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  • Mitt Romney Announces Virginia Leadership Team

    12/30/2011 8:30:50 AM PST · 5 of 31
    Ranjit to Da Coyote

    Atleast, we have a candidate who is very organized with some infrastructure ! Probably, Romney will atleast have some leverage to fight against Obama ! Regarding Conservatism-—Let us work on the senate and try to get a nice VP !

  • Morning Examiner: Romney pulling away

    12/30/2011 8:26:51 AM PST · 35 of 113
    Ranjit to RoosterRedux

    we might not agree with Romney, but dragging his mormon issue is too much ! I am so tired of you guys whining for 6 months ! He is winning because, we conservatives cannot make up our mind or could not persuade winnable conservative candidates like Paul Ryan or Rubio or Bobby Jindal !Atleast let us pressure Romney for a nice VP !

  • Kent Sorenson, Bachmann’s Iowa chair, defects to Paul

    12/28/2011 10:27:23 PM PST · 24 of 36
    Ranjit to SECURE AMERICA

    At 1.16am in the morning, you made me laugh so hard ! Thanks for that comment !

  • ROBERT REICH: Get Ready For A Obama-Clinton Presidential Ticket

    12/28/2011 9:19:11 PM PST · 81 of 117
    Ranjit to Revolting cat!

    Also in the meanwhile, we are here sitting and making statements like “If so and so is the candidate, i would not vote”. Wake up you people ! If we give this election, it is going to few more years before we take the presidency. May be even in 2020 or 2024 ! Country would be changed for ever !

    Hope your candidate wins if not, just jump into the nominated candidate and work for him.

  • GOP Rep. Yoder predicts narrow Obama victory (Idiot Alert)

    12/27/2011 7:18:21 PM PST · 77 of 92
    Ranjit to GlockThe Vote

    Amen ! What the hell is this negative talk? So far in the history of United States, a president has not been elected when 70% feel that country is going in the wrong direction.

    I don’t like Romney but let us not whine about it ! We could not make up our mind on a conservative candidate ! Romney with a VP ticket of Rubio/Ryan/ Jindal can easily win the election. Do you guys have any idea of swing states like PA, FL, VA? Obama is down so much in these states.

    This is not the time to sit in home ! I hate to do this after the debacle in 2008 ! The difference is the economy !


    12/27/2011 7:47:49 AM PST · 10 of 21
    Ranjit to Cringing Negativism Network

    A week ago, Rush “If Sanatorum becomes president, I don’t have to worry about his next move”. If we are going to select among candidates that we don’t like, let us atleast select the conservative candidate. People are forgetting the appeal of Rick Sanatorum with social conservatives.

  • Could Rick Santorum win the Republican nomination?

    12/27/2011 7:23:39 AM PST · 10 of 59
    Ranjit to Tanniker Smith

    So many in this forum as been posting about how Romney and Gingrich are rhinos & they are going to loose against obama! If that is the case, why don’t we stand on principles and support sanatorum . Even if we loose, we can be proud of our vote. Not with Romney & Gingrich

  • Could Rick Santorum win the Republican nomination?

    12/27/2011 7:20:02 AM PST · 7 of 59
    Ranjit to Tanniker Smith

    So many in this forum as been posting about how Romney and Gingrich are rhinos & they are going to loose against obama! If that is the case, why don’t we stand on principles and support sanatorum . Even if we loose, we can be proud of our vote. Not with Romney & Gingrich

  • New Romney Iowa ad: Smaller government, end of 'Obamacare'

    12/26/2011 5:25:28 PM PST · 19 of 25
    Ranjit to Jim Noble

    Third party? It will get 15 to 17%%, Republicans will get 29 to 31% and Obama will get 45% to win the election in 50 states(may be even in 57 states) ! Stop yelling at Romney ! It was conservatives problem of not able to go behind one single guy ! For the last 5 months, I have to switch 5 candidates and I am tired ! I am going to support Rick Sanatorum and if he looses, I will go with eventual nominee which might be Romney !

  • Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. ballot

    12/24/2011 9:21:29 AM PST · 92 of 217
    Ranjit to TheBattman

    This one is good ! I can do that !

  • Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. ballot

    12/24/2011 9:19:49 AM PST · 90 of 217
    Ranjit to Mariner

    Like lot of people, I went from Bachmann to perry to cain to gingrich and I will vote for Sanatorum(if he still runs in may). But what are we supposed to do? Is there any other alternate scenario. Please tell me and I will follow you

  • Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. ballot

    12/24/2011 9:16:04 AM PST · 88 of 217
    Ranjit to rabscuttle385

    In May, if still Santorum is running, I will vote for him in North Carolina ! If not, I will support Romney because he cannot be bad on Economy. All the other issues, there is no way he can do any thing without conservative base. Ask bush/cheney when they tried to nominate women judge to supreme court. Even cheney came in Rush to explain but we did not accept. But leaving Obama again will be death of conservatives/Republicans/capitalistic America

    When people start smelling the benefits of socialism, they will stick with democrats for few more years till we all go bankrupt. Economy will get better from 2012 to 2016 and we can run the best candidate in 2016 and he/she will not win.

  • Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. ballot

    12/24/2011 9:05:14 AM PST · 80 of 217
    Ranjit to Theodore R.

    Probably, we should all get “Anybody other than Obama” sticker. Even in places like chapel hill, NC-—they have 2012 stickers all over the place. They had it for John kerry too ! It does not mean a thing !

  • Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. ballot

    12/24/2011 9:00:45 AM PST · 76 of 217
    Ranjit to Mariner

    We need to stop talking about all the broken conventions & palin entry at the late stage and so on. No one stopped us from going behind a conservative candidate. We keept going from one candidate to other except for Rick sanatorum. 2 days back Rush says, if Rick sanatorum becomes president, I will not worry about what he is going to do next. If that is the case, why the hell we cannot stand on principles and support a conservative Rick Sanatorum. He does not have executive experience? or he supported the rhino for senator in his state? Need to come out with better excuses. No point in trying to talk about sarah palin or other conservatives who are not in the race.

    Let us atleast support Romney & try to drag him to the conservative side

  • Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. ballot

    12/24/2011 8:49:02 AM PST · 62 of 217
    Ranjit to iontheball

    Oh stop it ! I don’t support the nut Ron Paul or Mitt Romney(born ready to become president) but in this case, it is perry and gingrich who messed it up. It is not a secret that gingrich is lacking the organization. Little bit surprised about perry. Probably in the last 2 months, perry had lost lot of supporters ! There is no big conspiracy ! This is what it is !


  • GOP freshman: McConnell 'ran over us'

    12/23/2011 12:49:27 PM PST · 56 of 104
    Ranjit to Timber Rattler

    I agree and sometimes, we need to let some things go ! We got some leverage with Keystone and we should have let this go! As keystone provision was there, people in left where mad and the media was trying hard to defend it. Today, no one talks about keystone ! They talk about Obama’s middle class tax cut win and Republicans U—turn ! Narrative has been set and we better don’t repeat this in 2012 legislative session!

  • GOP freshman: McConnell 'ran over us'

    12/23/2011 12:23:02 PM PST · 30 of 104
    Ranjit to Timber Rattler

    I could not believe Republican congress people are so out of touch in being media savvy ! We got obama right where we wanted by making him accept Keystone pipe line and within the next 24 hrs, we just screwed it so bad that, republicans are perceived as the party which says no to the tax cuts!

    They better go home and come with plans where they have alternate strategy for every scenario thrown by Obama and the senate democrats ! Because of these screw ups, I don’t want to see Obama getting reelected for lack of leadership from republican congress

  • PPP: Paul leads Iowa, Gingrich drops to 3rd (Poll analysis from Ed Morrissey and others)

    12/19/2011 7:28:20 AM PST · 21 of 28
    Ranjit to Burkean Buckleyite

    In Iowa, If I am righ Ind and Dems are allowed to vote in Republican Primary. Hence forth Ron Paul is leading. Gingrich is loosing support & it was expected. Also, the more conservatives are getting some traction. Michelle, Sanatorum(going to surprise people with strong showing) but at the end of the day Mitt Romney with good organization will win Iowa.

    Wrap it up guys ! All along it was mitt romney & we wasted all of our time by switching from michelle to perry to cain to gingrich and back to our establishment. Hope, mitt romney selects some real good conservative VP.

  • Romney predicts tea party will turn on Gingrich

    12/17/2011 11:26:03 AM PST · 36 of 47
    Ranjit to Georgia Girl 2

    I am not a fan of Romney or in fact any candidate in the race. Gingrich is smart, intellectual idea guy, who will be good for cabinet position. If you really think, Obama will debate gingrich for more than 3 debates or the moderators(who will be from main stream media) allow gingrich to shine, you are insane. Matter of fact, people who don’t follow politics like us, will see the contrast between Obama and Gingrich and will vote for the better looking candidate. Also, do you honestly think social conservatives will vote for Gingrich(after 3 marriages)?

    6 months back, i was crying in this board for Paul Ryan. Some of them said, we need him in the congress. Finally I was hoping for Rick perry and he screwed up his image with all those early debates.

    what to do? We have only Romney left and I think, probably he can beat obama because of his organizational setup which will be better than other republican candidates

  • Romney's Mormon Problem

    12/16/2011 8:03:44 AM PST · 17 of 32
    Ranjit to americanophile

    Amen ! If we can select a person with “Hussein” as middle name, you know that, mormon and Mitt is a sill issue ! Talk about Romney’s record, that is a different story !

    Yes, romney is a rhino but for this election cycle, that should be even enough to get elected. Folks, we don’t have a good candidate. Sanatorum, Rick perry or Michelle Bachmann is going nowhere and people like Marco Rubio or Jindal or other conservatives are not running. Let us try to push Romney to Right ! There is no other choice ! Hope, he will select the most conservative VP !

  • How President Obama gets to 270

    12/14/2011 4:36:05 PM PST · 20 of 39
    Ranjit to crazyhorse691

    Folks, stop the negativity ! In North Carolina, we know that is going to very close and we are slowly putting the infrastructure that we need ! It is going to be won at the precinct level ! Call your local county GOP & offer your help ! If possible register some new voters ! Brainwash your kids(a common complaint that, my kid is going to a liberal school and he/she is a big liberal)! Write to the editors, participate in local GOP meetings & drag a new friend to those meetings.

    Let us not worry about the Republican candidate !People will unite at the end. This is a life time opportunity and we can defeat Obama! Blacks with 15% employment will not be running with enthusiasm of 2008 ! College kids don’t have a job and they are scared ! There will be no enthusiasm !

  • Newt Is the Problem

    12/12/2011 7:22:01 PM PST · 34 of 85
    Ranjit to Servant of the Cross

    He will loose by a landslide. There will not be more than 3 debates and they will not allow gingrich to dominate. They will make sure to show a white old man against obama. Social conservatives will not turn out for gingrich. Atleast for romney, few moderates will show up. Bottom line, I have to really think hard to spend lot of time canvassing my precincts. If newt is the candidate, Republicans will loose North Carolina. I can guarantee you !

  • Assuming Corzine Has Handed Jersey To GOP,Only Leaves Ind,NC,Virginia,Ohio&Fla/Penn.&Obama Is Done!

    12/11/2011 6:37:54 PM PST · 13 of 34
    Ranjit to mrsmith

    Again, it might be the VP candidate which is going to make a huge difference. Last election, it was a tough hill to climb but this time, VP can make a difference.

    I have a feeling that, VP might be Jindaal or Rubio. Any one of them will be great

  • Assuming Corzine Has Handed Jersey To GOP,Only Leaves Ind,NC,Virginia,Ohio&Fla/Penn.&Obama Is Done!

    12/11/2011 6:04:00 PM PST · 8 of 34
    Ranjit to SoJoCo

    We should focus on Virginia(easy win for GOP), North Carolina(live here and it is going to be a photo finish), Florida(easy win for GOP), wisconsin(can flip to GOP—depends on recall of Scott), Michigan(can easily flip to GOP), Pennsylvania(very good chance after a long time), Ohio(photo finish-—healthcare mandate was won big), New Hamphsire(easy win for GOP), Iowa(win for GOP),New Mexico(Possible for GOP) & Indiana(easy win).

  • Newt Gingrich carries slight lead over Mitt Romney among likely voters in Michigan's Feb. 28 primary

    12/09/2011 10:56:16 AM PST · 25 of 48
    Ranjit to Pollster1

    Sure ! Newt will loose by a landslide ! We go search for candidates all over the place and ignore tea party candidates like Rick Santorum ! I went to all the tea party gatherings and now I am going to end up voting for Newt who was not a great fan of tea party! God, why are we just throwing this election?

  • Team Obama's Pathway to 270

    12/03/2011 9:14:06 PM PST · 19 of 43
    Ranjit to no dems

    There is no freaking way, Obama wins Virginia. Having a popular governor and the way virginia has turned red, Obama cannot find enough votes in northern virginia to offset the rural southern vrigina.

    North carolina is an iffy state. I think, Obama will loose it but it will be very close. The demographics of this state is changing so fast due to implants from north. It all depends on Wake county.

  • Santorum fundraises off Palin praise

    12/02/2011 1:37:36 PM PST · 19 of 21
    Ranjit to WomBom

    Again Sarah Palin praised Rick Santorum for being the consistent conservative ! Late surge for Rick Santorum cannot be ruled out ! I will be very happy if it happens

  • Cain to End Candidacy Tomorrow? (Major Announcement tomorrow.)

    12/02/2011 12:14:48 PM PST · 50 of 302
    Ranjit to gimme1ibertee

    I liked him very much but always his answers on foreign affairs bothered me and also his campaign was run by amatuers. He cannot go toe to toe with Obama. I think, he should endorse people like Santorum.

    For life of me, I just don’t understand why people are so reluctant on santorum. Conservatives don’t have to close their nose to vote for him

  • Santorum fundraises off Palin praise

    12/02/2011 12:07:19 PM PST · 6 of 21
    Ranjit to Berlin_Freeper

    Now, here is a true conservative. For all those people who are compromising on Newt or Romney, they should think about Santorum. For a life of me, I never understood why we kept going from one candidate to another, when we have a solid conservative with a good legislature experience and comes from an important state which has a good chance of flipping in November 2012

  • I cannot STAND Mitt Romney -- or MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell !!!

    12/02/2011 9:00:21 AM PST · 16 of 22
    Ranjit to WayneS

    Lawrence O Donnell was one of the people who destroyed Herman Cain and I am sure, he is happy ! But, please stop saying that, I cannot stand Mitt Romney. That is falling right into the trap of main stream media. If it is Gingrich, wait and see the attack on his personal life. They will atleast drag up his unapproval rate by 10% in a week of his nomination. I am worried whether, Social Conservatives will come in full force to support Newt Gingrich. I hope, they don’t sit home for elections

    If we allow obama, the country will be transformed and people will not know the meaning of capitalism. Just go to your local GOP county meeting and see the demographics. I am 40 yrs old and I am 2nd or 3rd youngest in the group. We should not wait till 2016 for Rubio, jindal or Ryan for the 100% conservative candidate.A generation would have passed by and it is going to be harder for GOP to win elections

    If it is Mitt Romney, let us drag that guy to become more conservative. During Bush/cheney, we did not allow that lady judge to be nominated for Supreme court. We conservatives forced them to give to Roberts or Alito(don’t remember which one)

    We have to get behind any candidate who will be better than Obama

  • Herman Cain, Rick Santorum Tear Up at Iowa Presidential Forum

    11/20/2011 11:13:54 PM PST · 19 of 28
    Ranjit to Lazlo in PA

    I just don’t understand why we keep going to everyone else than Rick Santorum, who is a solid conservative with good legislature experience. So what, he lost an election in 2006, when every damn democrat was winning !Yes, he supported Arlen Specter ! So, Sarah Palin supported John McCain for senate in 2010 ! Atleast, we know everything about him. Think about the evangelical support that will turn out for Rick santorum !

  • Will the GOP Establishment Blow It by Picking Romney?

    11/16/2011 8:13:53 PM PST · 29 of 60
    Ranjit to norton

    What are we supposed to do? First I liked michelle Bachmann and then she lost my support when she attacked Rick perry like crazy. Then I was in the Bandwagon for Rick perry thinking that, he will be able to articulate his conservative policies from Texas. But, by now we all know that, Obama will clean him in the debate.

    Then, I was very excited of Herman Cain and then I was even with thim till the so called sex scandal but lately I have to stop because of his lack of knowledge with foreign policy. So, now I look at Newt and there comes Fannie mae story.

    Hope, something will happen between now and Iowa to get some conservative candidate.

    What about Rick Sanatorum? Why are we ignoring him? He is strong pro life, family value conservative guy from an important state. He has been in various congressional committees with good experience. All the signs point out to a flip of PA in 2012 and we should may be think about him. Atleast, he will not have lot of hidden issues

  • Herman's Just Not Ready

    11/15/2011 6:44:26 AM PST · 77 of 174
    Ranjit to dfwgator

    oh stop it ! Obama will loose to any of the candidates in the list !

  • Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (WTH? Hussein rising?)

    11/14/2011 7:24:05 AM PST · 38 of 158
    Ranjit to Anti-Bubba182

    You are totally right. When it comes to presidential election, at the end of the day, the challenger should excite and it has not happened. I think, obama campaign is doing a brilliant job of destroying every viable republican candidate, one at a time. For example in sept and start of october, they destroyed rick perry. End of october and November,they are destroying cain candidate. When they do so, they make us take our eyes of Obama

    But having said that, folks look at the 2011 election

    Virginia-—Democrats got a huge defeat
    Ohio-———Unions won their bargaining issue BUT, democrats lost big with the Obama Care. If I was part of Obama campaign, I will be worried because, the same union crowd voted no for Obama health care.

  • Obama's Virginia Defeat (Cricket's chirping from the Lame Stream Media)

    11/11/2011 9:29:57 AM PST · 12 of 27
    Ranjit to tobyhill

    I hope So ! Out of all the swing states, I am concerned about Ohio. There is no way Obama is winning Virginia or Florida. Finally, there might be a real fight for PA(always democrats win but this time, it looks it might be different), Michigan(GOP has a good chance to flip it). North Carolina is very hard to predict. It all depends on Wake county. Colorado, Nevada and New mexico can be made easy for GOP if Marco Rubio is VP

  • Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (11/11/11: Hussein watches basketball, at -17)

    11/11/2011 9:20:04 AM PST · 15 of 18
    Ranjit to stevecmd

    When you are above 50% in your disapproval and 75% wrong direction for the country, there is no way, incumbent can win.

  • GOP Catching Up in FL Senate Race

    11/11/2011 8:02:47 AM PST · 8 of 25
    Ranjit to Moonman62

    If Marco Rubio is the Vice Presidential candidate, it will be awesome. Not only florida, but lot of states like Nevada, Colorado & New Mexico will be easily won by Republicans. Also conservatives would love it. But will he run?

  • GOP Catching Up in FL Senate Race

    11/11/2011 7:40:37 AM PST · 3 of 25
    Ranjit to therightliveswithus

    I am liking all the opinion polls from Florida. Democrats are really down in florida. Obama is trailing or running neck to neck with republican candidates(incumbent always will lose in that scenario).

    What is going on? Is it the governor? Is the jewish vote? Seniors breaking away from democrats? Is it the panhandle?

  • WATCH: Maria Bartiromo Gets Booed For Asking Herman Cain About Sexual Harassment Allegations

    11/09/2011 9:14:03 PM PST · 15 of 54
    Ranjit to fullchroma

    That was a beauty and the audience did great ! For the first time, I like Mitt Romney for standing up for fellow Republican. Never fall for this crap ! For every question like this, turn it and shove it in their face !

  • WATCH: Maria Bartiromo Gets Booed For Asking Herman Cain About Sexual Harassment Allegations

    11/09/2011 9:11:20 PM PST · 12 of 54
    Ranjit to fullchroma

    That was a beauty and the audience did great ! For the first time, I like Mitt Romney for standing up for fellow Republican. Never fall for this crap ! For every question like this, turn it and shove it in their face !

  • Herman Cain~Newt Gingrich in Lincoln/Douglas-type Debate C-SPAN Sat.11- 5: 8 PM EDT - LIVE THREAD

    11/05/2011 7:21:03 PM PDT · 1,003 of 1,769
    Ranjit to chesty_puller

    UNBELIEVABLE! Check out the AP story on the debate!
    How they found nothing but negative after that debate is an indication of how sorry our country has become. I’m not a Cain guy, but why can’t they just report on the friggin news. It was a great ‘debate’ and both men showed themselves to be patriots

    Not only that, I read the comments ! It is totally planned and I am sure, people are paid to post! It is so methodical! There intention is to avoid giving 20 to 25 % of black votes to Republicans. If it happens, there is no way Obama will win states like North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania & florida ! It is very simple !

  • Herman Cain~Newt Gingrich in Lincoln/Douglas-type Debate C-SPAN Sat.11- 5: 8 PM EDT - LIVE THREAD

    11/05/2011 6:51:52 PM PDT · 863 of 1,769
    Ranjit to Politicalmom

    Exactly ! This is one thing, I don’t understand our Republican candidates ! I don’t remember democrats candidates having conservative moderators in 2008 ! Stop pleasing the MSM ! Never going to get anything positive out of it!

  • Herman Cain~Newt Gingrich in Lincoln/Douglas-type Debate C-SPAN Sat.11- 5: 8 PM EDT - LIVE THREAD

    11/05/2011 6:47:59 PM PDT · 838 of 1,769
    Ranjit to chilepup

    I am leaning towards cain but I am not going to agree about your premise ! If Newt wanted to mop the floor with cain he would have done it in split second !

  • Would a Cain implosion benefit Gingrich?

    11/03/2011 9:46:07 PM PDT · 36 of 173
    Ranjit to Mountain Mary

    They have already collected 296,000 ! This weekend is crucial for him ! If he can put behind all the accusations, he is going to go with a huge momentum. If we are still having new accusations on monday, he is done

  • Herman Cain’s inappropriate comment revealed?

    11/03/2011 7:57:48 PM PDT · 13 of 76
    Ranjit to SuzyQue

    Wow ! Obama is having laugh at all this crap ! Our Republican operatives are going overboard in destroying each other !

  • Perry Connection to Cain Sex Harass Story?

    11/02/2011 2:38:47 PM PDT · 25 of 71
    Ranjit to Keith in Iowa

    Wow ! It is so sad to see the self destruction of all Republican candidates. BTW, if anyone in the list things Romney is getting a free pass, wait and live the movement witness destruction of him after his nomination.

    For the first time, I sadly feel that, Obama will be re-elected because of all our stupid Republican operatives.

  • Governor Jindal Stirring Unrest among Louisiana Conservatives

    11/01/2011 8:10:15 AM PDT · 37 of 69
    Ranjit to abb

    How about posting the numbers of deficit reduction in the state? How about posting the number of business that as come to Louisiana because of Jindal? How about his leadership skill during the gulf spill?

  • Governor Jindal Stirring Unrest among Louisiana Conservatives

    11/01/2011 8:02:12 AM PDT · 33 of 69
    Ranjit to org.whodat

    This is just a coincidence. Our republican operatives are just going overboard to destroy any nominee for president or vice president. What is wrong with these people?

    Jindal is the only good thing to happen for Rick Perry. For all the stumbles of Rick, Jindal does the damage work in sunday shows.

    Jindal will be a great vice president candidate and he will destroy joe biden. Also, Jindal will bring a nice executive experience, congressional experience to the ticket

  • The Conservative Media is Helping Cain through his "Scandal " ... Paving The Way for Obama ..

    10/31/2011 7:22:51 PM PDT · 12 of 26
    Ranjit to Carry_Okie

    You know what, let us nominate a conservative candidate, work hard and allow the chips to fall in place. Atleast after the election, we can feel ease. For all these idiots who think romney will get moderate vote, he will loose big among conservatives and there will be 1 or 2 people sitting in election offices during election. I don’t want to walk to see that somber mood in my county GOP office.

  • Polls don't deter Bachmann in Iowa

    10/31/2011 8:22:16 AM PDT · 9 of 12
    Ranjit to Perdogg

    Romney would not put her in the ticket. Romney might go for Bobby Jindal