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From Texas Ranger To Transformed Rebel (Chuck Norris' "Born Again" Account Alert) ^ | 12/25/2006 | Chuck Norrris

Posted on 12/25/2006 12:20:56 AM PST by goldstategop

What makes a Christmas merry?

It's Christmas morning and my wife, Gena, and I are celebrating it this year with her family, about 30 in all, gathered at our home in the snow-blanketed woods.

Like most of you, we wake up, exchange some gifts, gather around a warm fire, play games, share meals, and spend a day grateful that we have each other.

We will also read the Christmas story from the Bible and give thanks that Jesus Christ is at the heart of our family and lives. The children will even lead us in singing ''Happy Birthday'' to Him.

For us, this is what makes a Christmas merry. What about you?

The influence and wisdom of mom and Billy Graham

Eventually, at some point on Christmas Day, I'll look around and say under my breath to God: thanks for giving me this family. And thanks for being patient with me, especially in my journey of faith.

Mom raised me to understand the true meaning of Christmas. As the angel revealed 2,000 years ago to the shepherds on those Israeli hills, ''Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.''

After I graduated from high school, and before I enlisted in the Air Force, I would make a decision to follow the Lord at a Billy Graham crusade at the L.A. Sports Arena.

I was excited to go, simply because it was such an enormous event, but I really didn't expect to experience anything of significance. After all, I had committed my life to Christ and had been baptized as a boy (at age 12) when our family attended Calvary Baptist Church. But this was different.

I felt a tugging on my heartstrings as the famous preacher explained that Christ had died on the cross in my place, and that it really should have been me being punished by death for my sins. By believing that Jesus died and rose again from the dead, I could be forgiven of my sins, and I could live forever in heaven.

When Billy invited those to the front of the stage who wanted to make that spiritual commitment, I almost leapt to my feet. Had mom and my brothers, Wieland and Aaron, not wanted to go with me, I might have run down to the front.

Whether my response was an intellectual assent to the gospel or a recommitment to the faith I'd embraced as a child, I can't really say. All I know for sure is that from that night on, I knew my life was in God's hands. I committed myself to be one of His followers, no matter what, and He committed Himself to me as my Savior and Lord.

Over the years I haven't always held up my end of the bargain, but (I'm thankful to say) He has never reneged on His.

What good is it to gain the whole world?

My faith would be tested over and over throughout my martial arts and movie careers, when I, like so many before me, had succumbed to the enticements of fame and fortune. As resilient as I thought I was, I bit and swallowed the hook of the Hollywood lifestyle. It would cost me my marriage and cripple my faith.

I learned from my failures, even the spiritual ones. Despite my driven and optimistic attitude, I failed to live up to God's standards. And I needed God's grace and forgiveness, just like anyone else.

I could never forget my spiritual roots. And God would periodically send certain people along to remind me of the truths of my Christian heritage, despite that I tried in earnest at times to keep them at bay as I dined on the world's desserts.

One of those people was Lee Atwater, George Bush Sr.'s campaign manager, who, when dying from a brain tumor, whispered into my ear words that I can still hear today, ''Chuck, trust in the Lord. I love you.''

God would use his words and those of others to begin to call me back to Himself. My life was being challenged to answer Jesus' question, ''What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?''

New life, new hope, new marriage

About this time one of my best friends, Larry Morales, came to stay with me while I was filming, ''Walker, Texas Ranger.'' He realized how lonely I was and told me, ''You have got to get your act together. You are really not a happy guy. There's a woman I want you to meet. I'm going to invite her to Dallas.''

Her name was Gena, and I was (to use a passionate term) smitten by her from the start. She would become my marital partner and the instrument to my spiritual renewal.

We were both raised in Baptist homes and drifted away from our faith. The difference with Gena, however, was that years before she had experienced a radical recommitment to the Lord, a sincere and contagious devotion that I needed in my life.

I asked the Lord's forgiveness (again), and recommitted my life to Him. As a result, the most amazing thing happened: the hole in my heart was healed.

Not only did God bring me a beautiful, loving, supportive, spiritual wife, but, even more, a renewed relationship with Him.

Now what more could a guy want for Christmas?!

Rebel with a cause

For too many years I was in rebellion to God. Now I'm a rebel with a cause for God and for grassroots America.

I no longer fit the mold. I'm not a liberal actor from Hollywood. I'm not politically correct, in my opinions or my practice. And though I'm concerned with what people think, I will not compromise the truth in any form to cater to others, even with religion and politics.

Those who would merely brand me on ''the right'' are oversimplifying and running from the real issue. I'm not the issue! None of us are. Jesus is, especially during Christmas.

And the question He asked the people of His day still needs to be answered by those in ours: ''Who do people say that I am?''

Christmas found in the heart, not under a tree

If you don't know about the facts of Jesus' life, or simply have questions about it, you can find many concise answers online at You can also read about His life in the Bible, now available online. (I suggest starting at the book of Luke in the New Testament.)

For those who desire more reasons to believe, I suggest the more scholarly treatments of Dr. William Lane Craig or award-winning journalist, Lee Strobel.

However, always remember, faith is not found in the head, but in the heart. And the true meaning of Christmas is not found under a tree, but on a cross.

If you're ready to become a Christian, just as Gena, I, and millions of other Christians have, you can do so by simply praying the following prayer from your heart:

Jesus, I want to know you personally, especially as my Savior and Lord. I accept that you died on the Cross for my sins. I open the door of my heart right now and invite you in. Take control of my life. Teach me to be your follower. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. In Your name I pray. Amen.

Write me today ( and let me know what you've decided about Christ and Christmas. Then take some steps to resolve that this next year you'll grow spiritually as His follower.

From my family to yours, have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Editorial; Philosophy; US: Texas
KEYWORDS: bornagain; christianity; christmas; chucknorris; faith; merrychristmas; texasranger; worldnetdaily
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On Christmas Day, Chuck Norris writes about his being "Born Again" and the impact Christianity has had on his life and marriage. If you enjoy hearing how being Christian changed a guy, look no further. Norris just lives his faith like few people do and it shows. Oh and if you're very, very, very, good you may write him. Merry Christmas every one!

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." - Manuel II Palelologus

1 posted on 12/25/2006 12:21:01 AM PST by goldstategop
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To: goldstategop

Awesome! Chuck Norris is the frickin' man.

2 posted on 12/25/2006 12:22:32 AM PST by Zeon Cowboy ("Show me just what Muhammad brought... and there you will find things only evil and inhuman.")
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To: goldstategop
Oh and if you're very, very, very, good you may write him.

And if you're not very, very, very good, the last thing you'll ever feel is the edge of Chuck's foot splitting you're head in half (see tagline).

Merry Christmas, Chuck!

3 posted on 12/25/2006 12:28:00 AM PST by lesser_satan (Ther is no evolution. There's just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allowed to live.)
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To: lesser_satan

There is no such thing as evolution, Chuck Norris decided which species can live or die.

Chuck Norris grinds the coffee beans with his teeth and boils the water with his rage.

Chuck's tears cure cancer.

When Chuck Norris thinks of an abstract concept, it becomes concrete.

Chuck Norris *can* divide by zero.

If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be milliseconds from a roundhouse kick to the head.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books: he stares them down until they yield the information he wants.

Chuck Norris built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Chuck met all three bullets with his beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.

Chuck Norris recently had the idea to sell his urine as a canned beverage. We know this beverage as Red Bull.

Chuck Norris was the fourth Wiseman. He brought baby Jesus the gift of "beard". Jesus wore it proudly to his dying day. The other Wise men, jealous of Jesus' obvious gift favoritism, used their combined influence to have Chuck omitted from the Bible. Shortly after all three died of roundhouse kick related deaths.

To prove it isn't that big of a deal to beat cancer. Chuck Norris smoked 15 cartons of cigarettes a day for 2 years and aquired 7 different kinds of cancer only to rid them from his body by flexing for 30 minutes. Beat that, Lance Armstrong.

Chuck Norris frequently signs up for beginner karate classes, just so he can "accidentally" beat the $!@% out of little kids.

When Chuck Norris's wife burned the turkey one Thanksgiving, Chuck said, "Don't worry about it honey," and went into his backyard. He came back five minutes later with a live turkey, ate it whole, and when he threw it up a few seconds later it was fully cooked and came with cranberry sauce. When his wife asked him how he had done it, he gave her a roundhouse kick to the face and said, "Never question Chuck Norris.

When Chuck Norris Donates blood he declines the needle and requests a gun and a bucket.

If you have a dream about shooting Chuck Norris, you better wake up and apologize.

Of course the Universe is expanding, it's trying to get away from Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris died ten years ago, but the Grim Reaper can't pluck up the courage to tell him.

If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

Chuck Norris uses pepper spray as eye drops.

Chuck Norris wasn't born. He punched his way out of the womb. Shortly thereafter he grew a beard.

Bullets dodge Chuck Norris.

Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris pajamas.

Chuck Norris doesn't use spellcheck. If he happens to misspell a word, he changes the actual spelling of it.

Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits.

Chuck Norris clogs the toilet even when he pees.

When Chuck Norris jumps into the water, he doesn't get wet. The water gets Chuck Norrised.

Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice.

Geico saved 15% by switching to Chuck Norris.

The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.

There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Chuck Norris allows to live.

In fine print on the last page of the Guinness Book of World Records it notes that all world records are held by Chuck Norris, and those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone has ever gotten.

Chuck Norris is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis.

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Chuck Norris has two speeds: walk and kill.

Chuck Norris can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.

When Chuck Norris runs with scissors, other people get hurt.

When a tsunami happens, it.s because Chuck Norris has been swimming laps in the ocean.

Chuck Norris clips his toenails with a chain saw. But he holds it backwards.

Chuck Norris's belly button is actually a power outlet.

Camels have a hump because Chuck Norris needed a place to store his kills.

Chuck Norris has a beautiful singing voice. Unfortunately, the sound of it would melt the average human brain.

On his birthday, Chuck Norris blows out his candles by blinking.

Chuck Norris uses staples as hair gel.

Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month.

In one episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Chuck Norris replaced Carlton for one scene and nobody noticed.

In 1994, a single ballot cast by Chuck Norris resulted in the GOP gaining 54 seats in the House and eight in the Senate.

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, until Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked her into a glacier.

Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

Chuck Norris once tried to sue Burger King after they refused to put razor wire in his Whopper Jr., insisting that that actually is "his" way.

Chuck Norris has every copy of National Geographic in his basement. He also has the ability to lift every single one of them at once.

4 posted on 12/25/2006 12:37:34 AM PST by pepsionice
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To: goldstategop

True CHRISTmas BTTT...

5 posted on 12/25/2006 12:41:13 AM PST by LowOiL (Paul wrote, "Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil" (Rom. 12:9))
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To: pepsionice

** Chuckle **

6 posted on 12/25/2006 12:45:30 AM PST by LowOiL (Paul wrote, "Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil" (Rom. 12:9))
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To: pepsionice
Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

On the list twice, but if Chuck wants it on the list twice, leave it and don't mention I noticed it ...

7 posted on 12/25/2006 12:46:42 AM PST by LowOiL (Paul wrote, "Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil" (Rom. 12:9))
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To: goldstategop

Chuck Norris BUMP!
My 15-year-old son really looks up to Chuck and I encourage it. Thank you, Chuck Norris, for taking up column writing.

8 posted on 12/25/2006 12:55:14 AM PST by Lancey Howard
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To: Lancey Howard

I think it's a good choice that the Hallmark channel runs "Texas Ranger"

It's refreshing to hear good news!

9 posted on 12/25/2006 1:50:57 AM PST by ChiMark
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To: pepsionice

Evolution doesn't exist......never had. :)

10 posted on 12/25/2006 4:02:53 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: Lancey Howard


11 posted on 12/25/2006 4:04:11 AM PST by tgambill (I would like to comment.....)
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To: goldstategop

I must say I'm quite impressed by Chuck Norris these days. I never thought he would talk like this.

12 posted on 12/25/2006 4:06:34 AM PST by Princip. Conservative
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To: goldstategop
"I'm not a liberal actor from Hollywood."

Wow, I have something in common with Chuck Norris. Can't wait to tell my wife, she is a bigger fan of his than me.

13 posted on 12/25/2006 4:15:29 AM PST by BallyBill (Serial Hit-N-Run poster)
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To: Lancey Howard

"""Thank you, Chuck Norris, for taking up column writing."""

Yeah but on WND? :-(

14 posted on 12/25/2006 4:20:33 AM PST by FreedomGuru (Merry Christmas)
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To: goldstategop
Oh and if you're very, very, very, good you may write him.>br>
And if you're only marginally good, he'll come to your house and beat you silly.
15 posted on 12/25/2006 6:15:53 AM PST by WorkingClassFilth (Ever learning . . .)
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To: pepsionice
Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.


16 posted on 12/25/2006 6:25:59 AM PST by johnny7 ("We took a hell of a beating." -'Vinegar Joe' Stilwell)
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To: Princip. Conservative

In the later episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger, you can really begin to see the Christian influence in the story telling.

17 posted on 12/25/2006 6:43:13 AM PST by James Ewell Brown Stuart (Happy 200th Birthday General Robert E. Lee 1/19/2007!)
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To: pepsionice
Chuck's tears cure cancer.

Too bad Chuck has never cried.

18 posted on 12/25/2006 6:52:38 AM PST by atomicpossum (Replies must follow approved guidelines or you will be kill-filed without appeal.)
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To: James Ewell Brown Stuart

"In the later episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger, you can really begin to see the Christian influence in the story telling."

I agree 100%. I remember one episode, in particular, where he got Hulk Hogan on the show and it was actually quite touching to see. It's good to see people using their influence for good, rather than pulling a Barbra Streisand or Alec Baldwin.

19 posted on 12/25/2006 7:01:53 AM PST by Princip. Conservative
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To: goldstategop

Chuck Norris bttt

20 posted on 12/25/2006 7:57:23 AM PST by Guenevere (Duncan Hunter for President....2008!)
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