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Corporations Boast of Promoting Homosexuality, Transgenderism, 'Gay' Politics
Concerned Women for America ^ | 1/9/2003 | Robert Knight

Posted on 01/10/2003 8:01:44 AM PST by Remedy

Five corporations, one bad agenda

Five corporations are being honored this month in OUT magazine for their aggressive sponsorship of homosexuality, including funding homosexual political groups and transgender activism, promoting homosexuality in the schools and even underwriting "gay" rodeos.

Anheuser-Busch, Kodak, ChevronTexaco, Wells Fargo and Philip Morris Companies Inc. each provided statements to the magazine, which are printed in a two-page layout that includes company logos. Philip Morris, whose Miller Beer and Miller Lite brands heavily sponsor homosexual activism, has a portion that states: "This space provided by Philip Morris Companies Inc."

Anheuser-Busch, which makes Budweiser and Bud Light beers, advertises in homosexual publications and has sponsored sadistic sex exhibitions, has this:

For more than a quarter of a century, Anheuser-Busch has been guided by the motto, "Making Friends Is Our Business." By placing importance on people and relationships, Anheuser-Busch fosters an environment free of discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation, where all employees are encouraged to utilize their talents to create future success. Anheuser-Busch's relationship with the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community was founded upon this guiding principle more than 20 years ago, and the company continues its commitment by offering a variety of same-sex domestic partner benefits and partnering with national organizations such as American Foundation for AIDS Research (AMFAR), the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). In addition, Anheuser-Busch continues its association with national and local LGBT events, including title sponsorship of the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) and sponsorship of a variety of local PRIDE events.

For a complete look at Anheuser Busch's pro-"gay" activities, along with a gospel outreach to people struggling with homosexuality, go to Family Policy Network's special site

Kodak, which recently fired a 23-year employee for sending an e-mail around to other employees saying that he was "disgusted" by pro-homosexual announcements that kept coming into his inbox, features a logo for the "Kodak Global Diversity Office," and this:

Eastman Kodak Company is firmly committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace - in ideas, perspectives and people. We believe this benefits everyone whose life is touched by Kodak: employees, shareholders, and customers alike. Kodak has taken significant steps to make diversity a company-wide priority. Some of the ways Kodak includes and supports the GLBT community are: Kodak has an active GLBT employee resource group; provides domestic partner benefits; proudly sponsors and participates in Out & Equal, HRC, GLSEN [Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network], Gender PAC, film festivals, and Pride events. Kodak has twice testified in support of ENDA [the proposed federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act]. We are very proud of achieving a 100 percent score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index.

ChevronTexaco, a leader in pro-homosexual activism among oil companies, has this:

We define success by the company we keep. That means creating an inclusive environment where every person can fully participate and contribute - and valuing the uniqueness of every individual and the varied perspective each provides. At ChevronTexaco, we've put those words into action. We were the first major U.S. oil company to add "sexual orientation" to its worldwide nondiscrimination policies. And in April 1997, we announced a wide range of domestic-partner benefits for our employees, including medical and dental coverage, dependent life insurance, relocation, bereavement leave, and family medical leave. This is the way we do business - the ChevronTexaco way.

Wells Fargo features a photo of a horse-drawn stagecoach, and these words: "The Next Stage. Diversity. Opportunity. Community." Then, this text:

At Wells Fargo, our people are our competitive advantage. People who are recognized for their unique and diverse talents. You'll find an inclusive culture that understands and values diversity in age, education, ethnic origin, gender, lifestyle, physical abilities, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other differences. Wells Fargo invites you to discover an environment where people can go as far as their talent and ambition will take them. Choose a direction. We can get there together.

Editor's Comment: Although these companies begin their statements with the usual politically correct "diversity" rhetoric, their actions go far beyond neutrality. They openly promote sexual immorality and disrespect for God's design for sex and marriage. By advocating transgenderism, they promote outright sexual confusion, sending a dangerous message to insecure young people.

Homosexuality is wrong, unhealthy and destructive to individuals, families and communities. Many people have overcome unwanted temptations and gone on to lead fuller, richer lives. Companies that offer incentives for people to remain trapped in the behavior are not demonstrating compassion. They are showing indifference to the ghastly, well-documented consequences in order to cultivate a wealthy, niche market and to mollify homosexual activists within the companies.

If the Employment NonDiscrimination Act is passed, every company in America with 15 or more employees will climb aboard the bandwagon to Sodom or find itself on the wrong side of the law. Neutrality will not be permitted.

Some day, as corporations that honor marriage and family are hounded out of business or prosecuted, it will be accurate to say:

"This was brought to you by the executives of Anheuser-Busch, Kodak, ChevronTexaco, Wells Fargo, Philip Morris Companies Inc., and other corporations that promoted perversity for short-term gain."

And now, a couple of Words from our Sponsor:

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" - Isaiah 5:20 (NKJV)

"In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." - John 16:33 (NKJV)

TOPICS: Culture/Society; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: homosexualagenda
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1 posted on 01/10/2003 8:01:44 AM PST by Remedy
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To: Remedy
Five more comapnies to add to my boycott list.
2 posted on 01/10/2003 8:08:51 AM PST by Blood of Tyrants (Tag lines are stupid.)
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To: Blood of Tyrants
3 posted on 01/10/2003 8:10:42 AM PST by LiteKeeper
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To: Blood of Tyrants
4 posted on 01/10/2003 8:13:21 AM PST by PatriotBill
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promoting homosexuality in the schools

"Homosexual teachers are 8 to 10 times more likely to sexually involve themselves with pupils." J Psychology, 1996:130:603-613

Schools Could Be Sued For Teaching About Homosexuality, Report Claims

5 posted on 01/10/2003 8:16:41 AM PST by Remedy
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To: Blood of Tyrants
6 posted on 01/10/2003 8:44:47 AM PST by bigfootbob
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To: Remedy
Thanks for the info - even though I learned more than I really cared to.....Gay rodeos? Ingestion of feces? Guess they wash it down with some man-milk. eeewww.
7 posted on 01/10/2003 8:45:33 AM PST by 11B3 (Minigun the liberal masses. Bayonnet the survivors.)
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9 posted on 01/10/2003 9:00:26 AM PST by Mo1 (Join the DC Chapter at the Patriots Rally III on 1/18/03)
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To: Remedy
Anheuser-Busch - Nope - I stick with my silver bullets.

Kodak - Nope - Can you say Fuji?

ChevronTexaco - Nada - Union 76, official fuel of Nascar.

Wells Fargo - Nope, and who I bank with is none of your bidness!

10 posted on 01/10/2003 9:01:10 AM PST by Doomonyou (Take the Niners and the points!)
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To: dflan1973
They obviously believe their actions are good for business. That's the free market economy at work for you.

This, from the same clowns who look no further ahead than next quarter's earnings release. These corporations will fail because America will fail. In the mean time, what's the value of your boast, that truth-telling is a losing battle? Do you really want to measure yourself with that ethical yardstick, that naked pragmatism justifies all?

The beast may well promise to consume you last, but be assured, it will consume you utterly.

11 posted on 01/10/2003 9:08:28 AM PST by Romulus
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To: Blood of Tyrants
Mine, too!
12 posted on 01/10/2003 9:08:40 AM PST by Marysecretary
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To: Remedy
Hmm, gay rodeos? What do they ride? Eachother?
13 posted on 01/10/2003 9:09:08 AM PST by Marysecretary
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To: dflan1973

You can rant and rave and quote your Bible 'till you're blue in the face.

Bowers v. Hardwick, 478 US 186 (1986)

After being charged with violating the Georgia statute criminalizing sodomy by committing that act with another adult male in the bedroom of his home, respondent Hardwick (respondent) brought suit in Federal District Court, challenging the constitutionality of the statute insofar as it criminalized consensual sodomy. The court granted the defendants' motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim. The Court of Appeals reversed and remanded, holding that the Georgia statute violated respondent's fundamental rights.

Held: The Georgia statute is constitutional. Pp. 190-196 .

(a) The Constitution does not confer a fundamental right upon homosexuals to engage in sodomy. None of the fundamental rights announced in this Court's prior cases involving family relationships, marriage, or procreation bear any resemblance to the right asserted in this case. And any claim that those cases stand for the proposition that any kind of private sexual conduct between consenting adults is constitutionally insulated from state proscription is unsupportable. Pp. 190-191 .

(b) Against a background in which many States have criminalized sodomy and still do, to claim that a right to engage in such conduct is "deeply rooted in this Nation's history and tradition" or "implicit in the concept of ordered liberty" is, at best, facetious. Pp. 191-194 .

(c) There should be great resistance to expand the reach of the Due Process Clauses to cover new fundamental rights. Otherwise, the Judiciary necessarily would take upon itself further authority to govern the country without constitutional authority. The claimed right in this case falls far short of overcoming this resistance. Pp. 194-195 .

(d) The fact that homosexual conduct occurs in the privacy of the home does not affect the result. Stanley v. Georgia, 394 U.S. 557 , distinguished. Pp. 195-196 .

(e) Sodomy laws should not be invalidated on the asserted basis that majority belief that sodomy is immoral is an inadequate rationale to support the laws. P. 196 .

760 F.2d 1202, reversed. [p*187]

BURGER, C.J., Concurring Opinion

As the Court notes, ante at 192 , the proscriptions against sodomy have very "ancient roots." Decisions of individuals relating to homosexual conduct have been subject to state intervention throughout the history of Western civilization. Condemnation of those practices is firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian moral and ethical standards. Homosexual sodomy was a capital crime under Roman law. See Code Theod. 9.7.6; Code Just. 9.9.31. See also D. Bailey, Homosexuality [p*197] and the Western Christian Tradition 70-81 (1975). During the English Reformation, when powers of the ecclesiastical courts were transferred to the King's Courts, the first English statute criminalizing sodomy was passed. 25 Hen. VIII, ch. 6. Blackstone described "the infamous crime against nature" as an offense of "deeper malignity" than rape, a heinous act "the very mention of which is a disgrace to human nature," and "a crime not fit to be named." 4 W. Blackstone, Commentaries *215. The common law of England, including its prohibition of sodomy, became the received law of Georgia and the other Colonies. In 1816, the Georgia Legislature passed the statute at issue here, and that statute has been continuously in force in one form or another since that time. To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.

This is essentially not a question of personal "preferences," but rather of the legislative authority of the State. I find nothing in the Constitution depriving a State of the power to enact the statute challenged here.

Homosexual behavior increases risk of AIDS - Dr. Brian J. Kopp, ...

Public health records demonstrate that homosexuals, representing 2 percent of America's population, suffer vastly disproportionate percentages of several of America's most serious STDs, with incidences among homosexuals of diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis A and B, cytomegalovirus, shigellosis, giardiasis, amoebic bowel disease and herpes far exceeding their presence in the general population. These are due to common homosexual practices that include fellatio, anilingus, digital stimulation of the rectum and ingestion of urine and feces.

An exhaustive study in The New England Journal of Medicine, medical literature's only study reporting on homosexuals who kept sexual "diaries," indicated the average homosexual ingests the fecal material of 23 different men each year. The same study indicated the number of annual sexual partners averaged nearly 100. Homosexuals averaged, per year, fellating 106 different men and swallowing 50 of their seminal ejaculations, and 72 penile penetrations of the anus. (Corey, L, and Holmes, K.K., "Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis A in Homosexual Men," New England Journal of Medicine, 1980, vol 302: 435-438; as quoted in "Homosexuality and Civil Rights," Tony Marco, 1992).

A study by McKusick, et al., of 655 San Francisco homosexuals reported that only 24 percent of the sample claimed to have been "monogamous" during the past year, and of this 24 percent, 5 percent drank urine, 7 percent engag-ed in sex involving insertion of a fist in their rectums, 33 percent ingested feces, 53 percent swallowed semen and 59 percent received semen in their rectums in the month just previous to the survey ("AIDS and Sexual Behavior Reported by Homosexual Men in San Francisco," American Journal of Public Health, December 1985, 75: 493-496; quoted in "Homosexuality and Civil Rights," Tony Marco, 1992).

Lesbians show similar patterns of high venereal disease incidence relative to the general population. They are 19 times more likely to have had syphilis, twice as likely to have had genital warts, four times as likely to have had scabies, seven times more likely to have had infection from vaginal contact, 29 times more likely to have had oral infection from vaginal contact and 12 times more likely to have had an oral infection from penile contact ("Medical Aspects of Homosexuality," Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality, 1985, Jaffe and Keewhan, et al.; quoted in "Homosexuality and Civil Rights," Tony Marco, 1992).

AIDS research by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported that the typical homosexual interviewed claimed to have had more than 500 different sexual partners in a lifetime. Considered by themselves, the AIDS victims in this study averaged more than 1,100 lifetime sexual partners. Some reported as many as 20,000. Studies reported by A-P. Bell, M.S. Weinberg and S.K. Hammersmith in the book "Sexual Preference" (Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1981) indicated that only 3 percent of homosexuals had fewer than 10 lifetime sexual partners. Only about 2 percent could be classified as either monogamous or semi-monogamous (from "Homosexuality and Civil Rights," Tony Marco, 1992).

14 posted on 01/10/2003 9:09:23 AM PST by Remedy
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To: dflan1973
You can try to fight it by writing letters and by boycotting their products. Not much else can be done except to pray for them.
15 posted on 01/10/2003 9:10:23 AM PST by Marysecretary
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To: Romulus

These corporations will fail because America will fail.

The bottom line, in more ways than one.

16 posted on 01/10/2003 9:12:00 AM PST by Remedy
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Comment #17 Removed by Moderator

Comment #18 Removed by Moderator

To: dflan1973

I'm proud to be American and don't want this great country to fail. Has Vermont "failed" because it allows gay civil unions? Nope. Have the Netherlands "failed" because they allow gay marriage? Nope. Treating ALL Americans equally under the law will only further strengthen and unify this great nation.

The Decline of a Nation

Nations most often fall from within, and this fall is usually due to a decline in the moral and spiritual values in the family. As families go, so goes a nation.

This has been the main premise of thinkers from British historian J. D. Unwin to Russian sociologist Pitirim Sorokin who have studied civilizations that have collapsed. In his book Our Dance Has Turned to Death, Carl Wilson identifies the common pattern of family decline in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Notice how these seven stages parallel what is happening in our nation today. In the first stage, men ceased to lead their families in worship. Spiritual and moral development became secondary. Their view of God became naturalistic, mathematical, and mechanical.

In the second stage, men selfishly neglected care of their wives and children to pursue material wealth, political and military power, and cultural development. Material values began to dominate thought, and the man began to exalt his own role as an individual. The third stage involved a change in men's sexual values. Men who were preoccupied with business or war either neglected their wives sexually or became involved with lower-class women or with homosexuality. Ultimately, a double standard of morality developed. The fourth stage affected women. The role of women at home and with children lost value and status. Women were neglected and their roles devalued. Soon they revolted to gain access to material wealth and also freedom for sex outside marriage. Women also began to minimize having sex relations to conceive children, and the emphasis became sex for pleasure. Marriage laws were changed to make divorce easy.

In the fifth stage, husbands and wives competed against each other for money, home leadership, and the affection of their children. This resulted in hostility and frustration and possible homosexuality in the children. Many marriages ended in separation and divorce.

Many children were unwanted, aborted, abandoned, molested, and undisciplined. The more undisciplined children became, the more social pressure there was not to have children. The breakdown of the home produced anarchy.

In the sixth stage, selfish individualism grew and carried over into society, fragmenting it into smaller and smaller group loyalties. The nation was thus weakened by internal conflict. The decrease in the birthrate produced an older population that had less ability to defend itself and less will to do so, making the nation more vulnerable to its enemies.

Finally, unbelief in God became more complete, parental authority diminished, and ethical and moral principles disappeared, affecting the economy and government. Thus, by internal weakness and fragmentation the societies came apart. There was no way to save them except by a dictator who arose from within or by barbarians who invaded from without.

19 posted on 01/10/2003 9:20:30 AM PST by Remedy
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Comment #20 Removed by Moderator

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