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Should Free Republic become a paid subscription service?
Vanity | 6/23/2006 | Berlin_Freeper

Posted on 06/23/2006 12:27:30 PM PDT by Berlin_Freeper

I am not certain what the legal ramifications would be in changing Free Republic from donations to a subscription service. It seems to me the switch may be detrimental to legal issues such as copyrights. If that is true I'd appreciate if someone could briefly explain that to me. However if that is not the case here is my suggestion:

I have been wondering about this for some time now and have not seen any discussions about it. So I would like to ask: Is it time for Free Republic to become an online subscription service?

Currently, the site is very antiquated. People can easily abuse the "add a keyword" feature and there seems to be a growing number of liberal trolls, foreigners and even pro-homosexual agenda-driven people infecting the site. In order to cut down on the undesirables and enhance FR at the same time, would it be advisable to start charging a monthly fee of about 15-30 bucks to be able to log into the site and post? There could also be different subscription levels like Basic, Premium or Platinum. That way, the more you pay the more features you have access to. Some of these extra-services could include storing photos or FR could be a conservative search engine for the web.

I have seen online sites where people can still read the boards for free. FR could do something like that so it would still be accessible to the Conservative public even if they are not paying members with posting priviledges.

Websites that rely heavily on banner and pop-up ads need as many hits as possible so for them restricting posting rights to subscribers might not be so desirable. However, Free Republic does not work like that. There are no ads other than some book links on the home page so the number of hits is not as crucial to the bottom line which is currently being paid for by donations.

Donations seem to be working well, but I am sure the cashflow could be improved. How many of you people honestly are put off donating money to FR because it is not what it should be? Especially in regards to the undesirable element that can be found throughout many of the threads. Wouldn't this change in format go a long way in eliminating the undesirables? I think so. Plus it would be neat to experience an upgraded more modern version of Free Republic.

Note: If you are a democrat troll, foreigner or pro-homosexual/lesbian then I am really not interested in your opinion and you should not be posting it to me (just the fact that I have to add this note is proof that something is not right).

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To: Berlin_Freeper

Another thing that a paid subscription would curtail would be "celebrity" posters that frequent here. For example, I don't think that Tony Snow would have posted here if he had to pay to do so.

121 posted on 06/23/2006 12:57:39 PM PDT by debg
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To: Berlin_Freeper

This is on your home page ,I haven't run into the same problem yet.

"Further note: There are a gaggle of Libidiot Trolls stalking me (each with numerous user names), trying to grind me down with a constant stream of moronic replies. Be aware if they are doing the same to you. Their purpose is to frustrate you, in order to stop you from wanting to post on FR. If this is happening to you, then do what I do and ignore those pathetic losers (just like their own families do). Trust me, that's what annoys them the most and eventually discourages THEM from posting on FR.
5/23/06 - Since I added the above note I have noticed a drop in the Libidiot Trolls stalking me on FR. I am leaving the warning as a reminder to other FReepers. Also, I have received an email from a trusted friend about British individuals who work at BBC online and are spending some of their working hours posting here on FR, so just be aware that may be going on.

122 posted on 06/23/2006 12:58:28 PM PDT by ansel12
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To: Mo1

It's been a while since we had an 'I have a better way to run FR' thread.

123 posted on 06/23/2006 12:58:29 PM PDT by Indy Pendance
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To: Al Gator
I guess I'm one of the "detrimental" types that would have to go, right?

Folks who post to themselves may not be "detrimental types," but I'd still keep a wary eye on them. :-)

124 posted on 06/23/2006 12:59:27 PM PDT by Larry Lucido
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To: Tijeras_Slim; Al Gator
I find it interesting that just about everybody that posts here has stepped on somebody's toes or POed somebody else at least once.

I guess I'm in line with you guys somewhere.
125 posted on 06/23/2006 12:59:49 PM PDT by PeteB570 (Waiting for the next fund raiser.)
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To: Berlin_Freeper

Nah. Subscription would weed out the curious (and sometimes misguided) who wander in, enjoy a thoroughly educating experience, and decide to stay.

126 posted on 06/23/2006 1:00:12 PM PDT by Paperdoll
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To: RightWhale


127 posted on 06/23/2006 1:00:44 PM PDT by FearlessFreep (Excuse me. But are those your legs or are you riding a chicken?)
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To: PeteB570

>>I find it interesting that just about everybody that posts here has stepped on somebody's toes or POed somebody else at least once.<,

Hey- I was accused once of being part of a coven, so I guess I'm in the same line...LOL!

128 posted on 06/23/2006 1:01:01 PM PDT by sissyjane (Don't be stuck on stupid!)
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To: Berlin_Freeper

I say we simply make another donation to the cause.

129 posted on 06/23/2006 1:01:12 PM PDT by BJungNan
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To: Berlin_Freeper; Former MSM Viewer
So yes, there are people who do need to go as their ideas and opinions are detrimental to the Conservative cause.

MMmmmmmmm. NO.

As Rush says, "Fight them in the arena of ideas, and Conservatism will win every time."

Doing what you advocate will get us into the "MoveOn.Org" echo-chamber mentality. And I do stress "Mental."

By the way, I hope you are seeing that ironically, your post, unwanted by many here, is providing just that kind of arena. Good for you, kid!

130 posted on 06/23/2006 1:01:17 PM PDT by sam_paine (X .................................)
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To: Larry Lucido
"Folks who post to themselves may not be "detrimental types," but I'd still keep a wary eye on them. :-)"

Aww Man, busted again.

Just the usual friday afternoon typo-twittery. Nothing a good Wild Turkey won't cure.
131 posted on 06/23/2006 1:01:25 PM PDT by Al Gator (Refusing to "stoop to your enemy's level", gets you cut off at the knees.)
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To: Berlin_Freeper

Undesirable #??? checking in.

132 posted on 06/23/2006 1:01:27 PM PDT by Finger Monkey (H.R. 25, Fair Tax Act - A consumption tax which replaces the income tax, SS tax, death tax, etc.)
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Comment #133 Removed by Moderator

To: cripplecreek
I'm sure there are people who would consider me an "undesirable element" ...

You so crazy!

ClintonBeGone was an undesirable element. You're a sarcastic SOB--but in a good way, I mean.

134 posted on 06/23/2006 1:01:56 PM PDT by grellis (will do dishes for tagline)
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To: Berlin_Freeper
Especially in regards to the undesirable element that can be found throughout many of the threads.

How about a "virtual oven" that we could shove those "undesirables" into?

135 posted on 06/23/2006 1:02:15 PM PDT by Prince Charles
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To: misterrob
Subscription is a choice, tax in most cases is not

It would be a tax because the existing members, who are not required to pay for the services (FR), would not have a say in whether the subscription was levied or not.

136 posted on 06/23/2006 1:02:33 PM PDT by frogjerk (LIBERALISM: The perpetual insulting of common sense.)
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To: Berlin_Freeper

FR would instantly lose 90% of the audience...

137 posted on 06/23/2006 1:02:38 PM PDT by devane617 (It's McCain and a Rat -- Now what?)
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To: FearlessFreep; RightWhale

I use it ocassionally, rarely post there.

138 posted on 06/23/2006 1:02:43 PM PDT by stainlessbanner
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To: Frank_Discussion

Do you vhant to touch my monkey?

139 posted on 06/23/2006 1:03:04 PM PDT by BJClinton (What happens on Free Republic, stays on Google.)
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To: John Lenin

Not broke, no fix - Mr. Miyagi?

Our town had a great i/n community bulletin board which served as real source of local news that made up for a local newspaper that was lame, biased, censorious, etc. (basically not worth reading). So some bright person tried to fix the i/n board, now no one uses it. Real loss.

Please don't mess with FR. It is my lifeline. (I'll trust Jim R to tweek it where necessary. He's a very wise man).

140 posted on 06/23/2006 1:03:13 PM PDT by shalom aleichem
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