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(Vanity) A Modest Proposal -- A "Real Life" of Julia
Inspired by Obama's "The Life of Julia" ^ | Feb 25 2017 | grey_whiskers

Posted on 02/24/2017 4:17:11 AM PST by grey_whiskers

I'm sure that most of us to the right of center grew awfully tired of the propaganda put out by the Obama campaign.

One of the worst was the execrable "The Life of Julia" YouTube piece contrasting the idyllic life under glorious Soviet multiracial healer Obama, as opposed to that known purveyor of"binders full of women" Romney.

I give a synopsis, followed by corrections, with the benefits of hindsight:

Slide 1: Julia goes to Head Start to help prepare for kindergarten under Obama. Under Romney/Ryan the budget would be cut.

Correction: Ryan as replacement GOP chair for Weepy Boehner, gave Obama everything he wanted in the budget.

Slide 2: Julia time-warps from pre-Kindergarten into a college-bound high school senior taking the SATs under Obama's "Race To The Top" program. Romney/Ryan cut funding for public school to pay for tax cuts for multimillionaires.

Correction:Nationwide, achievement test scores have continued their decades-long precipitous decline under Democrats. Students are now barely qualified to do anything more than cower in their Safe Spaces, because Snowflake is Triggered.

Slide 3: Julia gets an American Opportunity Tax Credit, worth $10, 000 over four years, and a Pell Grant, courtesy of Uncle Sugar. Under Romney/Ryan, the Tax Credits would be expired, and the Pell Grants cut.

Correction: College costs have *skyrocketed* as the ratio of slave-wage "adjuncts" to full-time faculty has plummeted, even while the number of administrators and diversity coordinators has skyrocketed.

Slide 4: In College, Julia undergoes surgery. It is paid for by Obamacare which requires her parents to pay for her insurance until Snowflake turns 26. Under Romney/Ryan, Obamacare would be killed.

Correction: Hell, we can't even get the GOPe to kill Obamacare under President TRUMP. And in the meantime, how many college kids do you know who need surgery while in college, or who attend college until the age of 26? Except, you know, icky college *men* who are really losers living in Mommy's basement, while strong empowered women like Julia sleep around and then accuse the men of date rape. Feminists claim that 1-in-4 women will be sexually assaulted in college, making it more unsafe than the Congo. Why do parents pay so much to send their daughters away to Rape Culture?

Slide 5: Empowered Julia starts her career as a Web Designer under the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Mitt Romney with his binders full of women refuses to say whether or not he'd have signed or vetoed the Act.

Correction: Under Obama, Julia's job has been outsourced to India. Would you like cream or sugar in your latte?

Slide 6: After graduation, Julia's student debts are more manageable, since President Obama capped income-based student loan repayments, and kept interest rates low. Mitt Romney would allow interest rates to *double*.

Correction: In the meantime, the cumulative amount of student debt has increased to over 1.3 TRILLION dollars, not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Janet Yellen, in an attempt to tank the economy and destroy President TRUMP, is allowing interest rates to rise. The average student loan debt of 2016 graduates is over $37,000. That's the down payment on a house.

Slide 7: For the last four years, Julia has worked full-time as a web designer. Obamacare pays for birth control, letting Julia worry about her career rather than healthcare. Under Ryan/Romney, insurance companies would have been allowed to charge women in line with their average higher healthcare costs, rather than subsidizing women at the expense of men.

Correction: Many young women have turned to the soft prostitution of sugar daddies to pay down their college debt. Failing that, since the government pays for their birth control, they feel free to sleep around through their 20s rather than getting married. Their parents are reduced to eating rice and beans, or dog food, under the Obama economy, since their savings pay < 1% interest.

Slide 8: Julia decides to have a child. Obamacare pays for maternal checkups, prenatal screenings, and the like. Under Romney, this would be repealed.

Correction: Ever notice there's no mention of marriage, or even of a father for the child, anywhere in the presentation? And Julia had her *first* child, at age 31, and unmarried at that? Either this was another Virgin Birth -- like all the millions of Virgin Births throughout the United States ever since the sexual revolution, or Julia's been busy "finding herself" with a collection of exciting new men, none of whom have the money or the inclination to stick around after knocking her up. See, this is why womyn can't have nice things. It's Patriarchy.

Slide 9: Julia's child Zachary starts kindergarten. The public schools in their neighborhood are rife with Unicorn Farts and Pixie Dust, because Obama and Race To The Top. Under Romney of course, little Zachary is reduced to cuneiform on clay tablets, because budget cuts.

Correction: Gee, I didn't know Obama was in office from the time Julia was pre-kindergarten all the way until she turned 37. And ever notice how little Zachary, being a BOY, is denied Head Start which was given to Julia? It's almost like the Democrats hate men and want to destroy them, or something. Also left out is Julia's new Muslim boyfriend, thoughtfully imported by Obama from Syria at taxpayer expense.

Slide 10: Julia starts her own female-and-minority owned Web Business, using a Small Business administration loan, and Obama's tax cuts for small businesses. She's able to grow the local economy by hiring new employees. Under Romney/Ryan, the budget for the Small Business Administration is cut 20%.


Julia's "Web Business" consists of live one-on-one nude chats with horny single men (left behind under Obama, and unable to marry because they don't have a job). While Julia still decries them as "losers living in their Mommy's basement" she is grateful for their credit card payments.

Slide 11: Julia time warps again, going from age 42 to age 65, where Julia enrolls in Medicare, helping to afford preventive care and the prescription drugs she needs. Under Romney/Ryan, Medicare could end as we know it (the eternal Democrat threat of "throw granny off the cliff"), leaving her with only a voucher to pay for insurance, meaning $6,360/year for a smaller plan.

Correction: "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." Many people under Obamacare are forced to pay $20,000/year in premiums, and have an additional deductible of $6000 or more a year, before anything other than preventative checkups and birth control is paid for. Somehow, even though she participated in the P*ssy Walk against Trump, Julia is angry because she's a Nasty Woman, and where have all the good men gone? She consoles herself that all of her anti-anxiety medications and prescription antidepressants are paid for by the government, but she still has to pay out-of-pocket for her nightly bottle of red wine. She wonders why her son never calls.

Slide 12: Julia retires, and receives generous benefits from Social Security, allowing her to volunteer at a community garden. Under Romney/Ryan, her benefits could be cut by 40%.

Correction: Social Security is bankrupt: but to hide this, the payments are indexed to inflation, which is purposefully low-balled by the government, much as the Obama administration lied about the unemployment rate to save his scrawny Communist ass while he was in office. Her son, upset that he never had a father, arranges with a friendly local "death panel" to have her adjudicated as 'unsustainable', so he can finally move into her house without having to live in the basement.

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Education; Government; Society
KEYWORDS: ctrlleft; propaganda; satire; whiskersvanity
Fortunately, the worst of this can be avoided if we press forward under President Trump.


1 posted on 02/24/2017 4:17:11 AM PST by grey_whiskers
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To: grey_whiskers; neverdem; SunkenCiv; Cindy; LucyT; decimon; freedumb2003; ...

Why chicks dig Obama *PING*.

2 posted on 02/24/2017 4:20:37 AM PST by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change without notice.)
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To: grey_whiskers

Isn’t “Julia” the name of Winston Smith’s girlfriend in Orwell’s “1984”?

3 posted on 02/24/2017 5:06:03 AM PST by Campion (Halten Sie sich unbedingt an die Lehre!)
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To: Campion

Well, yes. And remember that Winston Smith worked for Google / Twitter, retroactively scrubbing #Crimethink from the records. (Strictly speaking, he was sanitizing failed Party predictions. But close enough.)

4 posted on 02/24/2017 5:14:30 AM PST by grey_whiskers (The opinions are solely those of the author and are subject to change without notice.)
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