Since Feb 23, 2000

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The Liberal Left and spineless Republicans have destroyed NYS in my lifetime. What are we going to do about it?

ELECT Paladino!

MUSLIM Turk Genocide Against Christians

In Memory of Genocide Against Christians

Butcher - Mustafa Kemal

Butcher - Lenin

modern day genocider Bashir (Sudan) and Genocide apologist the Turk Gul (on right)

Paidomazoma (Devshirme)by Nicholas Gyzis. A Janissary (Muslim Turk fanatic soldier who was once himself forcefully taken from his Christian parents and raised to butcher them) is ready to take a young boy from his mother's arms. The simplicity with which the scene is rendered imbues it with a rare immediacy. The Janissary's bright red cloak appears like a river of blood

The Massacre at Chios by Delacroix. A Muslim Turkish officer on horse is attacking Greek civilians. About 42,000 Greek Christian islanders of Chios were hanged, butchered, starved or tortured to death, 50,000 were enslaved and 23,000 were exiled.