2nd Amendment
Since Aug 7, 2000

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I am a middle-aged former gov't teacher that has a few ideas about life. A few can be summarized as follows:

1. America is the greatest country to have ever existed. Her free enterprise and freedoms have brought more blessings to the world than any other nation.
2. All of our rights come from a sovereign Creator and are channelled to the gov't via the people and the Constitution.
3. The modern Democratic party is predominantly socialistic with a good dose of moral deviancy thrown in.
4. We need two good political parties in the U.S. for the wishes of all the people to be represented. therefore a new one must emerge.
5. For the most part, Islam is a an evil religion that seeks to destroy Christianity and Judaism. It is our mortal enemy regardless of what the PC crowd says.
6. America should not cede any of her rights to any international organization.
7. Liberals and big gov't people wish to incrementally take away all of our firearms so then can manipulate us like sheep.
8.Although not perfect, President Bush is our last great hope against this sickening modern era of people who seek to live off of gov't.
9. Immigration laws should be strictly enforced. We should reenact the McCaren-Walter Acts and forbid entrance to lunatics, immoral, or heathen peoples.