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Keyword: 2006israelwar

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  • Report Accuses Hezbollah of Indiscriminate Attacks on Civilians in '06 War

    08/30/2007 8:45:39 AM PDT · by Lorianne · 14 replies · 427+ views
    Washington Post ^ | August 30, 2007 | Alia Ibrahim
    BEIRUT, Aug. 29 -- An international human rights group has concluded that Lebanon's Hezbollah movement indiscriminately attacked civilians during its conflict with Israel last summer, a finding that prompted denunciations from both the Lebanese government and Hezbollah. In that climate, New York-based Human Rights Watch canceled a news conference it had planned to hold Thursday in Beirut to release the report, and its officials said they were being unfairly silenced. The 126-page report found that "as a party of an armed conflict governed by international humanitarian law," Hezbollah had "violated fundamental prohibitions against deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilians."
  • Editor's Notes: A searing indictment

    05/04/2007 2:52:33 PM PDT · by SmithL · 1 replies · 663+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 5/4/7 | DAVID HOROVITZ
    For page after relentless page it continues, exposing, layer after horrifying layer, a picture of Israel's military and political capabilities so dismal, so complacent and amateurish, as to defy belief. "It can't really be this bad, can it?" you find yourself saying as you turn the pages. And then comes yet another clause, highlighting yet another untenable reality, to confirm that, yes, it really can be. And this, remember, is only the interim report of the Winograd Committee into the failings related to the Second Lebanon War. This is the critique of that part of the war that was widely...
  • Did Hizbullah have a Syrian tank?

    01/06/2007 6:44:46 PM PST · by SmithL · 12 replies · 1,005+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 1/7/7 | YAAKOV KATZ
    During the Lebanon war last summer, the IDF encountered a Hizbullah guerrilla force armed head-to-toe with advanced weaponry supplied by Syria and Iran. At one point during the war, the IDF even opened up its warehouses to show the weapons it had captured. There were missile launchers with Syrian markings and antitank missiles supplied by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. But according to Maj. Yigal Averson, deputy commander of a battalion of Armored Brigade 7, he also encountered a Syrian tank being used by Hizbullah. Averson, who led his troops during the 33-day war inside Lebanon, told The Jerusalem Post this...
  • A Pathetic Arabist-Propagandist face when facing the truth

    11/24/2006 11:37:36 AM PST · by PRePublic · 369+ views
    A Pathetic Arabist-Propagandist face when facing the truth On Italian TV's Rai station on "Porta a Porta" (Nov, 23, 2006) the discussion went to the question if Italian troops should change their original mission from "peace keeping" to finally disarming the terrorists group Husbullah. It got some momentum at the background of Syrian - Iranian allies inside Lebanon murdered the Christian leader: P. Gemayel, and fear of civil war. The higlight was actually further on, You should have seen the response from all in the room to the cheap propaganda that the Communist part leader Mr. Giordani (wha was sitting...
  • To be a "good" Muslim!

    10/26/2006 6:59:51 AM PDT · by Posting · 3 replies · 567+ views
    To be a good Muslim! Respond violently to anyone that says, writes, draws that Islam is violent... Lie on 9/11 or support "theories", but do you use it to threaten the west especially Europe (like the signs at the 'Cartoons Jihad) 'Europe! take some lessons from 9/11'. Turn eyes away from Islamo racist-Arab led genocide on the Millions in Sudan, even though the victims are Muslims too (though black, not Arab), since it's done by "our guys".Await a "Palestinian" or another Arab kid to die, if you are Hamas or Huzbullah, you "know what to do" so that happenes...
  • Human Rights Watch: Hizballah used Cluster Bombs

    10/22/2006 8:10:12 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 11 replies · 760+ views
    YNet ^ | Oct, 19,2006
    Report: Hizbullah fired cluster rockets at Israel Human Rights Watch says Lebanese group fired cluster rockets into civilian areas of northern Israel during recent war
  • Arabist media: "Naiive" in Lebanon but "smart" in Iraq...

    10/21/2006 12:57:06 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 302+ views
    Arabist media: "Naiive" in Lebanon but "smart" in Iraq... When to play a naiive not-thinking-too-much reporting & when to be an overly 'smart' so sophisticated you need a real imagination for it. Take a look at the Sep/2006 Islamic terror Hizballah invading of Israel and targeting of civilians, shooting out of fellow Lebanese residential houses so to cause Arab deaths. You would expect the media to be a bit not that shallow, not to fall into Huzbullah vicious tactics but rather blame the culptit, even if the reporter wants to shock us - sensational journalism, at least have the decency...
  • Arabist Media, the Arab Muslim or/and it's Opinions Control on Worldwide Media

    10/19/2006 1:33:29 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 302+ views
    Arabist Media, the Arab Muslim or/and it's Opinions Control on Worldwide MediaIf you thought Arabism & Islamism effects only in certain countries? Think again, it's dirty hands are all over the place, it's the BBC, (, it's Reuters, it's the CNN, it's the NPR (, it's the WashingtonPost ( and so on. Take for example the latest, a simple war on terror, a sinmple fighting back of Israeli defenders provoked by Hezbullah terrorists (Huzbullah invaded into Israel from S. Lebanon, 2006) that used their Arab brothers civilians as shields, whewre were the photos of Israeli kids in the hospitals from...

    10/13/2006 8:03:27 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 19 replies · 851+ views
    SWC ^ | Sept, 2006
    UN HUMAN RIGHTS HIGH COMMISSIONER ADMITS TO WIESENTHAL CENTER DELEGATION… “HEZBOLLAH DELIBERATELY TARGETED ISRAELI CIVILIANS" A Simon Wiesenthal Center delegation to the UN Human Rights Council charged Hezbollah with war crimes and crimes against humanity by targeting Israeli population centers and civilian infrastructure including hospitals, schools and houses of worship during this summer’s 34-day war. During a 45 minute meeting with Louise Arbour, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, delegation member Shlomo Bohbot, the Mayor of the Jewish and Arab twin City of Maalot-Tarshiha, which lies 6 miles from the Lebanese border spoke of the devastation wrought by the over...
  • (More Palestinians on Palestinians bloodshed)

    10/03/2006 9:14:10 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 14 replies · 639+ views
    TimesOfIndia ^ | Oct, 1, 2006
    Seven killed in internal Palestinian violence Gaza City: Hamas militiamen's efforts to break up anti-government protests sparked running street battles across the Gaza strip that killed seven people in the worst internal Palestinian violence since Hamas took power. (Oct, 2006)
  • Syria, Iran intelligence services aided Hezbollah during war

    10/02/2006 7:00:51 PM PDT · by SmithL · 11 replies · 533+ views
    Haaretz ^ | 10/3/6 | Ze'ev Schiff
    During the fighting in Lebanon Hezbollah received direct intelligence support from Syria, using data collected by listening posts jointly manned by Russian and Syrian crews. Hezbollah was also fed intelligence from new listening posts built on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, which are operated jointly with Iran. This information was confirmed in recent reports by the defense journal Jane's. Syria's centrality to the collection and transfer of intelligence to Hezbollah is based on separate agreements Damascus signed with Moscow and Tehran on intelligence cooperation. The agreement with Russia is much older than the one with Iran, which was...
  • Rules of Engagement for Relief Agencies, Too--UN protecting Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorists

    09/28/2006 12:01:39 PM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 6 replies · 479+ views
    JINSA ^ | September 28, 2006
    JINSA Report #607 The keys to successful international peacekeeping are a) a peace to keep and b) Rules of Engagement (ROE) for the peacekeepers when peace fails. Neither exists for the emerging expanded UNIFIL force in Southern Lebanon. On the other hand, the nature of the conversation between the IDF, UNIFIL and representatives of the Lebanese Army is interesting. Actually, the mere FACT of the conversation is interesting. As is the fact that UNIFIL will have an officer stationed with Israel’s Northern Command to “coordinate” with the IDF, and the IDF will have representatives with UNIFIL in Lebanon. The previous...
  • Little Pressure on Hezbollah to Disarm

    09/27/2006 11:49:24 AM PDT · by SmithL · 4 replies · 351+ views
    AP ^ | 9/27/6 | HAMZA HENDAWI and HENRY MEYER
    MARJAYOUN, Lebanon -- Six weeks after the end of the Lebanon war, the militant Hezbollah group is facing little on-the-ground pressure to give up its weapons and disarm — despite a U.N. cease-fire resolution demanding just that. The leaders of a U.N. peacekeeping force in south Lebanon say the job is not theirs. And Lebanon's ill-equipped army, some of whose soldiers wear tin-pot helmets and carry outdated M-16 rifles, shows no signs of diving into a confrontation with battle-hardened Hezbollah fighters. For now, all sides say it's likely full disarmament will happen only in the future as part of a...
  • War Turns the Tide For Israeli Settlers

    09/24/2006 11:41:43 PM PDT · by MinorityRepublican · 9 replies · 717+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | Monday, September 25, 2006 | Scott Wilson
    AMONA, West Bank -- The movement to expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank, which only a few months ago appeared to be a divided, waning political force, is experiencing a revival after summer of war that caused Israelis to question the wisdom of abandoning more territory. Little more than a year ago, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon withdrew all Jewish settlers and Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip. After Sharon's debilitating stroke in January, his deputy, Ehud Olmert, won national elections in March on a promise to evacuate dozens of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and to uproot the...
  • (Islamic terror leader) Hassan Nasrallah in a Special Video for the (Jewish) New Year

    09/20/2006 2:59:09 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 891+ views
    I got this via email from: <<<< direct link to video   Hassan Nasrallahin a Special Videofor the New YearClick here to watch Send to your friends Ms. G. GoldwaterSwitzerland, Genevaiii44@aol.comInternet Correspondent and Commentator << under constructionMember of "Funding for Peace Coalition" [FPC][ ]FPC REPORT EXPOSES MASSIVE CONTRADICTIONS IN EUROPEAN AID TO PALESTINIANS world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. --Albert Einstein To paraphrase one of the greatest moral insights of the Talmud, those who show mercy to the cruel will be cruel...
  • Lawyers, Red Cross for Terrorists - What for Captive Israelis?

    09/18/2006 12:48:51 PM PDT · by SmithL · 4 replies · 395+ views
    Arutz Sheva - IsraelNationalNews ^ | 9/18/6 | Hana Levi Julian
    Attorneys for three Hizbullah terrorists caught during the recent war in southern Lebanon argued in Nazareth District Court Monday that their clients should receive prisoner of war (POW) status. The three were indicted on charges of killing IDF soldiers with an anti-tank missile during a kidnapping operation July 12 which resulted in the capture of IDF reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser. The attack ignited the recent 34-day war with Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon. Attorneys Smadar Ben Nathan and Itay Hermlin – representing the three guerrillas –contended that their clients were not bound by the laws of Israel and...
  • 'We didn't know enough about Hizbullah'

    09/18/2006 12:06:35 PM PDT · by SmithL · 9 replies · 548+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 9/18/6 | staff
    "We did not know enough about Hizbullah's deployment in south Lebanon," a senior IDF officer said on Monday. The officer added that the war revealed a number of shortcomings regarding the handling of ground intelligence. He said that a lack of coordination between the air force and ground troops weakened the ability of IAF pilots to come to the aid of soldiers on the ground. "While the pilots had intelligence information that was updated in 2006, ground forces used intelligence from 2000 - I am not singling anybody out for blame, but there is no doubt that presented problems," he...
  • U.S. diplomats begin viewing Lebanon war as success

    09/15/2006 4:34:18 PM PDT · by SmithL · 3 replies · 563+ views
    Haaretz ^ | 9/15/6 | Shmuel Rosner
    Foreign Ministry officials say that American diplomats' criticism of Israeli conduct during the war stems from excessively high expectations of the IDF's performance.WASHINGTON - Far removed from the military and political squabbles rocking Israel, something has changed in the way Washington leaders are assessing the outcome of the Lebanon war. The war is no longer seen as a "failure," but as an "achievement" and even a "success." The terms are still cautious, but American diplomats are describing the progress in Lebanon optimistically. A senior State Department official told Haaretz on Wednesday that U.S. President George W. Bush and Secretary of...
  • Israel facing war crimes charges

    09/13/2006 3:28:34 PM PDT · by SmithL · 33 replies · 837+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 9/13/6 | AP & staff
    Israel's war with Hizbullah guerrillas opened the door to accusations on both sides of war crimes. But can anyone be prosecuted? Israeli aircraft and artillery killed more than 850 Lebanese during the 34-day conflict, most of them civilians, and left a moonscape of ruin. Hizbullah pummeled northern Israel with thousands of rockets that killed 39 civilians among the total Israeli war dead of 159. Now human rights groups in Lebanon are collecting evidence that could be used in cases filed under a legal principle known as universal jurisdiction, which says that war crimes are so serious they can be prosecuted...
  • Russian FM calls for probe into whether Israel used cluster bombs in Lebanon

    09/08/2006 2:14:56 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 10 replies · 514+ views
    AP ^ | September 8, 2006
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called Friday for an investigation to determine whether Israel used cluster bombs in its offensive in Lebanon, Russian news agencies reported. Lavrov's call for a probe came on the heels of a visit to the Middle East, where he faced Israeli charges that Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas used Russian arms supplied by Syria in their war with Israel, and appeared aimed at least in part to counter criticism over the issue. "In the interests of everybody and in the interests of turning this page for good, it is necessary to conduct such an investigation, to establish...