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  • New Benghazi Testimony Confirms White House Had Time to Respond

    12/04/2013 3:43:11 PM PST · 7 of 59
    libs_kma to Hotlanta Mike
    You know, I will admit to being an everyday freeper about a year ago, but I have seen my faith in my fellow Americans totally blown away by the 2nd election of this muslim POS.

    Not to mention that I have broken all ties with my own nephew...who used to be a liberal who did nothing for society...graduated from High Screwel, 10 dead end jobs in 8 years...when the lazy bastard worked at all....then he told me he was joining the US Army...was going to be a out after 4 years even more of a liberal piece of trash than when he went in...I got to thinking we can't beat the 12 years of liberal drivel they drive into these kids anymore...someone please tell me I'm wrong.... 2 terms of Obama has me thinking that Americans are too stupid to be worth saving.

    If we end up saving this country, and that's a big if, we have some tough cleanup in aisle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,etc...there are people here who are not worth saving.....

  • Hillary Clinton to Testify Before Congress About Libya in December

    11/15/2012 2:07:55 PM PST · 22 of 22
    libs_kma to Free ThinkerNY
    Her Reprobate of a husband lied to the entire Country! Does anyone think the PIAPS gives a flying @#$%^ about lying to Congress?

    When Bubba did it he was a freaking hero to the degenerates....they both disgust me beyond words, as does anyone who considers them anything but no class, white trash.

  • Without voter ID, your ballot might not count or Meet the State Chairman who paved the way for Obama

    11/08/2012 10:01:42 AM PST · 17 of 17
    libs_kma to castlegreyskull
    "To those people who say, “Now that the election is over, lets unite again as a nation.” F- off!!! I would love to unite as a nation, but not a socialist one led by the marxist usurper."

    I feel the same way. I've heard people say it and I've seen it many times on social media. Another favorite is "The system is broken. We have to work together"

    But what they're really saying, even for the ultra idiots who don't even have a clue what they're really saying, is that you want us to agree to destroy our country faster! Not gonna happen can take you're touchy-feely crap somewhere else....

  • GOP to be blamed for plunging off 'fiscal cliff'

    11/08/2012 9:13:50 AM PST · 24 of 68
    libs_kma to Opinionated Blowhard
    "I’m tired of these games. America wants Obama’s super-charged Welfare State? Fine. Let the “Bush” tax cuts expire — ALL of them, including the middle and lower class tax cuts. Force America to choose — do you want low spending or high spending with the taxes that go with it? Because we are at the point where taxes on the “rich” aren’t going to even come close to paying for our current level of spending. Does America want a big middle class tax hike or does it want to cut spending. That’s what Republicans should put on the table. Quit playing Obama’s game that this is just about a tax hike on the “rich.”

    I'm thinking more like this too. If we just let it go over the cliff, then it will hurt, but it will hurt the rat bastards too, the one's who still pay taxes anyway. They are do what they do because they never think it will affect them...let it affect them and see how they like it. How would that be for a great big f-u?

  • Support Group for Conservatives

    11/08/2012 6:36:03 AM PST · 24 of 38
    libs_kma to rightwingintelligentsia
    "I’m upset, too, but I’m not going to be like one of those weepy Democrats in 2004 that became so deranged over Bush’s victory that they flooded mental health wards.

    Conservatives are, by definition, a strong, self-reliant, resilient bunch. We’ll get through this and so will you."

    Needs to be repeated often. I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in a stunned state. I'll admit I felt betrayed by the idiots in my country. I still do. But by Wednesday afternoon, I was getting angry again.

    No more self pity...that feels defeatist to me. The marxist got re-elected. That sucks. Put on your big boy pants and get back to doing whatever you do. If you want to feel emotions feel determination and anger.

  • Obama leads in Oregon thanks to support from women...

    10/30/2012 6:30:11 AM PDT · 11 of 13
    libs_kma to goldstategop
    "I bet Romney is leading by double digits with white men in OR."

    When I think of white men in Oregon, I think of the pony tailed 60-something old hippy, not like the Marlboro man image of a white man from say Montana.

    Another perception I have of a white man in Oregon is the spike haired, nose ring, dog collar wearing 20 or 30-something year old kind like you would see on the streets of Portland.

    Yeah, I can see Obama leading among men in OR.

  • Stephen A. Smith denies using racial slur while talking about Kobe Bryant, tape says otherwise

    10/25/2012 9:35:05 PM PDT · 14 of 22
    libs_kma to ConservativeStatement

    My daughter gets offended if I use the n-word, so I told her I would stop using it the very second rappers stop using it in their music......still waiting....

  • Safe To Say We Have Lost Colin Powell For Good

    10/25/2012 8:52:16 PM PDT · 42 of 87
    libs_kma to My Favorite Headache
    Colin Powell was dead to me in 2008, when he endorsed Obama over John McCain.

    John McCain was everything Powell was supposed to be about. Sure he ran a shitty campaign, but was a war hero and he had served his country again with his service as a Senator. He was never as Conservative as I would have liked, but I voted for him anyway because he had leadership qualities that Obama only dreamed of.

    But Powell chose to endorse someone with no qualifications and a shady, anti-American background. Powell told me everything I needed to know about him with that act alone.

  • NBC's Brian Williams: "This Is Not The 2008 Obama Campaign" (VERY SMALL CROWDS)

    10/25/2012 12:04:11 PM PDT · 14 of 19
    libs_kma to StandAndDeliver1
    I keep telling my wife, when she gets jittery about the election, that the enthusiasm for Obama is not there anymore.

    In 2008 it was everywhere you looked, especially on college campuses, and now it isn't. How di I know it's not, since I'm never on a college campus?

    Because if there was any enthusiasm for Obama anywhere, it would be the lead story on every alphabet news program, it would be the headline of every liberal rag in the country in 4 inch high's not there.

    What the liberal media doesn't report often tells you more than what they do.

  • Obama under pressure to spell out his agenda for a second term

    10/20/2012 1:09:21 PM PDT · 19 of 32
    libs_kma to 353FMG
    Does Obama really need an agenda?

    Does any liberal need one?

    They don't need no stinking budget, they don't need no stinking agenda....they need blacks and white guilt liberals....and if those people stink, they don't give a @#$%^....

  • Cape Man Wins $30.5M Lottery Jackpot After Girlfriend Dumps Him

    10/18/2012 1:05:40 PM PDT · 17 of 33
    libs_kma to verum ago

    You are a sick individual...but I like the way you think! lol

  • Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America?

    10/13/2012 7:06:07 PM PDT · 91 of 94
    libs_kma to patriotsblood
    "This is why gun and ammo sales have skyrocketed since Obama took office. We are ready. Come and get some."

    I have extra .45 ammo, extra 9 mm ammo and extra 12 gauge ammo. I hope it doesn't come down to it, but I won't be caught off guard... I have had my eye on an AR-15 to close the hole in my arsenal, an it may be time to "pull the trigger" on that purchase...

  • Is Pennsylvania In Play?

    10/12/2012 11:21:32 PM PDT · 13 of 44
    libs_kma to GonzoII
  • President Obama Vows 'Determined' Performance at Second Debate [Will "Aggressively Confront" Romney]

    10/10/2012 10:02:37 PM PDT · 106 of 112
    libs_kma to Steelfish
    What has happened to FR? I think that most of what I am hearing is true. For me it has been that I heard so much anti-Romney, in the form of "I won't for Romney for any reason and if Obama gets in again, so be it, I was right".

    All I know is that I have stopped coming to this site for good discussion. I don't hate it, but I don't seek it out anymore for my place for news.

    I have no dog in this fight. You raise enough money to carry on, you carry on...I make enough to raise my family, with limited extra's.

    I don't have extra money to throw around, and if I did I would use it to help my family in this economy. But what I have seen is less interest in posting comments to this site, than bringing down Romney. Well, ok, but screw you then. Get used to saying POTUS OBAMA for 4 more years....

  • President Obama Vows 'Determined' Performance at Second Debate [Will "Aggressively Confront" Romney]

    10/10/2012 6:01:06 PM PDT · 17 of 112
    libs_kma to Troublemaker

    An angry Obama will be a turn off to independents...which is exactly why I hope Mitt Romney’s team will coach him to needle Obama into self destruction....This piece of human waste (Obama) actually thought he won the first debate...he will fail even more miserably the second time in 4 years he’s had to ad-lib something this important without a teleprompter or media able to protect him with “Whats your favorite color” questions....this will be even better to watch than the 1st!!! ...

  • 8.1 Percent, 7.8 Percent -- Whatever

    10/09/2012 11:56:50 AM PDT · 7 of 7
    libs_kma to Red Badger
    "Nobody believes the polls.

    Nobody believes the unemployment numbers.

    Nobody believes the Media.

    Nobody believes the government........

    You can tell that even the media doesn't believe the unemployment numbers, because if they did, 7.8% would be in 4 inch type across the front page every newspaper in the country until election day....and that's not even an exaggeration.


    10/09/2012 9:09:12 AM PDT · 10 of 26
    libs_kma to XenaLee
    "When Mitt wins, I have no doubt that the losers will protest loudly and real screechy-like.

    They'll be at their loudest and screechiest because of the injustice done to their messiah, because we were just too ignorant to see is brilliance....and because if you don't vote for Obama you're racist too.

    By the way, I love the Obama commercial which says Romney will cut funding for Planned (un)Parenthood...which will remove the right for a woman to doesn't remove anything! They can still choose it...but they will have to pay for it without my tax dollars!! ...awwww, too bad.....

  • Another Obama Tape Surfaces

    10/05/2012 11:39:15 AM PDT · 31 of 31
    libs_kma to Michigander222
    "Just wondering if Obama loses if he will pull old Jeremmiah Wright out from under that bus?

    I just know Obama is going to be a worse ex-president than he is a president.

    He's going to be Jimmy Carter with a race card....

  • Fact Check: Suspicion Falls on Labor Secretary Solis as She Misleads on Jobs Numbers

    10/05/2012 9:10:37 AM PDT · 52 of 104
    libs_kma to Justaham

    Rush said over a year ago that by hook or by crook, the job number would be under 8% by election day. He was exactly was by crook.

  • Doctors Accused in Nationwide $432 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Uncovered

    10/04/2012 6:50:51 PM PDT · 1 of 13
    If a government program is capable of 432 million dollars of fraud, it should be subject to cancellation and a 5 year freeze to fix it.

    I sincerely believe that there is not one government program which has not been put into existence that was not compromised on the first day. So I think evey single one of them should have a fraud meter alert. When they find evidence of any fraud at all...the first dollar, the system should be shut down and not made available again for 5 years...if in 5 years, enough safeguards are not put in and it loses even one more dollar to goes away forever.... People will find ways to survive...if they have to join a church and be put at their mercy, then they will toe the @#$%^(*&^%$#@#$%^ line or they will be cease to more government subsidizing criminal behavior outside of prison....thats my .02