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Not-quite-DUmmie-FUnnies: The Brzezinski Syndrome
The DUmp | March 17, 2011 | Choose Ye This Day

Posted on 03/17/2011 11:30:46 AM PDT by Choose Ye This Day

There is a meltdown occurring over in DUmmieland. DUFU favorite nadinbrzezinski is threatening to LEAVE the DUmp, to take a break from it all. Why? Because her fellow Dummies are tired of putting up with her drama queen antics and her know-it-allishness.

A bit of background…Nadin posted the other day about how she was stockpiling milk, because pretty soon, our dairy supply is going to be glowing in the dark in this thread

Ok I an not the only "fool" stocking up on milk

You’re the only fool for me, Nadin…

I went to the local store and who is there? The same retired submarine captain I met yesterday. We split the milk. He is getting it for his grand kids mostly. We just looked at each other and went... not good. Oh and the cashiers looked at us as if we were crazy. We both got about three cases of 1 liter milk that lasts... we both considered the powdered, but that stuff justs tastes awful... On the bright side, I don't have to buy milk for a few months!

Looked at you like you were crazy? I can’t imagine why. And of course she’s sane, because the other guy stockpiling as well is a RETIRED SUBMARINE CAPTAIN. Ooooh.

Worrying about radiation coming a third of the way across the planet is silly. You're at orders of magnitude more risk from left over radiation from 1950s nuclear tests.

How DARE you try to dispute the all-knowing Nadin? She huffily counters:

Shhh the worry is not about YOUR PERSONAL DOSAGE, which will be VERY LOW but it is WELL KNOWN that certain isotopes do concentrate into HIGHER LEVELS in cow's milk. You know this, so stop pretending. Chances is it will stay LOW... as in VERY LOW... but it is rational response NOT to take that risk

So, let me get this straight. The danger is low…VERY LOW… so we should all panic and worry??!?

Iodine-131 is not going to waft 10,000 miles across the planet in anything approaching a dose measurable by anything other than the most sophisticated scientific equipment we have. The problems with iodine concentrating in cow's milk take place within a few hundred miles at most of the point of origin. These concerns about radioactive death clouds seriously need to be knocked down. There are ridiculous maps going around online talking about 750 RAD radiation clouds reaching the US west coast in 10 days--such pseudoscience would be laughable if it weren't such a dangerous form of fearmongering.

If Nadin didn’t have fearmongering, she wouldn’t have a reason to live.

There's an agenda at work. They know it's all bull***, but they'll do or say anything to kill the nuclear energy industry. They rely on the scientific ignorance of the American populace and prey on panic.

Hand this DUmmie a Kewpie doll. Nadin, however, is NOT pleased with the growing dissent:

But whatever dude... people who know a little more than you, I suspect, do not think this is idiotic. Have a good life... iggy list keeps growing.

Bum. Bum. Bum. And another one bites the dust. Nadin turns and takes aim at another non-believer:

Regardless the amount of rads in the West Coast to a person will be infinitesimal, but it WILL Concentrate on milk. That is WELL KNOWN. Jesus you people need to get a chill. Getting milk is just a f***ing precaution since it DOES CONCENTRATE IN MILK... your individual dose, even in California, will be above background but most likely barely measurable. BUT COWS can and will eat it.. and concentrate it to a slightly larger level where it could start to be important.

Again with “you people.” You little people. You little, stupid, ungrateful people. I’m giving you useless information about cow milk, here, and you’re giving me static! More wisdom from the tortured soul:

The radiation will enter the food chain that way the radioactive iodine concentrates on milk the west coast is a milk producing area. Worst case, we will have milk that has it... why I just got the version that last three months, cases of the stuff. That would start in five to seven days from now, up to ten from the first release. It should be a very low... I wish I did not know this crap by the way.

See how she suffers for her knowledge! The burden she carries! And it’s all…for OUR benefit!

And...? Seriously, do you understand any of this?

More insolence! Nadin responds to a question with a question and some more haughtiness:

Do you? because I do, and that NUCLEAR ENGINEER does as well. Re-read what I said. NUCLEAR ENGINEER.

I’m not sure how being a submarine captain makes him an expert on dairy products, but so be it. Nadin knows more than I.

So, there are two people buying milk. I guess that's a trend? …I'm new at this trend-spotting thing.

Nadin is well-known for her abilities to spot trends and connect dots. Then she posts 83 threads a day to tell people how smart she is, and what the latest trend she spotted is.

OK! I AM NOT THE ONLY FOOL TO STOCK UP ON CHEETOS I went to the local store and who is there? The same retired submarine captain I met yesterday, along with his wife the brain surgeon, the movie star, the Professor and Marry Ann. We split the snack food aisle. He is getting it for his grand kids mostly. We just looked at each other and went... not good. DON'T BUY SNACKS FROM THE WEST COAST!

After that thread went so swimmingly, she upped the ante, and wanted to educate her ignorant DU readers about triage, and how many people were going to die in Japan, or something. She must be right—she saw all this on TV.

Ok I want you people to understand something right now

Nadin, winning brownie points right off the bat by beginning her rambling, incoherent thread with a nice helping of condescension. “I am so much smarter than you rabble, I have SO much experience, and you are SO fortunate to have me share my wisdom with you. So, listen up!”

Radiation just adds all kinds of complications and if I were in charge of operations (which I am thankful I am not) after a similar event around oh San Onofre... yes I would have to write off people...

It goes without saying... NOBODY DESERVES THIS, but this is the very cold and bitchy reality.

Why I was hopping for these people, but as long as this goes on... yes somebody pretty high up has made that decision... and no, it has nothing to do with capitalism but all to do with TRIAGE. Oh and incidentally if I happened to be inside the exclusion zone... I pretty much expect to be left behind... that is the way it is.

Are you hopping mad? It seems that way. No one can understand what the heck you’re talking about. The thing is, Nadin, you’re NOT in charge of any disaster operations. You never have been, and you never will be. You were an EMT for a while. Get over yourself. The Dummies respond:

What makes you think we didn't already understand this?

Because WE are NOT Nadin, the all-knowing, all-seeing.

She posts these to "inform" us "ignorant" folks every time any event happens which remotely justifies such a post. Never mind that others here at DU are M.D.s and nurses and have worked in the medical field for years. Or that the rest of the DU community understands the situation perfectly well. OP is convinced that there is a very high level of ignorance that she needs to address, again and again, with a strange sort of enthusiam, reminding us that many must die!

To which Nadin responds:

bye, welcome to the ignore list

I think there are fissures beginning to show in the ego’s foundation. Danger. Meltdown ahead.

By next week, you'll only be able to read your own posts.

She’s the only one who can understand her posts.

No offense, but I think talking down to people is not the way to get your message heard.

“Who cares if my message is heard? I only care that I am ADORED.” Nadin responds about her tone:

Actually if I wrote it in a nice way people would still be going it is condescending and superior... Some folks truly, cannot handle the truth. It is not about a national origin, they just can't

Again, it’s not my delivery, it’s you morons. You’re not smart enough to understand me. You’re all dumb Americans, but that’s not the only reason you don’t understand. It’s just…well, yes it is. You’re stupid Americans.

Or more likely we were already well aware of the truth, which is not so esoteric as you'd like to believe.

How can you be aware of the truth, that is, of the blindingly obvious…if you don’t have ME to point it out to you in a hyperventilating fashion?

Learning cannot take place without arrogance, ahems, and bad grammar. It's that simple.

And slams against America.

Cuz we're just dumb 'Merkins....

Well, you ARE Dummies, after all… Nadin then proceeds to give us French lessons:

Given I did have to make triage decisions due to the MEXICAN NATIONAL TRAIN COMPANY... was that capitalism? Or just standard? This is medical and disaster practice, with over 100 years of history, starting at WW I, by actually the FRENCH why the word TRIAGE is FRENCH.

The Mexican Train Company is French? And I love how “triage” started in WWI, according to Nadin, but somehow has “over 100 years of history.” Get a new calculator, sweetie. Or a new history book.

It's FRENCH OK? FRENCH! NOW YOU GOT YOUR FRENCH LESSON IN ALL CAPS! nd she was at an accident once OK? So now she knows EVERYTHING!

The skewering continues…


I’m beginning to think there are a few Lousy Freeper Trolls in this thread…

So, you'll go in and play hero if we all pitch in and get you a ticket to Japan?

No, if I do that, then who will sit here and give you minute-by-minute accounts of what I’m seeing on Japanese TV, Al Jazeera, and the Rachel Maddow show? You idiots NEED ME, don’t you get that?

I'm starting to think disaster is literally a fetish object for this one.

Is that like feta cheese?

"You people"?!? Geeze, get over yourself, already. Go buy some more perma milk or something.

To which Nadin bravely replies:

Ingore list you go, thanks

You’re not on the same high intellectual plane as I am, so I needn’t waste my time with you.

Exactly how big is your ignore list at this point? Is that why you post this belligerent crap? Are you going for #1 ??

She’s a legend in her own mind.

Thou hath rebuked the keeper of triage milk and invoked the radiation of her nuclear fallout list. Woe unto thee.

Consult the Book of Armaments…

DU isn't your personal blog, Twitter, or Facebook You post authoritarian assertions, then beat the sh** out of anyone who disagrees with you. Most members here don't do that. It's a discussion forum not a bully pulpit You seem bright enough, and I'm sure you mean well, but you need to take a hard look at your posting style.

I have no time to look at my posting style! I’m busy stocking up on milk! One DU’er claims that this is the Funniest. Thread. Ever. (with periods, of course). Nadin doesn’t see the humor:

actually I do not find it funny but might be the amount of IGNORED... nor do I think this is a funny thing to post.. alas it is the reality. So please tell me what is so funny about that damn reality? I would love to join in the guffaws.

As always, deadly serious. She thinks people are critical of her CONTENT, rather than her condescending DELIVERY. And she’s the ONLY one who understands how DEADLY SERIOUS a nuclear disaster is.

The phrase "OK I want you people to understand something right now" is something only a few people would utter, and those people would be: 1. An ineffective coach trying to give a pep talk to a bunch of half-assed players who don't give a sh**. 2. A timid boss who suddenly tries to prove something some employees who generally get their work done well and on time. 3. A parent who has never had control of his/her children. 4. A principal in a John Hughes movie. So pardon f***ing those of us whose hackles go up when you take this f***ing tone with us. You'd think after awhile you'd learn, or ask what the deal is, or check in with a language coach so people pick up what you're trying to put down. But if you're not going to, well, then, you bought the milk, you're going to have to drink it.

Cue the smilie spewing milk. The hysteria continued on other threads…

Goodness, you just need all sorts of attention, don't you? Meltdowns don't always have containment vessels, I guess.

The Brzezinski Syndrome. Needing attention is the least of Nadin’s needs.

wtf? your posts are coming off as posting while drunk.

Drunk would be more coherent. And less codependent.

And then comes Nadin’s nadir, her swan song, her Goodbye (For Now), Cruel World post

To say that I need a break from this place is to put it mildly.

To say that Charlie Sheen needs to take a break from cocaine and whores and attention-seeking is to put it mildly. Everyone has their addictions, Nadin. Some are uglier than others. Continue…

After today I really do not know if it is worth my time dealing with fans.

“Fans”? FANS? She honestly views herself as a celebrity, as a talking head wanna-be, as a famed (though not-yet-famous) historian. She thinks she has FANS?

his reminds me of HS... or JHS or grammar school and the bullies... in more ways than I want to deal with right now. So I have no idea how long or short, after all DU is like a drug... but quite frankly I think tonight I reached my f***ing limit...

Nadin just received a don’t-patronize-us wedgie from her fellow Dummies, and I think the ride is uncomfortable. The chastised respond:

"dealing with fans" ??? OMG. Really. How famous are you?

She still has fourteen minutes and fifty-eight seconds to go.

you might engage in a little self-reflection

I get the feeling Nadin gazes fondly in the mirror quite often.

You'll be back within a week. You thrive on the drama and the attention.

Just imagine how much pent-up non-information and fear-mongering Nadin could build up in A WEEK!

I understand nobody's perfect, but what kind of reaction would one expect when you create a post with the subject "Ok I want you people to understand something right now". Without context, that strikes me (and obviously many others) as condescending. It indicates to me that the poster assumes she has some higher level knowledge to impart on us unwashed masses.

What do you mean, “assumes”? I actually DO have higher knowledge than you knuckle-draggers.

time to retreat to your well-stocked bunker

She can drink milk and grouse about ignorant Amur’kins to her heart’s content.

There's a breaking point for people who are constantly looking up the nostrils of someone who knows everything about everything, and treats all others as dimwits.

But what if you truly ARE dimwits?

it is really simple. quit calling a nation of people stupid, and talking down to them


stop with the pity party and the attention seeking. You put yourself in this postion. There are only so many condesending messages from self appointed 'experts" people can take.

Pity parties are the only ones Nadin is ever invited to.

Just a heads up, you are far from an expert on every topic you choose to post on, and it shows in a glaring manner. There *are* some experts in their fields on DU, and when they call you on your posting of wrong, mis-leading, or outright false information, you respond in anger and put them on ignore. That is quite telling.

The DUmmies are revolting.

Stay. Go. Don't really care... I'd surely miss the comedy, but not the condescension or always-wrong predictions.

The DUmmie Funnies will miss the comedy…but there are plenty of Dummies around.

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I know this isn't an official DUmmie FUnnies thread, but what with Lent and the opening of coupon season, I haven't seen much of Charkes and PJ around. And this nadin meltdown was too good to pass up.
1 posted on 03/17/2011 11:30:50 AM PDT by Choose Ye This Day
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To: PJ-Comix; Charles Henrickson


2 posted on 03/17/2011 11:32:00 AM PDT by Choose Ye This Day ("As government expands, liberty contracts." -- Ronald Reagan)
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To: Choose Ye This Day

All you Earth people are...

3 posted on 03/17/2011 11:42:53 AM PDT by Noumenon ("We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.")
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To: Choose Ye This Day

Top ten!

Hey, just because it’s not a real DUFU doesn’t mean I’m not awesome,

4 posted on 03/17/2011 11:43:17 AM PDT by Mr. Silverback (Anyone who says we need illegals to do the jobs Americans won't do has never watched "Dirty Jobs.")
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To: Choose Ye This Day

I wonder if that submarine captain was pulling her leg. It might be reasonable to buy a bunch as the price is likely to go up for other reasons than those reactors in Japan.

5 posted on 03/17/2011 11:46:43 AM PDT by slowhandluke (It's hard to be cynical enough in this age.)
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To: Choose Ye This Day

Did I read this correctly that she didn’t stock up on powdered milk but bought regular jugs? Does she know this spoils? :-)

6 posted on 03/17/2011 11:48:47 AM PDT by mnehring
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To: Choose Ye This Day

I liked it. Thanks.

7 posted on 03/17/2011 11:49:42 AM PDT by definitelynotaliberal
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To: Choose Ye This Day

This was one of the funniest Dummie posts ever.

You have to contribute like this more often.

8 posted on 03/17/2011 11:53:18 AM PDT by radpolis (Liberals: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy)
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To: Choose Ye This Day

PJ probably got some coupons and went to stock up on milk

9 posted on 03/17/2011 11:59:52 AM PDT by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Happiness)
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To: mnehring

She said it was “long term” (3 month) milk

Whatever that is

10 posted on 03/17/2011 12:00:58 PM PDT by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Happiness)
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To: Choose Ye This Day


Really? Cheetos already glow in the dark they don’t need any radiation! LOL

How is a dummie stocking up on cheetos and sitting in their basement different from any other day?? LOL...How do the moonbats know when one of their own has gone crazy??

11 posted on 03/17/2011 12:02:35 PM PDT by jakerobins
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To: Choose Ye This Day

Nadine “might” (ya right) be correct. we should all have basements just full of milk. Especially regular milk and not cooled either.

imagine the smell.

12 posted on 03/17/2011 12:02:44 PM PDT by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Happiness)
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To: jakerobins
How do the moonbats know when one of their own has gone crazy??

It's easier to know when they haven't.

13 posted on 03/17/2011 12:04:19 PM PDT by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Happiness)
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To: GeronL; mnehring

If you freeze milk, it thaws out fine. My wife used to like to do this, it drove me crazy. Half our freezer space was filled with milk.

14 posted on 03/17/2011 12:05:16 PM PDT by Lonesome in Massachussets (Sulzberger Family Motto: Trois generations d'imbeciles, assez)
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To: Choose Ye This Day

Since radiation seems so atracted to milk, perhaps I should patent a new kind of radiation suit. It will consist of two layers of thin, comfortable cotton with a rubber bladder between the layers.

Before the wearer enters a radioactive area the bladder will be filled with, you guessed it, MILK. When the wearer enters a dangerous area, all radiation will be absorbed by and concentrated in the milk and he/she will be protected.

I LIKE it! I think I’ll get right to work on it!


15 posted on 03/17/2011 12:06:23 PM PDT by WayneS (Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm. -- James Madison)
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To: Lonesome in Massachussets

Can we freeze Nadine’s basement?

16 posted on 03/17/2011 12:07:36 PM PDT by GeronL (The Right to Life came before the Right to Happiness)
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To: Choose Ye This Day; PJ-Comix

Sounds like you have an implied applicant for a new guest commentator, PJ.

Choose Ye This Day: would providing you with style tips cause a nadinbrzezinski style tirade?

17 posted on 03/17/2011 12:08:28 PM PDT by kevkrom (De-fund Obamacare in 2011, repeal in 2013!)
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To: Choose Ye This Day

LOL! I was my Navy squadron’s NBC Warfare Defense Officer. Had to actually go to school to get the designation. It is difficult to describe the depth of this woman’s psychotic break.

18 posted on 03/17/2011 12:10:08 PM PDT by pabianice
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To: Choose Ye This Day

Funny stuff!

Here’s a thread that might be a candidate for DUmmie Funnies : “So Obama wants to fire up his base?”

Zero not getting much love in that one.

19 posted on 03/17/2011 12:10:20 PM PDT by NeverEVERKerry (I AM JIM THOMPSON!)
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To: jakerobins

Remember Screaming Yellow Zonkers? Who knew!!

20 posted on 03/17/2011 12:12:02 PM PDT by pabianice
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