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What did he know...and when did he know it ?
bill clinton, hillary clinton, Washington Post, Newsmax, Investor's Business Daily, LA Times | 5.17.02 | Mia T

Posted on 05/17/2002 7:33:57 PM PDT by Mia T

Edited on 09/03/2002 4:50:30 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

"The instant that second plane hit, I said to the person with whom I was speaking, 'Bin Laden did this.' I knew immediately. I know what this network can do."

MANILA -- Abdul Hakim Murad washed his hands, and broke a basic rule of bombmaking.

When the water mixed with chemical residue in the kitchen sink of unit 603 in the Dona Josefa Apartments here in 1995, it set off an eruption that would reveal the inner workings of a clandestine terrorist cell allied with Osama bin Laden.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Extended News; Foreign Affairs; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: New York
KEYWORDS: 911; clintondepravity; clintonfailure; clintonineptitude
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it won't s-p-i-n

They ARE space aliens

reckless rodham-clinton-gore reinvention-of-government schemata


Q ERTY2 "There isn't a shred of evidence."

HILLARY, YOU KNOW, KnowNothing Victim Q ERTY4

double bagel

W I D E B O D Y. low-center-of-gravity Dim Bulb, Congenital Bottom Feeder

Q ERTY3 zipper-hoisted

clinton zipper vitiated by obvious spilth

Humpty Dummies

Q ERTY6 utter failures

4th-Estate Malfeasance (DEATH BY MISREPORT)

rodham-clinton reality-check BUMP!




Fraudulent Democrat Scheme Fails as Bush Soars

BUSH: NATIONAL SECURITY 1st PRIORITY. . ."I will not wait on events, while dangers gather."




CLINTON-WAS-AN-UTTER-FAILURE Containment Team Scheme Fails Again

Ollie North Laughs Ann Lewis Off Stage


Helen Thomas Syndrome: THE SYMPTOMS


Will Riefenstahl-esque "editing to perfection" resurrect the clintons?




Frankenstein, The Sequel:

'Black Hawk Down' Was Set to Blame Clinton for 9/11


hillary clinton, Congenital Bottom Feeder, Cowers Below Network Radar,

Continues to Subsist on Cozy Clintonoid Interviews of Colmes Kind


hillary's head revisited:

hillary clinton's brain (such as it is) II


Buddy Death Report Raises More Questions Than It Answers


 "The Daschle Scheme"



Analyzed and Annotated

1 posted on 05/17/2002 7:33:57 PM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Another good set of facts!


2 posted on 05/17/2002 7:44:26 PM PDT by IVote2
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To: Mia T
Well that blows...
I thought Hillary said that Chelsea told her on the phone, after she jogged by the WTC and barely escaped with her life, that it was all the fault of the GWB tax cuts.
3 posted on 05/17/2002 7:46:55 PM PDT by TomGuy
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To: Gail Wynand; looscannon; Lonesome in Massachussets; Freedom'sWorthIt; IVote2; Slyfox...
CLINTON-WAS-AN-UTTER-FAILURE Containment Team Scheme Fails Yet Again
Dick Morris to Greta Van Susteren: "You're still a CNN person!"
  • Implies that clinton is Proximate Cause of 9/11

  by Mia T

CEW YORK, Feb. 7--Greta Van Susteren, clintonoid extralegal cudgel plucked by Fox from the eponymous Clinton News Network (CNN) and now host of her own show, "On the Record," demonstrated in real-time that her much "eyed" Fox-y redo was, indeed, only cosmetic.

In a state of obvious disequilibrium at "fair and balanced" Fox, Greta, cross-examining Dick Morris with standard issue clinton cya-ing talking points, behaved as though she were still a CNN CLINTON-WAS-AN-UTTER-FAILURE Containment Team Scheme co-conspirator. And Morris, not one to take it lying down, (so to speak), quickly called her on it with, "You're still a CNN person!"-- spitting out "CNN" with a force usually reserved only for the most obscene invective.

The impetus for Greta's rage was a devastating piece in "The Wall Street Journal" detailing clinton's utter failure in combating terrorism; it was written by Morris, who should know -- he was former clinton advisor, personal pollster and closest confidant.

clinton's brain...or ear?

The Times (and Greta) may be clueless, but not so Time, which was set to depict Morris on their September 9, 1996 cover as clinton's brain. But when Clinton balked, Time blinked and Morris became clinton's Jiminy Cricket, instead...

The logical endpoints of Morris' argument -- that clinton is the proximate cause of 9/11, that clinton put civilization, itself, at great risk and that clinton was, therefore, an utter failure as president -- put Greta in extreme CLINTON-WAS-AN-UTTER-FAILURE Containment Team Scheme mode.

Greta buttressed her clinton cya-ing talking points with clinton-provided New York Times cites. There is no clearer case of petitio principii, begging the question, than this. (Any person still sentient after eight years of the clintons knows that the The New York Times is merely the clinton cya-ing talking points writ large (or is it "small"??).)

Greta's position at Fox is now regarded as tenuous. Exposed by Morris as an unrepentant CLINTON-WAS-AN-UTTER-FAILURE Containment Team Scheme co-conspirator, a role inconsistent with both the Fox News mission ("fair and balanced") and audience demographics, Greta is second on the clinton sycophancy scale only after entrenched DC doyenne, Helen Thomas.

What is particularly interesting are allegations that Time changed its intended Sept. 9 cover featuring Dick Morris after the president expressed displeasure. The cover story described in detail Morris' extensive power in the White House.

Sherry Rowlands, Morris' call girl, told Star that on Aug. 22, four days before the Time issue hit the stands, she overheard Morris speaking with Clinton on the phone about the cover. Morris told Clinton the cover would either depict Morris inside Clinton's head as his "brain," or Morris would be pictured leading Clinton. After Clinton blew up in anger, Rowlands told Star, she heard Morris say "Yes, sir, I'll call them about it -- it's not too late ... I'm sorry, sir. I'll call them immediately." Star quotes Morris, via Rowlands, as telling Time's editor "Well, I told you he's against it.... He is the president. And -- I don't mean to tell you your place -- but you're just an editor." The final cover was a photo-illustration of a miniature Morris perched on Clinton's shoulder with the caption "The Man Who Has Clinton's Ear."

Time will not tell

Famous for his simultaneous use of phones and toes, Dick Morris conducted an "On the Record" poll tonight as he toed the line with Greta. "According to the poll," said Morris, " Greta's a goner."

WSJ Opinion Journal

While Clinton Fiddled

A story of fecklessness in the face of terror.


Tuesday, February 5, 2002 12:01 a.m. EST

As the elections of 1996 loomed, a sense of crisis pervaded America. We seemed under attack from all directions by terrorists, foreign and domestic. A bomb exploded amid the Summer Olympic Games. TWA flight 800 vaporized over the Atlantic and many suspected terror. Nineteen American soldiers died and hundreds were wounded as a bomb ripped through their barracks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A year before, the federal office building in Oklahoma City was destroyed, killing hundreds more. In 1993, a bomb ripped through the World Trade Center hospitalizing a thousand people and killing six.

At the White House, we held hurried meetings as we watched with worry the growth of terrorism. We polled and speculated about its possible impact on President Clinton's re-election only a few months later.

Some of the president's staff and his consultants pressed the case for aggressive action to contain terror at home and attack it abroad. But at the center of the storm, Bill Clinton sat with an unusual imperturbability. Even as he fretted about whether to sign the welfare reform act and brooded about the FBI file, Paula Jones and Whitewater scandals, he seemed curiously uninvolved in the battle against terror.

Advised that his place in history rested on eliminating the deficit, making welfare reform work, and smashing the international network of terrorists militarily and economically, he remained unusually passive. Around him, his foreign-policy advisers--particularly former trade lawyer Sandy Berger, then serving as deputy national security adviser--seemed to work overtime at opposing tough measures against terror.

When Sen. Alfonse D'Amato pushed through legislation that sought to cripple the Iranian funding of terrorism by mandating U.S. retaliation against foreign or American companies that aided its oil industry, Mr. Berger advised a veto unless the bill were amended to allow the president to waive the sanctions. When the bill passed--with the waiver--Mr. Berger successfully blocked the implementation of sanctions in virtually every case.

When Mr. Clinton was advised to pass a law requiring that driver's licenses for aliens expire when their visas do (so that a routine traffic stop could trigger the deportation process), Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes and White House adviser George Stephanopoulos worked hard to kill the idea. They derided the proposal, which called for the interface of FBI and Immigration and Naturalization Service data about illegal aliens, visa expirations and terrorist watch lists with state motor vehicle records, as racial profiling and warned that it might alienate Mr. Clinton's political base. Had the idea been adopted, suicide bomber Mohamed Atta would have been subject to deportation when he was stopped for driving without a license, three months before Sept. 11, 2001.

President Clinton refused to adopt proposals that he establish a "president's list" of seemingly charitable groups that were really fund-raising fronts for terrorists, to warn Americans to stay away. Despite evidence from a 1993 FBI wiretap that the Homeland Foundation was raising money for the terrorist group Hamas, Mr. Clinton did not seize its assets, and the group functioned until President Bush closed it down.

Despite staff and consultant recommendations that he require baggage X-ray screening, federalization of air security checkpoints, and restoration of air marshals to commercial flights, Mr. Clinton did nothing to implement any of these proposals. Vice President Al Gore also failed to embrace them when his Commission on Air Safety made its recommendations in 1997. It required Sept. 11 to get these common-sense initiatives adopted.

After the February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, President Clinton never visited the site and only alluded to it once in his regular Saturday radio address right after the bombing. Visiting New Jersey shortly after the attack, he urged Americans not to "overreact."

After the 1993 bombing--the first attack by foreign terrorists on U.S. soil--Mr. Clinton never met privately with the head of the CIA for the ensuing two years! Because of this lack of presidential focus, the investigation proceeded so slowly that we did not know of Osama bin Laden's involvement until 1996. As a result, the U.S. turned down Sudan's offer to give us the terrorist mastermind on a silver platter because we said that we lacked evidence on which to hold him.

Even when the Saudis stonewalled our investigation of the Riyadh bombing and handicapped the FBI by beheading those it suspected of involvement without permitting their interrogation, Mr. Clinton never criticized the kingdom publicly or, in my presence, privately.

When advisers proposed an oil embargo against Iran, the president did nothing, despite evidence that the Riyadh bombers had Iranian backing. At the time, Iran's daily oil production of three million barrels could have been offset by an expected increase of 1.5 million barrels in world-wide production (which proved conservative). In addition, the Saudis repeatedly and publicly indicated their commitment to "price stability," signaling their willingness to increase production to help fill the shortfall and avoid a price runup.

Republicans deserve their share of the blame as well. After the Oklahoma City attack, President Clinton made an eminently sensible, if somewhat limited, set of recommendations to the GOP-dominated Congress. But, because the Oklahoma City terrorists were right-wing extremists, Republicans looked askance at reasonable ideas like permitting roving wiretaps on terror suspects--subsequently adopted when Mr. Bush proposed it--and attaching tagents to identify the origin of explosives.

The real question, however, is why Mr. Clinton was so tentative in the war on terror. Everything else seemed to come first. He wouldn't toughen immigration enforcement because he feared a backlash from his political base. He waived sanctions against companies doing business with Iran because he worried about European reaction. There was no effort to cut off the flow of money to terror fronts because Janet Reno raised civil libertarian concerns. (Mr. Clinton did freeze the Hamas assets, but since they didn't maintain accounts in their own name, it netted no money.)

Bill Clinton revealed himself as a man of the 20th century while Mr. Bush has understood that Sept. 11, 2001, marked the beginning of a new era. In Bill Clinton's epoch, terror was primarily a criminal justice problem which must not be allowed to get in the way of the "real" foreign-policy issues--relations with Russia and China and the dynamics of the Western alliance. Indeed, if Mr. Clinton had any personal stamp on foreign policy, it was the subordination of military and security issues to economic concerns.

Terrorists fit into the scheme about the same way drug traffickers did--they were deplored, to be sure, and, where possible without undue inconvenience or loss of life, even attacked. But they hardly occupied center stage in our foreign policy.

Now, we all know better.

Mr. Morris, a Fox News political commentator, was an adviser to President Clinton.


I think that history will view this much differently. They will say I made a bad personal mistake, I paid a serious price for it, but that I was right to stand and fight for my country and my constitution and its principles...

-----clinton, himself

...[bill clinton], a man who will be regarded in the history books as one of our greatest presidents.

-----Al Gore at clinton's post-impeachment rally



I suspect that, to spite us all,

Arthur Schlesinger will live to 120
just so he can write
the definitive clinton hagiography.

--------Mia T, Musings: Senatorial Courtesy Perverted


History Lesson
by Mia T
Someone--was it Maupassant?--
once called history "that excitable and lying old lady."
The same can be said of historians.
Surely it can be said of Doris Kearns Goodwin,
the archetypical pharisaical historian,
not-so-latently clintonoid,
(i.e., clinton is an unfit president;
therefore clinton must remain president),
intellectually dishonest,
(habitually doing what the Arthur Schlesingers of this world do:
making history into the proof of their theories).
The Forbids 400's argument is shamelessly spurious.
They get all unhinged over the impeachment of clinton,
claiming that it will
"leave the presidency permanently disfigured and diminished,
at the mercy as never before of the caprices of any Congress."
Yet they dismiss the real and present--and future!!--danger
to the presidency and the country
of not impeaching and removing
this admittedly unfit, (Goodwin)
"documentably dysfunctional," (The New York Times)
presidency-diminishing, (Goodwin)
psychopathic thug.
Doris Kearns Goodwin and those 400 other
retrograde-obsessing historiographers
are a supercilious, power-hungry,
egomaniacal lot in their own right.
For them, clinton validates
what Ogden Nash merely hypothesized:
Any buffoon can make history,
but only a great man can write it.

4 posted on 05/17/2002 7:55:19 PM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Thank you Mia! Another wonderful post! Our local radio newsguy actually mentioned Klintton knew about the bombings in 1999. Please lets get the word out and put that evil pair in jail (Hitlary & Bill).
5 posted on 05/17/2002 7:59:57 PM PDT by CARepubGal
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To: TomGuy
Q ERTY6 Humpty DUMMIES bump!

6 posted on 05/17/2002 8:01:09 PM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
7 posted on 05/17/2002 8:09:48 PM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: Mia T
"When the students are ready, Mia appears." BTW, you know the version of "Nighthawks" that has Elvis as the bartender and Marilyn and Bogart as customers - I like to picture X42 as the bartender, and Hill and Vince as the customers.
8 posted on 05/17/2002 8:28:37 PM PDT by 185JHP
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To: IVote2
9 posted on 05/17/2002 8:31:58 PM PDT by jaz.357
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To: Uncle Bill
10 posted on 05/17/2002 8:36:06 PM PDT by F.J. Mitchell
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To: all
 "The instant that second plane hit, I said to the person with whom I was speaking, 'Bin Laden did this.' I knew immediately. I know what this network can do."

bill clinton

Notwithstanding the above, or more precisely, because of it, hillary clinton, in a Senate speech yesterday, called on President Bush...and not her inept, depraved husband...or, for that matter, her inept, depraved "come before the American people at the earliest possible time to answer the questions so many New Yorkers and Americans are that...a 9/11 doesn't happen again."

No sign of intelligent life above.

The rapist virtually indicts himself as the proximate cause of 9/11...and his zipper-hoisted one-trick pony horse is too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the jig is up, that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age is not about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.

Mindless rhinestone-studded-and-tented kleptocracy
by Mia T
John Podhoretz recently asked, "Whence comes hillary clinton's reputation for brilliance?" For the answer, he intuitively, rather brilliantly in fact, looked to her anatomy and noted,"This isn't the first time she's shot herself in the foot."
The above anatomical analysis supports the Podhoretz thesis. Notwithstanding The Pod's erroneous conclusions concerning hillary clinton's heart and nerve, he basically has it right. Anatomy is destiny...
Ian Hunter recently observed that our leaders are shrinking. "From a Churchill (or, for that matter, a Margaret Thatcher) to a Tony Blair; from Eisenhower to Clinton; from Diefenbaker to Joe Clark; from Trudeau to Chretien -- we seem destined to be governed by pygmies."
The pols understand their anatomical limitations well; they attempt to mitigate them with veneer. And so we suffer mindless alpha-beta-beelzebubba grotesquerie. . .
and rhinestone-studded-and-tented kleptocracy.
With all the media genuflecting before the press-conference podium of bill clinton, it bears remarking yet again that the clinton intellect (an oxymoron even more jarring than AlGoreRhythm and meant to encompass the cognitive ability of both clintons) is remarkable only for its utter ordinariness, its lack of creative spark, its lack of analytic precision, its lack of depth.
The clintons' fundamental error: They are too arrogant and dim-witted to understand that the demagogic process in this fiberoptic age isn't about counting spun heads; it's about not discounting circumambient brains.
Politicos and reporters are not rocket scientists . . .
Professions tend to be self-selected, intellectually homogeneous subgroups of Homo sapiens. Great intellects (especially these days) do not generally gravitate towards careers in the media or politics. Mediocre, power-obsessed types with poor self-images do.
Thus, clinton mediocrity goes undetected primarily because of media mediocrity. ("Mediocrity" and "media" don't come from the same Latin root (medius) for no reason.) Insofar as the clintons are concerned, the media confuse form with substance, smoothness with coherence, data-spewing with ratiocination, pre-programmed recitation with real-time analysis, an idiosyncratic degeneracy with creativity.
Jimmy Breslin agrees. In Hillary Is the 'Me-First' Lady, Breslin laments:
"At the end of all these years and years that are being celebrated this week, the national press of America consists of people with dried minds and weak backbones and the pack of them can't utter a new phrase for the language or show the least bit of anger at a business or profession or trade or whatever this business is that is dying of mediocrity."
Listen carefully to the clintons. You will hear a shallow parody of the class president. Not only do they say nothing; they say nothing with superfluous ineloquence. Their speeches are sophomoric, shopworn, shallow, specious. Platitudinous pandering piled atop p.c. cliché
In seven years, they have, collectively, uttered not one memorable word save, "It was a vast right-wing conspiracy," "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky,"and, "It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."
Even the clintons' attempts at alliteration fall flat. Compare Agnew's (Safire's) "nattering nabobs of negativism" with clinton's "preachers of pessimism," an impotent, one-dimensional, plagiaristic echo (its apt self-descriptiveness notwithstanding).
Before they destroy their backs along with their reputations, media gentry genuflecting at the altar of the clinton brain should consider Edith Efron's, Can the President Think?
A wasted brain is a terrible thing.

hillary's head revisited:

hillary clinton's brain (such as it is) II
 by Mia T

The smartest woman in the world would relish "the raucous give and take of American democracy, " as Charles Kuralt once put it.

hillary clinton, by contrast, subsists on cozy clintonoid interviews of the Colmes kind...

In her new book, Political Fictions, Joan Didion indicts the fakery of access journalism practiced by vacant politicos like the clintons, whom she sees as "purveyors of fables of their own making, or worse, fables conceived by political strategists with designs on votes, not news."

(More Didion: "No one who ever passed through an American public high school could have watched William Jefferson Clinton running for office in 1992 and failed to recognize the familiar predatory sexuality of the provincial adolescent.")

11 posted on 05/17/2002 8:38:43 PM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
I'd like to add my two cents.

From what I understand, and what we were told by the media, not even all of the homicidal hijackers KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO CRASH THE PLANES INTO BUILDINGS, so how can anybody say Bush knew EXACTLY what they were going to do? Hello?!

Mrs Kus

12 posted on 05/17/2002 8:56:36 PM PDT by cgk
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To: Mia T
Hillary Compares Her Critics to Osama bin Laden
13 posted on 05/17/2002 8:56:39 PM PDT by Uncle Bill
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To: Mia T
"The instant that second plane hit, I said to the person with whom I was speaking, 'Bin Laden did this.' I knew immediately. I know what this network can do."

bill clinton


14 posted on 05/17/2002 8:57:34 PM PDT by FlyVet
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To: Mia T
Wish I read your post prior to sending my rather scathing letter to Senator Shoplifter. In the heat of the moment, I overlooked some facts you cited. The sheer hypocrisy that SHE is demanding answers from the current Administration, "on behalf of her constituents", is simply mind boggling. When all the facts are known, the only one wearing egg on her face will be this pandering Presidential wannabe whose purported talents never included the truth. What an embarrassment!
15 posted on 05/17/2002 10:36:38 PM PDT by StarFan
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To: Mia T
You obviously get better with age. ;^)

Great piece.


16 posted on 05/18/2002 5:05:45 AM PDT by M Kehoe
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To: Mia T
Mia T, I will cross-link to this:

Bush and Clinton and 911- some facts...

17 posted on 05/18/2002 5:16:14 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: StarFan
...this pandering Presidential wannabe whose purported talents never included the truth. What an embarrassment!




Analyzed and Annotated

by Mia T

January 22, 2002







Using internal polling, the clinton 'infrastructure' determined that its cozy-clintonoid-interviews-of-the-Colmes/King-kind-scheme is no longer working. The scheme, which successfully shepherded and shielded the vacuous, inept, corrupt clintons for nine years, is now, post-9/11, yielding diminishing returns--and worse--increasing ridicule.

Hence, we had the clinton 'infrastructure' interviewer recalculation last week that specified more interviewer gravitas...and less lapdog...but not more doggedness...that is to say...that specified Jeff Greenfield.

A miscalculation, as it turned out. Greenfield made up in contempt what he lacked in inexorability. Although he conducted the entire interview circumambulating on eggshells, Greenfield did eventually ask the hard-boiled questions...

ASIDE: The tough questioning was followed by Greenfield's sudden, post-interview departure from CNN, a development which can only further reinforce cozy-clintonoid-interviews-of-the-Colmes/King-kind 4th-estate malfeasance.


Greenfield's circuitous path to clinton depravity and failure necessitates a nonlinear analysis of the data; we will use a (nonlinear) least squares curve fitter. Proportional hazards political survival regression analysis will generate a political survival curve for hillary clinton, which will show her viability (so to speak) over time.

Political survival time is defined as the length of the interval between the initial political trial balloon and political moribundity. Political moribundity is defined as two consecutive political failures--(one in the case of 9/11), or three not-necessarily-consecutive boo-filled public appearances, or one instance of a serious proposal generating laughter.

ASIDE: Since by any of these standards, hillary clinton is already flatlined, the more interesting question for this analysis would be: "What the hell is this moribund loser doing in the political arena, anyway?"

Survival is influenced by one or more factors, called "predictors" or "covariates", which may be categorical (such as the quality of 'infrastructure') or continuous (such as intellect or eloquence or character).


  • clinton rigor mortis rendered any discussion of clinton moribundity moot.
  • Nonetheless, one of the more significant continuous predictors of political moribundity is clinton's tic-like insertion of "you know," a marker for ineloquence, vulgarity, ignorance, rube-meets-valley-girl demographics, low self-esteem, anxiety and insincerity.
  • clinton uttered "you know" 52 times. Greenfield eventually caught the bug and uttered six "you knows," himself. (There is a cautionary tale here for wannabe clintonoid lapdogs.)
  • Frequency of clinton "you knows" varied directly with intensity of Greenfield contempt and inversely with magnitude of Greenfield softballs.
  • clinton response is consistent with (my) hypothesis of Rubin complicity in a clinton coup. See "The Daschle Scheme".


GREENFIELD: Tonight, a conversation with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the nation and the world after September 11, on GREENFIELD AT LARGE.

THE COMPLETE ANNOTATED INTERVIEW (NB: a very long, you know, download because of the, you know, clinton criminal, you know, redundancy.)

18 posted on 05/18/2002 5:54:45 AM PDT by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Good morning & bttt!
19 posted on 05/18/2002 8:06:53 AM PDT by firewalk
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To: Mia T
You, without a doubt, have the best posts on FR. This is perfecto, especially throwing in Helen Thomas to cement the picture.
20 posted on 05/18/2002 9:53:54 AM PDT by Angelique
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