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To: eleni121

You wrote:

"Oh yeah...holy. Here's another political saint: Stepinac -- the apologist for the butchery in the Balkans in WWII."

Stepinac lived a holy life, denounced racism, nazism, argued with the NDH regime, denounced communism, etc. He was also known for living a personal life of holiness. He risked his life to save Jews - as the Jews themselves attested. He never once was an apologist for any butchery on anyone's part.

"How's his sainthood process coming along?"

Well, I hope.

"Is he on that road to political "sainthood"?"

There is no such thing as a road to political sainthood.

"Oh I forgot: he's already a saint."

He is not yet a canonized saint. Again, we see that you have no idea of what you're talking about. You are merely babbling nonsensically.


Ignorance....on your part. Those who cherish politics stand against Stepinac. Those who love God and human freedom do not make the mistakes you have made. Randolf Churchill, son of Winston Churchill, wrote on January 23rd, 1946: "Yugoslav propaganda against the Archbishop of Zagreb has no other purpose than to prepare the ground for a trial against him." So you believe the politicians, communist politicians no less.

After Stepinac's show trial, the great French writer Francois Mauriac wrote on December 2nd, 1946. "We have read the declarations and assembled the attestations and are convinced that the Archbishop of Zagreb has been sentenced to sixteen years of imprisonment despite his innocence. If after this Christians are silent then the stones themselves will speak out." And Christians did speak out - in favor of Stepinac. You condemn him. Just as you slander Gallitzin. We see what side you are on. You are on the side of the enemies of Christ and not on the side of Christianity.

A month later 'Winston Churchill himself spoke in the British Parliament: "This is a political trial with the intention of causing the Catholic Church in Croatia to split with the Vatican. Tito, after all, has openly declared it. One should not forget that the resistance to atheism is stronger when there is outside support. Here I refer to the Pope. The trial itself has no connection with justice and is indeed a violation of it. Tito's regime cares nothing for justice. The martyrdom of Archbishop Stepinac would be complete should the sentence be applied and executed. God grant that the archbishop endure in spirit and in body all that he will have to endure in order that Christianity may prevail thanks to his courage."'

See how Churchill knew the persecution of Stepinac to be a "political trial". But you side with the politicians, the communists here, don't you? You reject Churchill's side, the side of justice, of goodness, and sit with the communist politicians.

Even the already left leaning New York Times on October 13th, 1946, wrote: "The trial of Archbishop Stepinac was a purely political one with the outcome determined in advance. The trial and sentence of this Croatian prelate are in contradiction with the Yugoslavia's pledge that it will respect human rights and the fundamental liberties of all without reference to race, sex, language and creed. Archbishop Stepinac was sentenced and will be incarcerated as part of the campaign against his church, guilty only of being the enemy of Communism."

See that? The NYT admitted the trial was a purely political one, but you side with the politicians, the communists, against the Christians, and you apparently do so happily.

Your assertions that Gallitzin reconciled with the Catholic Church for political reasons are still completely and demonstratively nonsensical. You have utterly failed, time after time, to show that he either reconciled for political reasons or that the Church is considering him for sainthood simply because he reconciled rather than for his heroic life of virtue and holiness. Bringing up Stepinac in no way helps your case. He too led a life of heroic virtue being persecuted and ultimately imprisoned after a sham trial by atheistic communists (with whom you are apparently in complete agreement). All you're doing is showing the complete and utter bankrupt nature of your case.... as well as your knowledge and good will.

Thanks once again for essentially proving me right by coming up completely empty in your attack on Gallitzin.

20 posted on 03/11/2007 5:41:41 PM PDT by vladimir998 (Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. St. Jerome)
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To: vladimir998
For your perusal Herr Vlad:

Stepinac and Pavelic ---> responsible for the genocide of Christians during WWII

This is the 1990s - From UPI: "Over the next four years, independent Croatia drove about 600,000 Serbs from their homes, with never a word from the Pope protesting this "suffocat[ion] with force [of ] the rights and legitimate aspirations" of Serbs. About half the Serbs were expelled from Croatia proper and the other half from the neighboring territory of Krajina, claimed by Croatia; the overwhelmingly Serbian population of the Krajina had opposed the break-up of Yugoslavia."

Shall we discuss the the genocide against the Christian Serbs in WWII aided and abetted by the Croatian Catholic Church?

Fact: The Catholic Church hierarchy aided the Nazis.

Fact: The Catholic Church was active in Nazi movements outside Germany in Baltic and Balkan regions helping to run the Nazi State of Croatia. After the war, the Vatican sheltered Nazi war criminals;

Fact: Stepinac aided and abetted the Nazi Croatians butchers of the Balkans

Fact: RC's make a practice of making political statements through their canonization process.

21 posted on 03/11/2007 5:59:36 PM PDT by eleni121 ( + En Touto Nika! By this sign conquer! + Constantine the Great))
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