now. He can unite the party. Well, not all the hard liners on this site, but I don’t think he will need them to win.

6 posted on 02/05/2016 7:38:36 AM PST by andy1954
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To: andy1954

Do you even have a clue who owns Rubio? He’s as ‘establishment’ as they get! Handpicked by the same people who own Paul Ryan.

Rubio’s deceptions

7 posted on 02/05/2016 7:41:23 AM PST by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: All

Here is Cruz pushing birthright citizenship, defending anchor babies like Rubio to be able to be president. This man is dangerous! Aug. 13, 2011. Under a minute and the same smarmy Cruz lawyereze BS. And no, he didn’t mention he was born in Canada. It took him 3 more years to figure that one out.

8 posted on 02/05/2016 7:42:12 AM PST by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: ilgipper

Thank God they’re NOT plugged in... like we are.

9 posted on 02/05/2016 7:44:22 AM PST by txhurl (I'm NO LONGER with the Nasty Canadian '16 (well, unless he wins ;))(and he did))
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To: AuntB

Wow, Rubio hand-picked. So who has spent almost 60 million to defeat him. That is a costly ploy I would say. No, the establishment is out to distroy him so they can anoint one of their own, Bush or Kaisch. That is the truth. Rubio arose out of the tea party movement, and I have backed him every sense. Yes, he mad a terrible mistake with the gang of eight. and I think he gets it now. I know, I know you have to prove me wrong. Go ahead. He will be president anyway.

10 posted on 02/05/2016 7:48:52 AM PST by andy1954
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To: ilgipper
The other day here, I compared Rubio to the good looking hunk we, of the female persuasion, knew about in high school. He'd flirt with any number of girls, pretend he was just dying to "get better acquainted and maybe they were available on Friday," if he didn't have football practice.

There were always other nicer, genuine guys who'd love to spend some quality time with a girl, guys who maybe didn't look quite so handsome and guys their mom actually liked better but no, she was waiting for the hunk to call!

If the hunk did call and did actually take her out, he was laughing at how stupid the girl was Monday morning in the locker room and telling the guys about what an "easy score" she was!

Some women never learn and men included.

They actually want to go for the liar because........add your own qualifier!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!!!

11 posted on 02/05/2016 7:50:48 AM PST by zerosix (Native Sunflower)
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To: andy1954

Don’t let facts confuse you. You didn’t even read that link...any AMERICAN would run from Rubio knowing how bought and paid for he is.

12 posted on 02/05/2016 8:03:30 AM PST by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: zerosix

I cannot get my bearings with Rubio. I do think he brings a great deal of conservatism to the table. More than any of our nominees since 80/84. He’s definitely got some flaws, and I am still disgusted with his road show to push the gang of eight bill. That said, I have never completely washed my hands of him because I think he still has good possibility. Definitely concerned about immigration and not to thrilled with his hawkishness and big brother tendencies on surveillance. On those issues, Cruz hit my libertarian needs in addition to general limited government. If it was issues in a vacuum driving the decision, Cruz is the match. When it comes to campaign chops, Rubio is better. Tough choice. When it comes time for my primary. I could potentially vote for any of the top 3 depending on where the race stands. I see what you are saying about Rubio. He could be the total poser. I don’t think he’s entirely insincere. I do think he feels he can pull a fast one on immigration.

13 posted on 02/05/2016 8:39:32 AM PST by ilgipper
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To: conservativejoy
It's one thing for your policies to be disliked. That's an unavoidable roadblock that must necessarily be overcome to get legislation enacted.

It's another when personal dislike is added as an additional hurdle. Even though Democrats and the press hated Reagan's policies, they often liked him personally, which was something that aided Reagan in enacting his agenda.

Cruz has established himself as the Grand Inquisitor of the GOP, and while that is red meat to hard-line conservatives, it makes you unpopular personally, and unlikeable. It is looking more and more like Ted Cruz just doesn't play well with others, and that isn't a good sign either in terms of getting elected, or being able to govern effectively once there.

I'm not sure a President Cruz would be able to accomplish much more than vetoing things he doesn't like. In terms of enacting the legislation needed to effect permanent change...I just don't see it. I don't see him having the personal appeal necessary to rally either Congressional or public support.

14 posted on 02/05/2016 8:40:27 AM PST by Bruce Campbells Chin
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To: conservativejoy

Spare your self the disappointment. Vote for ANYONE who runs against ANY Democrat.

15 posted on 02/05/2016 8:47:02 AM PST by theoilpainter
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To: Bruce Campbells Chin

Cruz, like Reagan will appeal to the American people. Cruz’s policies are popular with the people. Those policies have made him unpopular with the establishment.

That he is unlikable is a myth. His favorables are at the top of the entire list of candidates, while Trump has the highest unfavorables of all.

16 posted on 02/05/2016 8:52:04 AM PST by conservativejoy (Pray Hard, Work Hard, Trust God ...We Can Elect Ted Cruz)
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To: zerosix
The problem with your analogy is that Rubio isn't the flirt who runs away. Most people who actually know him seem to genuinely like the guy. He was elected Speaker of the Florida legislator by fellow Republicans, so they clearly thought he was responsible and respected him.

Here's a blurb from Wikipedia (links to supporting articles are there)

As speaker, Rubio "aggressively tried to push Florida to the political right," according to NBC News, and frequently clashed with the Florida Senate, which was run by more moderate Republicans, and with then-Governor Charlie Crist, a centrist Republican at the time.[40] Although a conservative, "behind the scenes many Democrats considered Rubio someone with whom they could work," according to biographer Manuel Roig-Franzia.[46]

Dan Gelber of Miami, the House Democratic leader at the time of Rubio's speakership, considered him "a true conservative" but not "a reflexive partisan," saying: "He didn't have an objection to working with the other side simply because they were the other side. To put it bluntly, he wasn't a jerk."[47] Gelber considered Rubio "a severe conservative, really far to the right, but probably the most talented spokesman the severe right could ever hope for."

Cruz has set himself up as the conservative Grand Inquisitor of the GOP, and is becoming as disliked by other candidates as he was in the Senate. Being right on all the issues doesn't help if you alienate so many people that you can't get elected, or effectively govern even if you do.

One thing that I do like in your analogy is football. Rubio played team sports, and actually had a football scholarship. Cruz didn't. Team sports help a lot of guys learn about teamwork, and can be a huge positive for socialization.

Ted's biggest flaw is that he just doesn't play well with others.

17 posted on 02/05/2016 8:59:25 AM PST by Bruce Campbells Chin
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To: conservativejoy
Cruz is very appealing to people who already agree with him on all the issues. Otherwise, people don't seem to like him, and the feeling seems reciprocated.

He has rather impressively managed to repeat his unpopularity in the Senate with his unpopularity with his fellow candidates. Ben Carson, of all people, just hates the guy.

I'd be all-in on Cruz if the national political landscape mirrored that of Texas, but it doesn't. The country as whole is not nearly that conservative. We need a candidate who can actually persuade fence-sitters to embrace at least some conservative ideas, but Ted is much better at drawing the lines between "us" and "then" than at persuading people to cross over.

18 posted on 02/05/2016 9:06:32 AM PST by Bruce Campbells Chin
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To: ilgipper

Good luck making your decision. I was in the exact same place where you were until very recently. Not an easy choice, and either is defensible.

19 posted on 02/05/2016 9:08:17 AM PST by Bruce Campbells Chin
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To: ilgipper
Love your screen name and the one guy you're "named" after!Do more candidate digging out your own research and quit relying on your emotions when you see any candidate on TV!

Many decades earlier, long before you "were a twinkle in your daddie's eye," to quote a very old adage, there was a debate before the 1960 election, in which Dick Nixon far and away surpassed Jack Kennedy......but there were some significant factors at work: the media and liberals everywhere HATED Nixon; those who saw the debate on black and white TV, saw a young, good looking, smiling guy called Jack Kennedy and across the stark table sat a guy who knew all the facts, wasn't terribly conservative but we had yet to slide into the moral cesspool, Nxon fought hard fights against Communism and its creep into this Hemisphere (Castro was merely a young, swarthy "Freedom Fighter" an hour's flight from Miami) and the left loathed Nixon's work to expose the Communists in the government, Hollywierd and in academia!

Besides that, Nixon was not a pretty guy, he didn't go to ivy league schools, spending his summers in yachts in the Hamptons or on the Cape!, he held menial jobs to pay for his college!

He was a serious guy, he had a five o'clock shadow 30 minutes after shaving, which gave his appearance on black and white TV as thuggish and scarey! Add to that cameramen knew how to take advantage of showing each candidate's best side and lighting that accentuated Nixon's "sinister like" appearance!

Naturally, as in today's media, hard questions were given to Nixon, puffballs to Kennedy.

Those who heard the debate thought Nixon walked away with it but those who saw it loved Jack Kennedy and proclaimed him the winner.

The rest is history and except for two terms when crime control was demanded by the American people, after watching riots out of control acrossthe country and he promised to end Vietnam, Nixon was elected twice but never without the liberal wolves and hounds in the press and was run out of office.

Only charming, well-mannered, mostly attractive Ivy League candidates who again vacation in the Hamptons and the Cape matter! Ronald Reagan stepped outside of those rules but believe me, his Eureka College education and working class parents were sneered at by the Bush's and Rockefellers and liberals really scoffed at him especially when they realized Reagan took his promises to the American people were serious!

All this us to say, we don't have to vote for the most photogenic, most charming but especially the one the Establishment is pushing! Take responsibility for relentlessly researching records - real records, not those pushed by the campaign, other campaign supporters, liberal media and the RNC!

20 posted on 02/05/2016 10:21:08 AM PST by zerosix (Native Sunflower)
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