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Double-MOAB FReep of Code Pink at Walter Reed, Sept 9 (Heavy graphics, Join us Sept 16!)
DC Chapter ^ | Sept 13, 2005 | BillF with photos from bmwcyle

Posted on 09/13/2005 8:37:44 PM PDT by BillF

Having done this for six months, I'm calling mandatory FReeps for the next two Friday nights for the reasons given in red below. Those who've never attended and live with 80 miles must attend, unless you have a very good reason for not attending at least once (see below). If you don't come, I'll contact Halliburton to cut off your subsidized gas cards. Also, your docking privileges at the FReeper Yacht Club will be suspended. Your local Country Club and Gun Club memberships will likewise be suspended. I'm taking these actions reluctantly because some of you seem to be stuck to your keyboards. :)

Continuing now for weeks in a row, FReepers from the DC Chapter and beyond have outnumbered Code Pinkos at their weekly obscene anti-war blood dance outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center, although the numbers were close on this night.  A leftist bicycle rider stopped on our side to exchange words. For at least the second time in this series of FReeps, an object was thrown at us.  As happened previously, two Walter Reed staffers come over to thank us for being there. Also, soldiers leaving the base indicated appreciation for us repeatedly and indicated contempt for the Pinkos.

Before continuing with the report, reprinted with permission of the sender, is a FReepmail below that I received last week from a service member who had read last week's report:

Re: FReep of Code Pink's Quagmire at Walter Reed, Sept 2 (Heavy graphics, Join us Sept 9!)

Keep up the *outstanding* work. I am a service member who has seen combat in Iraq and have more than a few buddies that have been injured over there. ***I cannot stress the importance of the role you are playing in the states.*** The war stateside, in the public view and in the headlines will ultimately decide our country's fate. As for morale...we get angry overseas about hearing ppl whine about the war, but when we hear these stories  we are profoundly rejuvenated. I commend you for your service and bringing the fight to the enemy!!
[first name of sender deleted; emphasis added]

(After the sender sent that to me, I asked if I could republish, without including his screen name, if he so preferred. He authorized republishing without his screen name.)

Will you come out this Friday night to help cover the backs of our brave troops against the psyche-ops of treacherous Code Pink and their allies? Will you help our troops become "profoundly rejuvenated?" This is a mandatory FReep. That is, if you live within 80 miles of DC, and unless it is impossible or you have medical reasons or work or family obligations that clearly preclude you from coming out, you must do this at least once. How can you (yes, look in the mirror, I'm talking to you) do anything less for our troops that never let us down?

Pinkos and their allies are waging psychological warfare against our troops. We cannot leave them undefended against being stabbed in the back. Will you help counter this threat to our troops' morale?

OK, I've just been informed that I don't have authority to order a mandatory FReep. Therefore, only come if you believe in the troops and their mission and want to do something in your power to help them.

Code Pink is truly stuck in a quagmire as FReepers severely hinder the Pinkos' cynical attempts to manipulate severely wounded soldiers and relatives in hopes of finding those who will join the anti-war movement and break faith with the troops still fighting a ruthless enemy. Many of the most severely wounded troops from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are taken to Walter Reed for continued treatment and rehabilitation. Many have lost limbs and many are suffering from post-traumatic-stress syndrome, which will, the Pinkos hope, open them to becoming propaganda tools of the left. Additionally, the Pinkos' other goal is too demoralize those wounded troops, but wounded troops have repeatedly thanked us for our presence as an antidote to the morale-sapping leftist antics.

Incredibly, Code Pink cannot muster enough people to achieve their desired fraud and deceit at their Walter Reed protest in the liberal bastion of Washington, DC, a city filled with left wing activists and where about 90 percent of the people voted against George Bush.

Do you think that the Pinkos are sickos to have an anti-war demonstration at a hospital holding war-wounded? Then please help us by showing up next Friday night per details below.  Stand up against the Pinkos who've endorsed "the Iraqi resistance" (as they call our enemy, see here and here), given money to the other side in Fallujah, and called our troops "killers." Then, the Pinkos demonstrate at the hospital and pretend that they support our troops.

This was twenty-first Fabulous Fun FReep of the Code Pinkos as FReepers continue to frustrate the Pinkos' evil scheme. For the first time in FReeper history, we simultaneously deployed two of the MOABs (Mother Of All Banners) designed and built by tgslTakoma.

As we have done on a number of these FReeps, we ate pizza on site at the FReep.

The honor roll of those in attendance (lurkers are marked with an asterisk*):  3D-Joy, Apple Blossom and daughter*, April from Texas (!!!)*, Bill from MD*, bmwcyle and daughter*, BufordPconcretebobConservative ConspiratorCoop, David, Doctor Raoul, Ethel*, George*, Jack Deth, JBB, Jimmy Valentine’s brother, Joan*, Justanobody, kristinn, Landry Fan, mr.sarcastic, mrs.sarcastic, profg, SonOfTGSL, tgslTakoma, Tom*, a very special guest (SG)* whose name cannot be given and BillF.  This was our third highest attendance with a total of 30.

In view of the large number of participants, many of whom we were happy to see for the first time (and we hope not the last), I may not include names for some of the FReepers and lurkers in photo captions if I don't remember them. Sorry about that, but I'm happy to have the problem of so many people that we can't keep track of them all.

The event was so large that I can only present that part of the story that I saw. If you were there, please describe your own experiences at the FReep.

[CLICK ON A PHOTO TO OPEN A LARGER VERSION IN A NEW WINDOW except those marked "not hyperlinked." Click on another photo and its larger version should open in the same window that the first enlarged photo did. Or you can simply close the window with the enlarged photo and click on another photo in the report to open a new window with an enlarged photo. Note that some of the wider photos may open in a window wider than your screen and you can use a horizontal scroll bar to see parts. Photos will be interspersed in the report. As it got progressively darker, my telephoto lens shots became less clear, requiring software enhancement. You will notice that people look more like cartoon characters in my later telephoto lens photos. tgslTakoma and bmwcyle are both taking better photos than I, but there are difficulties in me getting the raw photos from them.

Unless labeled otherwise, the photos were taken by me, but many photos, marked with an asterisk *, were taken by bmwcyle. (bmwcyle has his full outstanding collection of photos here.) I've cropped some of the photos. Next week I hope to be able to incorporate photos from both outstanding photographers, bmwcyle and tgslTakoma.]

Opposed to our 30 patriots, the Pinkos managed to get 27 America-hating traitors and their well-meaning, but incredibly-misguided, dupes. The dupes do not realize that their Pinko organizers have endorsed "the Iraqi resistance" (see here and here), given money to the other side in Fallujah, and called our troops "killers."

One of two corners occupied by FReepers and a MOAB. Additional FReepers lined up about ten yards north of the left of this photo.


Doctor Raoul and BufordP closest the camera, the southeast corner had the other MOAB.

Northeast(NE) corner MOAB close-in with Southeast(SE) corner MOAB barely visible at far right, across the side street.

Side view of NE corner MOAB.

With Mr. and Mrs. Sarcastic closest the camera, here is another view of the SE corner MOAB.


Lurker April came from Texas. (*  = photo by bmwcyle). If she
can attend, why not you?

Jimmy Valentine's brother (R) and others, sometimes as many
as 3 or 4 additional occupied a location about ten yards north
of the north-most MOAB.


Mr. and Mrs Sarcastic at the SE corner before the anti-Pinko
MOAB was brought out.

bmwcyle and 3D-Joy


George and Ethel *

April and Coop *


Doctor Raoul and Joan.*

3D-Joy, Justanobody, and Landry Fan.

 A purple-shirt biker (photo right) was quite angry talking to the FReepers as he passed along the SE corner. "There's such a thing as righteous anger," he snarled. Bush-Cheney are a murderous junta  in his view and Clinton was a liberal Republican. Apparently he tried to get FReepers to read more of his words of wisdom on his website, but I didn't hear what it was. (The site might be good for some laughs.)  He biked over to join the Pinkos or at least talk with them a long time.

A car pulled out of Walter Reed and turned in front of us. The passenger on our side waved grateful acknowledgement, whereas FReepers could see the driver giving a one-finger salute to the Pinkos on his side. Those were beautifully illustrated reactions of our troops to FReepers and Pinkos respectively.

Another driver, who apparently was one of the troops, drove along giving a top-half-of-his-body-out-the-window one-finger salute to the Pinkos.

Although we don't encourage flipping people off, the troops certainly have earned the right.

Leftist in purple at right biked through SE corner and exchanged
heated words with several FReepers, but kristinn tried to talk him
into moving along..

Kevin McCarron in yellow shirt was the one who held the "Maimed for a Lie" sign in the past. Like all the Pinkos, he had toned down
the signage after a few elements of the press reported on the Pinko blood dance at Walter Reed.

Kevin McCarron, a leader of Code Pink ally and co-sponsor of the protest, Veterans for Peace, was back this week. He wasn't noticed last week following Code Pink's claim that inappropriate or insensitive signs may have been held by infiltrators. That Pinko claim, an obvious attempt to blame FReepers for Code Pink's own sickeningly, indecent displays outside a hospital,  was revealed to be yet another Pinko fraud. Specifically, it was revealed that McCarron, a leader in the Code Pink sponsored protest,  held the "Maimed for a Lie" sign. (Click here for the CNSNews story.

On this night, various FReepers shouted warnings across the street to Gael Murphy that the infiltrator McCarron was still in their midst. If he worked for Karl Rove himself, he couldn't be doing a better job of undermining the Pinkos. First, he holds the "Maimed for a Lie" sign. Second, he lets the Pinkos issue a statement blaming infiltrators, without warning them that he, one of their key organizers, held the sign that puts the lie to the infiltrator claim. Or maybe he truly is an infiltrator on Karl Rove's payroll?

Pinkos in the early stages.

They managed to find an unburned American flag.

"QUIET ZONE Soldiers Healing" sign was just added in the last few weeks when Code Pink got a well-deserved black eye for their
psyche-op blood dance at Walter Reed. Yet, somebody still needs to tell the guitar player under the Pinkos new "Honor the Troops"
mini-banner. *


I added the purple arrows indicating a phantom lower part of a person at right and a phantom car at left to this photo * taken by
I want to assure all that these were simply artifacts from the camera aperture timing. There is no truth to the rumor in
leftist' circles that our cameras have been modified by Halliburton to include GITMO beams which teleport people to GITMO. *

 For the first time in memory, maybe the first time in the series of FReeps, Blue Pony-Tail Guy, wore something other than a blue shirt (see photo at right). This guy provided us with numerous laughs on earlier occasions when he held a sign that said: "Workers and Soldiers United." If  Karl Rove paid an infiltrator to make them look like a bunch of commies, that is the sign the infiltrator would bring.

Jack Deth commented that "Code Pink is responding to us in that Blue Shirt Guy changed the color of his shirt to black and it looks like he actually took a bath this week."


Exhibit A for apple in the attack on Doctor Raoul. * Quoting
bmwcyle's great capation for this: "The apple that hit the doctor.
An apple a day won't keep this doctor away."


Blue Pony-Tail Guy has a shirt that isn't blue. Who knew?

Past the Pinko announced 9 pm quitting time, and after the leftists had abandoned the Northwest (NW) corner and were packing to leave from the Southwest (SW) corner, Coop and at least one other FReeper went over to stand on the NW corner. One of the Pinkos came to them and claimed that they had to leave because the Code Pink permit goes to 10 pm (even though the announced time of their blood dance is 7 to 9 pm). The FReepers went back over to what the soldiers call "the good side" (they call the Pinko side "the bad side").

A short time later when most Pinkos were just going to their vehicles, BufordP darted across the road with a FReeper sign to the NW corner and did a jig reminiscent of the end zone dances of wide receivers following a touch-down in years past (before the NFL rules' changes). Unfortunately, the darkness of the night prevented us from getting any photos. BufordP quickly came back to the FReeper side before any Pinko again ridiculously asserted any permit rights to a corner that they had long sense vacated.

Some guy in a vehicle exchanged words with Doctor Raoul. Then he drove back again and threw an object. All were relieved that it was just an apple that hit the Doctor of FReep on his instep. The police were called, lest the perp return with a stone next time. Doctor Raoul told the officer that we could show him the apple in case he wanted to dust it for prints or wanted it for his lunch tomorrow. Raoul told the officer of having tangerines thrown at him years ago, leading to the perps' arrests on numerous drug charges for the contents of their vehicle. I told the officer that Raoul had thus been victimized by a drive-by fruiting before. However, humor aside, all agreed that the police should pursue the matter further to reduce the risk of more serious attacks. The officer was given the license number of the vehicle.

Officer and FReepers joked about the "drive-by fruiting," but agreed that there should be a serious follow-up.

As happened in the previous week, two medics, who work in Walter Reed, came over to personally thank us for being there to support them and the patients.

The Pinkos came close to equaling our number this week, but fell just short. We need more people coming.

We absolutely must keep the pressure on Code Pink and keep showing the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed that Code Pink doesn't speak for the nation. If you live in the DC area and haven't yet come out for one of these FReeps, please do so this next Friday. Injured Walter Reed patients, including amputees, have repeatedly told us how important it is for us to be there to counter Code Pink.

If we can sufficiently outnumber the leftists often enough, embarrassment may cause the leftists to stop these outrageous morale-damaging ("Maimed for a lie" was one of their commonly-used signs) demonstrations at the hospital. What about you? Can you spare a few hours on a Friday night?  

Can you give up next Friday night at the movies to support troops who've given up limbs for your freedoms? Will you?

This FReep is rewarding, fun and important for our troops and our nation.

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Foreign Affairs
KEYWORDS: aar; antiwar; codepink; codepinkdc; dcchapter; freepcodepink; infinitefreep; rally; supportourtroops; walterreed
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For those of you in the DC area, we need some additional FReepers to join us for FReeping Code Pink every Friday night, until further notice, starting at 6:30 pm and until about 9:30 pm. How about coming out this Friday? You can join us in progress if you can't make the beginning of the event.

Can you sacrifice an evening to honor the much greater sacrifice that the troops are making for our freedom?

DC Chapter co-leader kristinn has confirmed that we shall continue FReeping the Code Pinkos every Friday night until they stop their obscene blood dance outside the hospital of our war-wounded. If you agree with me that it is outrageous for Code Pinkos to demonstrate at a hospital with war-wounded troops inside, please come out and join us in a peaceful counter-protest.

One of the amputees told me months ago that he doesn't want other wounded troops coming into Walter Reed and seeing only the Code Pinkos at the gates. He explained that the FReeper presence there was extremely important to counter the Pinkos. Please join us and be a part of our peaceful counter-protest to Code Pink.

Please don't let the troops think that regular Americans are too busy with TV, ballgames, movies and other recreation to peacefully counter America-hating leftists.

Being there with us in spirit is great, but we need people to hold the MOAB (Mother of all banners), other signs, and flags. Maybe you can't come every week, but please make it your patriotic duty to join us at least once in the near future.

As always, the DC Chapter's rules for protesting will be in effect.

Briefly, they are: No violence. No profanity. No racism. No provocations. Obey the law. Treat all law enforcement officers with respect.

Start at 6:30 pm and go to about 9:30 pm.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 7200 Georgia Ave., at Elder St., NW

Code Pinkos have been setting up on the southwest corner of the Georgia Ave/Elder St intersection. We've been setting up on the northeast corner across the street from Walter Reed's entrance gate. Now, their permit purportedly covers both corners on the west side of the street.

1 posted on 09/13/2005 8:37:51 PM PDT by BillF
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I don't quite understand how "Fully fund the VA" is anti-troop...

2 posted on 09/13/2005 8:43:30 PM PDT by oolatec
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To: BillF

Bump for another sucessful FReep and a great report. I eagerly await these reports,especially for weeks when I am unable to attend.

3 posted on 09/13/2005 8:51:17 PM PDT by Gadsdenman (What is best in life? To crush the Code Pinkos,and to hear the lamentation of the womyn!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: BillF

I saw in one picture they put their "quiet, soldiers healing" sign up against a Prius parked in the corner. Was that there car, or is this another case of them using innocent bystander cars for their nefarious purposes?

I was thinking it might be fun to get some people to drive down early and park cars on the Pinko side with our signs inside the windows. The cars would qualify for hazardous duty pay, although it would be worth a scratched-up car to see a pinko get hauled off for defacing property.

4 posted on 09/13/2005 8:52:42 PM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: oolatec

I don't think it is on its face. However, if the only part of the military you want to fund is the part that takes care of retired and wounded soldiers, it is hardly "support" for the troops.

5 posted on 09/13/2005 8:54:06 PM PDT by CharlesWayneCT
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To: BillF; Justanobody

Another successful FReep of the dastardly Coed Pink.

Oooops....hmmmm...I think I'll let that typo stand...

6 posted on 09/13/2005 9:25:39 PM PDT by Flora McDonald (got teufelhunden?)
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To: 1 Olgoat; 103198; 10Ring; 11Bush; 1stbn27; 2SterlingConservatives; 2yearlurker; 3D-JOY; ...
DC Chapter ping!

FReepmail me or post a reply to get on or off the list.

Injured Walter Reed patients, including amputees, have repeatedly told us how important it is for us to be there to counter Code Pink.

See also the copy in red of the FReepmail as recounted above at the beginning the report.

If we can sufficiently outnumber the leftists often enough, embarrassment may cause the leftists to stop these outrageous morale-damaging ("Maimed for a lie" was one of their signs) demonstrations at the hospital.

The same FReepers are doing almost all of the these FReeps. We do so gladly as a labor of love for our brave troops fighting terrorists over there, instead of waiting for the terrorists to come here. We FReep especially for those wounded in combat. However, some FReepers' family or other obligations may prevent some of them from coming this next Friday.

Our troops are bold enough to face bullets, mortars, IEDs, and suicide bombers. Are you bold enough to get out from behind the keyboard, FReep in person, and stand up for the wounded troops at Walter Reed?

If you're in the DC area and don't have family or work considerations that keep you from FReeping, can you spare a few hours on a Friday night? Will you?

7 posted on 09/13/2005 9:28:00 PM PDT by BillF (Fight terrorists in Iraq & elsewhere, instead of waiting for them to come to America!)
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To: BillF

Thanks for the ping.

8 posted on 09/13/2005 9:35:08 PM PDT by GOPJ (A person who will lie for you will lie against you.)
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To: oolatec
I don't quite understand how "Fully fund the VA" is anti-troop...

It's not, but it is about as insincere as possible. The Pinkos endorsed "the Iraqi resistance" (as they call our enemy, see here and here), gave money to the other side in Fallujah, and call our troops "killers." Then, the Pinkos demonstrate at the hospital and pretend that they support our troops. If anyway buys that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them.

The benefits stuff is simply bait to attract troops and vets so that they can try to get them to join the anti-war movement.

If the Pinkos wanted to recruit Washington Redskins fans, they would stand outside the stadium with pro-Redskins signs, even if they truly favored the Philadelphia Eagles.

9 posted on 09/13/2005 9:42:10 PM PDT by BillF (Fight terrorists in Iraq & elsewhere, instead of waiting for them to come to America!)
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To: CharlesWayneCT

I assume that it was one of their cars this time, but I don't know for sure. You may recall several weeks ago when they fastening numerous signs to someone else's car and had to remove it with the guy, apparently a Walter Reed staffer, complaining stenuously to them.

As for your idea, I'm not sure that the vandals would be caught. If you're voluntering your car as a test case, I'd be happy to see what happens. :)

Seriously though, reciprocity or mutuality is a real consideration here since we are dealing with this people every week. Even if one didn't have principled objections to simply blocking their corner with our vehicles (and I would object to interfering with their expression), and one didn't care about the vehicle (e.g., I'd be happy to risk yours :), suppose we blocked their corner with our vehicles. What do we do when they try that same disreputable tactic on us the following week?

10 posted on 09/13/2005 9:55:52 PM PDT by BillF (Fight terrorists in Iraq & elsewhere, instead of waiting for them to come to America!)
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To: oolatec
That was one of the new signs making its debut performance. Three weeks ago the pink-o's protest got national attention. Since then there are few of their old signs seen. Most in tonight's thread are new.

They are going through an outward make over since "Maimed for a lie" and "Sign up here to die for Halliburton" did not go over well with the general public.

11 posted on 09/13/2005 10:20:49 PM PDT by Just A Nobody (I - LOVE - my attitude problem !)
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To: Justanobody

I like the "make over" term. Great phase.

Pinkos are doing the extreme makeover, but maybe we have to emphasis that it is, like the whole concept of the Pinkos, a fraud and a scam.

12 posted on 09/13/2005 10:38:47 PM PDT by BillF (Fight terrorists in Iraq & elsewhere, instead of waiting for them to come to America!)
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To: BillF
Glad you liked it. Sadly, they do not appear to be going through an inward make over as well.

Thanks for the thread and all you do.

13 posted on 09/13/2005 10:45:39 PM PDT by Just A Nobody (I - LOVE - my attitude problem !)
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To: Apple Blossom


14 posted on 09/13/2005 10:58:01 PM PDT by bmwcyle (We broke Pink's Code and found a terrorist message)
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To: BillF


15 posted on 09/13/2005 11:11:02 PM PDT by Aquakat (The Media is the enemy of America; ACT ACCORDINGLY.)
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To: All; Coop
One more thing, Coop has rightly pointed out that the bumping on these threads have been woefully inadequate.

Please bump the thread just about every time you read it. Do not list a person in the "to" window unless you have something to say to that person in particular. Instead put "all" or leave blank the "to" window.

If for every 500 replies or bumps on the thread, I will give away one exclusive camera with the Halliburton GITMO beam (* see catch below). Take a photo of a leftist in GITMO mode and he will, one hopes, be automatically teleported to GITMO. :).

Full disclosure requires that you know that the GITMO beam is under development and may not be perfected for years. A preliminary test on a Code Pinko transported her to DisneyWorld instead of GITMO. Oh, well.

16 posted on 09/13/2005 11:22:25 PM PDT by BillF (Fight terrorists in Iraq & elsewhere, instead of waiting for them to come to America!)
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To: BillF

Love this. "Lets Roll".

17 posted on 09/13/2005 11:23:51 PM PDT by AGreatPer
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To: BillF
Big Bump!!! But I was ill that night.

18 posted on 09/14/2005 2:21:30 AM PDT by W04Man (Bush2004 Grassroots Campaign We Did It! NOW.... PLEASE STAY THE COURSE!)
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To: BillF
One freeper who plans to be at WR this friday, giving the thread a bump.

Who has the sign that says "Uh-oh it's code pink-o"? could that sign stay at home, unless the creature that it refers to shows up I do not think it is appropriate to bring to this freep.
19 posted on 09/14/2005 2:41:03 AM PDT by Fraxinus
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20 posted on 09/14/2005 3:22:30 AM PDT by maica (Do not believe the garbage the media is feeding you back home. ---Allegra (in Iraq))
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