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Christian conservative.
Mostly Republican w / occasional libertarian leanings.
Escaped from Minnesota, moved somewhere non-Karen-friendly.

Alternative Tagline, not yet adopted: "Digging for Choice Nuggets in the Litterbox of Knowledge"

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My adopted self-portrait, borrowed from one of the crevo threads.

The Legendary Mrs. Whiskers:

Some of my articles on Free Republic:

A Modest Proposal on the Ten Commandments

SUVs: The Death of the Dinosaurs (Vanity)

Vanity: In Praise of Internal Combustion

Vanity: Of Mice and Men

(Vanity) Phone Hassle; or, To Serve Man

(Vanity) Another Look at Outsourcing

(Vanity) An Analogy to Taxes

(Vanity) An Ode to September

(Vanity) The Generation Gap

(Vanity) Is Bush Playing Poker with Miers?

Marketing Effluent

The Liars, The Itch, and the War-drone; or, The Dope-A-Rope

(Vanity) Division of Labor, or Why Values Matter

(Vanity) Whither the Economy?

(Vanity) The Digital Convergence and Mass Customization

(Vanity) A Falling Tide Grounds All Boats

(Vanity) Peak Labor

(Vanity) A mythical email response to Senator Frist

(Vanity) The New Colonialism, or, Out of One, Many

(Vanity) Immigration Policies, or, Half-A-Glass

(Vanity) Lefty quotes from the past about Zarqawi

(Vanity) My Trip to Alaska, Part I

(Vanity) My Trip to Alaska, Part II : The City of Anchorage

(Vanity) My Trip to Alaska, Part III: The Road To Denali

(Vanity) My Trip to Alaska, Part IV: The Kitty Goes to Kenai

(Vanity) Summer in Alaska, Part V: From Homer to Home

(Vanity) The Passion of the Kos

(Vanity) Asymmetrical Wars and Disproportionate Response

(Vanity) Pride and Prejudice -- or, On Trust of Authors

(Vanity) The HP Way and the NSA; or, Little Sister is Watching You

(Vanity) Confessions of a Crunchy Con, or, You Can't Judge a Conservative by his Birkenstocks

(Vanity) Foley's Follies, or Queen for a Day

(Vanity) Confessions of a Crunchy Con II, or, I Left My Heart in Cans of Crisco

Confessions of a Crunchy Con III, or, Why Don't I Mind *Your* Own Business?

The Lexis-Nexis and the Oligarchy, with Apologies to Thomas Friedman

(Vanity) What Hath Bush Wrought, or, Through a Glass Darkly

(Vanity) The Shell Game, or "Con"-oco Fillups

(Vanity) Why Business is For the Birds,or, All Flocked Up Part I

(Vanity) Why Business is For the Birds,or,All Flocked Up Part II

(Vanity) Campaign for Sustainable Government

(Vanity) A House Divided,or, You Can't Teach a Yellow Dog New Tricks

Note: thanks to RebelBanker for catching an obvious error...I've *got* to stop posting past my bedtime.

(Vanity) It Just Isn't Cricket, or, The Sound of Silence

(Vanity) Monkey See, Much Ado, or, Ann Coulter Ate My Homework

Indulgences, or Divine Secrets of the Yo-Yo Sisterhood

(Vanity) How Many Republicans Does It Take To Screw Up A Campaign, or The War on Error

(Vanity) Are Americans Hobbits?

(Vanity) Al Qaeda in a Quagmire

President Charlie Brown, or The Sins of the Fathers

(Vanity) Big Pharma and the Broken Window, or Look at These Drug Prices, It's a Crime

(Vanity) A Merck-y Decision, or, Is Pfizer Wiser?

(Vanity) As the World Turns, or The Wild, Wild East

(Vanity) As the World Turns, Part II, or Back to the Future

(Vanity) As the World Turns, Part III, or, The Year of Lipstick on a Pig

(Vanity) As the World Turns, Part IV, or The New Dealhi

(Vanity) As the World Turns, Part V, or, The Melting Pot

(Vanity) Al Gore and the Kyoto Treaty

(Vanity) Newspeak and the Pipsqueak, or, Light in the Briefs

(Vanity) The Other Face of India, or, The Social Climber

A Republic, If You Can Keep It, or, Go Fly A Kite

(Vanity) Code Punked, or The Laws of the Medeas and Persians

(Vanity) Why Johnny Can't Add, or The Hell of Gates

A Republic If You Can Keep It Part II: The New Feudalism Tweedledum and Tweedledee go to Washington

(Vanity) Hillary meets McCain-Feingold, or, This Runt for Hire

(Vanity) The GE Way, or How to Welch on Your Promises

(Vanity) A Look Back at Immigration, or Fifty Years of Lies

(Vanity) The One-Way Ratchet

Vanity (The Christian Church and Multiculturalism)

(Vanity) The Amnesty Act of 2007 (Discussion of Text from the Bill)

(Vanity) The Era of Cheap Crap, or, You Don't Get What You (Don't) Pay For

(Vanity) Allah and Man at Columbia, or, Say it Ain't So, Mo!

(Vanity) Hillary Loves the Little Children, or This Bun [in the oven] For Hire

(Vanity) The Rush to Judgment, or, Pin the Fail on the Donkey

(Vanity) The Lawyer's Escape Clause, or The Social Uncertainty Principle

(Vanity) The Coulter Affair, or Deutch! Deutsch!

(Vanity) Democrats and Health Care, or the SCHIP hits the fan

China's Fuel Problems, or, A Shortage of Sand

(Vanity) A Nightmare Scenario

The McCain Sieve, or, the SwiftTalk Express

(Vanity) The Stimulus Package, or, The Trojan Burro

(Vanity) Trading Places on the Plantation

Pushing on a String, or, The End of the Rope

(Vanity) The Audacity of Hoax, or, The Religious Wright

(Vanity) Barack Obama, The Candidate for Everyone?

(Vanity) A Bump on the Road to Globalization

The Failed Policies of the Past, or, The Thirty Year Echo

Thank God for the EPA, or, There but for the grace of Nixon

Amphibian Warming, or, A Convenient Half-Truth

(Vanity) The Militia Clause, or H. L. Mencken was Right

(Vanity) You might be a liberal if...

(Vanity) Stick this on your Volvo, or, Sloganeers for Truth

(Vanity) A Look Back at 1968, or, Boneheads Revisited

(Vanity) A Look Back at 1968, Part II, or, The Impotents Abroad

Cheese, Moose, Palin

Some Days You're Palin. Some Days You're the Moose.

Sarah Palin: All American Girl

(Vanity, Satire) Barack Obama's latest fundraising letter

Politically Based Cartoon "Day By Day" NAILS the ABC Gibson/Palin Interview

(Vanity) Getting the Point on Ayers, or, An Act of War

(Vanity) Great Hoax from Little Acorns Grow, or, Are the Polls Nuts?

(Vanity) Annotated Tolkien and the Election Cycle

(Vanity) A Brief Comment on the Election

(Vanity) Give Us This Day, or, Lead Us Into Temptation

(Vanity) The Internet is Mightier than the Sword, or, après moi, les Allemands

(Vanity) Cloward-Piven and the Markets, or “He Played on Our Fears! He BETRAYED This Country!"

(Vanity) The Wind and The Trees, or, When You Wish Upon a TARP

(Vanity) On Inauguration Day, Let Me Be The First To Say...

(Vanity) The ROP vs. RPS, or, the Schoolyard Guide to Politics and The War on Terror

(Vanity) The Nation's First Black Jimmy Carter, or, The Unbearable Lightness of Barry

(Vanity) Obama's Sovereign Socialist Remedy for Swollen Executives, or, Preparation H

(Vanity) A Lesson from the Buffalo, or, Let The Chips Fall Where They May

(Vanity) The Multiplier Effect, or, Stimulate This! (Why Adam Smith Uses Only One Hand)

(Vanity) The Gospel of Matthews Chapter 5:1-20, or, The Barackitudes

Obama's Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun (apologies to William Shakespeare)

(Vanity) Rush Limbaugh in Alinsky's Crosshairs, or, Gunfight at the EIB Corral

(Vanity) Barack Obama and Reinhold Neibuhr, or, He Finds Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

A Living, Breathing Document, or, The Messiah and the Money Changers

(Vanity) The Endangered Specie Act, or, The Tax Footprint (Save the Greenbacks!)

(Vanity) Bodacious Tatas, or, India Steps on the Gas

(Vanity) Hillary and the Drug War, or, Keep Your Nose Clean

(Vanity) A Modest(o) Proposal, or, Keeping California Green

(Vanity) Perverse Incentives, or P.J. O'Rourke meets Milton Friedman

(Vanity) Thoughts on Easter

(Vanity) Washington in Hot Water, or, the Tea-Baggers

(Vanity) Observations on Catholic Confirmation, or, Pomp and ChurchandStance

(Vanity) Mark Twain, and Pandemic Flu, or, Mongolian Flustered Cluck

(Vanity) Mongolian Flustered Cluck, Part II, or, Stop the Supply Chain, I Want to Get Off

(Vanity) Chiefly on Squirrels, or, Darwin Meets the Michelin Man

(Vanity) A Generation of Children, or President <strike>Hoover<\strike> Electrolux

(Vanity) Alinsky Meets Orwell, or, The Audacity Archipelago

(Vanity) In Praise of a Simpler Time, or, Dude, Where's My Childhood?

(Vanity) The Obamanation of Defenestration, or, Dreams from my Fascist

The Obamanation of Defenestration II: Serf's Up, or, A Donkey To Pass Through the Eye of A Needle

(Vanity) Obama and the Press, or Totus Ponens

(Vanity) Palin and Sotomayor, with a side of Reagan

(Vanity) Obamacare and the Politics of Personal Destruction

The Minimum Wage and Unemployment, or, Bye Bye, Miss American Pie (No such thing as a Free Lunch)

(Vanity) Dr. Strangeglove, or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Obamacare

(Vanity) Suggested Questions for the Town Hall, or, Barack Obama and the Deathly Hollows

(Vanity) Malthusian Ethics and Government Health Care

(Vanity) Sarah Palin, Alinsky, and Obamacare (With A Nod To William Shakespeare)

The Free Republic "Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize" Quip Thread

(Vanity) A Simple Bipartisan Proposal on ObamaCare, for the Blue Dog Dems

(Vanity) First Take on Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue"

(Vanity) Obama Holiday Song: The Twelve Days of Eid al-Adha

(Vanity) Sarah Palin at the Mall of America

(Vanity) The Social Diamond Strategy, or, Swine Before Pearls

(Vanity) Comment on Northwest Airlines 253 self-igniter (father tried to warn the U.S. about him)

"Et Tu, Dufus?" (with Apologies to William Shakespeare)

(Vanity) Give us Back Our Money: Render Unto Caesar, or, The Lenin King

(Vanity) FR Exclusive -- Harry Reid Speaks Out on the Massachusettes Senate Race

China, the US, and Russia: MAD revisited

(Vanity) Surgeon General's Warning

(Vanity) Chess, Tolkien, and the Return of the Republic: An Introduction

Obama and the Auto Companies, or, The Toyota Controlla

A Knife in the Dark, or, The Assault of the Nancgûl

(Vanity) Collect for Easter, in the Year of Their Lord 1: Psalm 23

The Price of Obamacare, or, The Full Faith and Credit Card

Al Sharpton and True Equality: The Least in The Kingdom

(Vanity) A Pick-up Game, or, If the Nominee's A-Sportin', Don't Come A-Courtin'

(Satire) Barack Loves Me, This I Know

(Vanity) What we can Learn from Europe, or, When Arnold met deTocqueville

A Rejoinder to David Brooks, or, Some Very Light Loafers to Fill

(Vanity) A New National Symbol for the Political Parties

(Vanity) Alinsky, Lucifer, and the Left: No WONDER They Get it All Wrong

(Vanity) It's Getting Gaia Here (A Duet by Al Gore and Nelly)

(Vanity) The President's Case for The Undocumented, or, The Great Unwashed

The Declaration of Dependence

The 10:10 Project and 9-11, or, No Pressure

An Insomniac's Recap of the Elections

(Vanity) A Closer Look at the Tea Party Losses

Soros's Learning Curve

(Vanity) A Tale of Two Turtles (with apologies to Charles Dickens and Theodor Giesel)

The New House Leadership: A Myriad of Choices I: Who's on First?

The New House Leadership: A Myriad of Choices II: What's on Second?

The New House Leadership: A Myriad of Choices III: I Don't Know's on Third?

(Vanity) A Response to Rep. King in Light of Tucson

If (With Apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

The Legend of Lord Obaama, Or, King Merde-Ass

(Vanity) On Beyond Zillion, by Dr. Sue-us (with a nod to Fredrich Hayek)

(My Daughter) Baby Seals Killed bin Laden!

Amazing Guilt (The Liberal's Hymn)

(Vanity) FR Exclusive -- Obama's Undergraduate Record revealed

Obama, Osama, and the Fog of History -- with a look back to Easter

(Vanity) The Navy Seal Song

(Vanity) God, Free Will, and Chess

(Vanity) Reflections on Milk and Elevators, or, The Worth of A Man

(Vanity) Sarah and the Snobs, or, The True Measure of Intelligence

(Vanity): US is Suffering Severe Case of Palin-itis (Going Rogue Rejoinder)

A Jealous Woman's Problem with Sarah Palin (rejoinder to Linda Fritsch)

Dana Milbanks Apparently Soils Himself (Shoots at a Mama Grizzly and Misses)

(Vanity) A Politically Correct Fourth of July, Part I: The Declaration of Independence

(Vanity) A Politically Correct Fourth of July, Part II : Patriotic Songs

The Espresso Economy, or Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Thermodynamics and Closed Systems, or, Gore's Demon

(Exclusive to FR): Speaker Boehner's comments on the Raising the Debt Ceiling

(Vanity) Butthurt Report Form, PDS Edition

(Vanity) Thoughts on Perry

(Vanity) McCain on The Tea Party: More Right Than He Knew

(Vanity) The Cycle of Life, or, Those Who Know History Repeat It Too

(Vanity) Educators and Management by Exception (with a nod to Niels Bohr)

A FReeper's Guide to Palin / Perry Threads

Sarah Palin in "The Undecided," or, Only Her Halibut Knows for Sure

Sarah Ringbearer, or, A Gift From Frodo

(Thanka to Freeper nathanbeford for posting that for me when I was unable to, the day Sarah announced her decision not to run for President.)

(Vanity) Rejoinders to Elizabeth Warren

(Vanity) Unasked Questions: Herman Cain and Sexual Harassment

Where the Body Is, The Vultures Are Gathered, or, For Whom the Toll Peals Part I

Where the Body Is, The Vultures Are Gathered, or, For Whom the Toll Peals Part II

Where the Body Is, The Vultures Are Gathered, or, For Whom the Toll Peals Part III

Internet Forums and Social Dynamics: Part I: Everybody is someone else’s weirdo

Internet Forums and Social Dynamics: Part II: Snapbacks

The Internet and Social Dynamics, Part III: Getting Back to Basics, or, Don't be so Acidic

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: the 2012 GOP Primary Race

Internet Forums and Social Dynamics, Part IV: The Problem of Knowledge, or When Doctors Disagree

(Vanity) This is no Fluke, It's More Like a Hydra

(Vanity) Strength in Numbers: The REAL meaning of the Limbaugh Flap

Sex Strike -- Women United For Reproductive Rights

(Vanity) Of Academics, Sports, and Success: Social Tidal Forces

(Vanity) A Thorn By Any Other Name

(Vanity) The 2012 Election, A Mexican Standoff

(Vanity) A Lesson From Thucydides, or, Will We Learn From History

Will The Last Person in Detroit Please Turn Out The Lights, or, Money For Nothing, Checks For Free

(Vanity) Once, There Was A Mirror

(Vanity) Election Demographics and the Manosphere

(Vanity) Internet Forums and Social Dynamics, Part V: Like Sand Through the Hourglass

(Vanity) One Man, One Chick, or Unintended Consequences

The Wreck of the Obama-Biden (with apologies to Gordon Lightfoot)

(Vanity, Long) A Campaign of Biblical Proportions, or, A Journey Through 1 Kings Part I

(Vanity, Long) A Campaign of Biblical Proportions, or, A Journey Through 1 Kings Part II

Thoughts on Obama, Benghazi, Romney, and the Press

(Vanity) The Romney Video Flap, Obama, and Where Have I Seen This Before?

(Vanity) Libya, Muslim Outrage and Piss Christ: Why Some Religions Are More Equal Than Others

(Vanity) The Gospel of Jussein 14:13-21 (The Seating of the Five Thousand)

The Shaming of the True, or, The Obama Campaign Meets Blazing Saddles

(Vanity) An Analysis of the 2012 Presidential Election

Igg, Ogg, and Uggs: A Caveman's Introduction to Entitlements, or, The Tragedy of The Commoners

(Vanity) Demographics Are Not Destiny, or, It's Just How We Roll

(Vanity) Demographics Are Not Destiny, Part II: The Wages of Sin is Debt, or, The Horny of Plenty

(Vanity) Obama Gets Busted, or Never So Few

(Vanity) Musical Thoughts: Metaphysical Musings From A Christian Music Video

Their Head in the Clouds, or, The Atheists' Fear

(Vanity) The Problem with Checks and Balances, or Three Wolves and The Sheep

Meditations on a Ferret

(Vanity) Thoughts While Praying The Rosary

(Vanity) Thoughts on A Music Video

(Vanity) Population and Jobs

(Vanity) The 23rd Paleo Psalm

(Vanity) A Cynical Thought

Fracture Lines, or, of Sects and Sex

SnagItAll -- Reflections on Software, Markets, and Government

A Modest Proposal on Iran

(Vanity): The Republican Debates: The GOP-e bids No Trump

(Vanity) Two Thoughts On Megyn Kelly

(Vanity) Of Hillary, Emails, and National Security

(Vanity) How do we solve a problem like the Donald?

(Vanity) Christmas Meditation on the Rosary

(Vanity) Suggested Theme Music for the Trump Campaign

(Vanity) A National Unity Ticket

(Vanity) Rage, Rage Against The Dying (A Eulogy upon the 2016 Campaign)...with a nod to Dylan Thomas

Rejoinder to Elizabeth Warren

On Bernie Sanders' Chances

(Vanity) What the Hell Just Happened This Election Cycle?

(Vanity) You Are Old, Mrs. Clinton

(Vanity) Rudyard Kipling on the 2016 Election

(Vanity) The Time Has Come, The Whiskers Said, To Speak of Many Things

(Vanity) Trump's Miracle,A Modest Proposal on Voter Fraud

(Vanity) A Simple But Urgent Reminder -- and a suggestion

(Vanity) A Modest Proposal - A Real "Life of Julia"

(Vanity) Thoughts on Bannon's Banishment

A Tale of Two Cities: Washington and Rome

(Satire) All-Purpose Democrat Last Minute Smear Form

Goes Down Easy (with Apologies to Dan Fogelberg)

IF (With Apologies to Rudyard Kipling) PART 2

To Everything (Purr, Purr Purr) -- with Apologies to the Byrds (and the Myce)

A modest proposal for 2020

Delayed Reaction to Trump's Candidacy Speech

A Rosary Prayer

(Funny Article , too bad it's not mine): Bud and Lou on Computers

Thought provoking article, I wish I had thought of it: The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation

And a few posts on The Global Warming / Climategate Scandal:

Selected CRU Emails (h/t to boy-on-a-bike and to Darwin Central)

Selected CRU Emails, Part II: Independence of the Press?

"Global Warming" SCAM - Hack/Leak FLASH in forum [Ticker]

Dilbert Predicts Global Warming in 1994 (Satire)

Climategate: Analysis by John P. Costella

(Saving these for some thread where I need them!)

Other Articles, Articles on Current Events (not by me):

Bugging bugs: Learning to speak microbe

Unspeakable Ethics, Unnatural Law Great article on the metaphysics of Ethics

Bacteria 'R Us

LOLCat Genesis 1

Economic Collapse 101 for Dummies

The Xinjiang Procedure

The Press Under A Free Government -- A Speech By Calvin Coolidge

Spiritual Battleground

(Vanity) How I Spent My Winter Vacation (classic Dave Barry article, applied to my real life)

Not mine, but still excellent: A Litany For The Conversion of Internet Thugs

A classic by Theodore Dalrymple, How To Read A Society

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