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Busted: Dan Pfeiffer’s ‘Fact Check’ about Winston Churchill bust is 100% false
Twitchy ^ | July 27, 2012 | Twitchy Staff

Posted on 07/28/2012 8:53:29 AM PDT by epithermal

It turns out there were two Churchill busts in the White House. One is still there. The other — the one that used to be in the Oval Office, the one which Charles Krauthammer was referring to — has been returned to the British.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Government
O- We don't need no stinkin facts
1 posted on 07/28/2012 8:53:34 AM PDT by epithermal
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To: epithermal

So the symbolic presentation by England to the US after the 9/11 disaster was summarily returned to England by Obama with no explanation. Obama really is a sh!tass, as my dear departed Auntie would say.

2 posted on 07/28/2012 9:06:26 AM PDT by Gaffer
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To: epithermal

Thanks for checking up on this. When do we plan to get rid of the other one?

3 posted on 07/28/2012 9:06:57 AM PDT by BaBaStooey ("Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light." Ephesians 5:14)
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To: epithermal
On the other thread on this subject, my post is as follows:

Putting a focus on anything "Churchill" at this point in his campaign is curious, to say the least! One would think no Democrat would want to call attention to Churchill's outspoken advocacy for free enterprise and condemnation of redistribution and government planning and control of an economy.

Perhaps a Churchill "bust," along with one of the following quotations would help to focus the Romney campaign, for most would recognize that much of what is happening in America today is described within these words:

"When I see the present Socialist Government denouncing capitalism in all its forms, mocking with derision and contempt the tremendous free enterprise capitalist system on which the mighty production of the United States is founded, I cannot help feeling that as a nation we are not acting honorably or even honestly." - Winston Churchill, Woodford Green, July 10, 1948.

"We shall not allow the advance of society and economic well-being of the nation to be regulated and curtailed by the pace of the weakest bretheren among us. Proper incentives must be offered and full freedom given to the strong to use their strength in the commonweal. Initiative, enterprise, thrift, domestic foresight, contrivance, good housekeeping and natural ability must reap their just reward. On any other plan the population of this island will sink by disastrous and agonizing stages to a far lower standard of life and two-thirds of its present numbers." - Winston Churchill, speech, Blenheim Palace, August 4, 1947.

"The difference between what is seen and what is not seen was often noticed by the old economists. What is not seen is the infinite variety of individual transactions and decisions which, in a civilized society, within the framework of just and well-known laws, insure the advantage not only of the individual concerned, but of the community, and provide that general body of well-being constituting the wealth of nations. All this is blotted out by an over-riding State control, however imposing some of its manifestations may be. It is the vital creative impulse that that I deeply fear the doctrines and policy of the socialist Government have destroyed, or are rapidly destroying, in our national life. Nothing that they can plan and order and rush around enforcing will take its place. They have broken the mainspring, and until we get a new one the watch will not go." - Winston Churchill, speech, House of Commons, October 28, 1947.

"It is in the interest of the wage-earner to have many other alternatives open to him than service under one all-powerful employer called the State. He will be in a better position to bargain collectively and production will be more abundant; there will be more for all and more freedom for all when the wage earner is able, in the large majority of cases, to choose and change his work, and deal with a private employer who, like himself, is subject to the ordinary pressures of life and, like himself, is dependent upon his personal thrift, ingenuity and good-housekeeping." - Winston Churchill, speech, Blackpool, October 5, 1946

"Liberalism (classical liberalism) has its own history and its own tradition. Socialism has its own formulas and aims. Socialism seeks to pull down wealth; Liberalism seeks to raise up poverty. Socialism would destroy private interests; Liberalism would preserve private interests in the only way in which they can be safely and justly preserved, namely, by reconciling them with public right. Socialism would kill enterprise; Liberalism would rescue enterprise from the trammels of privilege and preference. Socialism assails the pre-eminence of the individual; Liberalism seeks, and shall seek more in the future, to build up a minimum standard for the mass. Socialism exalts the rule; Liberalism exalts the man. Socialism attacks capital; Liberalism attacks monopoly." - Winston Churchill, Kinnaird Hall, Dundee, May 14, 1908.

"The British nation now has to make one of the most momentous choices in its history. That choice is between two ways of life: between individual liberty and State domination: between concentration of ownership in the hands of the State and the extension of a property-owning democracy; between a policy of increasing restraint and a policy of liberating energy and ingenuity: between a policy of levelling down and a policy of finding opportunities for all to rise upwards from a basic standard." - Winston Churchill, speech in Woodford, England, January 28, 1950.

"It is curious that, while in the days of my youth I was much reproached with inconsistency and being changeable, I am now scolded for adhering to the same views I had early in life and even of repeating passages from speeches which I made long before most of you were born. Of course the world moves on and we dwell in a constantly changing climate of opinion. But the broad principles and truths of wise and sane political actions do not necessarily alter with the changing moods of a democratic electorate. Not everything changes. Two and two still make four, and I could give you many other instances which go to prove that all wisdom is not new wisdom." - Winston Churchill, speech, Bele vue, Manchester, December 6, 1947.

"It is not Parliament that should rule; it is the people who should rule through Parliament." - Winston Churchill, speech, House of Commons. November 11, 1947.

"We have to combat the wolf of socialism, and we shall be able to do it far more effectively as a pack of hounds than as a flock of sheep." - Winston Churchill, speech, 1937.

:Athough it is now put forward in the main by people who have a good grounding in the Liberalism and Radicalism of the early part of this century, there can be no doubt that Socialism is inseparably interwoven with Totalitarianism and the abject worship of the State. It is not alone that property, in all its forms, is struck at, but that liberty, in all its forms, is challenged by the fundamental conceptions of Socialism." - Winston Churchill, B.B.C radio address, June 4, 1945.

"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent vice of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." - Winston Churchill, House of Commons, October 22, 1945.

"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy." - Winston Churchill, Perth, May 28, 1948.

"I do not wonder that British youth is in revolt against the morbid doctrine that nothing matters but the equal sharing of miseries: that what used to be called the submerged tenth can only be rescued by bringing the other nine-tenths down to their level; against the folly that it is better that everyone should have half rations rather than that any by their exertions, or ability, should earn a second helping." - Winston Churchill, London, June 22, 1948.

"Socialism is based on the idea of an all-powerful State which owns everything, which plans everything, which distributes everything, and thus through its politicians and officials decides the daily life of the individual citizen." - Winston Churchill, London, January 21, 1950.

"The British and Americans do not war with races or governments as such. Tyranny, external or internal, is our foe whatever trappings and disguises it wears, whatever language it speaks, or perverts." - Winston Churchill, Speech, Dorchester Hotel, London, July 4, 1953.

"You may try to destroy wealth, and find that all you have done is to increase poverty." - Winston Churchill, speech, House of Commons. March 12, 1947.

"Nor should it be supposed as you would imagine, to read some of the Left-wing newspaper, that all Americans are multi-millionaires of Wall Street. If they were all multi-millionaires that would be no reason for condemning a system which has produced such material results.: - Winston Churchill, speech, Royal Albert Hall, London. April 21, 1948.

"Rich men, although valuable to the revenue, are not vital to a healthy state of society, but a society in which rich men are got rid of, from motives of jealousy, is not a healthy state." - Winston Churchill, speech, House of Commons, April 24, 1950.

4 posted on 07/28/2012 9:10:40 AM PDT by loveliberty2
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To: epithermal
Dan Pfeiffer YOU LIED !


5 posted on 07/28/2012 9:15:17 AM PDT by TYVets ( ..... ethanol free gasoline by state and city)
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To: epithermal

Follow the events. Romney goes to Great Britain. Obama has alread shit in that nest so he needs to come up with an explaination of what is inexplicable as to why he sent Churchill’s bust back to England. So Obama ordered Pluffe to confabulate this lie just to confuse and give his following a lie which they know is a lie, and a lie which they are happy to repeat....’We did not return the bust of Churchill.” They are off and running. But the most important part of this sordid story is that OBAMA had to sign off on this lie he put out to the American public. He is liar. Pluffe would not have gone of of the reservation on his own accord. OBAMA gave the green light.

6 posted on 07/28/2012 9:22:36 AM PDT by Texas Songwriter (Ia)
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To: loveliberty2
One would think no Democrat would want to call attention to Churchill's outspoken advocacy for free enterprise and condemnation of redistribution and government planning and control of an economy.

I think Obama and the dims are more interested in Churchill's directive to his war cabinet:

1. Destroy the means of production and distribution of petroleum starting with the refineries.

2. Destroy the means of production and distribution of electricity starting with coal mining.

3. Destroy manufacturing capacity starting with ball bearing factories.

seems to me that is what Obama is doing to the USA.

7 posted on 07/28/2012 9:41:42 AM PDT by spokeshave (The only people better off today than 4 years ago are the Prisoners at Guantanamo.)
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To: BaBaStooey

We’ll get the returned one back on Nov 7th, when we get rid of the Racist/Marxist/muzzie-In-Chief&CriminalRegime.

8 posted on 07/28/2012 9:43:04 AM PDT by Carriage Hill (All libs and most dems think that life is just a sponge bath, with a happy ending.)
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To: All

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9 posted on 07/28/2012 9:46:39 AM PDT by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: epithermal

Pretty trivial matter, in my opinion.
Presidents get to decorate the White House how they wish, yes at great cost.

And who would want TWO of the same piece of art, anyway?

10 posted on 07/28/2012 9:46:59 AM PDT by JaxLaxDad
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To: Gaffer

It wasn’t his to give back and I don’t see how he got away with belonged to the White House and if he didn’t want it should have been stored with probably hundreds of white house gifts....the spineless republicans said nothing...they are as useless as a sore ass as my dad use to say...

11 posted on 07/28/2012 9:49:54 AM PDT by goat granny
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To: epithermal

12 posted on 07/28/2012 9:51:35 AM PDT by Fresh Wind ('People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook.' Richard M. Nixon)
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To: epithermal; Allegra; big'ol_freeper; Lil'freeper; TrueKnightGalahad; blackie; Larry Lucido; ...
Re: Dan Pfeiffer’s ‘Fact Check’ about Winston Churchill bust is 100% false

I may have a slight hitch in my giddy up, but if it is "100%" false... then I consider that as reliable as a bullfrog in a jumping contest with a hobbled mule.

Dan, get that pencil our of you ear... before you puncture your brain and let all the hot air out!

13 posted on 07/28/2012 10:43:25 AM PDT by Bender2 ("I've got a twisted sense of humor, and everything amuses me." RAH Beyond this Horizon)
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To: epithermal
the boy sucks azz...
14 posted on 07/28/2012 11:35:49 AM PDT by Chode (American Hedonist - *DTOM* -ww- NO Pity for the LAZY)
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To: Bender2
I may have a slight hitch in my giddy up

When Tennessee Earnie Ford used that expression on I Love Lucy, it was "a little hitch in your get-along."

15 posted on 07/28/2012 11:41:33 AM PDT by Steely Tom (If the Constitution can be a living document, I guess a corporation can be a person.)
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To: Steely Tom
Re: "a little hitch in your get-along."

Why you little pea-picker... are you quoting me on Free Republic?

16 posted on 07/28/2012 12:52:59 PM PDT by Bender2 ("I've got a twisted sense of humor, and everything amuses me." RAH Beyond this Horizon)
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To: epithermal

More evidence:

Link to 2009 article in The Telegraph saying the bust that was in the Oval Office was returned to British officials:

17 posted on 07/28/2012 1:12:36 PM PDT by Tired of Taxes
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To: epithermal

Not sure that I buy the ‘two bust’ claim either.

This is the first time this defense was raised.

Why would Bush need to borrow one if there was already a bust?

They are still lying to us.

18 posted on 07/28/2012 2:51:04 PM PDT by Pikachu_Dad (Impeach Sen Quinn)
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