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I was recently arguing with a truly deranged person who was upset that a 16 year old Jewish boy had not murdered a German woman (holding a child in her arms) in 1945 out of revenge for reporting him to the SS for stealing food from a rabbit cage. His comments were bizarre to say the least. He said, for instance, that the Germans had a word for "politically correct" people like me: Mittagessen. Mittagessen means "lunch" in German. Not only does our brave hero want German women murdered, he wants to murder rational speech too. Here is one such post from him. His comments are in quotes. I posted mine after each one of his. Link at the end.

"It describes people who call murdering Nazis mommies."
No one did that. Remember, no one in the story was murdered by a woman. If the "mommy" had murdered the Jewish boy in question the story would have ended after he found the rabbits. This just proves how off base you are.
"And yeah, Sam Adams would have blown that war criminal away."
That's hilarious! Are you writing this as a parody of reality or something? Seriously, you're making yourself look like an idiot. You really believe Sam Adams would have murdered an unarmed woman holding a child in a place where there wasn't even any fighting?
"That’s why America exists today..."
America exists today because Sam Adams would have murdered an unarmed woman holding a child? Seriously, are you on crack? "and protects people like you while you pervert morality into FUD - because historically, people like Sam Adams DID blow away the Nazi bitches that had prisoners beaten for eating rotten lettuce, while people like you looked the other way."
Oh, I'm cutting and pasting that screed onto my profile page. That has to be the most over-the-top, hamster-for-a -brain, drank-two-fifths-of-tequila-for-breakfast bag of nuttiness I have ever seen at FR. My hat is off to you. I was all wrong about you. I thought you were an idiot. Now I realize you're just nuts. You can't help it.
"And of course you call me stupid, comrade. Otherwise you’d have to look in a mirror."
I'll have to look in the mirror anyway - cause I shave every day. I called you stupid because you seemed to be. Now I realize that you have other problems.
"But it’s okay - Hillary is proud of you." I bet 'she' told you that before you remembered to take your medication, right? Make sure you mention 'her visit' to your doctor next time you see him.
"And that’s all that matters, because she takes care of her own. Sure she does - LOL!"
Well, at least that's what 'she' told you, right? http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/3225185/posts?page=16

One of the rare times an anti-Catholic was cornered and forced to admit his falsehoods: see post number 91:

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Please pray about the following:

On July 15, 2014 a thread I had posted in was locked. Throughout the thread two anti-Catholics in particular had REPEATEDLY lied about what I did or did not say. I pointed this out again and again, but religion board rules do not allow people to use the words "lie" or Liar" in posts.

When the thread was locked I sent a Freepmail to one of the liars and showed how he had lied yet again in his last post to me before the thread was locked. I want to make clear: he did not make a mistake, it was not an oversight, it was an outright and deliberate lie. Except for the use of the word "liar" the Freepmail was no different than any other thing I have written at FreeRepublic: it was direct, albeit harsh, and well reasoned. I used no foul language whatsoever.

Here's the response I got back (and remember, this is supposedly a Christian who wrote this):

This space once contained an abusive Freeper Email from an expletive spewing anti-Catholic. Although the expletives were "masked" by me in my pasting of the email, I was forced to remove them by the Admin Moderator. I never attached a name to the email.

Hypocrisy disgusts me. Recently I saw a Protestant anti-Catholic attack the Catholic Church for supposed pagan practices. When I asked if she had used pagan practices in her wedding, she clammed up pretty darn fast. When she brought up the same thing thing three months later, and I responded by reminding her that she had run away from my questions months before, she had that post pulled. Original post: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/religion/3204978/replies?c=518 http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/religion/3204978/replies?c=518 Here's a great quote: "Progressives have strong emotions and weak ideas, and have no objection to sacrificing logic and documented truth before utopian dreams. For progressives, things are judged not by their results (proven to be disastrous), but by their objectives, supposedly noble, consisting of “saving the world’s poor.” " http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3433527/posts