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  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 10:06:24 PM PST · 194 of 208
    WOSG to CottonBall

    “And is beholden to donors then.”

    His donors are supporting Cruz because he is a conservative.

    You have a problem with that?

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 10:05:14 PM PST · 193 of 208
    WOSG to St_Thomas_Aquinas

    “It s hard to argue that Trump has the best chance of winning in the general since he always polls the worst against Hillary. “

    Trump is unelectable.

    It’s not just that Trump polls terribly NOW, its that Trump is already well-known, so his 60% negatives are locked in, AND he really is not campaigning in any way to win over a majority of Americans.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 10:03:16 PM PST · 192 of 208
    WOSG to entropy12

    “Your glaring error is thinking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are similar candidates.”

    Trump’s statist Democrat views are clear - he is for Big Government and is a welfare state support, one of the biggest statists in the race. Trump said single payer worked in Scotland;Trump is for Obamacare-in-all-but-name. He supports corporate welfare and crony capitalism; supports the Kelo decision; opposes entitlement reforms and wants more not less money for many areas of Government. Trump endorsed McConnell in KY for the pork $$: “Kentucky Should Reelect Sen. McConnell Because He Gets So Many Earmarks”

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:59:08 PM PST · 191 of 208
    WOSG to CottonBall

    “No way Cruz’s donors supplied more money than Donald has. “


    Cruz has 500,000 donors with an average donation of $68.
    More than any other candidate.

    “Whatever they supplied, they want something in return.”

    Yes, we want a constitution-loving conservative. With Cruz we got one!

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:57:10 PM PST · 190 of 208
    WOSG to CottonBall

    Vague you say?

    Cruz has the clearest, most specific and best immigration plan of ANY candidate.
    And Cruz is the ONLY candidate with the proven record to MEAN it.

    That’s why Tancredo and Rep steve King endorsed Ted Cruz.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:22:24 PM PST · 189 of 208
    WOSG to CottonBall

    The amnesty will come from the flip-flopping wishy-washy RINO Trump. Trump wants an “expedited” way to offer legal residency to the illegal immigrants he considers “the good ones.” ... and that means almost all of the 11 million will get legalized.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:16:44 PM PST · 188 of 208
    WOSG to entropy12

    “Cruz has made more enemies in US Senate than any senator I can think of in 50 years.”

    Progressives, lobbyists and the establishment RINOs don’t like his principles, spine and conservative fighting spirit.

    Cruz has a great personality, great sense of humor, and is not an egomaniac. Cruz has policy depth so his positions are more solid.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:14:01 PM PST · 187 of 208
    WOSG to entropy12

    Trump is indeed someone with ZERO experience of public service and who has done ZERO for conservatives his whole life.

    But Trump has a record of opinion and positions:

    Trump called himself “liberal on healthcare” and said “single-payer worked in Scotland”.
    Trump wants an “expedited” way to offer legal residency (but not citizenship) to the subset of unauthorized immigrants he considers “the good ones.”
    Trump 2014: “Kentucky Should Reelect Sen. McConnell Because He Gets So Many Earmarks”
    Trump was for a long time a registered Democrat and gave money to pro-amnesty liberal Democrats like Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Hillary.
    “For people that have been here for years that have been hard-workers, they’re supporting their family — it’s very, very tough to just say ‘By the way, 22 years, you have to leave. Get out.’... how do you throw somebody out that’s lived in this country for twenty years.” - Donald Trump
    Trump on Obama in 2009: “We have a young, vibrant, smart president who, I think, is going to do a really good job.”
    Trump on Obama’s stimulus: “Overall, I think he’s doing very well. You do need stimulus and you do have to keep the banks alive.”
    Trump on the auto bailouts: “I think the government should stand behind them 100%. You cannot lose the auto companies.”
    Trump on Medicare: “I’m concerned about doing anything that’s going to tinker too much with Medicare.”
    Trump despises private property rights, supports Kelo “I happen to agree 100%.”

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:11:26 PM PST · 186 of 208
    WOSG to Proudcongal

    Since Trump is a statist Democrat who has been a long pal of the Clintons, and since Trump is the least electable of the candidates, its no surprise many Democrats will troll the GOP primary by supporting Trump in it.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:09:31 PM PST · 185 of 208
    WOSG to entropy12

    From wikipedia on Mercer: “Mercer one of the ten most influential billionaires in politics, is a “Tea Party conservative.” “


    What a shock: A Tea Party conservative donor gives a Tea Party Conservative Senator, Cruz, some support.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 9:05:54 PM PST · 184 of 208
    WOSG to Red Steel

    There is no reason at all for a conservative to be supporting a non-conservative statist Democrat like Trump for the nomination.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 8:59:21 PM PST · 183 of 208
    WOSG to Red Steel

    “Trump isn’t the usual GOP candidates”

    Sure, only Trump had Hillary to his wedding, voted FOR Hillary, gave Hillary money, said Bill Clinton was the best President of the last 30 years and called Hillary ‘terrific’.

    He’s a masterful PR man to be above 1% in the polls despite the glaring obvious problem that he’s a pal of the Clintons, and supports many statist Democrat positions.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 8:56:49 PM PST · 181 of 208
    WOSG to Unmarked Package

    Correct. George W Bush won by crushing it in South Carolina and then rolling with the ‘mo.

    The CRUZ path to victory is similar. Cruz wins Iowa, he places in NH (in 2nd place now and will strengthen if he wins Iowa) ... but then wins in SC and uses that momentum to win in SEC states and go the distance.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 8:44:52 PM PST · 180 of 208
    WOSG to catfish1957

    “I met and campaigned for Cruz in his senatorial bid, and can honestly say the man puts his love of conservative values above himself.

    Say..... versus Trump? Who is just in it for himself. And winning. I could give you innumerable examples, but I figure you know your candidate pretty well.”

    CRUZ = lifelong conservative warrior with many victories for conservatives. In it for US.

    TRUMP = ZERO experience in public service. Has done NOTHING for the conservative cause. In it for HIMSELF.

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 8:42:44 PM PST · 179 of 208
    WOSG to Leaning Right

    “Trump is not turning any lefties into conservatives.”

    non-conservatives can’t do that.

    Trump said single payer worked in Scotland; supports corporate welfare and crony capitalism; opposes entitlement reform; supports the Kelo decision; opposes entitlement reforms and wants more not less money for many areas of Government. Trump endorsed McConnell in KY for the pork $$: “Kentucky Should Reelect Sen. McConnell Because He Gets So Many Earmarks”

  • Poll: Ted Cruz leads in Iowa; Donald Trump stays atop NH, SC

    12/21/2015 8:40:15 PM PST · 178 of 208
    WOSG to Leaning Right

    ” lib friend of mine who worked for Hillary during the 2008 primaries. He didn’t just vote for her, he went door to door for her.

    He’s 100% for Trump now. Amazing. “

    Not surprising at all Trump.

    Trump and Hillary have the same healthcare position - they are for socialized healthcare.

  • Ted Cruz has a national security problem

    12/03/2015 5:08:09 PM PST · 36 of 37
    WOSG to presidio9

    Cruz has been CORRECT on national security. You go back and watch his foreign policy speech of a few years back - it was Reaganesque and statesmanlike. he made the right call on Iran deal, on ISIS, on Putin and on Israel support.

    His statements recently on Libya too have been correct. Obama intervened to support islamicist victories in Libya, and it was NOT Cruz’ approach but the Obama approach - which Rubin/McCain/Rubio endorsed btw - that led to Libya being what it is now, and which led to Benghazi. Rubin has got revisionist history going on.

    It’s easy to be better than the horrible Obama, but Cruz is also better than the two extremes in the GOP - our neo-cons on one extreme and the isolationists on the other extreme. Cruz is right in the middle, focussed clearly on US national security interests, willing to fight when we need to but not willing to expend US blood and treasure when its ‘not our fight’ and focussing our efforts on maintaining US national security as #1 goal.

    Yes, the neo-con wing of GOP will try to attack Cruz as not warmongering enough, but people are waking up to the fact that the simplistic interventionism isn’t right. Where it COUNTS, Cruz is tough as nails. Cruz won’t degrade ISIS but defeat them, and his gameplan is similar to how Rumsfeld and our DOD took out the taliban in 8 weeks from power in Afghanistan. It’s absurd that ISIS holds *any* ground when in fact a real US effort could defeat them in that amount of time or less.

  • Ted Cruz has a national security problem

    12/03/2015 4:57:19 PM PST · 35 of 37
    WOSG to presidio9

    Neo-cons are starting to get nervous about Ted Cruz.

    Ted Cruz voted against NSA snooping into phone records of American citizens (USA Freedom Act), and many conservatives joined him in that.

    Rubio, Rubin and the neo-cons think that was wrong. These are the same twerps who demand these Government powers for NSA, which invariably get abused while not actually stopping terrorism, but ALSO say we have to take refugees that are security risks.

    Once again, Ted Cruz is right and attracting opposition FOR being right.

  • Goodwin: How Obama Is Really Bombing on Syria

    09/09/2013 5:21:06 PM PDT · 12 of 13
    WOSG to Kaslin

    “Is Amnesty the only thing that concerns you? What about Benghazi? Or Fast and Furious? The IRS Scandal, etc.”

    The only thing of those that will have a major effect on us 10 years from now is amnesty.

    That is the #1 threat to our country right now. We either screw up the immigration system for another generation, legalize 12 million plus their 20 million relatives as well, see yet another decade+ of more illegal immigration as we gut immigration enforcement - or we stop a bad bill and wait until a better plan comes later.

    Everything else is just about holding our President accountable ... which won’t happen anyway given our media and DC insiders, so to paraphrase Hillary: “At this point, what difference does it really make?”

  • Putin Takes Advantage of Kerry Blunder

    09/09/2013 5:16:04 PM PDT · 30 of 39
    WOSG to MichaelCorleone

    You are correct MichaelCorleone...

    Obama dug himself a grave with his blundering, he will NOT get Congressional approval, and a ‘never mind, we can do a diplomatic solution’ is most face-saving way out. Even better, this actually ropes the Russians in and keeps us out of war.

    and BTW, it was Barzini all along. :)

  • Sen. Ted Cruz speaks against same-sex marriage (Prefers States to decide it)

    03/29/2013 10:08:52 PM PDT · 119 of 124
    WOSG to Noamie

    “You realize that two people can have a legal, presentable, and binding document without having a “Government” stamp/signature on it... don’t you?”

    Self-contradiction there... if it is ‘legal’ its purpose is to hold up in court - that’s Government recognition.

    “You seem to believe that without a government stamp tax then nothing is legal or lawful or provable in a court of law?”

    LOL. So you will try up your own contracts to do exactly the same thing as what a legal marriage license does and go through all that both to save the $50 filing fee?!?!?

    “Then read up on how marriage contracts (heck, even Wills) were drawn up in pioneer America, pre-1750.”
    Um, these are contracts, legally binding - intended to hold up in front of a government agent aka judge in a court of law.

    Methinks you are trying real hard to split hairs. if you want to consider your real marriage what the priest did, fine, but government and legal recognition hinges on goign to the courthouse.

    It would be great if we could just convince gay couples that a gay-church priest is all they need to be ‘married’ but thats not what they want. They want the courthouse seal of approval.

  • Sen. Ted Cruz speaks against same-sex marriage (Prefers States to decide it)

    03/29/2013 10:01:26 PM PDT · 118 of 124
    WOSG to BarnacleCenturion; xzins

    “You won’t find anywhere in the constitution that government should incentivize or take any ‘interest’ in procreation”

    LOL. Marriage definitions and laws have been here for millenia, and the constitutions of almost all our states explicitly mention children, family and marriage. Our Federal constitution has a 10th amendment, leaving this matter to states.

    The basis of the CONCEPT of limited Government as expressed in our Constitution REQUIRES foundational institutions that support liberty. The FIRST of these is family. To support family we require Marriage in law, or children are harmed. If we raise the next generation as barbarians, our Federal constitution will be worthless.

    As long as Property exists, it will accumulate in Individuals and Families. As long as Marriage exists, Knowledge, Property and Influence will accumulate in Families.
    John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson, July 16, 1814

    Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.
    John Adams, Defense of the Constitutions, 1787

  • Sen. Ted Cruz speaks against same-sex marriage (Prefers States to decide it)

    03/29/2013 9:48:22 PM PDT · 117 of 124
    WOSG to Blackirish

    “I really didn’t think this issue mattered.”

    America wont be America in another generation if we lose the family.

    ... maybe its lost already since the young’uns are for SSM. Crazy that they keep supporting the things that do them the most damage.

  • Sen. Ted Cruz speaks against same-sex marriage (Prefers States to decide it)

    03/29/2013 9:46:24 PM PDT · 116 of 124
    WOSG to xzins

    4. Children have a right to their own father and mother.

    That right is violated by SSM and the brave new world of "Hey, any family is EQUAL to any other family, and saying otherwise is bigotry"....
  • Sen. Ted Cruz speaks against same-sex marriage (Prefers States to decide it)

    03/29/2013 9:44:24 PM PDT · 115 of 124
    WOSG to Noamie

    “Aside from making sure I don’t marry my sister, or first cousin, I can find no reason for the state to be involved at all.”

    It’s sad that so many don’t undertstand the societal interest and need to support family formation in law, in order to protect children. It’s an unfortunate consequence of decades of media/academy attacks on culture, to the point where even conservatives dont understand the importance of them.

    And btw, devils advocate question: Is marrying your first cousin any more wrong or dangerous than gay relationships. if you have the right to marry anyone, why not that?

    “My priest ordained my marriage. Not my mayor.”

    Clearly you DID register your marriage with the civil authorities if you went ahead and filed taxes as married, bought a house as ‘community property’ etc.

  • To Save Traditional Marriage, End State Involvement in Marriage (Bingo)

    03/29/2013 9:32:05 PM PDT · 111 of 111
    WOSG to privatedrive

    “So it would be okay if the government criminalizes divorce, or mandates marriage?”

    Since marriage as an institution is created as a contract between procreators for the benefit of the children issuing from that marriage/procreation, the answer is readily apparent:
    - As marriage is a contract, it must be voluntary. sometimes things happen where procreators are induced to marriage to make it honorable for the children aka ‘shotgun wedding’,
    - Divorce involving children perhaps should be more difficult than modern law allows, and in the past was a lot harder; today its easier to divorce than break a car lease. Many children have been harmed by divorce and family breakup; the statistics are very clear on that. btw ‘criminalize divorce’ is a non sequitor - its a contract, there’s nothing criminal about it. However, divorced men who fail child support can get wages garnished or arrested. Which is odd because deadbeats are not technically criminals. So note, divorce or no divorce men are STILL on the hook. Thus, what no-fault divorce does is diminish a man’s right to see his own children.

    SSM just further pushes the concept of marriage away from being an institution for furtherance of the next generation and more a ‘gimme bennies’ about tax breaks. etc.

  • To Save Traditional Marriage, End State Involvement in Marriage (Bingo)

    03/29/2013 9:20:46 PM PDT · 110 of 111
    WOSG to privatedrive

    I’m sorry, you are surely an intelligent person,
    and smart enough I hope to realize that the statement I reacted to and called ‘stupid’ really didn’t make sense.

    Of *course* we want our laws to conform to the Constitution. I never said otherwise. There is however nothing in the Constitution saying “dont let your personal views be used to make laws”. that insinuation is what I call(ed) stupid.

    Too often the failed claim of ‘you cant legislate morality’ or ‘you cant do X’ ... well,read the 10th Amendment. The states have the power to make their own decisions according to that.

  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor: If Gay Marriage Is Legal, What About Polygamy?

    03/29/2013 9:11:19 PM PDT · 196 of 204
    WOSG to Mercat

    “There are a lot of “marriage equality” postings on Facebook”

    Just tell them that it is interesting that they are for polygamy and if they say know call them anti-poly bigot and poly-phobe.

  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor: If Gay Marriage Is Legal, What About Polygamy?

    03/29/2013 9:10:21 PM PDT · 195 of 204
    WOSG to CityCenter

    “Why shouldn’t I be able to marry my sister? I love her, well not in “that way,” but who is to say this is wrong? Besides, I have economic resources she needs. It’s all good. /s”

    I know you have the sarc tag, but I was thinking ... for elderly siblings, between the companionship and the tax/inheritance benefits, it probably would be appealling for a lot of elderly siblings.

    Remember, with SSM, the idea of marriage because you can procreate is out the window - so why restrict it to sexually active partners? Could be *any* two people.

  • Justice Sonia Sotomayor: If Gay Marriage Is Legal, What About Polygamy?

    03/29/2013 9:07:52 PM PDT · 194 of 204
    WOSG to Vigilanteman

    “Polygamy has been practiced by various human civilizations for hundreds of years whereas “gay marriage” has been a recent invention barely one generation old. From a legal viewpoint, it makes more sense to legalize polygamy than to invent a new definition of marriage involving same gender partners.”


    It’s also correct that the arguments being made for gay marriage - ‘Equality means you can marry who you want’ - are clearly arguments that lead to affirmation of not just polygamy but incestuous relationships, all outlawed in state law. Gay marriage will inevitably lead to these being tested in courts.

    Even this lib justice is smart enough to realize that SSM opens a pandora’s box in the courts. I dont think the Supremes will want to declare SSM a right. They better not, it makes a mockery of the Constitution to rule so.

  • Boehner to GOP: Our Tactical Plan Against Obama Worked

    03/29/2013 5:12:07 PM PDT · 27 of 42
    WOSG to plain talk

    “There is nothing to declare victory over. nothing. “

    Correct. Instead of preening ‘how great are we’ - tell the truth, that this was a fraction of what is needed to stop big govt. Boehener is emphasizing how Republicans are the ‘minority’ which is at least more honest ...

    Now look at the Democrat response ...

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi later dismissed the speaker’s comments in a statement saying, “If they don’t have the Congress lurching from manufactured crisis to crisis, then they’re passing gimmicks that do nothing to address the urgent priorities of the American people.”

    ... wait, its the Democrats who are manufacturing the crisis!

  • Boehner to GOP: Our Tactical Plan Against Obama Worked

    03/29/2013 5:04:46 PM PDT · 26 of 42
    WOSG to Olog-hai

    Yes, Boehner did score a field goal. Bravo to actually making Dems pass a budget and to holding firm to the one actual spending cut implementation since getting elected. And a bonus was exposed Obama for a total hysterical over-reacting liar. Nice.

    But what about defuding Obamacare? Boehner and the leaders in the Senate could have gone to the mat and stripped Obamacare funding from the CR. They whiffed on that.

  • To Save Traditional Marriage, End State Involvement in Marriage (Bingo)

    03/20/2013 1:39:55 PM PDT · 90 of 111
    WOSG to privatedrive

    the idea that the Constitution forbids states laws on marriage, or the whole body of family law, is errant nonsense.
    And moreover, adding gay marriage ADDS TO THE LAW - it will add more legal burdens more complexity, more rules, and get govermnent MORE involved.

    “When we start to make laws based on our personal beliefs, rather than our Constitution, then we go down the road of Lefties, Dictators and Terrorists.”
    What a stupid comment. The Constitution is a framework for government to ALLOW us to ‘make laws based on our personal beliefs’. that’s what laws are. If we arent basing laws on what we think should be, we are idiots.

  • To Save Traditional Marriage, End State Involvement in Marriage (Bingo)

    03/20/2013 1:34:40 PM PDT · 89 of 111
    WOSG to theBuckwheat

    “To advance the legal case that a marriage between two people of the same sex is no different than a marriage as God defines it, the US Justice Department will base their arguments before the Supreme Court that a child does not need, nor have a right to a mother. [5]”

    Which is why we have been making all the WRONG arguments about gay marriage. Its NOT about what the bible says, that is completely unconvincing in a secular culture that doesnt want ‘bible thumpers imposing beliefs’, its about THE CHILDREN.

    degrading marriage, and gay marriage is putting us on the slippery slope to basically destroy marriage as we know it, as any argument about “Marriage Equality” would take us to polygamy and the rest...

  • To Save Traditional Marriage, End State Involvement in Marriage (Bingo)

    03/20/2013 1:31:30 PM PDT · 88 of 111
    WOSG to privatedrive

    Government has an interest in making sure our civilization continues into the next generation. the breakdown in the family harms our civilization.
    marriage preserves family structure.
    ergo, govt does have an interest in marriage.

  • To Save Traditional Marriage, End State Involvement in Marriage (Bingo)

    03/20/2013 1:30:04 PM PDT · 87 of 111
    WOSG to Kaslin

    This thinking is nuts, but the derangement continues because we failed to understand / explain why marriage really exists and what it is for ... it’s for civilizing procreation and protecting children that issue from that procreation.

    “We had to destroy marriage in order to save it.”

  • Obama Proposes Last Minute "Mini Deal," Adding Milk Lobby Bonus

    12/29/2012 12:29:06 PM PST · 15 of 31
    WOSG to Logical me

    No deal. Over the cliff will do more to restore some sanity.”

    100% WRONG. A bad deal would be wrong, but the cliff would mean massive tax hikes WHICH OBAMA AND THE LEFT WOULD LOVE TO HAVE.

    We should be saving the tax rates we can PERMANENTLY. If its protecting everyone below $500,000 / yr income that is good enough so long as we cut the spending as well and make it permanent.

    Only a PERMANENT EXTENSION is worth it.

  • Cliff Deal Hinges on Senators

    12/29/2012 12:05:56 PM PST · 74 of 107
    WOSG to aMorePerfectUnion

    “I’m ready to crash and reset.”
    That’s what marxists say.

    Some extremists relish the illusion that everything will fall apart and the world wil be cleansed in damnation.
    It wont. Reality is more boring than that.

    There is a difference between the two parties. There is a difference between ‘better’ and ‘worse’. Evil happens when those who know good do nothing to stop evil; worse happens when you and I find excuses not to work for the better.

    Since nobody’s perfect, you have all the excuses in the world to throw rocks at people trying to do good and whining about their imperfections and claiming they dont do anything for you. That’s the way of powerless extremists, always whining, never solving.

  • How the fiscal cliff fight will end (unhappily for Republicans)

    12/29/2012 9:16:35 AM PST · 10 of 59
    WOSG to Neidermeyer

    “Give him all the tax hikes he wants”

    With due respect - Stupid idea. “do it by simply taking a 4 year vacation” throws away political power and gives the Dems a monopoly, a disgrace to all who Republicans and anyone who cares about our country.

    We are stuck between two bad ideas. “blow it up” and lose or “throw in the towel” and lose.

    there is only one smart way - the Pyrric Victory way. The President will get his victory. He has to. The President + the Democrat Senate plus the media mean that they can set certain terms and win the PR war.So the GOP will in the end have to give something and show Obama ‘won’ on the top tax rates. BUT ... the key is to extract the maximum amount of political advantage from it.

    Let him have his rates on the rich, but for a price. Protect the maximum number of taxpayers and cut the most spending possible. That’s the goal. If a deal raises taxes on above $500k income only, and cuts spending by $2 trillion, its a deal that works.

    Clinton won the PR way in the 1995/1996 budget battle, but GOP won on substance. The GOP needs to learn to win via ‘death by thousand cuts’ always demanding small advantages for each thing Obama wants.

    What we SHOULD be doing is stop giving bad advice to Republicans and start saying the obvious: IT’S THE SPENDING.

    “The repubs don’t represent me ,, haven’t since 1994.”
    All the more reason for them not to take your bad advice to give it all to the Democrats.

  • Cliff Deal Hinges on Senators

    12/29/2012 8:54:28 AM PST · 54 of 107
    WOSG to aMorePerfectUnion

    “The R version differs only on how fast it wants to travel to the same destination.”

    I’d rather hit the ground at 4mph than 100mph.

  • No ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal? 44% Blame GOP, 36% Obama

    12/27/2012 1:19:46 PM PST · 49 of 52
    WOSG to ABQHispConservative

    So the GOP is *too* compromising, yet fewer blame Obama for NOT compromising?!?

    I want a deal that cuts the most spending and raises the least in taxes. That’s the best approach. Is there hope for that? Obama wants the opposite.

    Are the American people standing upside down?

  • Manchin on gun control: 'We need action'

    12/17/2012 10:08:55 PM PST · 98 of 109
    WOSG to V_TWIN

    “a conservative Democrat”
    “Never heard that term that even possible?”

    An extinct species... Killed off by the progressives in the Democrat party.

  • Can the Republican Party Remain Relevant?

    12/17/2012 10:07:58 PM PST · 29 of 43
    WOSG to SVTCobra03

    What you all don’t understand is that the game is over. The moochers, looters and inner city tribal parasites outnumber the producers. You cannot beat Santa Claus. You are under the delusion that if we just had an articulate, dynamic conservative that could sway the sheeple with logic, reason and facts, we could start winning elections again. It’s too late. “

    Sad but true.

    Too many people are saying “Boehner is awful, we need someone better”


    Nobody. I’ve heard ‘let it burn’ and other BS, but not a single good idea from anyone, pundit, etc. that explains how we could actually GET A REAL DEAL OUT OF OBAMA TO CUT TAXES AND SPENDING.

    I’m all ears.

  • Is Boehner Capitulating on Tax Hike Boost? Blame Game Posturing

    12/17/2012 9:43:19 PM PST · 14 of 14
    WOSG to lu shissler

    If he doesnt give an inch, taxes go up by $4 trillion and the Democrat-media complex make him the scapegoat for all that is bad in the country. A simplistic “dont give an inch” view is self-defeating.

    The real answer is there is no good option. The GOOD option was to defeat Obama!

  • A ‘fiscal cliff’ deal is near: Here are the details

    12/17/2012 9:11:52 PM PST · 115 of 131
    WOSG to rarestia

    “He looks like someone who’s just made a deal with the devil.”

    Huh .... I wonder why.

    ” His conscience will never be clear, ...”

    Why do you say that? HE DIDNT RE-ELECT OBAMA. 60 million Americans did. they are the ones responsible for this mess.
    If more voters voted Republicans, we’d have a Republican budget. As it is, Mourdock losing, Akin losing, Tester winning ...Anyone who didnt vote Republican voted for higher taxes and more spending.

    Hey presto, it’s amazing - that is what we are going to get.

    And this too:

    Ya know, when we said that re-electing Obama would be a disaster, we meant it, and Boehner is not omnipotent and cant fix that particular fact. He, like us, has to live with it. I’d get drunk too if I were in his shoes!

  • AP sources: New Obama offer moves toward Boehner (another episode of 'As the Stomach Turns'?)

    12/17/2012 9:07:43 PM PST · 25 of 37
    WOSG to Ciexyz

    “I am upset about the SS COLA because it affects my federal retirement check. “

    Moocher. ... I kid, I kid.

    Seriously, we are one trillion in deficit / year. We cant afford what we spend and this is actually just a tiny nick compared to the meat ax we need to take.

    They should be keeping the whole sequester, cut ALL the govt across the board 10%, raise all the SS and medicare elibility ages, AND means-test them all, AND repeal Obamacare, AND abolish the DOE and 50 other agencies, AND repeal every new spending idea since 2000. Only then could we balanced the budget.

    I’m not counting on SS. Nobody should. Its a worthless system outdated and wrong and we should let people escape from it. make it voluntary, and give people an account that THEY own, not Congress. They might as well pay me in zimbabwe dollars by the time i’m ready for it.

  • Hill Poll: Gloomy voters say US on wrong track, kids will be poorer

    12/17/2012 8:42:07 PM PST · 35 of 43
    WOSG to sergeantdave

    Voting fraud is my answer.”

    You didnt notice the large number of conservative malcontents not even bothering to vote or support the Rs?

    You didnt notice the massive media malpractice of liberal bias that turned Obama’s failures into Republicans fault?

    You didnt see the startling exit poll that showed more people blamed BUSH than Obama for our current economic malaise? (After 4 years?!? And Obama’s stimulus was passed in 2009 and was supposed to be the cure-all?!? WTF!?!)

    You didnt notice Romney’s campaign incompetence of failing to defend his character against Obama’s lies (’he killed my wife!’), attack obama’s incompetence at home or abroad or tie the horrible Obamacare bill to our economic misery?

    Not to mention the ground game screwup, the Akin/Mourdock foot-in-mouth errors, debates run by Obama cheerleaders, and the intervention of Hurricane Sandy and Gov Christie hugging pres O. ...

    And the #1 Reason: MILLIONS MORE DEPENDENT ON GOVERNMENT THAN EVER BEFORE JUST VOTED FOR “MORE OF THE SAME” AND AGAINST A GUY WHO CALLED 47% OF US MOOCHERS (um, never mind that it was mainly true, how do you ever get votes by insulting the voters...)

    I mean seriously, Romney had a great Debate #1 but was otherwise only a bit better than the two worst candidates we ran in recent decades (McCain and Dole) - while Obama, horrible President, managed to ramp up the votes from the moocher class with the best data-based ground game of any campaign.

    No fraud - it was worse than that. We actually had voters dumb enough to vote for this.

  • Is Boehner Capitulating on Tax Hike Boost? Blame Game Posturing

    12/17/2012 8:28:14 PM PST · 13 of 14
    WOSG to alloysteel

    “To do nothing, is better than to capitulate.

    Raising taxes in a recession is, in and of itself, very bad policy.”

    Your contradiction is simple: to do nothing IS to raise taxes - by $4 trillion.

    And since neither party wants middle class taxes increased, it is fairly simple that a ‘deal’ that saves the 98% and leaves the top 2% in the cold is better than nothing. This dynamic and the media is why this is now ‘popular’ - as the media has cast it as:
    - either we get a deal where the top 2% alone get higher taxes OR
    - we get a catastrophe of everyone getting higher taxes

    If we keep the spending cuts and minimize the tax increases (maybe on millionaires $1m and above only), that’s not a great deal, but not a bad deal.
    AND ... since Obamacare is raising taxes it is far preferred to have people notice “Hey Obama got his deal and STILL our taxes went up” as opposed to “Hey, Republicans screwed it up and look at our taxes going up.”

  • Boehner offers debt-ceiling increase in cliff compromise

    12/17/2012 8:20:22 PM PST · 22 of 22
    WOSG to noinfringers2

    you mis-spelled OBAMA...

    The USA has come to a very sorry state of affairs when one person of the likes of OBAMA can sell out the economic and traditional values of our Nation.

  • Boehner offers debt-ceiling increase in cliff compromise

    12/17/2012 8:16:36 PM PST · 21 of 22
    WOSG to Marcella

    “Boehner is scared to death of Dec. 31 coming with no deal. Why he is scared is of no consequence,”

    We weaker GOP caucus in the House and more liberal Senate in January. PLUS the media has already pre-blamed the GOP for any failure. So even though many Democrats would like to go over the cliff, Boehner does not want to do so.