by Laurie Azgard

A tweet was put out by Millie Weaver’s official twitter account on a very disturbing new trend. Somebody has threatened Millie Weaver with setting her up with child pornography, yes child pornography like ActivistPost and We Are Change had spoken of.

Here is her tweet and uploaded images of the email that she had received:

That right there sounds similar to a typical tormail style frame up email like what had happened to Alex Jones last year.

See article: QANON possibly being framed with new Set Up Attempt on Alex Jones

I researched the email address domain of, and they do run a onion service and email just like So yes they do run TOR-based email services which are anonymous as they are all routed through multiple encrypted nodes. TOR was supposedly developed by the NAVY if I heard right.

Millie tweeted further by explaining that it was not her email address but a fake one purporting to be her identity.

“Thats not my email. Someone made a fake email that is intended to appear as though it is mine.” – Millie Weaver. Does that sound familiar from what had happened to Luke Rudkowski and Stewart Rhodes?

Three video embeds below. If you cannot view the embeds then this article was probably posted on a platform that doesn’t allow embeds. Here are the links to the embeds below:

Alternative Media Under Attack! Someone Trying to Set-up Truthstream Media – video dailymotion

Attempted Setup of Luke Rudkowski – YouTube

BREAKING: Attempted Set-Up of Stewart Rhodes & Dan Johnson With Child Porn – YouTube

According to that old set up attempt, the child porn sender purported to make it appear as though Stewart Rhodes was personally emailing supposed child pornography to Dan Johnson, to frame up Stewart Rhodes with transmission, distribution, possession of child porn material to hold him legally liable to make him register as a sex offender.

Then of course this happened in 2013 to Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news too. So this is nothing new.

brianThreatemail1 tormail

Anyways, further investigation into the email that Millie reported appears that this may have been a forwarded message of what was emailed to the clerks office of the Portage, Ohio court of common pleas. If that is the case then this is a very dangerous situation here. Somebody purporting to be Millie Weaver was filing something by email with the clerk’s office, which more than likely we assume is child pornography because of what was attempted with Stewart Rhodes and Melissa Melton or Aaron Dykes in regards to child porn sending and spoofing of identities tactics. In fact due to the Coronavirus pandemic aka Covid-19, the clerk’s office allows filing of pleadings by email transmission. So coincidentally just around the right time period during the covid-19 crisis, somebody appears to have filed something potentially illegal using Millie Weaver’s name, filing this crap with the clerk’s office of a court. If they ever had thought this could have been Millie Weaver, they could have filed an emergency restraining or detention order then would have revoked her bond through this potential child pornography operation or campaign and then she would have sat in jail unable to defend herself on twitter. The fact that there is no arrest warrants out for her that we are aware of publicly means that maybe the clerk’s office has wised up to this set up attempt. First of all, Millie Weaver has a legal fund and a lawyer on record in her state criminal case. Why would she file any document pro se through email????????

Last part of the email message says “I am Millicent Weaver, I am filing this affidavit electronically through email.” It even said “Thank you for the time and attention to file this document in this case.” Oh yeah, this sounds like a cheesy child porn set up attempt to me, I hope the clerk reported this to the FBI if that was the case here. This needs to be investigated.

The email address that the perpetrator had sent the potential criminal filing to was “”. I have confirmed that this is the exact email address that was mentioned in the screenshot from their own public website. Part of the email says “I received this”, by “Kathy Gray, Supervisor”. So it does appear that whoever had sent the threatening email to Millie was forwarding another email where whoever was purporting to be “Millicent F. Weaver” had somehow tried to convince the clerk that it was Millicent Weaver filing a pro se affidavit with the clerk. I assume it was likely child porn so I wouldn’t trust it since it came from a tormail email address just like all the others who had received tormails like with Luke Rudkowski, Melissa Melton, Brian D. Hill, and others.

On checking the docket sheet, there doesn’t seem to be any filings in regards to that email. So either the email may be fake to scare her or the email was real but if it did contain the illegal child porn as the threatening email had claimed then more than likely it was reported to the FBI for investigation. No clerk in their right minds is going to file child pornography on public dockets otherwise they are idiots and have violated federal law as well.

This is scary that somebody would even try to impersonate Millie Weaver to try to frame her with filing child porn with the state criminal court. If this court had came after Millie over what the impersonator had attempted to file with the court, her bond would have been revoked and she would have faced more charges, she would have been sitting in jail every day till her jury trial then possibly her release date, and she likely would have faced child pornography charges either in the federal court system or in state court making her look even more guilty of her other charges. This is scary, what the deep state seems to be trying to do here. Destroy her at all costs. What was in that documentary ShadowGate that they are so afraid of?

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