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Neo-Socialism: A Decomposition of the Liberal Mind
The Reality Check ^ | April 27, 2003 | Gary Schneider

Posted on 04/27/2003 3:37:13 PM PDT by Lando Lincoln


A Decomposition of the Liberal Mind

By Gary Schneider

To attempt and understand the many varied positions and policies embraced, or otherwise represented by the Left, we must assume that, at some base level, they are founded in a semblance of logic and purpose. Though extremely difficult, the challenge then is to establish what that logic and purpose may be and from where it is derived. If this is established, an understanding can be developed that begins to decode their seeming day to day defiance of logic, history and common sense … thereby mitigating, albeit just a little, the extreme and frustrating befuddlement most mainstream Americans inherently feel when confronted with the illogical output of a Liberal mind. You see, to the Left, history, fact and logic are secondary to the defense and promotion of its philosophy…A philosophy that is rooted in Socialism. Given the historical irrelevance that has befallen Socialism (and Socialist policy) in all its manifestations, the Left must effectively reverse engineer nearly all forms of reality in order for it to conform … or lend justification to, its core set of beliefs. Socialism (and its younger cousin Liberalism) has in effect become a religion that’s has been proven false by virtually any objective means, and the followers of this religion must necessarily either be dupes or duplicitous in their allegiance to the faith. It has devolved into being a belief system sustained by emotion not cognition, but one that nevertheless seeks cognitive validation. So the requirement for the illogical to become logical and for fiction to become fact (or fact-fiction) has indeed become a high priority for the keepers and purveyors of this faith. Once you accept this, well, then Liberalism makes perfect sense.

Philosophy Versus Reality

The Left attempts to maintain that Socialist ideals and policy are relevant in today’s market of ideas by marketing a few key notions which, they contend, provide proof of the need for their agenda. Now, many suggest that Liberalism is not Socialism; However, I submit that Liberalism is Socialism by other means. So, in order to understand the Liberal mindset, you must understand Socialism.

Socialism, at its base level, means the complete discarding of the institution of private property by transforming it to public property. The resulting public income is to be, then, equally and indiscriminately distributed to the population (Liberals strive toward this end through the levying of taxes and tight governmental controls). In Socialism, private property is anathema to this objective.

The main tenets of Socialism are:

1. Abolition of private property

2. Equality of income (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – Karl Marx)

3. Class interests oppose each other (class struggle)

4. Government is, or should be the progressive representation of the interests of the working class.

Furthermore, Socialists believe that Socialism is an evolutionary process that will manifest itself in the later stages of Capitalism. Capitalism, they contend, will eventually run out of property to privatize and land to appropriate due to population increases and other variables resulting in the need to rent or lease property. Due to this, a group of “haves and have nots” arises leading to the creation a class hierarchy where there is an upper class (non working parasites), middle class (employers and managers) and worker class (“proletariat”). In this paradigm, the rich get richer and the worker class is exploited to further support the luxuries demanded by the upper class…while getting poorer. The belief is that such societies then become unproductive and unable to sustain a requisite level of employment and quality of life for its people. It is at this stage where Socialism is believed to arise against the Capitalist system. Only rich and poor now exist, Inequality becomes unbearable and the government has to intervene and redistribute the wealth via many means, but primarily through the levy of multiple forms of taxation.

Modern Socialism contends, then, that capitalism must be exported to where new land can be appropriated and workers exploited to sustain its insatiable gluttony.

The problem for the Left is that the doctrine they hold dear has all been proven false by history and reality…and they don’t want to let go. After a century and a half of tyranny and economic failures, along with the inarguable benefits to the human condition wrought by Capitalism, the Left is now forced to re-package their convictions, revise history, identify new “victims” and champion new causes in order to sustain the faith. As Daniel Flynn establishes, in his book “Why the Left Hates America”, the Left has substituted their hysterics regarding the evils of Capitalism, with the new hysterics of racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc., etc. However, the enemy remains the same. America, as the globe’s preeminent cultural, political (Democratic), economic (Capitalist) and military power, is now decried as culturally oppressive….breading inequality both inside and outside of its borders. Government is now, also, to be the final distributor of cultural equality … as well as economic equality. Liberal causes collectively rally around the banner of this nefarious new notion of American repressive cultural hegemony that is proliferated by “intolerant rednecks” and imposed by American military and economic might. Nearly all contemporary liberal causes and policy can now be traced back to any one or more of these (and/or the aforementioned) basic tenets of Socialism, or “Neo-Socialism”.

Environmentalists contend that U.S. industry (“big business”) is indiscriminately exploiting the land and people for economic gain, and that this evil is being exported. This subscribes to their belief that US has had to export capitalist hegemony to sustain growth on the detriment of the environment, and on the backs of the underclass. Environmentalists are, however conspicuous in their selective criticism. It is almost exclusively targeted at the U.S. thereby exposing their political, rather than environmental agenda.

Relativism/Multi-Culturalism/ Racism/ Homophobia/ Xenophobia

These class-isms allow for the invention of multiple victim classes that can be established as the new “proletariat”. By fostering, contriving, or otherwise promoting notions of injustice and inequality the Left can progress their Socialist doctrine of the new class struggle allowing them to cling to the original foundations their faith. This fact is perhaps most obviously represented by the group International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). The name evokes racism as an issue, yet the organization is a known front group for the World Workers Party, a Marxist-Leninist political party.

This too, is rooted in the Socialist/Marxist notion of exploitation of the worker and their opposition to private ownership with their desire to redistribute the wealth. Business owners, though they create jobs and wealth, are vilified as greedy parasites taking advantage of the underclass. Sound familiar? Wealth to the left is inherently bad or unfair and should be redistributed to others in the form of taxes and government programs.


Again, the Left resists the globalization of economies as it represents the exportation of Capitalism and all the evils that that implies. It appears, to the die hard Left, that they would rather see equally applied poverty rather than unequally applied prosperity.

Anti (Judeo-Christian) Religion-ism
Atheism has deep roots in Socialism (as religion is regarded as a threat to Socialist evolution) and its remnants clearly exist in modern day liberalism. The examples are ever increasing and undeniable. These tendencies manifest themselves in anti-religion, (with particular animus toward Christianity) speech, discrimination, legislation and other repressive actions. Pro-abortion advocacy is also partially rooted in anti religion sentiments as much as it is about the expressed sentiments of freedom and “choice”. Abortion has been politicized for use as tool to promote the notion of women as an oppressed class. The oppressor class is then presumed to be men and people of faith. The Left can then promote legislation to restrict the freedoms of religion in the name of protecting this oppressed class. In other words, they seek the oppression of religion in the name of freedom while presuming to take the moral high ground.

“Peace” Activism All of the above

It is a reality that the American governmental and economic system has improved the lives of its people and those around the world to a level unparalleled in human history. It’s profound and positive contributions to culture, science, medicine and democracy are undeniable to any reasonably objective and discerning mind. No past or present Socialist venture can even remotely claim to have achieved the levels of economic prosperity (at all stratums of society), racial equality, women’s rights and equal protections for all its citizens regardless of sex, faith, cultural, racial, or social background. A quick check of your Encyclopedia Britannica will bear this out. These truths are a testament to the success and inherent morality of this great and successful American experiment. Is America perfect? No. Do we have many historical shames and societal ills that need to be resolved? Of course. But what country doesn’t? Furthermore, there exists no other country that is as willing or capable of identifying and fairly addressing problems with which it is confronted.


Not a Single Socialist or Communist state has ever existed that has been popularly elected or otherwise sustained by the will of its people. Socialist-Communist regimes have, throughout history, maintained power solely through the strict imposition of intellectual martial law. The media, schools, the arts and literature have all been strictly controlled to manage thought and freedom of ideas. It should be no surprise then that the liberal establishment maintains a covetous and disproportionate control over our educational institutions, media (with the exception of radio) and the arts. The packaging may be slightly different, but the tactics are largely the same and quite plain to see. You need only look at many “civil rights” groups, “anti-war” organizations, the ACLU, Teacher’s Unions and the curricula of our institutions of higher learning (indoctrination?) to quickly assess that our most basic American freedoms are at risk from the Left. Oppression (factual, intellectual, or otherwise) is the only means by which the Socialist agenda can succeed.

So, the next time you bear witness to the mindless sloganeering, claims of injustice and inequality, hysterics regarding business, the environment, anti-war, abortion, anti-religion and the blame America crowd… know where they’re coming from and where they want to go.

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1 posted on 04/27/2003 3:37:13 PM PDT by Lando Lincoln
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To: Lando Lincoln

We might make some progress by calling them "socialists" rather than "liberals." The strange mixture of libertine hedonism and totalitarian statism that comes out of the mouth of the average liberal certainly challenges the capacity of logic. It would seem doubtful that the average Democrat has any realization of just how illogical, absurd, and deranged the whole enterprise is.

2 posted on 04/27/2003 3:45:54 PM PDT by HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity
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To: Lando Lincoln
3 posted on 04/27/2003 3:47:27 PM PDT by rdb3 (It ain't nuthin' to a ballah, baby...)
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To: Lando Lincoln
socialism bump - read later
4 posted on 04/27/2003 4:13:46 PM PDT by LiteKeeper
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To: HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity
libertine hedonism

The flip side of liberty is responsibility. They won't work without each other.

Liberals don't want liberty but rather liberality. Permissiveness not freedom. A velvet glove on an iron fist.

5 posted on 04/27/2003 4:48:46 PM PDT by AdamSelene235 (Like all the jolly good fellows, I drink my whiskey clear....)
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To: AdamSelene235
And only the truth can set people "free." To place oneself outside of the truth of the soul and the meaning of reality does not result in freedom but an enslavement to sin, senselessly complicating one's life, leading (in some cases) to abortion, divorce, etc., etc. The fascination with alternative lifestyles and counter-cultural approaches to sexuality, promoted by many liberals (for whatever reason), is something they politicize as if it needs to be a point of ideological contention and polemical combat. In an absurd psychodrama, some liberals imply that the "privacy of the bedroom" is endangered by religious conservatives. What precisely it is they imagine such conservatives are doing to interrupt their nocturnal recreation of choice remains a mystery. But apparently they consider it intolerable that anyone dissents from the liberal "alternative" perspective on human sexuality. The suggestion that liberals are actually trying to force and impose their view on everyone else is something they have trouble responding to with any logical coherence. At any rate, a society with more divorce, abortion, promiscuity, teen pregnancies, adultery, and STDs is less free and in a greater degree of civilizational decline.
6 posted on 04/27/2003 5:06:36 PM PDT by HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity
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To: Lando Lincoln
A grand slam, it explains all of the symptoms of the Liberalism virus..
7 posted on 04/27/2003 5:12:12 PM PDT by cardinal4 (The Senate Armed Services Comm; the Chinese pipeline into US secrets)
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Comment #8 Removed by Moderator

To: Lando Lincoln
great post
9 posted on 04/27/2003 6:24:32 PM PDT by Capitalism2003
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To: Lando Lincoln
Great Find
10 posted on 04/27/2003 6:28:04 PM PDT by orlop9
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To: Lando Lincoln
Now we can shed ourselves and lay on them this "neo" business. I'm all for calling their strains "neo-liberal," "paleo-liberal" and "liberal-liberal."

How 'bout also using "gothic liberal," "homo-liberal" and "bi-liberal"? "Trans-bi-gay-liberal" anyone?

We can then go after the Naderites with "un-progressive" or the more accurate, more simple, and most elegant, "stupid."
11 posted on 04/27/2003 8:17:47 PM PDT by nicollo
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To: Lando Lincoln
12 posted on 04/28/2003 9:48:50 AM PDT by PatrickHenry (Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.)
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To: Lando Lincoln
Thanks for posting this excellent article. I have book marked it.

For any of the left wing isms, socialism, communism, facism, Islamofacism, Enviralism or whatever dark side ism to succeed. They must have total control of the media.

The media then can cover their crimes and their revising of history both short term and long term history.

Thanks to the internet, Fox news, conservative talk radio shows and Free Republic, the leftisms no longer controls the media.

The Leftisms cannot stand being exposed to the reality of truth.
13 posted on 04/28/2003 10:24:48 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (Being a Monthly Donor to Free Republic is the Right Thing to do!)
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To: Grampa Dave
The Leftisms cannot stand being exposed to the reality of truth.

Very well and succinctly stated.

14 posted on 04/28/2003 10:37:21 AM PDT by Lando Lincoln (God Bless the arsenal of liberty.)
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To: Lando Lincoln
Correction. The Left is NOT anti-globalization, per se. They are opposed to globalizing forces that they can't control. Although the leftist media refers to "globalization" in terms of markets/corporations, the phenomenon includes the spread of largely Leftist NGOs, growth of UN power, the ICC, etc (and the Left LOVES these aspects of globalization). Most on the Left want a world socialist government (internationalist), and the Soviet empire promised them a world soviet, but failed. Many parties worldwide are now organized in the Socialist International.

The most remarkable development on the Left in the last 20 years has been the near total obliteration of any trace of LaSallian and nationalist influences in the social democratic parties -- they have all betrayed the nationalist roots of the early SDPs (and become more Leninist). Concurrently, many "ex"-communist parties -- freed of the imperial dictates of the Soviet empire, which required occupation regimes and fifth columns to support "socialism in national form" in various countries (and alliances with the "socialist commonwealth") -- are now migrating towards strict internationalist and permanent revolution/Trotskyite doctrines. This internationalist drift of many parties on the Left reflects a pro-globalization agenda, but ON THEIR TERMS.

15 posted on 04/29/2003 10:32:14 AM PDT by CaptIsaacDavis
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To: Lando Lincoln
MGM Everyone misses it! Just connect the dots and you can see what the Lefties-socialists and many Democrats are. The dots are MGM.....Marcuse-Garmsci-Marz.......M for Herbert Marcuse, the Father of Socialism in the US and a student at the leftwing Socialist Franfurt School....G for Antonio Italian leftist socialist...wrote a plan to help the left take over the world with their Socialist ideas. First, get the media (already done here with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR...Washington Post, NY Times,atc.,etc....) Second, get the schools (well under way with the Leftists in the major universities, the NEA and local schools falling all the time to their ideas). Third, get the churches and religion from which origionally sprang our national values. Look at the National Council of Churches (so far left it hurts) Catholic Church not far behind, plus lets ban God from everything, which the courts are having some success at doing with help from the ACLU. Finally M is of course for Marx. What more needs to be said? He and his followers were clear in their long term goals. World domination by Communism-Socialism. Over a number of generations....well under way. Thats MGM and its is happening all around us.
Marcuse-Garmsci-Marx....MGM....MGM. Just look and you will see it.
16 posted on 05/06/2003 9:49:20 PM PDT by joemont
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