Since Mar 23, 2005

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I haven’t posted here for months and I’m sure no one misses me, but since Jim has ignored my request to close this account, I’m here one last time to say this:

This site has always been my go-to source for news and information, as well as a place to share opinions and ideas. Well, that has all changed. Now this forum is almost exclusively devoted to Trump worship with no dissenting voices allowed. I will not under any circumstances vote for Trump. He is a liar, fraud and bully. He has mental health issues. We can no longer have a civil discussion without acrimony, including name calling and accusations.

When a Freeper questioned my patriotism, that was the last straw. No one is a traitor for voting for the candidate he or she believes is the right choice. Because I will not vote for Trump, you have no right to question my patriotism, just as I have no right to question yours for voting for Trump. I realized I am no longer welcome here.

I feel a little sorry for you all. By purging or driving away dissenters, you have also lost a number of donors. I know the quarterly Freepathons seem to blend into one another now. It’s taking longer and longer to reach quarterly goals. I used to donate regularly, but since I’m no longer welcome here, you are on your own. Good luck keeping this site afloat with fewer donations. But if this site goes under, you will have only yourselves to blame.