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Wrong on Wright: Which Obama is Lying?
Townhall ^ | March 17, 2008 | Michael Medved

Posted on 03/17/2008 3:59:56 PM PDT by ricks_place

In the Jeremiah Wright affair, Barack Obama is most certainly lying about something.

He now insists that he is “shocked, shocked” (in the style of Claude Raines in “Casablanca”) to hear that anti-Americanism had anything at all to do with Wright’s ministry.

He has also claimed to be a “devout Christian” who attends church every week and is deeply involved in the life of Wright’s congregation (where he’s been a member for twenty years).

It’s simply not possible that he could be an active member in the church without hearing something about sermons in which the pastor blamed 9/11 on America’s past sins, or called down curses repeatedly (“God D---n America!”) on his own nation. I’ve been involved in synagogue life for more than thirty years, in three different congregations in two different communities. If any of the rabbis who served those congregations ever delivered sermons that were even vaguely controversial, I would have heard about it without question (even on those occasions where I wasn’t present to hear the talk myself). Given the number and intensity of wildly offensive Wright sermons, it’s ridiculous to argue that the first Obama learned of the anti-American bent of his self-described “mentor” was last week in news reports.

And if we assume for the sake of argument that it’s true that he had no idea how Wright really felt about crucial questions like the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, then how can we accept Obama’s insistence on his devout faithfulness and active church membership.

Hey, Barack—it’s either one or the other: either you were lying when you talked about your deep, soul-changing involvement in Trinity United Church of Christ, or else you’re lying when you say you never had any idea (until last week) about the crazy and offensive and sickening contents of the pastor’s diatribes from the pulpit.

My guess is that Obama is actually telling the truth about his deep involvement in the church, but lying (very badly) about knowing nothing about its pastor’s excesses.

The idea that he didn’t realize until a few days ago that mainstream America would view Wright’s remarks (which even Barack himself now describes as “appalling”) as explosive and unacceptable is a troubling indication of Obama’s enclosure in a politically correct bubble, and his profound estrangement from the faith and patriotism commitments of ordinary Americans.

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Where did the Reverend Wright and Trinity UCC get the money to build the church organization and fund all the many ministries?

What involvement did Community Organizer Barack Hussein Obama have in enriching this pseudo church and who is the source of the money?

There a shady money trail between Obama, Wright, and Trinity UCC.

1 posted on 03/17/2008 3:59:58 PM PDT by ricks_place
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To: ricks_place

I’d like to see how much money Oprah and her organizations have given to this “Church.”

2 posted on 03/17/2008 4:04:04 PM PDT by goodnesswins (Being Challenged Builds Character; Being Coddled Destroys Character)
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To: ricks_place

I guess michelle really thinks Americans are mean now. How could anyone beat up on and show videotapes of her beloved pastor and his racist screed?

3 posted on 03/17/2008 4:04:10 PM PDT by freeangel ( (free speech is only good until someone else doesn't like what you say))
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To: ricks_place
Naw. They are all fine Americans.


God Damm America

4 posted on 03/17/2008 4:05:01 PM PDT by bjs1779
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To: ricks_place
He has also claimed to be a “devout Christian” who attends church every week and is deeply involved in the life of Wright’s congregation (where he’s been a member for twenty years).

Devout Christian, eh?
Obama: Man of the World
Published: March 6, 2007

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to
prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that
seemed delightfully uncalculated [...], Mr. Obama described the
call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at


Send treats to the troops...
Great because you did it!

5 posted on 03/17/2008 4:05:19 PM PDT by JCG
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To: ricks_place
Re: Which Obama is Lying?

Does it matter? He's... a Democrat and the MSM will cover for him no matter what!

6 posted on 03/17/2008 4:05:49 PM PDT by Bender2 ("I've got a twisted sense of humor, and everything amuses me." RAH Beyond this Horizon)
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To: ricks_place

Rush nailed it this morning.

Obama blew it handling this.

He totally could have defused it by simply saying he knew about it, it was wrong, but he wanted to be an agent of change and get rid of this kind of thing in his church in time by being the uniter he claims to be, staying in the church to change it, etc etc, and teaching how to let go of this kind of bitter hate. Blah blah blah.

He blew it. Likely because he believes it too and has been outed for the most part now, no matter what he says.

7 posted on 03/17/2008 4:06:16 PM PDT by Names Ash Housewares
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To: ricks_place
“Which Obama is Lying?”

All of them and more including the ever loving, patriotic and lovely, warm and friendly Michelle my bell.

I wonder if she's had her raisins today?

8 posted on 03/17/2008 4:13:15 PM PDT by garyhope (It's World War IV, right here, right now, courtesy of Islam.)
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To: ricks_place

He is so not telling the truth. He’s supposed to be such an active member of his church (if you can call that a church), but just happened not to be there on those particular days. Puh-leeeze. Too convenient. It’s like saying “the dog ate it.” I’ll bet it could be proved that he was sitting in the congregation at least one of the days the tapes were made — and probably he was there at all of them.

9 posted on 03/17/2008 4:13:18 PM PDT by MayflowerMadam
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To: ricks_place

If Osamabama was lying about being a devoted member of the “church,” then he’s off the hook completely.

So there’s his out. He can say that he had no idea what Pastor Wright was preaching because he never really attended and he was just using the church as a sort of political prop.

I don’t think it will fly, but it’s about his only conceivable way out of the mess he finds himself in.

10 posted on 03/17/2008 4:16:10 PM PDT by RussP
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To: ricks_place
This guys goose is cooked. He can back pedal all he wants tomorrow with his speech on race.

The reality is he and his wife are racial bigots. They hate America and they hate non-blacks. He is not Christan and the more exposed his church and its become the more likely people will turn against him and his campaign.

He has presented a bipolar reality of who he is in the past two years when compared with the last twenty. One does not attend such a racially bigoted church for the extended period of time that he did unless you agree with the message. Hussein is nothing more than his pastor is, a black separatist in the mold of the radical black panthers of the 1960's. America needs a candidate who does not hate his country or the mix of people that make it up. For hussein, the bloom is off the rose, the gig is over....

11 posted on 03/17/2008 4:34:02 PM PDT by The Forgotten Man (He works, he votes, generally he prays--but he always pays....)
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To: ricks_place

The senator’s insistence that he was unaware of Wright’s bizarre views until just recently has been scoffed at by a spokeswoman for Senator Hillary’s campaign. “He says he’s a regular church-goer,” said Naomi Harridan, co-chair of Clinton’s Pennsylvania campaign. “He’s been listening to this crap for 20 years. He can’t not have known.”

Obama challenged Harridan’s contention by asserting that “like many of my fellow parishioners and, I dare say, many church-goers across America, I’ve slept through the vast majority of the sermons.”


12 posted on 03/17/2008 4:49:13 PM PDT by John Semmens
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To: ricks_place
I really don't think it matters now weather Obama was in the church during the controversial sermons or not. What is important, is because of this, Americans who new nothing about him other than he gives a good speech, now knows he is a 20 year member of a Afrocentric Church - where they teach Jesus was a black man as well as his whole line all the way back to Abraham who came from Africa.

Is America ready for a Black President? Yes, I think we are. Colon Powell, would of had a pretty strong chance. But is America ready for a Black President who believes Jesus, and his parents Mary and Joseph were Black? Not a chance. Point I'm making is, there is more to this story than just a pastor - its about the race-obbessed Afrocentric church he was a member of, and tithed $20,000 a year to.

13 posted on 03/17/2008 6:04:58 PM PDT by NavyCanDo
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To: John Semmens
The Iranian government issued a plea to American voters urging them not to elect Senator McCain president. The communiqué called McCain “an enemy of Islam” and warned that his election would “impede your country’s peaceful transition to the Muslim faith.”


One more of these and even I'll pull the lever for McLame.

14 posted on 03/17/2008 6:34:48 PM PDT by WarEagle (Can America survive a President named Hussein?)
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To: ricks_place

Not only is he lying about not knowing about this, I assume he agrees with it. I am sure his wife does as well, hence her “first time I have been proud of my country” comment goes right along with this anti American view.

15 posted on 03/17/2008 6:39:37 PM PDT by ladyinred
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To: goodnesswins
“But....but....It's OPRAH’s Church!” LOL!!! Poor Obambi. “I was asleep!” HA!
16 posted on 03/17/2008 6:58:06 PM PDT by allmendream ("A Lyger is pretty much my favorite animal."NapoleonD)
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To: Names Ash Housewares

“Iss too late now, Lucy.”

17 posted on 03/17/2008 7:12:40 PM PDT by savedbygrace (SECURE THE BORDERS FIRST (I'M YELLING ON PURPOSE))
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