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Individualism, Islam and the Leftist Insurrection ^ | December 5, 2002 | William A. Mayer

Posted on 12/05/2002 9:09:46 AM PST by johnqueuepublic

Individualism, Islam and the Leftist Insurrection

By William A. Mayer

What the left and radical Islam have in common is a clear intention to subvert traditional Western civilization.

Whereas Islam seeks a violent external overthrow as opposed to the left which has now taken the back door approach – both philosophies seek to impose a theocracy - the former seeking to impose one modeled on a rigid anti-Christian 10th century model while the latter a more modern but still anti-Christian one based upon its own religion of secular humanism and moral relativism.

As divergent as they appear at first blush, they really only differ in means. – one openly violent and almost studiously unthinking, the other cold, calculating and internally subversive.

At their heart both are anti-individualistic, and this recognition is very important because it is individualism that is the greatest enemy of a coercive state.

Capitalism is individualism expressed economically, providing a flow of goods and services based upon enlightened self-interest.

The crusade by the left against individualism takes many forms but in the current climate it is most readily observed being caught in the act of substituting group rights for individual rights.

It seeks, for example, to remove the specific individual right to keep and bear firearms in lieu of a supposedly overriding group right – in this case a specious one based upon deliberate misinformation – that sees its security diminished in proportion to the number of privately held legal firearms.

If one looks deeper, it is actually a mechanism whereby individualism is subordinated to ideas that are, by their very nature, destructive to personal liberty and freedom.

It used to be said that the freedom to swing your fist ended where the other fellow’s nose began, but it has progressed far past that now antique notion.

The freedom to even consider using marginally offensive language against protected groups – let alone actually swinging a fist - now falls within the purview of thought crime, wherein the state of ones mind regarding the status of another becomes paramount, often aggravating the matter involved to felonious proportion.

As an example, on Tuesday Dec 3, Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker signed a bill that gives homosexuals statewide legal protection from "verbal harassment" and many critics feel the legislation could be used to gag church leaders who have the temerity to quote passages from the Bible dealing with homosexuality

The ultimate goal of the left is to eventually erect a coercive socialist state - and since it became clear, at least since the purges of Stalin, that the so-called workers of the world were in no mood to voluntarily embrace totalitarianism - a less frontal, more cerebral assaultive method has been concocted.

What needs to be understood is that the left has intentionally and deliberately declared and fomented the culture war, modeled upon an outline set forth by Antonio Gramsci, a little known but highly influential radical Italian communist [radical to the extent that he was to the left of Trotsky] because he realized that Western culture - so heavily infiltrated by Judeo-Christian ideas - would never allow Marxism to flower voluntarily, despite their having declared solidarity with the proletariat.

Gramsci realized that undermining and replacing the culture was paramount in furtherance of the socialist agenda.

That Gramsci has such marginal recognition outside the Marxist intellectual class belies the power of his ideas within the community that directly has put them into action and since the second world war the Communist Party of Italy has been feverishly translating Gramsci into 30 different languages, content that exposure would fertilize the withering seeds of their ideology.

“Today, there exists only one form of revolutionary solidarity: to win. It therefore demands of us that we should not neglect any single element that might put us in a condition to win…This [proletarian] revolution also presupposes the formation of a new set of standards, a new psychology, new ways of feeling, thinking and living that must be specific to the working class, that must be created by it, that will become 'dominant' when the working class becomes the dominant class.”

Gramsci called the power of culture to influence and shape action, hegemony. He reasoned that because this is a product of the collective whole it was at that level that societal attitudes needed to be dealt with in order to effect the changes that they desired - seeking to - block by block - create a culture more supportive of a utopian state.

The promotion of the hip-hop generation/Hollywood pop ethos - bereft of Judeo-Christian ethical considerations - is merely the latest and most successful effort that the left has rolled out towards that end.

What Gramsci correctly observed to be the motive force behind the process of changing the direction of society - manipulation of the symbols and motifs - has been employed since the sixties under the banner of “marching through the institutions.”

The targets are obvious, the law and judiciary, education, religion, the permanent governmental bureaucracy, the non-profit foundation apparatus and of course the media.

In some large measure they have been successful with this Trojan Horse approach, having won the first round because of the blind sided nature of the attack - but their penetration though reasonably wide is in reality quite shallow and extremely geographically biased towards both coasts, which just happen to be the primary media centers - drawing similarly minded individuals like rotting carrion draws scavengers.

Conservatives have a natural disadvantage in this fight in that they tend to resist the cadre mentality so prevalent among the left but you can see some real progress and inroads have most assuredly been made.

Probably the clearest example of this was demonstrated on November 5. The fact that a “minority” president was able to marshal his forces in such a manner as to now control both Houses of Congress as well as the executive branch is historic by contemporary political standards.

911 was huge psychically in bringing this about. It forced the polity to soberly plumb the depths of moral depravity created by a half century of increasingly socialistic anti-individualism. A bitter medicine yes, but far less injurious than the disease for which it is prescribed.

From united governance will come judicial appointments that hew much more closely to strict constructionism than at any time in the recent past, a very good thing.

If Bush can manage to retain this and even build on his thin but real majority in two years there will be a real opportunity to repopulate the bureaucracy in places like the Department of State which now serves as a hidey hole for Clintonistas who have been forced to ground.

As for the think tanks, the 501c3 charitable trusts and the rest of their ilk, the future is less encouraging. As we have written here oft times in the past, grand old institutions like the Rockefeller, Ford and Mott foundations have been literally captured by the collectivists and are being used to fuel further conflict along the cultural fault lines and nothing on the horizon seems to loom large in reversing this trend.

On the media side we have three huge victories, the rise of conservative talk radio – the importance of which is validated nearly daily with shrill attacks and calls for outright censorship coming from the Democrat leadership – the ascension of Fox News whose slightly right alignment drives latter day Bolsheviks crazy and the cottage industry which we here at PipeBombNews participate in, conservative/libertarian cyber communities empowering and giving voice to those who live in “flyover” country.

This trinity will serve as a pathway for similarly constituted enterprises, fostering an hegemony which can more strongly support limited government and liberty.

The churches are a sore point in the extreme and a breeding ground for lunatic excursions into xenophobia, social deviance and the like – the sight of South Korea Catholic priests blindly conducting an anti-American fasting spectacle just this week, the homosexual infiltration into the very corpus of the Church of Rome and the feel-good “modernism” of much of Protestantism give much pause for concern, as does the increasing liberalism of much of American Jewry.

Catholicism seems to have hit rock bottom ethically with a rebound towards traditionalism possibly the only direction to go. Absent anything of similar proportion forcing re-assessment, the Protestant church seems to be content dancing down the descending primrose path.

Fortunately the devout laity – the bedrock upon which organized religion is built – has successfully struggled to maintain a perspective far more conservative than what would be suggested by merely assessing the views of the governing hierarchies.

So, whither individualism?

As noted above, without creating a supportive counter zeitgeist - to employ Mr. Gore’s lapse into arcane German social science nomenclature - a real leftwing culture cannot exist.

Taking into account the cumulative effect of having a near 5,000-year head start with regards to an established ethical framework based upon Mosaic law, combined with the eye opening madness of the Twin Tower attack, it may be a long time before we ever again reach the nadir that coincided with the Clinton presidency.

We are by no means out of the woods and our progress so far may turn out to by fleeting but the dimension of the forest is now known and demarked and our victories are real and hopefully sustainable.

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KEYWORDS: clashofcivilizatio; clinton; communism; gramsci; individualism; socialsim
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This one is a keeper, Mayer nails this one.
1 posted on 12/05/2002 9:09:46 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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To: johnqueuepublic
Thanks for posting this outstanding article.
2 posted on 12/05/2002 9:11:02 AM PST by Judith Anne
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To: Judith Anne
You are welcome, Anne, this guy has been cranking good stuff out like for years.
3 posted on 12/05/2002 9:16:15 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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To: johnqueuepublic
Thanks for finding posting this great article. I have just book marked it.
4 posted on 12/05/2002 9:28:44 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach
This is a great article and ties in with your constant reminder to us about the dangers of Gramsci and his communistic rantings.
5 posted on 12/05/2002 9:30:03 AM PST by Grampa Dave
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To: Grampa Dave
Thanks gramps.
6 posted on 12/05/2002 9:45:19 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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To: johnqueuepublic
I've been reading him for a couple of years.
7 posted on 12/05/2002 9:45:23 AM PST by Judith Anne
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To: johnqueuepublic
bump for later reading
8 posted on 12/05/2002 9:47:53 AM PST by lelio
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To: *Clash of Civilizatio
9 posted on 12/05/2002 9:55:15 AM PST by denydenydeny
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To: Judith Anne
Good on you!
10 posted on 12/05/2002 9:55:34 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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To: denydenydeny
11 posted on 12/05/2002 9:56:00 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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To: johnqueuepublic
Ditto everyone above. This guy hits the bullseye. Bump for reference.
12 posted on 12/05/2002 9:58:18 AM PST by PLOM...NOT!
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To: johnqueuepublic

Article by Yashiko Sagamori, Candidate for Secretary of
State of California

Yashiko Sagamori 6 nov 2002

Have you ever thought that, in the unfolding conflict between the
Muslim world and the
civilization, the Muslims behave much more logically than the West?

If I believe that you are unlawfully occupying, let's say, an island
that's rightfully mine, I will send
troops to that island. Their purpose will be to suppress any
military resistance your army can
offer, and re-establish my ownership over that piece of land. There
is absolutely no need for
me to target civilians in such a conflict: from any prospective, it
would be not just immoral, but
totally counterproductive vis-a-vis my goals in the conflict.

Jihad however is not about territories. It is about a way of life.
If I wanted to destroy your way of
life, going after your military installations would be largely
futile, especially if your military might
is a billion times greater than anything I can ever dream of. Your
army, no matter how
powerful, is only a tiny portion of your way of life. Blowing up an
office building full of so called
"innocent civilians" advances my cause much farther and much more
convincingly (especially
if it causes you to engage in soul-searching instead of
exterminating me once and forever
which you are perfectly capable of accomplishing) than killing the
same number of military
personnel, precisely because those civilians are the most important,
irreplaceable components
of the way of life I am trying to destroy. Their "innocence" is
non-existent. The term is nothing
but an absurd euphemism for their absurd inability to defend
themselves. Think about it: how
can an infidel be innocent? Isn't it an obvious contradiction in

If you think I am being sarcastic, read the previous paragraph
again: I am only trying to explain
how the enemy's mentality is better suited for the conflict than

During WWII, when the very survival of our civilization was in
question (although not as acutely
as it is now), the United States treated enemy civilians in a more
reasonable manner than our
current impotent, defeatist morality dictates. Hiroshima and
Nagasaki were destroyed along
with most of their 100% civilian population despite the fact that
they had not a single military
installation in either of them. As a result, Japan surrendered. As a
result, lives of about a
million American soldiers were spared, along with probably four or
five times that many
Japanese, most of them civilians. Conclusion: Japan should not have
put the United States in
a position where even humanitarian gestures would be so murderous
for the Japanese.

In recent times, Israel is being daily penalized for killing
Palestinian "civilians". Nothing can be
more absurd, considering that "Palestinian people" didn't even exist
until after the Six Day War,
when that shameful misnomer was assigned to the largest and most
successful terrorist
organization in history. An Arab on the way to glorious martyrdom
remains an unarmed
civilian until he or she straps the explosives to his or her body.
People who organize terrorist
acts are considered unarmed civilians until their affiliation with a
terrorist organization is
proven, preferably in court. Women that lured 13 Israeli soldiers
into a murderous trap in Jenin
were perfectly unarmed civilians. Louis Farrakhan and his army are
considered unarmed
civilians. Mosques, those foreposts of Jihad spread around the
United States and Europe, are
considered off limits as religious institutions.

By the way, a religious cult requiring animal sacrifices would most
probably cause wide
spread protests and be eventually outlawed in this country. However,
the religious cult that
demands human sacrifices on the global scale -- conversion,
enslavement, or extermination of
all "infidel" everywhere in the world -- is respectfully classified
as a "monotheistic religion" and
"Abrahamic faith". In reality, it is Satan himself clumsily
disguised as a saint.

We are doomed to destruction unless we start treating Islam the way
we did Nazism. I am not
calling for an anti-Muslim genocide: our decisive victory in WWII
was achieved without
exterminating the Germans. Instead, we exterminated Nazism. Today,
we have no choice but
to exterminate the most murderous ideology that has ever existed --

I see many parallels between today's world and the situation at the
beginning of WWII. With the
sole exception of Great Britain, not a single government tried to
oppose Hitler. If Hitler had not
betrayed Stalin, the Soviet Union would've had no reason to oppose
him either. Contrary to
the popular myth, the United States did not enter the war to stop
the Holocaust: they did it to
prevent Stalin from going all the way to the Channel and creating
the European Union a few
decades prematurely.

Today, Muslims invade civilized countries under the benign guise of
immigration. Their
influence in Europe and even in the United States is growing
steadily and will continue to do so
unopposed until we finally wake up, although it's hard to tell if
we're ever going to do it in time
to save ourselves. Hypnotized by our own impotent dogmas, we
stubbornly refuse to
recognize the never-ending Arab was against Israel, the September
11, the war in Chechnya,
the terrorist acts in various parts of the world for what they are:
individual fronts of steadily
growing Jihad, whose openly stated purpose is to destroy our
civilization and establish the rule
that would make Taliban look helplessly liberal. So far, they are
13 posted on 12/05/2002 10:02:46 AM PST by joesnuffy
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What can be done about the non profits, they are supposed to be politcially inactive but they are always engaging in politics regardless.
14 posted on 12/05/2002 10:04:02 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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To: joesnuffy
Really interesting piece, what party was Mr S affilitated with?
15 posted on 12/05/2002 10:08:27 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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To: johnqueuepublic
Good article.
16 posted on 12/05/2002 10:11:57 AM PST by EternalHope
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To: Grampa Dave
It was a complete detriment to the United States that Joe McCarthy had to work with a gavel and Roy Cohn instead of a chainsaw and a large professional wrestler.
17 posted on 12/05/2002 10:33:04 AM PST by SandfleaCSC
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To: SandfleaCSC
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed along with most of their 100% civilian population despite the fact that they had not a single military installation in either of them.

Unlike the Germans who separated their large arms manufacturing centers away from civilian populations, the Japanese (especially during the latter years of WWII) manufactured their armaments in an almost cottage industry setting with small plants scattered throughout their civilian population. The Tokyo fire raids were a good example of USAF intentionally trying to cripple Japanese small arms production prior to a mainland invasion. If you want to quote examples of useless civilian slaughter in WWII, names like Coventry, Dresden, and Shanghai should come to mind.
18 posted on 12/05/2002 10:45:20 AM PST by SandfleaCSC
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To: joesnuffy
Excellent article, joe. The honorable Sagamori knows our enemy well. Drastic actions may well be required from all of us before this is said and done if we are to remain a free people. The socialists and Islamists are equally committed to destroying our way of life.
19 posted on 12/05/2002 11:09:29 AM PST by MoGalahad
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To: MoGalahad

What I cant figure out is why they think they can win, we killed the Taliban in Afghanland in about 6 weeks, something the entire Soviet Army couldnt do in years.

And we destroyed Sadams army in about the same time in the Gulf War

These guys have no idea what is in store for them, the Truman battle group 13,000 men strong just left the US shored headed for the Iraq.

Hunker down ragboys you are about to see the mother of all cans of whoopass opened on your sorry Islamic butts.

Can you say EMP weapons??????
20 posted on 12/05/2002 11:17:42 AM PST by johnqueuepublic
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