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‘Gay’ Child Molesters Caught on Tape
Barb Wire ^ | 7/15/2015 | Ryan Sorba

Posted on 07/15/2015 8:03:43 AM PDT by HomerBohn

Many do not adequately understand the issue of homosexuality.

Recently, I went undercover and asked individuals who identify as gay the following question:

“Do you believe being gay is strictly genetic?”

What I found was shocking. I learned that many attribute their own sexual orientation to molestation.

After finding out just how many gays claim they are gay because they were molested, I decided to change my script, in an attempt to try to figure out who was doing the molesting.

What I found was nothing less than horrific. I interviewed individuals at an average gay bar on an average night. I discovered that I was literally surrounded by child molesters and victims of molestation.

I also learned that old men aren’t the only ones doing the molesting.

Woefully, I learned that after being molested by an older man, many children and teens will teach their friends what they learned from the molester.

As you will see in this video I learned just how many teen child molesters there are and how many children are molesting other children, in their neighborhoods and at their schools.

The content of this video is explicit, but also necessary. Parents and teachers need to be warned. Not everyone who identifies as gay is a child molester, but many who do identify as gay were molested. Many of the children and teens will go on to teach other kids their own age and younger what they learned from the molester.

WARNING: Graphic content of a sexual nature.

(Watch video at link)

Parents be on guard. If you know a child or teenager who has developed same-sex attraction, let this footage be a warning to you. It is a red flag that the child has been molested, by an adult, a teenager, or another child.

In one scene in this video I ask a man, “what is the youngest guy you’ve hooked up with?”

He replied, “12!”

I then asked, “How old were you at the time?”

The man replied, “I’m not gonna tell you because then I’ll go to jail! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Another man I interviewed admitted to molesting 10 children before he was 12.

Yet another, admitted to molesting a boy and a girl across the street from his childhood home when he was 8 years old.

Numerous other men in this video admit that they were molested and that the pattern is, that man molest a child, then that child will go on to molest other children.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: chickenhawks; childrape; gaymarriage; homosexualagenda; itsaboutourkids; pedophile; pedophilia; stampoutlgbt
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h\Homosexuality and pedophilia are inextricably linked. Almost every homosexual had his first "experience" with an ADULT homosexual. This is a CRIME in all 50 states (or 57 states if you are Bathhouse Barry).
1 posted on 07/15/2015 8:03:44 AM PDT by HomerBohn
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To: HomerBohn


2 posted on 07/15/2015 8:05:39 AM PDT by RushIsMyTeddyBear (I'm fed up.)
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To: HomerBohn

I think so too but if you listen to the press only the married straight child molesters are around. There are a ton of Sandusky’s and Larry Craig’s running around. Both gay but married and straight.

3 posted on 07/15/2015 8:09:32 AM PDT by napscoordinator (Walker for President 2016. The only candidate with actual real RESULTS!!!!! The rest...talkers!)
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To: HomerBohn

How can anyone “believe” that the propensity to sodomy is genetic? Must be the same people who subscribe to the “consensus” theory of man-made climate change. I would think that it would have to be scientifically proven that the propensity to sodomy is genetic, it wouldn’t be something people can just “believe”, but then look at all the worshippers in the church of man-made climate change.

I don’t think that science ever wants to prove that a sodomite gene exists, because then people might base their choice to kill their unborn children on that factor.

We’re all born into sin, so in that sense, sodomites are “born that way”. But that doesn’t give serial murderers a pass to murder, not thieves a pass to steal (unless they’re politicians or a member of some official victim group).

4 posted on 07/15/2015 8:10:18 AM PDT by mrsmel (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: HomerBohn

I frequently post here on FR that over 80% of homosexuals were molested as children and am always challenged on the claim.

I have documented studies that place the number at 25% go 50%, but they are older studies that clearly undercount.

I have hardcover books that document the 80% figure.

Conducting large scale studies today would never be permitted, least the truth get out.

5 posted on 07/15/2015 8:11:15 AM PDT by G Larry (Obama Hates America, Israel, Capitalism, Freedom, and Christianity.)
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To: HomerBohn

For a long time I have suspected that the greatest percentage of gay men were victims of child molestation. The first sexual experience often sets the path eventually taken. As NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) says ‘in before 8 or it’s too late’. These molesters should be prosecuted but they are quickly ending up a protected for the meaning of the word ‘pedophile’ to be reinvented with much less scorn. Thanks SCOTUS...../s

6 posted on 07/15/2015 8:17:12 AM PDT by originalbuckeye ("In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell)
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To: G Larry

It’s the dirty, little secret in counseling and psychiatry.

7 posted on 07/15/2015 8:17:19 AM PDT by Eagles6 ( Valley Forge Redux. If not now, when? If not here, where? If not us then who?)
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To: HomerBohn

When I was growing up, and too young to understand much about sex, a good friend of mine tried to convince me to allow him to give me oral sex. I had no idea what he was talking about, so he explained...

“Jeff [the much older teenager up the road] takes me behind the couch and does it. It feels really good. Let me do it to you. You’ll like it.”

Needless to say, when I figured out what he was about, I declined and terminated the friendship. (Guess I’m a hateful bigot!) But I can say first-hand that here was one victim of molestation who was trying to pass on what he learned.

8 posted on 07/15/2015 8:18:29 AM PDT by bolobaby
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To: HomerBohn
This information can't be accurate. Gays are some of the kindest, most benevolent and longsuffering people on earth who would die to protect children, pets and flowers.

At least, that's what they say in the movies.

9 posted on 07/15/2015 8:22:25 AM PDT by LouAvul (Venal and evil people are destroying the world you live in.)
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To: HomerBohn

Wow. Posting this to one of my political discussion groups on Facebook. Lots of gay rights supporters in that group. Thanks for posting it here.

10 posted on 07/15/2015 8:23:30 AM PDT by FrdmLvr ("WE ARE ALL OSAMA, 0BAMA!" al-Qaeda terrorists who breached the American compound in Benghazi)
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To: napscoordinator
I always marveled at claims that there was no correlation between child molestation & homosexuality.

While I understand that a perverted straight male might be attracted to little girls, if you're a man and you're attracted to prepubescent boys, you're friggen gay.

11 posted on 07/15/2015 8:23:32 AM PDT by skeeter
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To: HomerBohn

So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel — let the reader understand...

~ Matt. 24:15

12 posted on 07/15/2015 8:24:19 AM PDT by Old Sarge (Its the Sixties all over again, but with crappy music...)
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To: HomerBohn

Reminds me of a second anecdote:

When I was 16, and working at the JC Penny outlet store as a sales clerk, I remember trying to reorganize some extremely cumbersome rugs by myself one day. A nice older gentleman stepped up and started helping me, which I thought was great. A day later, I received a phone call from the guy at the store, asking me if I wanted to hang out and have “drinks.”

FRiends - I was 16. Clearly, 16. Clearly not of drinking age. His intent was clear: ply me with alcohol and then... you know. I was horrified at how innocent his help seemed up to that point. I’m more horrified that - at that time - I couldn’t think of anything to do about it since he had called the store line and I thought I had no way of tracking him.

Who did he eventually lure into his den of sodomy?

13 posted on 07/15/2015 8:24:54 AM PDT by bolobaby
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To: bolobaby

(MAJOR SARCASM ALERT!) To augment the BSA's almost inevitable move to allow “gays” to occupy the position (and we're NOT talking here about an organizational “position” but a physical one) of Scoutmaster, they will be adding an entire range of new merit programs. Here is the first of the new opportunities for our kids to experience the “gay” lifestyle while earning points toward the soon to be announced new highest scout rank. Evil Scout will replace Eagle Scout.

The only thing sadder than this development is that this sort of crap no longer makes enough folks angry! “Whom God would destroy, he first makes mad.”


14 posted on 07/15/2015 8:25:17 AM PDT by Dick Bachert (This entire "administration" has been a series of Reischstag Fires. We know how that turned out!)
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To: HomerBohn

What I’ve noticed with women who declare themselves to be ‘lesbian’ is that there is a consistent pattern.... 1. They came from a broken home, 2. Their mothers ended up shacking up with some guy, 3. That guy ended up molesting them when they were a pre-teen or teenager, 4. They ended up hating men, 5. They end up in a relationship with another woman.

Are there are some declared ‘lesbians’ that don’t fit the pattern? Sure.... but I’ve had the occasion when in a discussion with a woman who had just informed me that she is a lesbian that I’ve followed up that assertion with a question of “so how old were you when you first molested?”....and got back a response with the age it happened.

15 posted on 07/15/2015 8:27:45 AM PDT by hecticskeptic (In life it's important to know what you believeÂ….but more more importantly, why you believe it.)
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To: HomerBohn

As I’ve said before, In my youthful hitchhiking days, I never met a homo who wasn’t preying on young boys and depraved. Luckily I jumped out of a few cars and ran in the woods to escape their perverted advances. Interestingly, most of them had wives and families and just did the homo stuff after dark!

16 posted on 07/15/2015 8:29:21 AM PDT by 2nd Amendment (Proud member of the 48% . . giver not a taker)
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To: HomerBohn

I fervently believe this. I had two former friends who both were molested when they were little (one almost too young to remember), and both “came out” years later (though, we all knew).

My stepson was molested when he was younger and has had inclinations, but thankfully a good therapist has really helped him out. He’s now engaged to be married (the REAL thing).

17 posted on 07/15/2015 8:29:30 AM PDT by Thorliveshere (Minnesota Survivor)
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To: FrdmLvr

Standby to be ‘UN-friended’.....................

18 posted on 07/15/2015 8:31:25 AM PDT by Red Badger (Man builds a ship in a bottle. God builds a universe in the palm of His hand.............)
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To: HomerBohn

I policed for a few years in a small city many years ago and responded to enough calls to realize it was on-going that homosexuals were hanging around outside bars trying to pick up drunks coming out.

Also they would hang around public restrooms, especially at high school games and other school night functions. It was always at night.

19 posted on 07/15/2015 8:48:04 AM PDT by elpadre (AfganistaMr Obama said the goal was to "disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-hereQaeda" and its allies.)
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To: mrsmel

When in my early twenties, I was told to beware of baby sitters that would sexually pervert children to quiet them.

I was shocked to hear this and did not know, if it was or is true. While using teen age sitters or even older women we simply do not know if our children are too young to tell us. A SERIOUS concern. INDEED!

God Bless America.

20 posted on 07/15/2015 8:52:54 AM PDT by geologist
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