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Two Kosovo Albanians rape a 5 year old girl (in Switzerland)
serbianna ^ | August 30, 2006

Posted on 08/31/2006 12:50:28 PM PDT by joan

BERN (Associated Press) -- Switzerland remained shocked Wednesday the shortly after the publication of the rape of a five year old young girl by schoolboys of 11 and 13 years made in June in the Grison commune of Rhazuns.

"It is alarming. One forever considering that", declared the Minister for Justice, confirming that the two perpetrators were Albanians from Kosovo.

For Christophe Blocher, who expressed itself in front of the press, it is about a "frightening event" and all must be implemented to prevent other sexual abuse of this kind.

The federal Office of the migrations will examine under what conditions the two child rapists lived. It will also be necessary to examine whether sexual reasons are really at the origin of this act, continued the minister.

The business of Rhazuns was approached Wednesday by the federal Council (government) in margin of his meeting.

According to newspapers' Swiss German "Blick" and "Sudostschweiz", which made the public affair, the young girl was attracted into the neighbourhood park and then sexually mistreated by the two schoolboys. The small victim was held by the smaller boy when the 13 year old teenager violated her. The younger boy then also violated her.

All three lived in Rhazuns and knew each other. The prosecutor for minors of the canton of the Grisons, Albert Fausch, stated Tuesday that measures had been taken against the two boys, who do not attend any more the local school.

The procedure against the two boys is always in hand. For the punishable acts made by children of less than 15 years, the Swiss penal code envisages educational measurements. The authority of judgement can order the educational welfare, the family placement or the sending in a house of education. Disciplinary measurements, like the obligation with a school work or stops, are also possible.

August 30, 2006

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption
KEYWORDS: balkans
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The above article was machine translated from the following in French:

La Suisse bouleversée par l'affaire du viol de Rhazuns
[30/08/2006 18:14]

BERNE (AP) -- La Suisse restait choquée mercredi au lendemain de l'annonce du viol d'une fillette de cinq ans par des écoliers de 11 et 13 ans commis en juin dans la commune grisonne de Rhazuns. «C'est alarmant. On n'a jamais vu ça», a déclaré le ministre de la Justice, confirmant que les deux auteurs étaient des Albanais du Kosovo.

Pour Christophe Blocher, qui s'exprimait devant la presse, il s'agit d'un «événement effrayant» et tout doit être mis en oeuvre pour prévenir d'autres abus sexuels de ce genre.

L'Office fédéral des migrations va examiner dans quelles conditions vivaient les deux enfants violeurs. Il faudra aussi examiner si des motifs sexuels sont vraiment à l'origine de cet acte, a poursuivi le ministre.

L'affaire de Rhazuns a été abordée mercredi par le Conseil fédéral (gouvernement) en marge de sa séance.

Selon les journaux alémeniques «Blick» et «Sudostschweiz», qui ont rendu l'affaire publique, la fillette a été attirée aux alentours d'une place de parc et abusée sexuellement par les deux écoliers. Le plus jeune aurait retenu la petite victime pendant que l'adolescent de 13 ans la violait. Il aurait ensuite également abusé d'elle.

Tous trois habitaient Rhazuns et se connaissaient. Le procureur pour les mineurs du canton des Grisons, Albert Fausch, a indiqué mardi que des mesures avaient été prises à l'encontre des deux garçons, qui ne fréquentent plus l'école locale.

La procédure contre les deux garçons est toujours en cours. Pour les actes punissables commis par des enfants de moins de 15 ans, le code pénal suisse prévoit des mesures éducatives. L'autorité de jugement peut ordonner l'assistance éducative, le placement familial ou encore l'envoi dans une maison d'éducation. Des mesures disciplinaires, comme l'astreinte à un travail ou des arrêts scolaires, sont aussi possibles. AP

Svizzera, violentata a 5 anni da due ragazzini

Idue non sono punibili perchè sotto i 15 anni, per loro solo ''misure educative'' Svizzera, violentata a 5 anni da due ragazzini E' accaduto a metà giugno in una cittadina del cantone dei Grigioni. Ad abusare della piccola un tredicenne e un compagno di dieci anni

Coira, 29 ago.- (Adnkronos) - Una bimba di cinque anni ha subito gravi abusi sessuali da parte di due ragazzini delle elementari di tredici e dieci anni, in una cittadina del cantone dei Grigioni, Rhazuns. Il fatto è accaduto a metà giugno vicino al parcheggio della stazione. Secondo una prima ricostruzione, lo scolaro tredicenne avrebbe violentato la piccola, mentre questa veniva bloccata da quello di dieci anni. Anche quest'ultimo avrebbe poi abusato sessualmente della vittima. Albert Largiade'r, della procura grigionese, ha confermato oggi all'agenzia di stampa elvetica Ats le notizie riportate da vari organi di informazione.

In base al codice penale, i minori di quindici anni sono ancora considerati bambini e quindi non ricadono sotto la compentenza del giudice minorile ma del consiglio scolastico, ha spiegato Largiade'r.

A Rhazuns, località di 1300 abitanti ad una dozzina di chilometri ad ovest di Coira, le autorità hanno previsto di applicare ''misure educative''. Dopo le vacanze estive, i due ragazzi non hanno più frequentato le elementari del loro comune. Il più giovane va a scuola a Coira, mentre il tredicennne segue una terapia in un apposito istituto. Saranno entrambi seguiti dal servizio psichiatrico giovanile per appurare che tipo di precauzioni bisognerà prendere nei loro confronti.

1 posted on 08/31/2006 12:50:29 PM PDT by joan
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To: Bokababe


2 posted on 08/31/2006 12:50:49 PM PDT by joan
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To: joan; Smartass; zagor-te-nej; Lion in Winter; Honorary Serb; jb6; Incorrigible; DTA; ma bell; ...


3 posted on 08/31/2006 12:52:31 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: joan

Muslim boys will be muslim boys.

4 posted on 08/31/2006 12:53:18 PM PDT by truth_seeker
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Comment #5 Removed by Moderator

To: Individual Rights in NJ
They are only 11 and acting like this. OMG.

They are just practicing to help Europe re-populate itself.
As one big, lovely Islamic Republic.

But seriously, that is what their elders are trying to do right now.
6 posted on 08/31/2006 1:04:19 PM PDT by VOA
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To: Individual Rights in NJ
>>>>These monsters must be stopped!<<<<<

the sad fact is that The United States supports Albanian muslim terrorists militarilly and diplomatically . When it comes to Balkans. tThere is no change in Clinton foreign policy. In order to stop these monsters, one would have to go to war against The United States.

7 posted on 08/31/2006 1:05:09 PM PDT by DTA
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"the sad fact is that The United States supports Albanian muslim terrorists"

Hasn't Switzerland been a big supporter too? Didn't/don't Hashim Thaqi and KLA soldiers and funders spend a lot of time living there? Isn't Switzerland very lenient to drug traffickers and junkies? Haven't their diplomats spoken of being for an independent Kosovo/a and weren't they for the military intervention and occupation to help the militant Albanians?

8 posted on 08/31/2006 1:09:48 PM PDT by joan
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To: Individual Rights in NJ

Three boys, ages 8, 9, and 11, did a similar thing to my youngest dauther when she was five (California). Our great juvenile justice system doled out NOTHING in the way of correction to these boys. The parents also did NOTHING. So much for caring about victims in this state. We were provided with counseling for our daughter. The boys weren't provided with anything.

9 posted on 08/31/2006 1:11:47 PM PDT by SoldierDad (Proud Father of an American Soldier)
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To: joan

I always thought Switzerland stayed out of these types of conflict. That's what they say, anyway.

10 posted on 08/31/2006 1:13:13 PM PDT by Froufrou
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To: joan

And how different is this from the Muslim attitude toward rape just about everywhere?

11 posted on 08/31/2006 1:13:56 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: truth_seeker
Muslim boys will be muslim boys.

Girl's rape part of U.S. trend


Child suspects in sex crimes

Friday, August 14, 1998


The Cincinnati Enquirer

The victim is barely old enough to read, and she's too young to understand what happened to her.

All she can tell police is that six little boys took her into the woods, pulled down her panties and touched her where they shouldn't have.

The Westwood girl is 7, and her mother told police her attackers weren't much older. Four suspects in the Wednesday night attack in Westwood are 10, one is 11, and the other is 6. No charges have been filed because police are still investigating.

"It just seems that the victims are getting younger and younger," said Lt. Stephen Luebbe, commander of the Cincinnati Police Division's personal crimes unit. "And the perpetrators are getting younger and younger."

One suspect's brother said the assault comes as a jolt to the families but not as a surprise to the neighborhood.

"The only people I've seen really shocked are my parents and the other parents involved," said the teen, who wanted to be identified only as Robert to protect his brother's identity.

"I think it's a terrible thing," he said. "But you can't expect nothing better from a community like this. People in this community are capable of doing something like this."

The boys allegedly took the girl into the woods, pulled down her shorts and underwear and sexually assaulted her. Police say some of the boys may have just watched.

The crime comes just days after two little boys in Chicago -- ages 7 and 8 -- were accused of killing and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl for her bike.

Police say those boys knocked Ryan Harris off her bike by hitting her in the head with a rock and later stuck her panties in her mouth and stuffed leaves up her nose. Her body was found July 28.

After the death, one boy went to his grandmother's to play with a puppy and the other went home to watch cartoons.

A group dynamic is at play in these kinds of crimes, said James Alan Fox, dean of the College of Criminal Justice at Boston's Northeastern University, who is nationally known for his research on juvenile crime.

"Kids in groups will often commit crimes that they would never do on their own," he said.

Hamilton County -- the most populous county in the area -- tops the Tristate in the number of children charged in sex crimes.

But the number of rape and rape attempts committed by juveniles has fallen from 62 in the first half of last year to 51 this year. And most of those are one-on-one crimes, said James Ray, Hamilton County Juvenile Court administrator.

Nationwide, experts say they are seeing more violent crime more often by younger and younger suspects.

"Our experience with this type of crime is dramatically increasing," said Jay Howell, a former Florida state prosecutor who helped launch the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

"Professionals are alarmed by the decreasing ages of perpetrators," he said.

Professional speculation is that the increase has something to do with the availability of violent and sexually explicit material on television, the Internet and in movies, he said. "The general tenor of violence has dramatically changed in this country in the last 50 years."

Mr. Howell says the juvenile justice system is set up to deal with minor crimes instead of increasingly violent ones.

In Ohio, for example, children younger than 12 cannot be sentenced to the Department of Youth Services. The options left are schools such as Hillcrest, probation, counseling and residential treatment programs. Suspects must be 14 to be bound over to adult court.

Even if the suspects in Wednesday's sexual assault are charged, they likely will be turned over to their parents because they are so young.

Buckeye boys will be buckeye boys!

Besides aren't Kosovan the newest warm and fuzzy victims of the evil Serbians? Aren't they protected from any criticism?

12 posted on 08/31/2006 1:14:06 PM PDT by Calusa (Did the Founders really intend schools to be a wonderland for sexual predators?)
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To: Calusa

According to Sharia Law she must be stoned for having sex outside of marriage.

13 posted on 08/31/2006 1:15:35 PM PDT by massgopguy (massgopguy)
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To: joan

What ever happened to suits and ties while traveling?

14 posted on 08/31/2006 1:16:44 PM PDT by R. Scott (Humanity i love you because when you're hard up you pawn your Intelligence to buy a drink)
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To: joan

They'll somehow blame it on the Serbs

15 posted on 08/31/2006 1:20:17 PM PDT by MadelineZapeezda (Madeline Albright ZaPeezda, no doubt about it!)
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To: joan
Albanians are in the vanguard of promoting international why shouldn't the younger males emulate their elders? They are infidel females after all.
16 posted on 08/31/2006 1:25:45 PM PDT by eleni121 (General Draza Mihailovich: We will never forget you - the hero of World War Two)
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Comment #17 Removed by Moderator

To: Calusa; SoldierDad

Yes, I think that the only difference is that in Western cultures, the boys may not be punished by the law, but the rest of society is shocked by and condemns such horrific behavior toward females and any children.

In Islamic cultures, this behavior is not condemned by society -- it is just "practice" for keeping females in line later in life.

"Rape" as "a crime" in Islamic countries requires four male witnesses. The burden of proof for "rape" under sharia law is so great that rape can virtually never be proved.

And, as for protection of children, even Mohammed has sex with his 9 year-old "bride"! So should this be a surprise?

18 posted on 08/31/2006 1:31:38 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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To: massgopguy
According to Sharia Law she must be stoned for having sex outside of marriage.

Nah. They should just do what that lovely Pali family did after their 5 year old got raped: slit her throat and let her bleed to death on a dirty floor.

19 posted on 08/31/2006 1:33:34 PM PDT by Mordacious
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To: All

And this is what these Albanian boys' daddies were doing while they were raping the little girl:

20 posted on 08/31/2006 1:37:21 PM PDT by Bokababe (
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