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Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation

Posted on 03/09/2007 8:53:08 PM PST by mom4kittys

Edited on 03/09/2007 9:36:53 PM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

Thread Number Two

Thread Number One

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To: Kimberly GG

Perhaps you've already read the article TexKat posted #5348. This is taken from the article: the meantime, Larry Birkhead has just fired his lawyer, Debra Opri, after months of fighting with her. Readers of this column know that Birkhead and Opri didn't get along, didn't agree on her media involvement or course of action with Stern.
Opri likes to be on TV; Birkhead desired a different approach.

But his dad and step-mother are with him in the Bahamas. His sister was with him the entire time during the trial in Miami.

5,361 posted on 03/19/2007 7:27:27 AM PDT by toldyou
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To: All
Where are we?? Virgie has a support group. Larry has a support group. Howard has KE. Everyone else has left the scene.

I expect the arrest of two people for "negligent homicide in the death of Anna Nicole Smith" to occur 15 minutes before Perper announces his results. You think Perper is holding the horses back for nothing?

The problem I can see is that he is in the Bahamas and who has jurisdiction. Either they have to get Howard and KE to Florida or the Bahama authorities will hold him until he can be extradited to the USA.

Maybe after the DNA thing, they can send him to the USA as an undesireable or simply because his visa (or whatever) has run out.

5,362 posted on 03/19/2007 7:37:09 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: Sacajaweau

Agree with all the possibilities and usual and customary behavior involving a will.

During the 'body possession' hearing, one of Virgie's lawyers was making a big deal of the fax date, excuses were made and I thought I remembered someone here coming up with a Bahamian fax number from the Feb. 3 fax. Hoping someone here remembers more details.

5,363 posted on 03/19/2007 7:39:02 AM PDT by windchime (I consider the left one of the fronts on the WOT.)
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To: Sacajaweau

"I expect the arrest of two people for "negligent homicide in the death of Anna Nicole Smith"

I hope so. If that happens, and one of them is HKS, a woo-hoo will be heard around the nation...coming from us Freepers!

5,364 posted on 03/19/2007 7:45:05 AM PDT by toldyou
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To: windchime
How did the fax get to the media in the first place. It had to be via Howard. These aren't recorded. They are kept in the files of maker (Anna) and the Attorney who drew it up.

It was just a diversion OR had it gone to probate.

Also, there was an attorney for Daniel's Estate. Where did that go?? Atty. Scott. Howard obviously took that over, too.

If Danny went to a PI, Danny probably had a list of things that bothered him. I hope there's some physical evidence. I'm praying that the PI has a taped conversation or a "Columbo" notebook.

5,365 posted on 03/19/2007 7:45:46 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: justthinkin

Watching those old episodes (and I watched all the shows, I was as hooked on her as I was on Ozzy, don't ask why. Like a real live freakshow I guess) I realize how much I really liked Howard K. Stern. I have completely turned on him after both deaths, either for letting them die, or orchastrating it himself. Either way, I know I enjoyed watching them pal around. And even thought he was sort of cute. Wow. Did he really just get tired of her humiliating him? Did he snap?

5,366 posted on 03/19/2007 7:48:34 AM PDT by Southerngl (TEAM BIRKHEAD Firm Member: CIO (Chief Information Officer))
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To: All
Howard said in court that both he and Daniel tried to talk to Anna about the drugs. Ya think there would be a Howard video....I know....The camera was in the shop that day.

When was the last time Danny saw or talked to his mom prior to her death. I hope it's in the PI's notes. Wonder if Perper has talked to the PI. It sure looks like "evidence" to me.

5,367 posted on 03/19/2007 7:51:22 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: Sacajaweau

Whoops....When was the last time Danny talked or saw his mother PRIOR to his death...before the baby was born??

5,368 posted on 03/19/2007 7:53:57 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: Sacajaweau; Rte66; All
Following is Deb Opri's cross of HKS on February 21, 2007 from Seidlin's court. The general topics are the computers, the corporations, and ANS aliases. Make note that HKS answered that ANS had 2 computers, both had been stolen from the Bahamas. What about the computer in the Florida hotel room, Howard? Who did THAT belong to?


Seidlin: We’ve got to keep going. You can now begin by asking some questions.

Deb Opri: Thank you, your Honor.

John O’Quinn: For the record, your Honor, I object to my cross examination being terminated. There were lots of other subjects I needed to go into.

Seidlin: Yes, fine.

DO: Good afternoon, Mr. Stern. You know who I am. Did Anna keep a computer?

HKS: She had, she had two computers that were stolen in the house.

DO: The answer to the question is yes or no.

HKS: Yes, she had a computer.

DO: Did she maintain a password for her computer?

HKS: Yes.

DO: Did you know the password for the computer?

HKS: Yes

DO: Did she maintain checking accounts where you were a signatory to those checking accounts?

HKS: No.

DO: Did she have corporations where you were an officer or a signatory to those corporations?

Krista Barth: Objection, how does this go to Miss Anna Nicole Smith’s intent in relation to burial?

HKS: I believe I was an agent for service of process.

Seidlin: Hold it, hold it.

KB: We are so far a field….

Seidlin: We’ve…we’ve argued this. The issue of money. We got money and we have heart. She’s chasing the issue about the money. It’s relevant. Your objection’s overruled.

KB: Thank you.

Seidlin: You’re welcome.

HKS: I believe I was an agent for service of process for her corporation. But I don’t think I was uh an officer.

DO: You don’t know if you signed checks for the corporations or not?

HKS: She would instruct me to sign checks. Her main checkbook was through the corporation.

DO: So the answer was “Yes, you signed checks for the corporation?”

HKS: Yes. I signed her name upon her instruction.

DO: So you signed Anna Nicole’s name to checks for the corporation?

HKS: It wasn’t “Anna Nicole”.

DO: Vickie Lynn Marshall.

HKS: Vickie Marshall….yeah.

DO: While we are on the subject, what were her aliases or other names she used?

KB: Objection, relevance. How is what her aliases are…

DO: It goes to the money.

Seidlin: I’m hoping you can tie it up.

DO: I’m……very quickly

KB: Here’s the concern.

Seidlin: One person speaks at a time.

KB: These things have been stolen from Anna Nicole Smith’s home by Mr. Ford

DO: Speaking objection, you Honor. Objection.

KB: Well, I need to proffer what the problem is here. Here’s the concern, if we start getting into what are account numbers and what are passwords and what did she have….he doesn’t have control of any of this stuff….they [motioning to LB side of the courtroom] have it in their possession. That it was obtained through stolen means.

DO: Let the record reflect she is pointing to my table, that is inflammatory, it’s prejudicial and I want her censored. And sit down while you’re at it. (to Barth)

KB: You know what? In addressing the court in Florida we actually stand out of deference to the court.

[O’Quinn is whispering in DO’s ear]

DO: Your Honor, I have given great deference over three days, where I come from we are respected.

Seidlin: Yes, I’m going to allow you to ask your questions.

DO: And uh, may I please request that you ask her to stay in her seat?

HKS: What’s the question?

DO: Read back the question for Mr. Stern, please.

Seidlin: No, no don’t go back….reading back. That’s the worst question you can do to a court reporter. You are making her heart jump fast. Plus it takes so much time. Just ask it again.

DO: What were all the names Anna Nicole Smith used?

KB: Same objection, your Honor, relevance.

Seidlin: I’ll allow it. Let me see where she wants to go.

HKS: There was Anna Nicole Smith.

Seidlin: She’s got only a few minutes. Yes.

HKS: There’s Anna Nicole Smith, Vickie Marshall, Vickie Hogan, Vickie Smith. Then doctors uh some doctors prescribed things to her in different names, even though they knew it was for her. One of those names is Michelle Chase. Another one was Suzy Wong. These are at different times though. Um, at hotels she went by Mrs. Flintstone…uh, I mean she went by a lot of different names, in different contexts.

DO: Did you often….

HKS: She went by Norma Jean…

DO: Did you often pick up prescriptions for her at various pharmacies under these names?

HKS: I believe that’s asked and answered.

Seidlin: Are you going to invoke any privilege?

Ron Rale: UHHHH, right to privacy of the decedent uh to the uh…it’s…[laughter] asked and answered…..uh….uh….uh…

DO: It will be faster if he just answers it.

HKS: Look, I don’t have a problem…..Anna Nicole….

Seidlin: One at a time!

JO: We are here to get the truth.

Seidlin: Texas, you got your line in. You can have a seat.

HKS: In Los Angeles, uh, Anna didn’t drive. So ….

DO: So the answer is “yes” sir?

HKS: I picked up prescriptions for her, yes. Other people did too.

DO: Thank you. Did you have a Bank of America debit card tied to Anna Nicole Smith’s checking account?

RR: Objection.

HKS: Do I?

DO: Yes.

HKS: I think she got one, but it was after..

Seidlin: Rale, Rale you got to….

HKS: I think she got one, but it was never activated.

DO: Speaking objection your Honor. Objection

Seidlin: Wait, one voice. There’s only one voice to be heard in this courtroom.

RR: I know we haven’t had discovery, but in this instance I have to object on the basis of foundation. Because it’s kind of like the fruit of the poisonous tree. To the extent that I don’t know where she is coming up with this information that we have….

Seidlin: I’m going to give her some leeway. She’s been pretty quiet for a bunch of days.

RR: OK, thank you, your Honor.

HKS: I think she had one made in my name, and then we never activated it. And that was years ago.

DO: Did you ever charge anything while using her credit cards?

HKS: Sure, with her permission.

DO: Are you aware of a forgery investigation that has just been opened in the Bahamas for forged checks where cash has been going to Santa Monica California I believe.

HKS: No. No, I’m absolutely not.

DO: Were you an officer of ANS Interactive?

HKS: Are you saying…..

Seidlin: Wait a second….you answered….new question, new question…

DO: Were you an officer of ANS Interactive?

HKS: ANS Interactive, um ran Anna Nicole’s website.

DO: Were you an officer of that?

HKS: I don’t know. I don’t know. I never received any funds from it.

DO: Did you open it?

HKS: No, I think it was under ………

Seidlin: How is this going to help us…..

DO: Are you the biological father of Dannielynn?


5,369 posted on 03/19/2007 7:57:50 AM PDT by A Citizen Reporter
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To: TexKat; Arizona Carolyn

What is Anna Inc?

5,370 posted on 03/19/2007 8:01:38 AM PDT by Howlin (Honk if you like Fred Thompson!!!)
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To: Pepper777; stlnative

If Howard does have a pot to pee in, you can bet it's in someone else's name. Larry can sue him 'til the cows come home, but Howard's assets will be nil...on paper.

5,371 posted on 03/19/2007 8:04:15 AM PDT by TheSpottedOwl (Head Caterer for the FIRM)
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To: All
Howard's deal can only be "no civil suits" and 10% of the profits of the Anna Nicole Smith Corporation......which might be "0" if he has moved it.

I remember someone telling me that it's difficult to discount heirs and the best way to do it is to give that person $1.00. The guy is a real SOB. When his mother died, (as Executor, he had full control of everything she had), he took the jewelry, coin collection and the CD's pasted to the back of her pictures on the wall and burnt everything else including pictures, furniture and all the other family stuff so his brother got absolutely nothing.

Bet his wife gets $1.00 when he dies and his favorite son gets it all. Oh, yeh...He's a millionaire but wouldn't give a dollar to charity.

5,372 posted on 03/19/2007 8:05:40 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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Psychiatrist is haunted by celebrity death

posted by Sickmind Fraud : 3/18/2007 03:29:00 PM

As reported here Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist pal Khristine Eroshevich is haunted by the memory of her last chat with the tragic model, because she begged her friend not to leave her alone. But over looked in the report is the laundry list of drugs we reported earlier, which she had no problem filling out, and which was refused by more than one pharmacy.

As noted here,

Only in Los Angeles do psychiatrists suddenly pop up as best friends of their patients. It's unclear whether or not Eroshevich actually saw Smith as a patient or if she was just a hanger-on who got close to her in her later years.

This much is certain: It's Eroshevich's mug in the "ET" videos of the funeral, and all its tacky preparations. The good doctor happily gave quotes to the TV show, which sources say paid millions to Howard K. Stern for the right to have a landmark ceiling camera hovering over Smith's casket as it was rolled into the Bahamian church.

But back home, Eroshevich isn't all that popular with the other less famous people with whom she used to work.

One has to be suspicious, and I suspect that this is just another case of folks hanging on for the ride, looking to make as much as they can while they are able to.

Another case of Hollywood leeches. Pardon me if I am cynical, and file this under - deaths associated with "paparazzi shrinks"

Here is that report we mentioned at the top

Anna Nicole Smith's physician pal Khristine Eroshevich is haunted by the memory of her last chat with the tragic model, because she begged her friend not to leave her alone.

Eroshevich, who was in Florida with a vacationing Smith, admits she was with the star in the days leading up to her death and recalls her final conversation with her friend.

She says, "She was taking a bath and she was shampooing her hair and I had been with her in the morning. That was Wednesday. I was going back and forth, saying goodbye and she was crying, and she said, 'Please don't leave me,' and I left."

The Bahamas-based doctor tells US TV news show Entertainment Tonight she has felt terrible guilt ever since her friend's death a month ago.

She adds, "I often think, 'Should I have stayed? What would have happened?' Certainly, I could have saved her."

And Eroshevich is keen to play down reports Smith died after suffering a fever, revealing her late pal was recovering from an illness when she left her.

She explains, "She wasn't well... She did spike a fever on Monday night but she got better really quick... I never thought that anything would happen to her. I called that night and was able to find out what she had eaten... and she was doing well. I called in the morning too. I never dreamed (she'd die)."

5,373 posted on 03/19/2007 8:05:47 AM PDT by TexKat (Just because you did not see it or read it, that does not mean it did or did not happen.)
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To: toldyou

I apologize if this has already been posted since I just started reading here, but I think the "so called" will speaks for itself! You can read it at

It's amazing to me that Daniel is not even mentioned by name until the last paragraph, which names HKS as his GUARDIAN!! Almost the entire will is devoted to PROTECTING the EXECUTOR from any form of prosecution, or impropriety, and to ABSOLVE him from any QUESTION of IMPROPRIETY! It is insane! Not to mention that HKS is named as the first Executor of the Will AND the ONLY GUARDIAN of Daniel (which means he would be the "Trustee" of the Trust for Daniel). Since the Will states that the Executor has ABSOLUTE control of EVERY aspect of the Estate and can buy, sell, transfer, etc. any funds the Executor deems necessary, HKS would have basically been able to control (and SPEND) every dime of the Estate before Daniel turned 25!! I guess HKS found out that Daniel was ON TO HIM!! The whole WILL makes me SICK SICK SICK...I cannot believe any woman in a sound mind would have agreed to that crap! The whole will is about compensating the "Executor" aka HKS and covering the Executor's ass! Also, how funny that HKS was more than willing to 'give up being the Executor of ANS's Estate..withOUT ANY compensation"!! Yeah right!!! That leaves Ron Rales with complete access to any and all funds in the Estate and the ability to transfer (at his discretion) any amount of funds to the "Trustee" AKA Howard K. Stern!! It's insane to say the least!!

5,374 posted on 03/19/2007 8:06:31 AM PDT by kcw2007 (The "Will" is very "telling" to say the least)
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To: Global2010

Oh my :( I hope you're feeling better this morning.

5,375 posted on 03/19/2007 8:07:19 AM PDT by TheSpottedOwl (Head Caterer for the FIRM)
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To: TexKat
Wonder WHEN she called in the morning (D-Day). It appears that she did not talk to Anna herself for either of those phone calls. Did she just call that night to tell Howard that she was home.....and far away from Anna. Would like to know the time span from when she left until the evening call.

Damn, we need the time of ALL communications between KE and Howard.

5,376 posted on 03/19/2007 8:13:52 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: kcw2007

Wow!! Awesome points that you made.

5,377 posted on 03/19/2007 8:18:56 AM PDT by TrishaSC (Still Team Birkhead)
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To: stlnative

The house in the show didn't belong to her; it belonged to MTV.

5,378 posted on 03/19/2007 8:22:34 AM PDT by Howlin (Honk if you like Fred Thompson!!!)
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To: windchime
Was Anna Nicole changing her will?

SAN FRANCISCO - New evidence suggests Anna Nicole Smith may have been revising her will just five days before her mysterious death at age 39. A 2001 document released to the press was drafted before the birth of the late model’s daughter, Dannielynn — and leaves everything to son Daniel, now deceased.

But a fax cover sheet unearthed by Web site, believed to be from the office of lawyer Ron Rale, shows that a copy of Anna’s will was faxed to an unknown recipient Feb. 3.

5,379 posted on 03/19/2007 8:22:34 AM PDT by TexKat (Just because you did not see it or read it, that does not mean it did or did not happen.)
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To: Sacajaweau

"How did the fax get to the media in the first place."

TMZ was the first media report. Looks like they're good at getting faxes.

So far I've found only a gossip site that pictures the purported fax cover sheet. Still looking for the original picture and story on TMZ.

5,380 posted on 03/19/2007 8:28:48 AM PDT by windchime (I consider the left one of the fronts on the WOT.)
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