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Why Jeb Bush is Likely to Win the Republican Nomination

Posted on 02/17/2015 7:52:22 AM PST by pinochet

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To: pinochet
I can't wait until 2024 when it will be these two going at it...

21 posted on 02/17/2015 8:01:59 AM PST by who_would_fardels_bear
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To: pinochet

With no votes cast, there is no clear front runner.

22 posted on 02/17/2015 8:02:10 AM PST by CityCenter (GO HAWKS!)
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To: pinochet

El heffe - John Ellis “Jeb” Bush

Get lost Johnny Bush!

23 posted on 02/17/2015 8:02:23 AM PST by Ray76 (Obama says, "Unlike my mum, Ruth has all the documents needed to prove who Mark's father was.")
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To: pinochet

If it’s Jeb.....count me out.!

24 posted on 02/17/2015 8:02:29 AM PST by unread
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To: pinochet

So the media says, so it shall be.

The death spiral uninterrupted.

25 posted on 02/17/2015 8:02:31 AM PST by ryan71 (Bibles, Beans and Bullets)
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To: pinochet

we will see about that...

The TEA party is fed up with this.

I think if the GOP forces him on us then Palin will run Independent and I will put 100% of my free time and extra cash into getting her elected

26 posted on 02/17/2015 8:02:58 AM PST by Mr. K (Palin/Cruz 2016 (for 16 years of conservative bliss))
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To: showme_the_Glory
"The media wants Jeb."

Sure they do. Makes their job easy.

Find/Replace ("George W."/"Jeb"). Done.

27 posted on 02/17/2015 8:03:33 AM PST by cincinnati65
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To: pinochet

The Cheap Labor Express has paid the GOP millions, if not billions for amnesty.
That’s why Bush is going to be the nominee.
They don’t care if they lose.
They just don’t want us to be able to elect a President who would enforce the laws and secure the border.

The Cheap Labor Express must keep running.

28 posted on 02/17/2015 8:03:35 AM PST by Lurkinanloomin (Know Islam, No Peace- No Islam, Know Peace)
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To: goodnesswins

what ever party wins then the Dems win if Bush get the nomination.

29 posted on 02/17/2015 8:03:41 AM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: who_would_fardels_bear

I’m assuming the only reason Chels hasn’t gotten into elected office is because she’s expecting to devote full time to campaign for Mom in 2016.

Hillary Clinton...America’s favorite grandmother!

30 posted on 02/17/2015 8:03:43 AM PST by nascarnation (Impeach, convict, deport)
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To: pinochet
31 posted on 02/17/2015 8:03:53 AM PST by Servant of the Cross (the Truth will set you free)
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To: ozarkgirl

I have voted in every election, even down to the locals , but if Bush is the nomination then I will stay at home for the first time in my life.

32 posted on 02/17/2015 8:04:19 AM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: pinochet

“RINO Republican Presidents have a good record of delivering excellent Supreme Court Justices.”

Like the great John Roberts. I don’t think so. RINO republicans
are just lying liberals.

33 posted on 02/17/2015 8:05:04 AM PST by Slambat
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To: pinochet

He is a former full-term Governator. Next.

34 posted on 02/17/2015 8:05:15 AM PST by Lisbon1940
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To: pinochet

2016 ain’t 1964. The Republican Party of that era had a MUCH larger presence in the northeast , and little in the south. Hey folks, there’s been a realignment.

Also, the fact that Jebbie’s last name is Bush makes all the difference.

Finally, I know of no bloc of Republican Catholics (including those with money) who want an establishment type who happens to be Catholic.

35 posted on 02/17/2015 8:05:31 AM PST by Dr. Sivana (There is no salvation in politics)
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To: Responsibility2nd

I can’t vote for him, I’m sick of a patriarchy or monarchy or whatever it is we’re developing in this Country. This is not England where you should have a few rich families running the government and that’s what will happen if it’s Bush vs. Clinton and the way they are such good friends, it really doesn’t matter which.

I can’t say the others you have listed are much to be happy about either but at least some of them aren’t running and even if they do, they won’t make it very far.

36 posted on 02/17/2015 8:05:41 AM PST by ozarkgirl
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To: pinochet

Funding is not everything. Too much history proves that. Jeb will be easy to beat in the primaries by any FIGHTING conservative candidate that will show Jeb for who and what he is. Not a conservative.

The primaries will tell all.

37 posted on 02/17/2015 8:06:01 AM PST by EagleUSA (Liberalism removes the significance of everything")
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To: pinochet

Tea Party & GOP Elite Walk Into A Bar. . .

Posted on | February 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

by Smitty

Tea Party: Worst. President. Ever. [to the Bartender] Sam Adams.

GOP Elite: Concur. Gotta continue the momentum of 2014. Must. Retake. White. House.

For me: a Cosmopolitan, please.

[Bartender shuffles off]

TP: Violent agreement. Which is why we should expand the tent and unite early behind an acceptable candidate. Can’t afford to repeat 2012, much less 2008.

Elite: Concur. Clearly you need someone fundraising ability to overcome the Democratic Party machine.

TP:Somebody whose record in office speaks for itself.

Elite: Somebody from a state that is key to victory.

TP: Somebody that has enough leadership chops to unite every voter with two brain cells and a pulse.

Elite: Somebody with enough name recognition to be an easy sell to the unwashed masses.

TP: I don’t know about that. Scott Walker has work to do getting his name circulated beyond the Midwest and Tea Party circles.

[Bartender returns with a pint and a martini glass. Tea Party starts lifting the beverage unceremoniously to lip.]

Elite: Your health, sir. Now, Scott who? I’m talking about John Ellis Bush.

TP: Wut?

[Spills beer down his chin.]

Elite: The Jebster. The Jebbage. The Jeb-o-rama.

TP: Well, sink my car and call me Ted! I thought you were serious about getting conservatives together next year, not foisting some equestrian squish on the base. Haven’t we had enough abuse?

Elite: Oh, just lay by your dish! You little Tea-Party-come-latelys think you can be all pizza, beer, and guns; jacking about Hazzard County, Georgia your whole lives; then swoop in and call some shots just because the country elected a no-talent rodeo clown in 2008.

Well, get stuffed: half the battle in politics is showing up. The other half is staying engaged. When you have the frogskins and the stamina not to get routed by the IRS like you were in 2010, your little “hostile takeover” attempt won’t look so rank and amateurish.

[Quaffs from his Cosmo.]

TP: Hey, thanks for nothing, big brother. You fat cats only pause from delivering the floggings long enough to throw out some patriotic posturings. Then demand we vote for whatever tool you pull out of the roll-away.

Elite: Seriously. I love your enthusiasm. But this is not 1773, you’re not George Washington, and running around as though Nothing Whatsoever Happened since 1787 is just silly. Stop it. Go to school. Do the homework. The Devil’s in the details and hates us both. We can no more reasonably implement your ‘magic wand’ solutions than Obama could manage rolling out a website.

TP: Well, botox my face and call me Nancy! Your response to Jezebel seems to be “get in bed with the wench”. Every time the base listens to you, we get some bogus farce of a candidate that couldn’t inspire a gambler to roll the dice in Vegas. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, and I might as well swear allegiance to Her Majesty, Hillary.

Elite: This is precisely why we need adults like Jeb in the room. You treat the Constitution as some magical Scroll of Integrity, and think “All we gotta do is just follow it, and all our ouchies go away”. It’s merely the first breadcrumb, as it sat in 1787. And now we’ve got 11 million people illegally present. What the focaccia are you going to do with them? Form them up and force-march them to Mexico? No lousy optics there! And to what effect? People don’t take you seriously because you’re about as grown up as the Wisconsin Teachers Union going after your boy Walker.

[TP puts down his beer with the glass half full.]

TP: Help me out here. The last time we did this drill was. . .the Reagan Administration? Do we, at some point, get to learn from our mistakes?

Elite: “We” have no corporate memory. It’s all in the heads of individuals, and has to be carefully curated and carried forward. Sort of the way the Tea Partiers failed to do these last decades. You lads haven’t got hair #1 where it matters, much less a teenage pizza-face yet. Now, calm down and pay your dues, or daddy spank.

TP: Well, bust my ribs and call me Harry! The Captain of the Titanic wants to give lessons in seamanship! Will that get folded into Common Core, my sweet statist?

Elite: And what are you going to do? Actually take local control of matters, and. . .drumroll. . .raise taxes to pay for education? Here’s the ground truth: you haven’t paid attention to how everything got turned upside down since the Great Society. The Fed prints the money, DC doles it out, and that’s how all of the services that you rely on, but don’t even consider, actually operate. And so now you and Grover Norquist want to cry “foul” and change everything. To what effect? So you can just go back to NASCAR until your inner child gets all pouty again?

TP: So, you’re saying “Trust me,” and then blaming me for trusting you?

[Finishes his drink.]

Elite: Let’s cut to the chase. If we put Walker on as VP, can we expect your support?

TP: If you want a re-run of 1992, I can guarantee the Inaugural’s going to resemble 1993.

[Sets down the empty beer glass, puts a $20 on the bar.]

Elite: Would the other way around look more like 1980, then?

TP: Look, if the John McCains, Mitt Romneys, and Jeb Bushes want to convince people they care for more than their own overstuffed egos, they need to support the Convention of States. This country is screaming for substantial reform and re-commitment to the fundamentals that make her exceptional. Just because despotic rule by an elite few happens to be the human historical norm is no reason for this country to follow down that path.

We’re like the Jews at the end of the Book of Judges, having entered a promised land, goofed up, and hit some tough sledding. The correct answer here is NOT “Hey, let’s elect a king!” And if you want to tell me that the only “conservative” capable of carrying the 2016 election has a name rhyming with “tush”, you can kiss mine. Not playing.

Elite: Speaking of human historical norm and Israel, you negotiate with all of the flexibility of somebody working the Palestinian question. Bravo.

TP: Well, you tell me how to negotiate with cancer, and I’ll give it a whirl.


38 posted on 02/17/2015 8:06:46 AM PST by 2ndDivisionVet (The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.)
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To: pinochet


I pay little attention to pundits — especially amateur pundits — this far out.

Still a lot of ground to cover between now and primary season.

39 posted on 02/17/2015 8:06:49 AM PST by Nervous Tick (There is no "allah" but satan, and mohammed was his demon-possessed tool.)
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To: Mr. K
I don't know about you, but my “extra cash” might buy a roll of postage stamps.

An independent or third party campaign needs money. Difficult to find when the big money goes to the handpicked candidate.

40 posted on 02/17/2015 8:07:12 AM PST by fatnotlazy
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