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Frank discussion re our loss to Obama/Romney and the future direction of FR and tea party movement
Click here to pledge your support! ^ | May 4, 2012 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 05/04/2012 6:31:27 AM PDT by Jim Robinson

My FRiends, we might as well face the reality that we the combined pro-life conservative movement and tea party coalition have lost this round (the presidential election) in the larger battle to reclaim our constitution and our inalienable rights. Rove, Romney and the GOP-e have successfully destroyed and driven off each and every pro-life conservative tea party candidate from the race and all have surrendered to the Romney camp. It is no secret that Romney is not one of us. There is absolutely no doubt that he has never accomplished a single conservative thing in his entire political career (one term as liberal governor of liberal Massachusetts and six years campaigning for president). In Massachusetts, he undeniably championed abortion, gay rights, global warming, gun control, big government statist mandated/socialized health care programs, liberal judges, TARP, bailouts, stimulus spending, debt limit increases, etc, and even though he's recently claimed a complete reversal in political beliefs and no longer despises pro-life conservatives or the time of Reagan-Bush, I still don't trust him. He still stubbornly holds on to some of his statist beliefs, like global warming, gays in the military, RomneyCare, stimulus spending, etc, so there is no way I can vote for him or join Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Newt or any others who are endorsing him. But I will not act on my prior promises that I would actively campaign against him if he wins the nomination. Our combined movement is already torn and splintered and is going to have to be mended if we're going to have any impact whatsoever against the liberal/progressives and statists after the election. To that end I propose a TRUCE among our conservative forces during the remainder of this election cycle.

We conservatives have already lost the presidency to either the Dems or the GOP-e, and if we tear the tea party apart, if we tear the pro-life movement apart, if we tear FR apart then we lose it all. It's far more important that we re-unite and live to fight another day. Even if we can't vote for a true conservative for the presidency, it's doubly important that we all turn out on election day or sooner and drag our friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc, to the polls to vote straight conservative for every slot on our ballots. The only way we can win our freedom back is to vote out the liberal progressives and vote in as many liberty loving conservatives as is humanly possible into every elected office at every level of government all across this great land. To prevent a total loss to the dems or GOP-e, we must continue the tea party rebellion into November and beyond. Whatever else you may do, you must turn out and vote straight tea party conservative down ticket!!

We must continue expanding our inroads into the state houses and into every elective office in the land. We must continue building on our majority in the house and we must retake the senate!! We must help the conservative governors and state legislatures to fully restore the ninth and tenth amendments and reclaim the real political power away from the federal usurpers and return it to the states and the people per the constitution!! This way, regardless of who wins the presidency, we can cut his unconstitutional expansionist movements off at the knees. And if any executive, civil officer or judge dares commit impeachable offenses, we must hold the majorities so we can impeach and remove them from office!!

And we must salvage and rebuild and continue strengthening our conservative pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-borders, pro-constitution, pro-small government, pro-defense, pro-liberty movements and our tea party coalition. And we must stop ripping each other apart!!

Therefore I hereby propose a general truce among our conservative forces!!

The Republic we save may be our own!!

As far as FR's finances go, we're in the same boat as the rest of the economy and will have to make do with what we can raise. Fortunately, the big debts we ran up a couple years ago have been paid off. We borrowed approx $20,000 a few years ago from two FReepers to fund our national convention, plus we ran up another $20,000 in legal fees during the last couple of years fighting off Righthaven. But those are now behind us and paid off. We also did quite a bit of traveling each year for the last three years on cross country tea party tours, but I think we can now cut that back and remove it from our budget requirements. If we're fortunate enough to not incur any additional legal costs or equipment costs (other than what we've already planned), and cut the travel and a few other areas, we should be able to tighten our belts enough to weather the storm even if we fail to reach our short term fundraising goals.

Whatever the outcome of the elections, we are prepared to roar into 2013 with the tea party chewing up liberal/progressives and RINOs and raising hell in our never ending fight for liberty!!

We are the resistance!!

Let's take the enemy head-on instead of fighting each other!!

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!!

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To: Charles Henrickson
The alternative is Obama, and I know what to expect from Obama. With Romney, there is at least a chance--especially with a Congress much more conservative than the Massachusetts legislature--that he will govern in a significantly more conservative direction.

I see three problems with that asssessment. First, in 2008, Romney supporters on FR said Mitt had no choice but to sign Romneycare given the Dems had a veto-proof majority. Yet Romney to this day extolls the wonders of Romneycare, so that claim has not been borne out by Mitt himself. Mitt LIKES his brand of socialism.

And second, the RINOs have a tendency to simply ally themselves with Dems when conservatives won't go along with the worst socialistic excesses, and I see that happening with Romney.

And third, Mitt supported TARP, possibly the worst excess of the Bush Admin. So he's already on the wrong side on that key issue alone.

It is not an easy decision at all, and the history of both Romney and the GOP-E gives conservatives good reason to contemplate long and hard the potential negative consequences of a Romeny presidency.

81 posted on 05/04/2012 7:08:55 AM PDT by dirtboy
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To: Jim Robinson

Smart thinking.

82 posted on 05/04/2012 7:10:03 AM PDT by WashingtonSource
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To: Jim Robinson
Well said and much needed.

But we must recognize that we are right back where we were four years ago post McCain and pre Palin.

FR can't be "The Tea Party" but this would be the right time to open, and broadcast, a discussion on what the tea party movement did right, did wrong, and needs to change.

Otherwise 2016 could be truly dismal.

83 posted on 05/04/2012 7:10:13 AM PDT by norton
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To: Spirochete

No. I’m not going to support Romney or campaign for him or vote for him or endorse him, I’m just not going to let him destroy FR or the tea party!! We live to fight another day. And that day commences today by supporting every CONSERVATIVE on our ballots.

Unfortunately, we conservatives have already lost this part of the battle (the presidency) and I’m simply recognizing that reality.

84 posted on 05/04/2012 7:11:05 AM PDT by Jim Robinson (Rebellion is on!!)
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To: Phlap

I’m voting down ticket.

85 posted on 05/04/2012 7:12:47 AM PDT by Jim Robinson (Rebellion is on!!)
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No chance of a brokered convention, or a Palin bid, as things now stand.

86 posted on 05/04/2012 7:13:17 AM PDT by PghBaldy
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To: kevcol

I’m still not EVER voting for that piece of Robama...
I am still going to write in Palin (if the convention doesn’t go through).

87 posted on 05/04/2012 7:13:52 AM PDT by Bikkuri
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To: APatientMan
I won’t vote straight R but I will vote straight Conservative.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Sadly, in America in 2012, the words "conservative" and "Republican" can be mutally exclusive.

I plan on scrutinizing closely my downticket Republican candidates.

88 posted on 05/04/2012 7:14:01 AM PDT by Flycatcher (God speaks to us, through the supernal lightness of birds, in a special type of poetry.)
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To: Jim Robinson


89 posted on 05/04/2012 7:14:10 AM PDT by deweyfrank
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To: Jim Robinson
Thank you for your wonderful message.

You remind me of a certain United States Senator (circa 1820), who despite massive criticism from his political adversaries of the time and modern activist historians who would misrepresent his correct interpretation of our founding laws, waged a lengthy political battle for Constitutional law, protection of individual rights, and the God given rights and liberties that so many have defended since the founding.

Well spoken, Sir.

90 posted on 05/04/2012 7:14:13 AM PDT by PeaRidge
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To: Jim Robinson

Vote for Goode over Evil!

91 posted on 05/04/2012 7:15:40 AM PDT by central_va ( I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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I only use debit as well. Just click on any donation link. It works for debit or credit. Thanks!

92 posted on 05/04/2012 7:16:23 AM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: Jim Robinson

I put my faith in the Lord that Romney is our nominee for a reason.......just as Obama was elected as part of His plan.

Ours is not to question, but to continue to strive for perfection.

93 posted on 05/04/2012 7:16:28 AM PDT by Erik Latranyi (When religions have to beg the gov't for a waiver, we are already under socialism.)
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To: Jim Robinson

Dunkirk - Normandy. Valley Forge - Yorktown. Many battles in between, but the Good Guys never gave up.

94 posted on 05/04/2012 7:17:16 AM PDT by bboop (Without justice, what else is the State but a great band of robbers? St. Augustine)
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To: Jim Robinson

I firmly believe that if Obama is reelected(which I believe he will), conservative websites will be targeted for shut down with extreme prejudice.

I believe we should prepare for life after FR.

This is not a slam on Mr Robinson’s fantastic website which many of us try to monetarily support, but the ruthlessness of the left which will most surely bare it’s fangs if/when Obama is reelected.

It might be a good time to start thinking outside the box on how conservatives can stay in contact while continuing the fight.

Very Dark clouds on the horizon..

95 posted on 05/04/2012 7:17:40 AM PDT by Le Chien Rouge
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To: Last Dakotan

“The only way to affect a process is to engage in the process.”

Well, this is an ironic comment given your handle and the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

96 posted on 05/04/2012 7:17:41 AM PDT by headsonpikes (Mass murder and cannibalism are the twin sacraments of socialism - "Who-whom?"-Lenin)
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To: jimfree

I’m not about to call you a casual Freeper——I’ve only been here posting a few months, LOL!

I said Jim’s post is wise because of his effort to make peace here. We all have to make our own decisions about voting for Romney. Many will do it to get Obama out-—I understand that completely. Dear Lord, how badly I want him out. Some will just be unable to vote for Romney due to religious reasons, or on the basis of principle, and will vote downticket for conservatives. I happen to fall in the latter group. But we knew this would happen if Romney got the nomination.

97 posted on 05/04/2012 7:17:49 AM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Time for a write-in campaign...Darryl Dixon for President)
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To: Jim Robinson

I’m with you. Support conservatives particularly on the local levels. We just had two conservatives in our township run against the rebublican establishment and get in as party committeemen. That is how you keep it going. It is not the issue to get in a fight with Romneybots but to defeat socialism on every level. First we defeat Obama and then Romney. We are winng at the local and State levels. Do not give up on this.

98 posted on 05/04/2012 7:17:54 AM PDT by bt-99 ("Get off my Lawn")
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Donate here!

FReepers who believe in and support our pro-life, pro-family, pro-limited government conservative causes, enjoy reading and participating on FR, think it’s a worthwhile endeavor and would like to help us keep it going.
Please click the link.
The Republic you save may be your own.

99 posted on 05/04/2012 7:17:54 AM PDT by RedMDer (
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To: Jim Robinson

Still no vote for Romney here, Jim. I’m accountable to God for my vote and I can’t vote for an abortionist (or any of the other affronts to Christianity we all know Romney supports). I also can’t support the fiscal liberal that Romney is.

However, it’s good that we at least attempt to get along. The name-calling needs to stop. I will vote for the best conservative I can find, at every spot on my ballot. To me, that’s what FR is all about — to advance the conservative movement.

There are great people on this website whom I respect quite a bit. I’m going to differ with them from time to time but adults can do that and still get along. It’s the petty name-callers who need to be on notice.

100 posted on 05/04/2012 7:18:10 AM PDT by Colonel_Flagg (Obama vs. Romney: Zero x Zero = Zero.)
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